Just like last year, we're counting showcasing the people, ideas and memes that made Deadspin 2009 shine. Today: Horndoggery.

Before this year, Steve Phillips was known as the silver-haired former Mets GM who enjoyed the occasional imaginary press conference. Then he met a production assistant named Brooke and his whole world fell apart.

Newly-Twittered Erik Kuselias can lay claim to being the first person associated with this totally made-up word that caused many a Bristolite to hide underneath their desk for one afternoon and offer blanket apologies to their wives. A woman named Kate Lacey (who?) and a man named David Berson did not have their contracts renewed as a result of the scandal. Plus, Deadspin is no longer welcome to visit ESPN's studios as a result.

Former Titans/Ravens quarterback Steve McNair was shot to death by one of his mistresses, which led to the exposing of the man's very active private life.

Ah, Rick Pitino. He's a Catholic man, still saddened by 9/11, who once had crazy sex with a bug-eyed behatted lady named Karen Sypher in a Louisville restaurant just because he could. Hey may have paid the woman to abort the child, but that fact is one only he and God will know about it.

A horny couple decided the perfect place to consummate was the ornate VIP bathroom in Jerry Jones' new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Of course, plenty of people were there to photograph and video the frantic pumping on the floor.

And then along came Tiger. Eldrick Woods presented himself as upstanding family man, who stayed at home and played video games, when he was actually out banging half of the country's porn stars and cocktail waitresses. Woods admitted his rampant infidelity on his website and proceeded to take some time off while the tabloid media swarmed.

Oh yeah. And this dude banged a car.