Time to take a look back at our most popular posts of 2014. We have our own thoughts about what our best posts were, but these are the ones that brought in the most readers.

A Compilation Of People Fucking Up The Ice Bucket Challenge

My thoughts on the ice bucket challenge are complicated and not worth going into here. My thoughts on people falling down, bashing themselves over the head, and otherwise harming and embarrassing themselves are much simpler: I am staunchly pro-slapstick.

Video: Tony Stewart Runs Over Driver During Confrontation, Killing Him

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart ran over a competitor, 20-year-old Kevin Ward Jr., during a confrontation at a sprint car race on Saturday night at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York. Ward was killed.

Bad Molly Takes Colorado State Student On Insane, Masturbatory Rampage

We've heard of poppin' some molly and sweatin', but not popping molly, snorting some coke, car-jacking an ambulance, careening every which way through traffic, and then jerking off in the police station. That'd probably make for a better song, though.

I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot

Hello. My name is Chris Kluwe, and for eight years I was the punter for the Minnesota Vikings. In May 2013, the Vikings released me from the team. At the time, quite a few people asked me if I thought it was because of my recent activism for same-sex marriage rights, and I was very careful in how I answered the question. My answer, verbatim, was always, "I honestly don't know, because I'm not in those meetings with the coaches and administrative people."

Isolated, Unedited Vocals Of Mariah Carey's Awful Holiday Performance

Remember when Mariah Carey could sing? Most millennials probably can't. "All I Want For Christmas Is You," she sings, but we'd suggest adding "a new voice" to her letter for Santa. Only Rep. Peter King could vocalize something more tone-deaf in New York today.

The 2014 Hater's Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog

It's a difficult world out there, people. War, poverty, brutality, corruption, social and racial injustice … these are not civil times we live in. Which is why, more than ever, we NEED the comfort and warmth that only life inside the Williams-Sonoma catalog can provide. Follow me, America. Follow me inside these glossy pages, where there is no anger. No violence. No internet commenters explaining why YOUR SO STOOPID.

FiveFingers Maker Will Pay Millions To Suckers Who Bought Its Shoes

The favorite toe-shoe of vegan restaurant servers and 55-year-old men with ponytails has settled a class action lawsuit brought against it by what sounds like every person who ever wore its foot-condoms.

Boy Pulls Off The Smoothest Foul Ball Trick To Impress Girl Behind Him

One kid at last night's Blue Jays-Rangers game got the best of both worlds: An MLB foul ball and the attention of a girl sitting in the row behind him.

Exclusive: The Extended Donald Sterling Tape

Deadspin has acquired an extended, 15-minute version of the conversation between Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his then-girlfriend V. Stiviano. If the original nine-minute tape acquired by TMZ left any questions about Sterling's opinions regarding minorities, the audio here should remove all doubt that he's a doddering racist with views not too far removed from the plantation.

Conan O'Brien Found Out About Robin Williams's Death During His Show

As news of actor Robin Williams's death spread Monday night, Conan O'Brien was wrapping up his show, which would air a few hours later. When Conan learned what had happened, he took a couple of minutes before the taping finished, and broke the news to the audience.

Denver News Station Accidentally Puts A Big Ol' Penis On The Air

See, this is why you don't just put the camera on some producer's Twitter feed while talking about a helicopter crash.

Jameis Winston Yells "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy," Killing Meme

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston stood on a table and yelled "fuck her right in the pussy" on campus today, according to a bunch of students who saw him. For the unaware, "Fuck her right in the pussy" was a fake video that turned into a meme, with a few people shouting iton live news broadcasts. It is now dead, because Jameis Winston climbed onto a table and yelled it. College jokes!

Runner Eats It Immediately After Interview About Running In Snow

This little bit of magic is from Portland's KOIN-6 Friday night and it is remarkable that it actually happened. The entire interview is just a slow and steady burn to that ultimate payoff and the entire time you're thinking: no way. No way this actually happens. It can't.

Georgia Lawyer's Local Super Bowl Ad Is Batshit Amazing

During the first local commercial break of last night's Super Bowl broadcast, residents of Savannah, Ga., were treated to something truly incredible. Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino bought the entire two-minute block of local advertising and aired the masterpiece you see above.

Video: Ray Rice Knocks Out His Fiancée In An Elevator

Below, via TMZ, is the punch that got Ravens running back Ray Rice a two-game suspension from the NFL. The woman on the other end of that left hook is Janay Palmer, who is now Rice's wife.

Phillies Fans' Reactions To Dan Uggla's Grand Slam Are Amazing

Your most compelling sports video of the year comes from ESPN, which caught these Phillies fans taunting Dan Uggla—then being rudely interrupted by Uggla's grand slam. It was brilliant enough (seriously, great job ESPN) but we took it a bit further with extreme slow motion.

Female Alabama Fan Ambushes Oklahoma Bro At Sugar Bowl

At first, it seems like a mere verbal confrontation between the Bama woman—who looks like a pleasant mom—and the Oklahoma fan in the white polo. It gets so much better, though.

The Story Behind Those Jerry Jones Photos Is Weirder Than The Photos

Those weird photos of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and some ladies hanging out in what appears to be a bathroom come with an equally bughouse backstory. They were first put on the internet by a man named Frank Hoover, who alleges that they were taken by people looking to set up Jerry Jones in an extortion plot. Hoover explains all of this in his 20-page manifesto, which also makes clear that Hoover is in fact the son of God.

Butthole Eaten At Lions Tailgate

The reader who sent this photo along says he saw this butthole-eating in the parking lot of Nemo's, a bar near Ford Field. Kickoff's at 4:25, so these fans have plenty of time.