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Baseball's back!
• Bill Simmons, staying above ground.
• Nothing is funnier than when Frank Thomas pegs a child.
• Even though the team's not looking so hot right now, Cardinals fans remain the best.
Beer bong!
• Don't fag out on us now, Packer.
• We never made it to Atlanta, but Florida didn't seem to mind.
Cablinasians love to fart!
We're watching you, Houston Nutt.
Woo hoo! We get to hand over more cash to Bud Selig!
• The NBA playoffs just got less fun.
Barbaro: The Documentary.
• Francisco Rodriguez, maybe cheating, maybe not. (Probably, though.)


The Mighty MJD will take you through the weekend of The Masters and, hopefully, at least one Cardinals victory. We're mainly just going to count the seconds until "The Sopranos" on Sunday night. See you Monday.

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