Chase that cheese!
• We hope to someday start a crime fighting squad with Harold Reynolds.
• Hello, Sen. Dodd!
We love Laurence Maroney.
• The Pirates love "The Sopranos."
Yet another tough week for Pac Man Jones.
Robots, on camels.
Gonna Make You Sweat.
So close now, Rick. So close.
Elijah Dukes is on the air.
Sammy Sosa, hit ball.
• Tiger Woods, spawning.
Great spelling at the College World Series.

Some sad news, kids: If you've enjoyed Weekend Daddy for the last year-plus, you only have two more weekends to enjoy him: The Mighty MJD is leaving us after next weekend. The guy has essentially been working seven days a week for more than a year now, which is amazing even before you realize how outstanding he's been. So enjoy him while you can before you know, AOL turns him into even more of a megasuperstar. We're off to Shea now; see you Monday ... when the Leitch family, visiting for the Cardinals-Mets series, stands behind us in our apartment and asks us when we're gonna make them grandparents.