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• Ed Hochuli ... JACKED UP!
• Baseball players need motivational posters too.
• John Marvel did not shoot pepper spray on you in a parking lot, so stop asking.
• Tom Brady tried to get it on with an Olsen twin. That's awesome.
• We repeat: Bill Simmons got his first boner from Cheryl Ladd. We just report the news here.
• Would you give your retirement savings to Lenny Dykstra?
• If you ask us, that Randy Moss mask looks stoned.
• For all those people, like us, who spent at least 2 percent of their lives playing Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
• Somehow, Page 3 is still alive.
• Todd Walker has trouble with leather both on and off the field.

Have a good weekend. Remember: If you're not rooting for the Saints, you're a member of Al Qaeda.