8/31/2022 - Will McIntyre dethrone Reigns? | Clash at the Castle Predictions

8/31/2022 - Name that NFL quarterback | The Weigh In

8/31/2022 - Temper your expectations for USC, but not Caleb Williams

8/31/2022 - CJ Stroud is a Heisman favorite, which can only mean he’s due for disappointment

8/31/2022 - Florida A&M fiasco reminds us that college sports are professional sports

8/31/2022 - Carolina Panthers could be Super Bowl dark horse or disappointment — both are somehow likely

8/31/2022 - White Chocolate is trippin’

8/31/2022 - Aaron Judge is the king, but not for the reasons some New York dips**t thinks

8/31/2022 - Knicks can’t ever seem to get it right

8/31/2022 - LeBron is manipulating the media for his sons' sake

8/31/2022 - A.J. Terrell's absence from the NFL Top 100 is inexcusable

8/31/2022 - Baker Mayfield can’t stop being Baker Mayfield

8/31/2022 - Baseball is for lovers

8/30/2022 - Kirk Cousins is not the problem

8/30/2022 - NFL players that retired in their prime

8/30/2022 - Lamar Jackson is playing those social media games

8/30/2022 - The Lost Summer of Punk | AEW Thoughts

8/30/2022 - WWE regains some ‘attitude’ under Triple H’s thumb

8/30/2022 - Now that the PGA season is over, the Saudi Tour has the spotlight to itself — D'oh!

8/30/2022 - First NFL coach fired in 2022 will be? | DJ & Blum Debate

8/30/2022 - Jimmy G, Trey Lance, Kyle Shanahan trying to pull of the impossible

8/30/2022 - Matt Araiza, Rachel Richardson, and the cowardice of ‘leadership’

8/30/2022 - France warms up for the World Cup by being their normal furiously weird selves

8/30/2022 - The NFL players vote is TRASH! | Trash Talkin' Tuesday

8/30/2022 - Imagine having your parents issue a statement about your rape allegation — really imagine it

8/29/2022 - 5 richest MLB contracts for stars 22 and under | Money Mondays

8/29/2022 - Is Tyreek Hill the high tide that can lift Tua’s boat?

8/29/2022 - Giannis has become the Paul Bunyan of basketball

8/29/2022 - Does Riqui Puig signal a new kind of MLS?

8/29/2022 - Rams Twitter wilds out over Tom Brady ranking No. 1 in NFL’s Top 100 over Aaron Donald

8/29/2022 - Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers need to walk around with a disclaimer at all times

8/29/2022 - How far are MLB players willing to go for their minor league counterparts?

8/29/2022 - The Los Angeles Dodgers, the greatest team of all time

8/29/2022 - Doctor’s strange love

8/29/2022 - What is Urban Meyer’s first ‘Big Noon Kickoff’ going to look like?

8/28/2022 - BYU completely failed at protecting a Black volleyball player from a racist fan

8/28/2022 - The NFL is sending better teams overseas, but still needs to send its biggest brands more often

8/28/2022 - For one day, Yann Sommer channeled the spirit of Ron Tugnutt (wait Ron Tugnutt isn’t dead, right?)

8/28/2022 - Strawberry, not Mays, deserved to have his number retired by the Mets

8/27/2022 - Desmond Howard… explain yourself

8/27/2022 - All hail, Cock Commander!

8/27/2022 - The Julio Rodríguez deal happened quickly, but it’s absolutely worth it

8/27/2022 - The Oregon Ducks’ biggest pro sports star of this century is… Justin Herbert?

8/27/2022 - Once again, the Cowboys have to find a way without Tyron Smith

8/26/2022 - Reason No. 9,000,328 why the NFL is incompetent when it comes to women

8/26/2022 - Don’t worry at all about Amon-Ra St. Brown

8/26/2022 - Bring It On | Chanté Adams' favorite sports movie

8/26/2022 - What the new MLB schedule could mean for MLB’s future

8/26/2022 - Reminder: WNBA players are still going abroad to earn a living

8/26/2022 - The Dream Team is NOT the greatest basketball team of all time | Google is Free

8/26/2022 - So here’s this year’s Champions League group of death

8/26/2022 - 2022 should be be the year of the Vikings

8/25/2022 - Aaron Donald goes into full-on smash mode

8/25/2022 - People are still out there wishing death on high schoolers for their college choices

8/25/2022 - Did Brady almost replace this MF'er? | Conspiracy Thursday

8/25/2022 - Novak Djokovic is stopping Novak Djokovic from playing in the U.S. Open

8/25/2022 - Best YAC in the NFL? | Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

8/25/2022 - The Chet Holmgren Experiment suffers its first setback

8/25/2022 - Lakers GM Rob Pelinka started the summer in hot pursuit of Kyrie Irving and ends it with Patrick Beverley

8/25/2022 - Any optimism for the 2022 New York Giants has been sapped by injuries

8/25/2022 - Tony Khan’s CM Punk-Jon Moxley AEW title booking was atrocious

8/25/2022 - The Little League World Series doesn’t care about Black people

8/25/2022 - Jazz go young, Lakers go old

8/25/2022 - The health of Michael Thomas can make or break the Saints’ season

8/25/2022 - This kid is making sports fans everywhere proud

8/25/2022 - Is any college coach under more pressure than Jimbo?

8/25/2022 - Oh, wow, a sport obsessed with stats finally realizes numbers are marketable

8/24/2022 - A big heavyweight title fight in on the horizon, so of course boxing is about to get crazy

8/24/2022 - Micah Parsons to join Undisputed: This has to be the ‘genius’ of Skip Bayless

8/24/2022 - Johnny Gargano's WWE return | What's next?

8/24/2022 - It’s time we start paying more attention to Tony Gonsolin

8/24/2022 - The Astros scandal is the gift that keeps on giving

8/24/2022 - Nets still feel like fool’s gold ahead of reunion tour

8/24/2022 - Laughing at the Lakers is never not fun

8/24/2022 - Which of these old jalopies has another championship left in the tank? | The Weigh In

8/24/2022 - College Football’s 2022 Jekyll & Hyde QB situations

8/24/2022 - The sports figures we've lost in 2022

8/24/2022 - If the Packers are going to take that final step, David Bakhtiari has to be dominant

8/24/2022 - The DH could solidify the Dodgers’ transformation into the First Order

8/24/2022 - America begs Dennis Rodman to sit this one out

8/24/2022 - The most uncomfortable at-bat ever

8/23/2022 - Will Pujols hit No. 700?

8/23/2022 - The NFL’s biggest revenge games of 2022

8/23/2022 - Newsflash ESPN: Don’t show Black people on TV with cotton stuck to them

8/23/2022 - Johnny Wrestling's triumphant return

8/23/2022 - RIP player empowerment era: Kevin Durant staying in Brooklyn

8/23/2022 - The system doesn’t work with this Virgil van Dijk

8/23/2022 - Jimmy Haslam is to blame for the vile T-shirts and signs in support of Deshaun Watson

8/23/2022 - The long baseball season seems to be taking its toll on fans

8/23/2022 - No laughing matter | Rob Parker trashes Cleveland Browns fans

8/23/2022 - Boston sports Mt. Rushmore | W. Kamau Bell

8/22/2022 - How to make half a billion dollars | Highest-earning NBA players ever

8/22/2022 - Kenny Lofton accused in suit of sending dick pics

8/22/2022 - NJPW not only doesn't care about alleged abusers, it's actively pushing them

8/22/2022 - After all the drama, Baker Mayfield got what he wanted

8/22/2022 - The Seahawks are preparing to embark on a long season of disappointment

8/22/2022 - The Yankees could finish with a worse record than last year

8/22/2022 - Kamaru Usman and the other athletes who’ve been stopped at history’s doorstep

8/22/2022 - Trump supporters called Colin Kaepernick ‘unpatriotic’ — funny how that label fits the 45th President to a T

8/22/2022 - C.B. Bucknor drags everyone down with him

8/22/2022 - Predictions for the dozen teams in the New Year's Six

8/21/2022 - Josh Dobbs shined bright for Cleveland as he looks to lock up third QB slot

8/21/2022 - Are the Ravens actually holding Lamar Jackson back?

8/21/2022 - How close were Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to wearing silver and black?

8/21/2022 - Disastrous season for the Phoenix Mercury ended with Las Vegas dropping a piano on their heads

8/21/2022 - Arsenal are looking pretty tasty

8/21/2022 - UFC has its moments

8/20/2022 - Sad Diego: Padres underperforming and underwhelming post-deadline

8/20/2022 - Georgia high school football team caps quadruple OT win with crazy trick play

8/20/2022 - The Yankees know better than to play three- or even two-card Monty

8/20/2022 - Brady’s mysterious absence from camp another reason he should have stayed retired

8/20/2022 - The Bears have failed Justin Fields

8/20/2022 - Dana White upset because people paid attention to something he said

8/20/2022 - There are only two faces on this week’s Mount Rushmore of stupidity

8/20/2022 - Home runs in the family | Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

8/19/2022 - Redditor, fantasy football analyst speculate Brady’s absence due to ‘Masked Singer’ taping

8/19/2022 - CM Punk played himself

8/19/2022 - Not everyone listens when Tiger speaks

8/19/2022 - NFL fails again | Deshaun Watson update

8/19/2022 - Deshaun Watson’s suspension was weak because players still refuse to stand up for women

8/19/2022 - No shock Brittney Griner's former coach is silent | Google is Free

8/19/2022 - Ben Simmons handles 'heckler' while candy shopping

8/19/2022 - The Huskers haven’t even left for Ireland, and they’re already taking Ls

8/19/2022 - It’s time for the Chargers to shine in Hollywood

8/19/2022 - USMNT unveils new jerseys that even the players hate

8/18/2022 - What could possibly go wrong going down a slide?

8/18/2022 - No surrender in Calgary

8/18/2022 - Big Ten gets $1 billion/year TV deal, student-athletes get ‘EXPOSURE’

8/18/2022 - LSU QB retires, but what about his NIL deals?

8/18/2022 - Bryan Danielson knows we’re uncomfortable

8/18/2022 - Browns owner thinks talent trumps alleged transgressions after Watson receives 'punishment' [Updated]

8/18/2022 - LeBron James is all about L.A., not the Lakers

8/18/2022 - What to watch in college football's Week One

8/18/2022 - Terrelle Pryor must be pissed a Mississippi State football player inked a NIL deal with a tattoo artist

8/18/2022 - Pau Gasol is absolutely an all-time Laker great

8/18/2022 - The NBA is still trying to polish turds

8/18/2022 - Looking at possible numbers for the NFL to retire league-wide

8/18/2022 - The Yankees are so horrendous, fans would rather cut hair than watch them

8/18/2022 - We’re on the precipice of the NCAA's death

8/17/2022 - Craig Kimbrel pitching his way off of Dodgers’ postseason roster

8/17/2022 - Malik Willis has all the tools — he just needs to pull them out of the box much quicker

8/17/2022 - College football’s non-conference schedule never fails to out a few frauds

8/17/2022 - Could Aaron Judge be the "real" home run king? | The Weigh In

8/17/2022 - Cut the crap, Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson are a Top 10 duo in the NFL

8/17/2022 - My, how Antonio Gibson has fallen

8/17/2022 - Don’t do it, Christian

8/17/2022 - Has the One-Winged Angel landed?

8/17/2022 - Be loud about Brittney Griner | W. Kamau Bell

8/17/2022 - The Knicks shouldn't agree to a trade with Danny Ainge

8/17/2022 - EA Sports College Football sounds like a logistical nightmare, but who cares

8/17/2022 - Skip Bayless tries to dunk on Bronny James

8/17/2022 - Whiny golfer is whiny

8/16/2022 - Should the Detroit Lions play on Thanksgiving? | Nate Burleson

8/16/2022 - We asked Leigh Steinberg if Myles Brennan will get to keep his NIL deals

8/16/2022 - Decoldest Crawford’s first NIL commercial is wonderful

8/16/2022 - Did the Guardians win the Francisco Lindor trade?

8/16/2022 - Dodgers down an arm but still possess depth

8/16/2022 - Trey Lance flips projections after 5 preseason passes in win over Green Bay

8/16/2022 - Mike Tomlin should just start Kenny Pickett

8/16/2022 - It’ll be the NBA vs. the NFL on Christmas Day

8/16/2022 - The Angels distilled themselves to their essence against M's

8/16/2022 - Sam Darnold is NOT a Good QB! | Trash Talkin' Tuesday

8/16/2022 - The Lakers playing on opening night is the best choice, despite complaints

8/16/2022 - God bless Johnny Cueto

8/15/2022 - Could Brandon Staley’s aggressive fourth down philosophy end up being predictable?

8/15/2022 - The AP preseason poll is in! College football is almost here

8/15/2022 - Is it time to worry about the Yankees?

8/15/2022 - Harsher level of criticism | W. Kamau Bell on mental health in sports

8/15/2022 - The NFL’s old race-norming ways are about to get costly

8/15/2022 - Antonio Brown and Jerry Jones deserve each other in the worst way

8/15/2022 - Chelsea and Tottenham is why we watch

8/15/2022 - Pay me or trade me! | Nate Burleson on NFL wide receivers

8/15/2022 - Once again Herschel Walker shows who he is

8/15/2022 - The allure of near-perfection

8/14/2022 - The George Pickens show continued Saturday, this time he was in game uniform

8/14/2022 - Panthers’ wide receiver D.J. Moore breaks up argument between fans

8/14/2022 - I don’t know what Man United is supposed to be

8/14/2022 - The 49ers’ offense is going to look a lot more explosive this season

8/14/2022 - Will Fernando Tatis’ power (and career) go the way of Ryan Braun?

8/13/2022 - Kyler, stick to COD, not Madden

8/13/2022 - Triple H and the WWE aren’t doing away with AEW — at least not right now

8/13/2022 - What are the odds an offensive lineman wins Rookie of the Year?

8/13/2022 - Hope your Friday night was better than Zach Wilson’s

8/13/2022 - Tyrod Taylor should be starting for the G-Men over Danny Dimes

8/13/2022 - Deshaun Watson's Punishment | Fans Weigh In

8/12/2022 - Fernando Tatís Jr. suspended 80 games for PEDs

8/12/2022 - It’s still a shame James White never got the moment in the sun that he deserved

8/12/2022 - Hey Coach Cal, Kentucky isn’t just a basketball school anymore

8/12/2022 - Predicting college football’s New Year’s Six teams

8/12/2022 - Devil's advocate: Dylan Cease's 14-game stretch is being overhyped

8/12/2022 - Losing is preferable to this, Cleveland

8/12/2022 - Women of the Negro Leagues | Chanté Adams

8/12/2022 - Learning to pitch for the role | Chanté Adams

8/12/2022 - Retiring Russell’s jersey number should have happened a long time ago

8/12/2022 - The Ravens’ WR room has practically zero experience

8/12/2022 - NBA players way too excited over fellow pros balling out in ProAm leagues

8/12/2022 - They could have at least made 'Hologram Harry' drunk off his ass

8/11/2022 - The NBA retires Bill Russell’s number

8/11/2022 - Nate Burleson's favorite wide receivers of 2022

8/11/2022 - How bloated are the preseason win totals for the NBA teams fans love to hate?

8/11/2022 - Nate Burleson's 2022 NFL Outlook

8/11/2022 - The sacrifices of Joey Gallo | Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

8/11/2022 - How rare is the HR cycle?

8/11/2022 - Let’s not crown the Dodgers just yet — but let’s sure as hell enjoy the excellence

8/11/2022 - Stop bashing little leaguers for showing compassion

8/11/2022 - Front offices are bitching about the pitcher limit, which probably means it’ll work

8/11/2022 - Front offices are bitching about the pitcher limit, which probably means it’ll work

8/11/2022 - The only thing worse than the owners are their kids

8/10/2022 - The Bucs and Dolphins are practicing with each other this week…that’s not at all awkward

8/10/2022 - How many failed NFL coaches does it take to screw up Mac Jones?

8/10/2022 - With Vince gone, a new era in WWE begins

8/10/2022 - Phillies defense is what grinds Keith Hernandez’s gears

8/10/2022 - King Henry is ready to tote the rock again in Tennessee, but there could be concern about his workload

8/10/2022 - Who will be the top QB in 5 years? | The Weigh In

8/10/2022 - Welcome to Blah-gust, the worst time of the sporting calendar

8/10/2022 - Brenden Aaronson is going to be just fine

8/10/2022 - Cale Gundy is the latest example of white America’s obsession with the N-word

8/10/2022 - Bill Russell's impact on the game | W. Kamau Bell

8/10/2022 - Mariners' outfielder Jarred Kelenic has been off to a historically bad start to his career

8/10/2022 - This 'Hard Knocks' season premiere was good, but Lions coach Dan Campbell needs to drink that strong-ass coffee on camera soon

8/10/2022 - Please don’t let WWE get its greedy paws on The Rock’s new VICE TV series ‘Tales from the Territories’

8/10/2022 - Why does Canada get to participate in the World Juniors?

8/9/2022 - And, voila, Cameron Smith’s charisma is gone

8/9/2022 - Marshawn Lynch arrested for DUI in Las Vegas

8/9/2022 - Luis García is the opposite of everything Juan Soto stood for in Washington

8/9/2022 - Sorry Joe Tsai, you already gave Kevin Durant front office sway, you can’t take it back now

8/9/2022 - So what is AEW’s future in a HHH world?

8/9/2022 - Dejounte Murray serving up some spicy beef for No. 1 overall pick Paolo Banchero

8/9/2022 - Serena’s biggest accomplishment is not her wins, it’s her legacy

8/9/2022 - Serena Williams calls it a career

8/9/2022 - The Seahawks’ unofficial depth chart is officially certifiable

8/9/2022 - Is Ezekiel Elliot a Top 5 RB? | Trash Talkin' Tuesday

8/9/2022 - No matter the regime, the Bears remain unfathomably weird

8/9/2022 - Here’s Aaron Rodgers’ path to a third straight MVP award

8/9/2022 - Expect more illegal contact calls from refs this NFL season

8/9/2022 - Serena Williams calls it a career

8/9/2022 - Micah Parsons could be the top pass rusher in the NFL if the Cowboys' coaching staff allows it

8/9/2022 - Kevin Durant is an airhead

8/8/2022 - Miami’s new locker room is sparkling — it would really be nice if its namesake, The Rock, comes by from time to time

8/8/2022 - 6 FBS teams are favored to win all of their regular season games — and one is not like the others

8/8/2022 - Are we done cheering for Pete Rose yet?

8/8/2022 - Barcelona are still very much clown shoes

8/8/2022 - Panthers coach Matt Rhule thinks he’s still coaching college kids

8/8/2022 - Now it’s time to get on the Brandon Vazquez train for USMNT

8/8/2022 - Dodgers remind the loaded Padres that they’re still the team to beat

8/8/2022 - Exploring QB options for the Rams if Stafford’s elbow keeps him sidelined

8/8/2022 - The Dodgers care not for your newest superteam

8/7/2022 - Good news from Bears camp: Justin Fields is in a happy place

8/7/2022 - Kareem Hunt wants out of Cleveland, Jimmy G needs out of San Francisco

8/7/2022 - How can Steph Curry be the petty king when that’s already Kevin Durant’s lane?

8/6/2022 - How many times does old man Brady have to teach us a lesson?

8/6/2022 - Never mind the draw, just enjoy Darwin Núñez’s first EPL goal for Liverpool

8/6/2022 - Analyzing Jimmy Garoppolo’s next-team odds

8/6/2022 - I’d wreck my Subaru to be on the Patriots, too

8/5/2022 - I thought GMs were supposed to be the smartest people in baseball

8/5/2022 - The Dodgers’ real ace isn’t who you think it is

8/5/2022 - Please stop saying I can’t go wrong with one of these ‘top five’ runnings backs

8/5/2022 - Aaron Judge is in a one-man race for home run immortality

8/5/2022 - Diontae Johnson deserves way better

8/5/2022 - Miguel Cabrera is why you don’t trade Juan Soto

8/4/2022 - Joey Gallo’s best baseball is ahead of him... that's right I said it!

8/4/2022 - Three fights in three days got a Saints rookie removed from practice

8/4/2022 - Russell Wilson’s oft-mocked ‘try too hard’ persona is just what the Broncos need

8/4/2022 - Will Liverpool’s season be defined by children?

8/4/2022 - John Daly won’t be on the Saudi tour, but it’s not for a lack of trying

8/4/2022 - Brittney Griner sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison

8/4/2022 - There’s a reason hope is one letter away from hype

8/4/2022 - Do video games affect Kyler Murray’s play?

8/4/2022 - Video of Marquise Brown's arrest for speeding emerges [Updated]

8/4/2022 - NFL rightly tough on Watson, but what about its owners?

8/4/2022 - Well great, now I have to give up psychedelics

8/4/2022 - They’re all losers

8/3/2022 - A serene Tottenham Hotspur will take some getting used to

8/3/2022 - WWE’s new creative landscape could open Forbidden Door for AEW star

8/3/2022 - And it's one, two, three, four strikes you're out for Yordan Alvarez

8/3/2022 - Jimmy Garoppolo is healthy and he needs to be on the next flight to Pittsburgh

8/3/2022 - Juan Soto’s departure marked the end ‘The Great Natsby’ era

8/3/2022 - Hey Bleacher Report, if you’re gonna do win-loss predictions, at least make them mathematically possible

8/3/2022 - A Danny Dimes breakout year looks more like Ryan Tannehill's than Josh Allen's

8/3/2022 - Vin Scully was the connection to everyone

8/3/2022 - Vin Scully felt like family

8/3/2022 - Best of the Rest: MLB trade deadline

8/3/2022 - Dodgers fans should be browning their shorts right now

8/3/2022 - Romeo Doubs is doing his best Davante Adams impersonation at Packers camp

8/3/2022 - Josh Donaldson is the latest contestant on the ‘Gripe Is Right’

8/3/2022 - Are there timelines anymore?

8/3/2022 - Vin Scully was the voice of baseball

8/2/2022 - Here’s where the losers of the Juan Soto sweepstakes stand now

8/2/2022 - NFL goes easy on Dolphins owner for tampering, tanking — and other things that shouldn't shock you

8/2/2022 - Trump is not in favor of bringing Brittney Griner home and we can all guess why

8/2/2022 - Jeanie Buss’ Twitter has been much more fun than the Lakers’ 2021-22 season

8/2/2022 - The NIL era is offering new avenues of exploitation

8/2/2022 - What exactly were the Brewers thinking?

8/2/2022 - Old man needs nap

8/2/2022 - Well, it wasn’t the massive haul we were expecting…

8/2/2022 - Padres hoping years of big moves finally pay off with deal for Juan Soto

8/2/2022 - Is the XFL living under a Rock or something?

8/2/2022 - Still awaiting major blockbuster before MLB trade deadline

8/2/2022 - The crypto crash makes its way to sports

8/1/2022 - Running Back contracts have been stuck in amber for the past decade

8/1/2022 - The Triple H era starts with hope

8/1/2022 - Reminder to everyone employed by the Bills: Never touch Josh Allen

8/1/2022 - IDIOT OF THE MONTH: Everything is on fire

8/1/2022 - Why was Sue Robinson involved in Deshaun Watson’s case, anyway?

8/1/2022 - How far can Brighton go?

8/1/2022 - Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns got away with it — and a white female judge let them do it

8/1/2022 - Racist Boston didn’t deserve Bill Russell

8/1/2022 - The new baseball killed Joey Gallo

8/1/2022 - Deshaun Watson gets just six-game suspension