12/31/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 1: Herschel Walker

12/30/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 2: Brett Favre

12/30/2022 - Sean Payton doesn't need Tom Brady or the Saints to make a comeback

12/29/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 3: Kyrie Irving

12/29/2022 - Sports world mourns the death of Pelé

12/29/2022 - Following this most recent head injury, Tua’s health is a concern far beyond this season

12/29/2022 - Big bank take little bank — and their coach and QB, too

12/29/2022 - Where were you when Kawhi hit "the shot"? | David Boreanaz

12/28/2022 - Derek Carr wasn’t that ‘mothaf*cker’ and now he’s not the Raiders’ starting quarterback

12/28/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 4: Vince McMahon

12/28/2022 - Chris Beard’s fiancée demonstrates why reporting abuse is so hard for women

12/28/2022 - Does Boston's Chris Sale still hold any trade value?

12/28/2022 - Riverboat Ron's latest gamble

12/28/2022 - Who do you trust less: The Nets or the 76ers?

12/28/2022 - Eastbay brought the mall to your home

12/28/2022 - One of these things is not like the others

12/28/2022 - Wait, Luka Dončić did what?

12/28/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 5: Antonio Brown

12/28/2022 - How Luke Hawx became Stone Cold on Young Rock

12/28/2022 - What were the best and worst sports trends in 2022?

12/27/2022 - The James Harden and Houston Rockets reunion is a pie-in-the-sky dream

12/27/2022 - Stay away, Gronk

12/27/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 6: Cleveland Browns and fans

12/27/2022 - The Broncos can’t whiff on the new ownership group’s first big hire

12/27/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 7: Kanye West

12/27/2022 - One and done: NFL head coaches who only lasted a season or less at the helm

12/27/2022 - Nathaniel Hackett is the latest example of NFL owners getting it wrong with white (and Black) coaches

12/27/2022 - Week 16 NFL Powerless Ranking: Season's beatings

12/27/2022 - "I could become a head coach," Joe Maddon on the future of managing

12/26/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 8: Daniel Snyder

12/26/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 9: Aaron Rodgers

12/26/2022 - True Basketball Crime: Aaron Gordon hit-and-run dunk over Landry Shamet shattered the Suns

12/26/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR No. 10: John Stockton

12/26/2022 - Does Joe Maddon agree with Dusty Baker’s choice to pull Cristian Javier after the 6th in Game 4?

12/25/2022 - Two Nicks, two trophies

12/25/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR: The standings so far

12/25/2022 - Sports is sometimes disheartening as a profit-margin-focused enterprise, but it does produce some great stories

12/25/2022 - Under the Coaching Tree: Ranking the Top 10 Coaching Trees in NFL history

12/24/2022 - Everybody Hurts sometimes

12/24/2022 - The NBA’s poverty franchises

12/23/2022 - The road not taken: How Carlos Correa and other agreements voided or reversed have altered destinies

12/23/2022 - It’s hard to be the smartest guy in the room without the GOAT

12/23/2022 - Who is the NBA’s most clutch player of the season?

12/23/2022 - A little Pro Bowl holiday cheer for the Washington Commanders before Christmas

12/23/2022 - Bettors backing Bears to beat Buffalo Bills

12/22/2022 - Ibushi to AEW? Cody's WWE return at the Rumble? 2023 Predictions

12/22/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR: More dumbasses

12/22/2022 - If you're not going to San Francisco...

12/22/2022 - Is Bill Belichick past his prime? | Agree to Disagree

12/22/2022 - Playoffs?! Yes, the Jets and Jags have a shot at them

12/22/2022 - NFL Picks for Week 16

12/22/2022 - Devin Funchess is thinking about going back to his first love

12/22/2022 - I hope Steve Cohen breaks it all

12/21/2022 - Paulina Porizkova on modeling nude at 50

12/21/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR: Ten more for the worst of 2022

12/21/2022 - 'That offends me,' Tom Coughlin on David Tyree's helmet catch

12/21/2022 - Money down the drain: NFL owners recently spent almost a billion dollars on fired coaches and execs

12/21/2022 - The remnants of Adam Gase’s disastrous Jets tenure are rearing their ugly heads again ahead of Thursday Night Football

12/21/2022 - The Phoenix Suns are about to be owned by a real weirdo

12/21/2022 - Who saw that coming?

12/20/2022 - We really need to be more measured in how we discuss testy exchanges between players and media

12/20/2022 - Lillard nominating himself as the second-best shooter in NBA history was the ultimate heat check

12/20/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR: The annual descent into madness continues

12/20/2022 - 'Salt Bae' can fuck right off

12/20/2022 - Spurs forward Jeremy Sochan could be the NBA’s next big eccentric personality

12/20/2022 - Draft bust Josh Rosen's career not over just yet

12/20/2022 - The New York Rangers have gone back to what worked, but kind of didn’t work, but they’re winning so screw you, New York numbah 1 baby

12/20/2022 - Bonehead play of the year in the NFL

12/20/2022 - Donovan Mitchell finally said the quiet part out loud about being Black in Utah

12/20/2022 - WWE Hall of Famer 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan stops home intruder

12/20/2022 - Have the Green Bay Packers fixed their offense?

12/20/2022 - Can we get some accountability from NFL referees for these bad calls?

12/20/2022 - And now back to the shitty side of international sports

12/20/2022 - Week 15 Powerless Ranking: These seasons can't end soon enough

12/20/2022 - An embarrassing bargain for Aaron Judge's 62nd home run ball

12/19/2022 - The Nets soap opera has been replaced by prestige drama

12/19/2022 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR: The countdown begins as we look back ruefully on 2022

12/19/2022 - I fear I may never know joy and happiness like Andrés Cantor

12/19/2022 - The Cowboys need to come to grips with the fact that Dak Prescott just isn’t that dude

12/19/2022 - Primes lost in 2022 | In Memoriam

12/19/2022 - Meet the new boss… same as the old boss

12/19/2022 - The best soccer players of all time to never win a World Cup

12/19/2022 - Would Heisman winner Caleb Williams be the #1 pick in this year's NFL Draft?

12/19/2022 - HBCU football runs through the Carolinas — not Jackson State (Deion Sanders)

12/19/2022 - It’s only right that Jeff Saturday has failed miserably

12/19/2022 - Week 15 NFL Takeaways: Gut punch losses made the playoff picture more clear

12/19/2022 - Giants moved closer to a playoff berth with a well-earned Week 15 victory

12/19/2022 - Is this the dumbest play in NFL history?

12/19/2022 - Taking a moment for Messi

12/18/2022 - With Anthony Davis injured, the Lakers can’t afford to wait any longer to make a trade

12/18/2022 - Lotta goals in the desert - World Cup Daily Diary: The Final

12/18/2022 - Baltimore’s offense desperately needs Lamar Jackson, but that won’t matter during contract negotiations

12/18/2022 - The defining characteristic of this year’s Buffalo Bills? Resilience

12/17/2022 - You like that?

12/17/2022 - These fantasy football punishments are getting out of hand

12/17/2022 - Exploring how a 1-0 advantage in soccer compares to leads in other sports

12/17/2022 - The NBA’s war on load management is pointless

12/17/2022 - Leo's legacy is on the line

12/17/2022 - Alexander Ovechkin, the 'GR8 One'

12/17/2022 - Thank the lord FIFA is going back into its hole Sunday

12/16/2022 - Bettors backing 3-win Bears over 1-loss Eagles… am I getting that right?

12/16/2022 - Bowl games are now more like the preseason than the postseason

12/16/2022 - Naming Pat McAfee Sports Media Person of the Year is an indictment of us all

12/16/2022 - The Big Lead’s ‘2022 Sports Media Awards’ were given to a bunch of white dudes

12/16/2022 - Tyreek Hill is complaining about lack of targets in K.C.? Is there no way to make receivers happy nowadays?

12/16/2022 - Finally, the Warriors know how it feels to have the rug pulled out

12/16/2022 - Skip & Skip: Condescending

12/16/2022 - Mahomes or Hurts? Who will win NFL MVP? | Agree to Disagree

12/15/2022 - A Massachusetts politician will be the next NCAA prez

12/15/2022 - Best in the West

12/15/2022 - Leave it to the Raiders to exploit the rules

12/15/2022 - TNF: The Seahawks are in the playoff hunt, who woulda thunk it?

12/15/2022 - France or Argentina? Who wins the FIFA World Cup? | Agree to Disagree

12/15/2022 - Iranian soccer player facing possible execution after demonstrating for women’s rights

12/15/2022 - Rob Parker's NFL Picks for Week 15

12/15/2022 - Told ya: Chris Beard will likely coach again — this time at Ole Miss [Updated]

12/15/2022 - NBA answers G.O.A.T. debate by picking MJ over LeBron for MVP trophy’s namesake

12/15/2022 - The disastrous Russell Wilson still has more MVP bets than Patrick Mahomes... what?!

12/15/2022 - If Joel Embiid thinks Philly fans want him traded, he’s on the wrong Reddit threads

12/15/2022 - The NWSL wants transparency, as long as no one’s looking at that moment

12/14/2022 - World Cup 2022 Diary: Day 25 - Morocco's historic run comes to an end

12/14/2022 - Mike Leach, renaissance man [Updated]

12/14/2022 - Could the Knicks already unload Cam Reddish after recently acquiring him?

12/14/2022 - Sportswriter Jerry Sullivan delivers awful, misogynistic take on podcast

12/14/2022 - No, the San Francisco Giants’ offense isn’t suddenly elite with Carlos Correa

12/14/2022 - Which NBA title contender will Jae Crowder join?

12/14/2022 - Is Vince McMahon returning to WWE?

12/14/2022 - Trading Kyler Murray isn’t the worst option for Arizona

12/14/2022 - From drug suspension to blunt ambassador, Ricky Williams is rolling his own path

12/14/2022 - DeVante Parker would like some answers

12/14/2022 - It was a great day for the best to ever do it

12/14/2022 - Al Sharpton on the lack of diversity in head coaching

12/13/2022 - Lotta goals in the desert - World Cup Daily Diary: Day Argentina

12/13/2022 - An 1800s outfielder is baseball’s most searched athlete… in Delaware

12/13/2022 - The San Francisco move has been Golden for the Warriors

12/13/2022 - Hey Adam Silver, glossy new trophies won’t fix the NBA’s regular season

12/13/2022 - I’m not ready to go all in on the Brooklyn Nets — no matter how good they look currently

12/13/2022 - Haters don't want Tatís, Jr to become a Yankee

12/13/2022 - Sports writers aren't going to lose their jobs to AI just yet

12/13/2022 - Georgia high school football blunder at the goal line

12/13/2022 - Culture isn’t going to fix the Miami Heat’s offense

12/13/2022 - Here come the Pens again, falling on our heads like a memory

12/13/2022 - Players and recruits shouldn’t trust Kim Mulkey, who was useless when it came to Brittney Griner

12/13/2022 - Longtime college football coach Mike Leach dies at 61

12/13/2022 - Week 14 NFL Powerless Ranking: These teams are looking ahead to the draft

12/13/2022 - The New England Patriots won, but their problems remain the same

12/13/2022 - T.J. House comes out, no thanks to baseball

12/12/2022 - RG3 has done lost his damn mind

12/12/2022 - Cowboys sign T.Y. Hilton, but what about OBJ?

12/12/2022 - The MVP race is a 2-man cage match

12/12/2022 - Is it time to say hello to the Kraken?

12/12/2022 - It doesn’t matter who the 49ers place under center

12/12/2022 - Justin Herbert went Michael Jordan to Tua’s Clyde Drexler last night

12/12/2022 - So that’s why Gio Reyna didn’t play

12/12/2022 - The Top 10 Dunks of the Week

12/12/2022 - Top Philly sports moments of all-time | David Boreanaz

12/12/2022 - Does Joe Maddon agree with the 2023 MLB rule changes?

12/12/2022 - Dak Prescott hushed his detractors with final drive against Texans

12/12/2022 - Week 14 NFL Takeaways: Byemaggedon Part II, Ugly Wins Attack

12/12/2022 - HBO's Hard Knocks was more than simply Detroit Lions propaganda apparently

12/12/2022 - You love roughing the passer penalties

12/12/2022 - I think Tom Brady orchestrated his own intervention yesterday

12/11/2022 - Don’t expect Odell Beckham Jr. on a roster tomorrow or the next day, but next month is a different story

12/11/2022 - Maybe Neymar is just unlucky

12/11/2022 - The Golden State Warriors are clutch test-takers

12/11/2022 - Jared Goff is playing well— the Lions still need to pick a quarterback

12/11/2022 - Who announces their jump to the NFL first in 2024: Caleb Williams or Lincoln Riley?

12/10/2022 - SEE 'EM: Reactions to Harry Kane's PK miss don't disappoint

12/10/2022 - World Cup 2022 Diary: Day 21 - It's no Kane do for England again and Ronaldo walks off a loser... again

12/10/2022 - Remembering Grant Wahl

12/10/2022 - World Cup 2022: England fans share disappointment in exit

12/10/2022 - Don’t be an idiot! Bet the spread, not the moneyline in Texans-Cowboys

12/10/2022 - How does NIL impact going to the NFL Draft vs. staying in college?

12/10/2022 - Caleb Williams gives advice to younger self ahead of Heisman ceremony

12/10/2022 - World Cup 2022: Morocco knocks off Portugal

12/10/2022 - Ebenezer Scrooge would defend the Grinch

12/10/2022 - Jets fans are right to think the world is against them, says new study

12/10/2022 - Chris Paul is going to lose any argument that’s anti-Zion Williamson dunking

12/9/2022 - Soccer reporter Grant Wahl dies in Qatar [Updated]

12/9/2022 - World Cup Diary Day 18: Croatia, Argentina advance in penalty kicks

12/9/2022 - We got the latest NFL news heading into Week 14

12/9/2022 - Brittney Griner is back on U.S. soil

12/9/2022 - Sports take workshop: Sean McVay can resuscitate Baker Mayfield’s career

12/9/2022 - The 10 best college football games of the 2022 season

12/9/2022 - Trea Turner to the Phillies is fine... for now at least

12/9/2022 - The obliviousness of unfathomable wealth

12/9/2022 - Doc Rivers is a bad fit for the 76ers | David Boreanaz

12/9/2022 - Can Nike replace Kyrie Irving? | The SEO Show

12/8/2022 - The Brittney Griner-Viktor Bout deal is being unfairly criticized [See the exchange]

12/8/2022 - Pat Beverley is the Grinch

12/8/2022 - I’m here for more Dillon Johnsons expressing how they feel about Mike Leaches

12/8/2022 - The phone call that changed Joe Maddon's life

12/8/2022 - Rob Parker's NFL Picks for Week 14

12/8/2022 - Welcome to stardom, Ricky Starks

12/8/2022 - Hey, Kyrie, you know who also felt free after getting dropped from a sponsor?

12/8/2022 - Jon Heyman ruined several of my friendships

12/8/2022 - When it comes to MLB rumors, why isn’t it ever anyone new?

12/8/2022 - Brittney Griner is free

12/8/2022 - Week 13.5 NFL Powerless Rankings: Nothing good is happening for these teams

12/7/2022 - Willson Contreras is a Cardinal, and the Cubs let it happen

12/7/2022 - There is a lot more than a championship on the line with Jimmy G’s injury situation

12/7/2022 - LeSean McCoy has some of the wildest takes in football

12/7/2022 - Herschel Walker’s harebrained campaign got chewed up and spit out by Georgia voters

12/7/2022 - What’s next for the USMNT?

12/7/2022 - A decade-plus of Eastern Conference mediocrity can’t be easily forgotten

12/7/2022 - Von Miller done for the year

12/7/2022 - The NBA’s newest award is a better fit for MLB teams

12/7/2022 - Is Odell Beckham Jr. healthy enough to sign a deal?

12/7/2022 - Aaron Judge made the right decision

12/7/2022 - Don’t hate on Tyler Lockett

12/7/2022 - The ManningCast sports media revolution should not have been televised

12/7/2022 - Aaron Judge to remain a Yankee

12/7/2022 - Knicks underpaid Jalen Brunson? | Max Greenfield

12/6/2022 - World Cup 2022 Daily Diary: Day 17 - Quarterfinals are set

12/6/2022 - Make the Heisman Trophy more than the 'Best QB' award it’s become

12/6/2022 - The Deion Sanders effect is in full force in college football

12/6/2022 - Austin Reaves is young, but his steady presence has been crucial for the Lakers

12/6/2022 - Baker Mayfield claimed by Rams

12/6/2022 - The transfer window coinciding with bowl season is as profoundly stupid as it sounds

12/6/2022 - Nike to drop Kyrie Irving and give Ja Morant new shoe Deal

12/6/2022 - Updated NFL MVP odds analysis

12/6/2022 - World Cup 2022 Round of 16 Preview: Portugal Vs. Switzerland

12/6/2022 - Carl Nassib helped save the Buccaneers’ season

12/6/2022 - SEE IT: Every play from Tom Brady's game-winning drive

12/6/2022 - Bowl games and National Championship odds out

12/6/2022 - The Phillies don’t know when to settle

12/6/2022 - Are the Pistons on the verge? | Jemele Hill

12/5/2022 - What does Richard Sherman think of Baker Mayfield's prospects?

12/5/2022 - Hall's Era Committee passes on Bonds and Clemens

12/5/2022 - How devastating is Jimmy G's injury to the Niners?

12/5/2022 - Trea Turner is headed to Phillies

12/5/2022 - Deion Sanders is borrowing too much of his Colorado strategy from Elon Musk

12/5/2022 - Lotta goals in the desert - World Cup Daily Diary: Day 16

12/5/2022 - Get the NFC South out of here

12/5/2022 - The Mets prove you don’t have to have holes if you don’t want to

12/5/2022 - Herschel Walker is a threat to society — it’s time to get him out of the paint

12/5/2022 - Trae Young and Nate McMillan are surviving instead of thriving with each other

12/5/2022 - Week 13 NFL Takeaways: Separation Sunday, the air at the top is getting thinner

12/5/2022 - Can the 49ers reset the NFL quarterback market?

12/5/2022 - Dallas Cowboys still have problems, despite the 54-19 win

12/5/2022 - The worst kind of punditry

12/5/2022 - Will the 2022 Knicks make the NBA Playoffs? | Max Greenfield

12/4/2022 - Lotta goals in the desert - World Cup Daily Diary: Day 15

12/4/2022 - Draymond Green eclipsing Michael Jordan illustrates how much offenses have evolved

12/4/2022 - Gregg Berhalter deserves a lot of credit… and the exit door

12/4/2022 - All hail Hypnotoad: TCU is still in

12/4/2022 - Bryan Reynolds requests a trade — what is he worth?

12/4/2022 - Deion Sanders’ pimping of Jackson State and HBCU culture is finally over

12/4/2022 - It shouldn’t take hypnotoad sorcery to get you to respect TCU

12/3/2022 - Lions, and Jaguars, and bets, oh my!

12/3/2022 - Red, white, and the blues

12/3/2022 - Does Jacob deGrom give the Texas Rangers one of the best rotations in the AL?

12/3/2022 - USC craps out in Vegas, but Trojans were playing entirely with house money

12/3/2022 - Kirk Cousins is the ultimate measuring stick for Super Bowl viability

12/2/2022 - Jacob, Texas Ranger

12/2/2022 - So you're telling me there's a chance...

12/2/2022 - The Pats need to dump Matt Patricia if Tom Brady returns

12/2/2022 - Let the King hold court on any subject, especially Jerry Jones

12/2/2022 - It’s never been easier to rebuild or bottom out in college football

12/2/2022 - Barry Bonds is deserving of a Hall of Fame exemption

12/2/2022 - Kanye West and Antonio Brown’s antics should be the end of Donda Sports

12/2/2022 - Will Levis could be Josh Allen — and I could be Mark Twain

12/2/2022 - What does Jack Edwards have to be so smug about anyway?

12/1/2022 - Lotta goals in the desert - World Cup Daily Diary: Day 12

12/1/2022 - The Cheez-It hotel room is an unforgivable sin

12/1/2022 - Antonio Brown allegedly chucks shoe at ex, arrest warrant issued

12/1/2022 - It’s still a terrible idea to expand the College Football Playoff to 12 teams

12/1/2022 - Balls of steel

12/1/2022 - Kobe Bryant’s daughter having a stalker should be a bigger story in the NBA

12/1/2022 - Don’t expect this UNC team to make a run to the finals

12/1/2022 - IDIOT OF THE MONTH: 'Tis the season to be stupid

12/1/2022 - I’m tired of tanking being the only answer

12/1/2022 - Did Pam Grier's athleticism prepare her for Hollywood?

12/1/2022 - Rob Parker's NFL picks for Week 13