5/31/2022 - Even a FCFL guy lighting up after a TD pass isn’t enough to get people to watch

5/31/2022 - Tommy Pham got rightfully suspended for slapping Joc Pederson, but whoever gave him that news probably did it out of arm’s reach

5/31/2022 - Pelicans pinching pennies with Zion | Trash Talkin' Tuesday

5/31/2022 - Get ready for hot pickleball action!

5/31/2022 - AEW always gets away with it

5/31/2022 - Almost half the teams in the NFL have never had a Madden cover player

5/31/2022 - Don’t support Gabe Kapler’s protest during the national anthem if you took issue with Colin Kaepernick’s

5/31/2022 - Jimmy Butler’s superstar card got declined when Miami needed it most

5/31/2022 - Icarus can kiss my ass

5/31/2022 - Charges dropped against Broncos’ WR Jerry Jeudy

5/31/2022 - Tank Davis’ star continues to rise

5/31/2022 - I feel great about not trusting the Hurricanes again

5/30/2022 - Reformatting the NBA Playoffs could solve the league’s injury issue

5/30/2022 - Landry Shamet hath brought a plague upon every house he’s entered

5/30/2022 - Top 5 overachievers in MLB thus far

5/30/2022 - The top 5 underachieving teams in MLB, so far

5/30/2022 - Athletes-turned-servicemen and women are not unique to America

5/30/2022 - American Athletes who gave their lives in service

5/30/2022 - Athletes who gave their lives for our country | Memorial Day 2022

5/29/2022 - Real Madrid shouldn’t have even been there

5/29/2022 - Investing in NFT ticket stubs is likely one of the NBA’s next big crypto ventures

5/29/2022 - Upcoming sale of the Trail Blazers could partially atone for team not hiring Becky Hammon

5/29/2022 - Marcus Mariota gets what Ryan Tannehill doesn’t

5/28/2022 - Your AEW Double Or Nothing preview

5/28/2022 - Auston Matthews is nearing an elite, rare echelon for American hockey players

5/28/2022 - What are the unwritten rules for slapping another man over a fantasy football feud?

5/28/2022 - Colin Kaepernick may return to the NFL while America asks itself what is it that the police do, exactly

5/28/2022 - International stars are here to stay on All-NBA Teams

5/27/2022 - White men can bowl... and surf? | Ranking Woody Harrelson's best & worst sports movies

5/27/2022 - Yankees and Rays educate Twitter followers on gun violence

5/27/2022 - Not to worry Luka, it happens to the best of them

5/27/2022 - Dan Snyder’s Commanders are a failed state

5/27/2022 - Stan Kroenke takes a victory lap at the expenditure of NFL owners

5/27/2022 - Is the NHL now rigging games for Connor McDavid?

5/26/2022 - A 75-year streak is in danger of being broken tonight

5/26/2022 - Shaq has some interesting thoughts on Uvalde

5/26/2022 - What are the Miami Heat?

5/26/2022 - The best ERA+ belongs to who? | Stats that will blow your mind

5/26/2022 - The man who could help Brian Flores in his lawsuit vs. the NFL is … Jon Gruden

5/26/2022 - Josh Donaldson still doesn't get it

5/26/2022 - What in the name of Joan Callamezzo is going on at 49ers’ OTAs?

5/26/2022 - Nick Saban just bought — I mean flipped — a former Texas A&M QB commit

5/26/2022 - Get rid of position quotas from All-NBA teams already

5/26/2022 - Hope springs eternal, justified or not, for Texas fans

5/26/2022 - Lane Kiffin tells the truth about college football

5/26/2022 - NBA expansion talk heating up

5/26/2022 - Ryan Tannehill’s insecurity is on full display

5/26/2022 - How far ahead of the curve is Errick Miron?

5/26/2022 - This looks like Connor McDavid’s time

5/26/2022 - Whatever sport the Heat and Celtics are playing, it’s trash

5/25/2022 - You’ll never guess who’s receiving more MVP bets than Rodgers and Mahomes combined

5/25/2022 - Not giving Kyrie Irving an extension makes all the sense in the world, except the Nets have little choice

5/25/2022 - Do you care about PEDs in sports?

5/25/2022 - If this is the price for a superstar quarterback, I’ll pass

5/25/2022 - At least Herschel Walker doesn’t offer thoughts and prayers — because he’s incapable of coherent thought

5/25/2022 - Real Madrid have more than just black magic against Liverpool

5/25/2022 - Does Deebo Samuel have an infatuation with Dallas or merely trolling to get what he wants?

5/25/2022 - Steve Kerr and the hopeful effectiveness of the ‘Angry White Man’

5/25/2022 - We have parity in the NBA playoffs, and be honest, it’s making you miss the 2017 Warriors

5/25/2022 - Sasha Banks & Naomi | What is WWE's endgame?

5/25/2022 - The Flames cost us a truly transcendent moment

5/25/2022 - At Last! The NFL’s Pro Bowl may be no more!

5/25/2022 - It won’t matter whom the Lakers hire as head coach, they’ll find a way to screw it up

5/24/2022 - 'When are we going to do something!'

5/24/2022 - Nebraska football: Holding onto dead traditions since 1999

5/24/2022 - Twitter crowdsources Charles Barkley’s greatest hits

5/24/2022 - Is the NHL’s Presidents’ Trophy curse real?

5/24/2022 - The Nuggets are Kroenke’s side piece, but still, a little more effort could go a long way

5/24/2022 - Josh Donaldson's Jackie Robinson 'inside joke' crosses the line

5/24/2022 - The Grizzlies and Heat reacted completely differently to plays where their stars were seemingly injured

5/24/2022 - Craig Berube and the St. Louis Blues can’t even bring themselves to say racists are bad

5/24/2022 - Jets and Lions fans battle for delusional offseason preeminence

5/24/2022 - The Dallas Mavericks turned into pumpkins

5/24/2022 - The NFL is hosting a useless ‘diversity’ program for Black coaches this week in Atlanta

5/24/2022 - Nazem Kadri kept it in check, the Blues reverted to type and got it shoved where it belonged

5/24/2022 - HBO's going to show us the Arizona Cardinals imploding in real time

5/23/2022 - Jason Kidd’s flippant attitude toward the Mavs’ playoff fines shouldn’t come as a surprise

5/23/2022 - Sasha Banks thinks Ronda Rousey sucks, too

5/23/2022 - Hey Roger Goodell, when does Dan Snyder get the Pacman Jones treatment?

5/23/2022 - How Andrew Wiggins poster on Luka ended the Mavs

5/23/2022 - Baseball doesn’t want Tim Anderson around

5/23/2022 - Winning fourth ring and first finals MVP would quiet critics and crush many narratives surrounding Stephen Curry’s legacy

5/23/2022 - College football teams have always bought players

5/23/2022 - Kylian Mbappé is PSG’s only hope

5/23/2022 - True Basketball Crime: Andrew Wiggins delivered the coup de grace to Luka and the Mavericks’ season

5/23/2022 - If the Lightning can’t choke you out, Andrei Vasilevskiy will

5/22/2022 - Mark Cuban vs. the NBA, a rivalry back in action

5/22/2022 - You can’t stop the Manchester City boulder

5/22/2022 - The Celtics might have made a mistake letting Robert Williams III back on the court so soon

5/22/2022 - Miami wakes up after Game 2 and chooses violence

5/22/2022 - Mark Haynes spoke ill of Stephen Curry, then Twitter investigated and discovered homophobic, sexist, and racist rants

5/22/2022 - Just say it: Josh Donaldson made a racist comment to Tim Anderson

5/21/2022 - WWE works its way into shooting itself in the foot

5/21/2022 - Old Football Man hates those sissy rules that protect players

5/21/2022 - College football anarchy is creating more have nots than haves

5/21/2022 - Roger Angell knew baseball was about people, not stats

5/21/2022 - Oilers enjoy the sounds of silence at expense of Calgary crowd

5/20/2022 - Whose personality is more irritating: Current Jimmy Butler or prime Dwight Howard?

5/20/2022 - Sure, John Daly may miss the cut, but at least he enjoyed his PGA Championship

5/20/2022 - ‘This deal is getting worse all the time’ — Lando Calrissian

5/20/2022 - Hey, Nick and Jimbo, the NCAA is on line one

5/20/2022 - No, Sasha Banks wouldn’t see AEW as a better opportunity

5/20/2022 - How mad do you have to be to argue a ball for your teammate?

5/20/2022 - Is Any Given Sunday the top Dennis Quaid sports film?

5/19/2022 - Yankees minor leaguer cut for running alleged memorabilia scam

5/19/2022 - Nebraska high school QB could usher in next evolution at the position

5/19/2022 - Mets fans are going to need some really strong anti-depressants to keep up the optimism

5/19/2022 - For a little bit we were complimenting or condemning Derrick White, then it was just time to celebrate Rihanna’s baby

5/19/2022 - Philly embarrasses Joel Embiid by making up an award so he can win something

5/19/2022 - Can Liverpool win the quadruple? | What you need to know | FA Cup

5/19/2022 - John Stockton flexes what little credibility he has left to support a Jan. 6 rioter

5/19/2022 - If Brittney Griner were Kevin Love she’d already be home

5/19/2022 - CM Punk never lets us down

5/19/2022 - Jimbo Fisher declares war on Nick Saban in press conference for the ages

5/19/2022 - Let Luka enjoy his pre-game beer in peace

5/19/2022 - Troy Aikman says Washington is Carson Wentz’ last opportunity as a franchise QB

5/19/2022 - How the NBA’s midseason tournament can save the regular season

5/19/2022 - Why don’t people talk about Marshon Lattimore like they do Trevon Diggs?

5/19/2022 - Baseball is less fun when NO ONE MOVES THEIR BACK ROW

5/19/2022 - Here’s to feelin’ good all the time

5/19/2022 - What's only happened seven times in MLB history? | Stats that will blow your mind

5/18/2022 - How many different ways are there to call Deshaun Watson a dirtbag?

5/18/2022 - An incomplete list of people we’d like to see at the 2023 Tom Brady Netflix roast

5/18/2022 - Giannis, Ja, or Luka? Which young star will rule the NBA in 5 years?

5/18/2022 - No more excuses: 2022 needs to be Tua time in Miami

5/18/2022 - Your heart goes out to Tarik Cohen after more tough news

5/18/2022 - Properly handling Rajon Rondo’s domestic violence allegations has to be a top priority for the NBA

5/18/2022 - The International Gymnastics Federation will break you… eventually

5/18/2022 - Who would win? Pitchers or position players?

5/18/2022 - The Sacramento Kings will get another shot to blow it in NBA Draft

5/18/2022 - USWNT finally gets paid

5/18/2022 - Put Aaron Judge in center field, you cowards!

5/18/2022 - No one was as alone as Nathan Eovaldi was last night

5/18/2022 - Thunder, Magic luck out in a top-heavy NBA draft

5/17/2022 - Messi to MLS could be a reality

5/17/2022 - Timberwolves huffing fumes of playoff berth instead of coasting off them

5/17/2022 - Miami and Boston meet again in the conference finals and this time their coaches even have history

5/17/2022 - Tale of the tape: Battle of Alberta vs. Battle of Florida

5/17/2022 - Have we learned nothing from Ja’Marr Chase last year?

5/17/2022 - New Oklahoma QB is named… General Booty

5/17/2022 - Is there something wrong with Dallas that we don’t know about?

5/17/2022 - Vince McMahon deserves whatever consequences come from booking Sasha Banks and Naomi poorly

5/17/2022 - The Saudis are having trouble finding golfers to give garbage bags of cash to

5/17/2022 - Drew Brees, Drew Lock, Baker Mayfield: The Seahawks are linked to multiple QBs this offseason

5/17/2022 - It’s time for the yearly symposium on whether this is finally it for the Penguins

5/17/2022 - We're seeing an NBA coaching reformation

5/17/2022 - The USFL’s Tampa Bay Bandits have a turnover whip — wait, what?

5/17/2022 - Those Game 7s were a dud, but that doesn’t dilute the outstanding performances from the second round that deserve recognition

5/17/2022 - The sky’s the limit for Ja Morant

5/17/2022 - The Suns always set

5/17/2022 - It’s all just so pointless

5/16/2022 - The origins of the Chris Paul-Patrick Beverley feud, explained

5/16/2022 - Drew Brees’ midlife crisis is right on time

5/16/2022 - For Black America, moments of silence are no longer enough

5/16/2022 - It’s going to be a long summer in Phoenix after a Game 7 no-show against Dallas

5/16/2022 - White fans were entertained by Black athletes a day after a racist killed Black people in Buffalo — this is what white supremacy looks like

5/16/2022 - Gary Bettman must make the Oilers wear their ‘80s jerseys for the second round

5/16/2022 - Who do Eastern Conference teams need to worry about in a post-LeBron playoff world?

5/16/2022 - We have a new standard for pants-filling

5/15/2022 - Frank Gore scores knockout and redemption in pro boxing debut on 39th birthday

5/15/2022 - Kendrick Perkins says Draymond Green isn’t scoring enough, Draymond Green says Kendrick Perkins is ugly

5/15/2022 - For the Bucks to win a third game in Boston, it’s going to take one helluva homecoming for Pat Connaughton

5/15/2022 - Don’t believe the hype, Cowboys nation: Zeke running 22 mph in May is nothing but propaganda

5/15/2022 - I hate saying this as much as anyone, but there’s nothing really wrong with the Maple Leafs

5/15/2022 - Shohei Ohtani is amazing and Michele Tafoya tweeted something dumb

5/15/2022 - The Saints have a chance to do something no NFL team has ever done

5/14/2022 - Milwaukee empathizing with last season’s Brooklyn Nets

5/14/2022 - Failure to capitalize: Washington out in first round for fourth-straight season

5/14/2022 - How is it OK to share video of people fleeing a mass shooter?

5/14/2022 - Leafs on precipice of some kind of history

5/13/2022 - A girl was abducted at a Mavs game and found 200 miles away being trafficked for sex

5/13/2022 - NFL Schedule Leaks was just another troll job

5/13/2022 - Have you heard the NFL schedules are out?

5/13/2022 - Pick a sport, any sport, and Danny Woodhead will beat you at it

5/13/2022 - Horrors at Southern Hills

5/13/2022 - Knicks fans have bought the most expensive tickets in the NBA for 12 consecutive years — this is so New York

5/13/2022 - We have a feeling Michael Jordan took this personally

5/13/2022 - Jimmy Butler is the most underrated star left in the NBA playoffs

5/13/2022 - So Derby winner Rich Strike was a heart-warming story for less than a week

5/13/2022 - If the Leafs fall in overtime, do their fans make a sound?

5/13/2022 - Brittney Griner’s detainment extended by a month without explanation

5/13/2022 - James Harden is a toad

5/13/2022 - Lucas Luetge: As Good as DeGrom? | Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

5/12/2022 - The GOP is obsessed with dunking on the NBA

5/12/2022 - No, these aren’t the tightest NHL playoffs of all time

5/12/2022 - The NBA is foolishly applying outdated sensibilities into its fresh product

5/12/2022 - Jerry Jeudy arrested for criminal tampering in possible domestic violence case

5/12/2022 - Sam Howell eats chicken tenders and no other meat

5/12/2022 - It’s getting late pretty early in Boston

5/12/2022 - Joel Embiid is running out of excuses for not getting it done in Philly

5/12/2022 - No Memphis meltdowns here

5/12/2022 - Flames fan regrets her choices

5/12/2022 - Fight me: RG3's rookie season was overrated

5/12/2022 - Greg Norman still choking on things at age 67

5/12/2022 - AEW answers the age-old question: ‘What if we just made the whole match of Jeff Hardy?’

5/12/2022 - The NFL’s schedule release is dumb. Here’s how to revamp it

5/12/2022 - Jacksonville Jaguars are being sued for Urban Meyer ‘coaching’ with his feet

5/12/2022 - Delaware State’s women’s lacrosse team bus being searched for drugs by police in Georgia isn’t surprising — this is America

5/12/2022 - Kyrie Irving goes off on livestream rant, and it’s awesome

5/12/2022 - Jrue Holiday punked out Marcus Smart

5/12/2022 - Gabe Kapler, your mustache/beard take is all wrong

5/12/2022 - If you’re gonna be late, be late

5/11/2022 - The good, the bad, and the unknown in athlete investments

5/11/2022 - Miles Robinson’s injury leaves USMNT in a bind

5/11/2022 - Dolphins, keep Tua’s wounded ducks to yourself

5/11/2022 - Spider Tack: Do baseball fans really care?

5/11/2022 - NBA's Top 5 Plays from Tuesday night

5/11/2022 - Roman Reigns has become stale, but does Vince even want a way out?

5/11/2022 - NBA finally puts respect on Monty Williams’ name

5/11/2022 - FIFA forgoing $150 million annually to pursue delusions of grandeur

5/11/2022 - This inconsistent and deteriorating version of James Harden is a present and future problem for Sixers

5/11/2022 - Darnell Nurse’s dangerous headbutt warrants suspension

5/11/2022 - How is Justin Verlander still doing this?

5/11/2022 - Like his playing days, Tom Brady will likely cheat viewers and be a flop on TV

5/11/2022 - Jaren Jackson Jr. is showing off his talent on a national stage against the Warriors because, for once, he’s fighting through his biggest weakness

5/11/2022 - The stars come out in the NHL

5/11/2022 - Strange doings on this nervous night in Anaheim

5/10/2022 - Al Horford’s season-saving Game 4 was a reminder that he has been a rock

5/10/2022 - Why the Baltimore Ravens should be the team to look out for in 2022

5/10/2022 - Can we get a more bingeable NBA Playoffs, please?

5/10/2022 - NIL guidelines show up 10 months too late

5/10/2022 - Mad Dog Russo went there

5/10/2022 - You don’t have to care about the NFL schedule yet

5/10/2022 - Who in the world asked for more Tom Brady?

5/10/2022 - In Denver, Russell Wilson looks the happiest he’s been in years and he hasn’t taken a snap

5/10/2022 - Phil Mickelson will return to PGA Championship — if he’s allowed to play

5/10/2022 - Best Buy employees break into stellar zone defense to stop shoplifters

5/10/2022 - Let’s appreciate all the money Ryan Johansen has stolen

5/10/2022 - Marcelo booted from Lyon locker room for excessive farts, laughter

5/10/2022 - NBA needs to police its fans better

5/10/2022 - COVID-19 is still the biggest X-factor of the NBA playoffs

5/10/2022 - NBA's Top 5 Plays from Monday night

5/10/2022 - Magic Makar

5/10/2022 - The Celtics make you so tired

5/9/2022 - Duncan Robinson has put the MIA in Miami against Philly

5/9/2022 - What made Rich Strike's victory so incredible

5/9/2022 - Long live Nikola Jokić, the NBA’s Most VORPable Player

5/9/2022 - It isn’t Barry Trotz, it’s Lou Lamoriello

5/9/2022 - Sacramento Kings may have dodged a bullet by choosing Mike Brown over Mark Jackson, yet they continued same failed hiring pattern

5/9/2022 - It comes down to minute levels of control

5/9/2022 - The NBA still hasn’t properly addressed fan behavior — don’t be mad when players take matters into their own hands

5/9/2022 - NBA's Top 10 Plays from last night's action

5/9/2022 - A look back at what 'Winning Time' accomplished

5/9/2022 - Leafs and Lightning are playing the strangest series

5/8/2022 - Big home win, hobbled star on opposing team — Golden State could get overconfident in Game 4, but they better not

5/8/2022 - The Dallas Stars, the piss in the cereal

5/8/2022 - Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson wants another NFL team in the metroplex... Jerry Jones does not

5/8/2022 - Josh VanMeter was forced to catch for the first time in 12 years. It didn’t go well

5/8/2022 - Chelsea FC changes hands for a cool $3.1 billion

5/8/2022 - Kyle Busch could miss race for daughter’s birth, and good for him

5/7/2022 - 80-1 shot Rich Strike wins Kentucky Derby

5/7/2022 - Florida teams thawing out in first round of the NHL Playoffs

5/7/2022 - The Giants are suffering a power outage

5/7/2022 - Welcome to the spin zone with Pete Carroll

5/7/2022 - Connor Ingram goes from third string goalie to Nashville’s best bet at an upset

5/7/2022 - Philly’s Joel Embiid, Dallas’ supporting cast help get their teams back into series

5/6/2022 - Brittney Griner: Everything you need to know

5/6/2022 - The Cincinnati Reds are tanking hard and it (probably) won’t save them

5/6/2022 - After much consideration, the Giants got the steal of the draft, and it’s not even close

5/6/2022 - Christian Pulisic’s dad is every U.S. soccer fan right now

5/6/2022 - Anthony Rizzo’s season has made absolutely zero sense

5/6/2022 - Phil Mickelson’s transformation into Shooter McGavin is almost complete

5/6/2022 - Canelo Alvarez appears to be open to a heavyweight fight, but he probably shouldn’t

5/6/2022 - Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis are the new Cap Rooney and Willie Beamen from ‘Any Given Sunday’

5/6/2022 - Meet the 2022 NBA Draft’s mystery man

5/6/2022 - Seven-time Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton calls out attack on Roe v. Wade

5/6/2022 - We’re not going to get rid of the Mets, are we?

5/5/2022 - Alleged model MLB franchise St. Louis Cardinals having trouble nurturing homegrown hitters

5/5/2022 - Just another week in Jerry's World

5/5/2022 - Women athletes are being mistreated across the board

5/5/2022 - Hats off to Mike Clevinger

5/5/2022 - Whew, there’s been a lot of bad hockey so far

5/5/2022 - Is the NBA too soft?

5/5/2022 - So the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade looks like a dud

5/5/2022 - How do you plan for devil magic?

5/5/2022 - Who's the punk now, Ben Simmons haters?

5/5/2022 - Kyrie Irving, you can’t say that, bro

5/5/2022 - Tyler Herro is the first white American-born NBA player to win an award in a decade

5/5/2022 - NCAA to blame for this NIL mess

5/5/2022 - Change, and how we get there

5/5/2022 - 50 years ago, Roe v. Wade and Title IX changed everything

5/5/2022 - Robo umps can’t get here soon enough as unhinged humans remind sports fans that baseball still has worst officials

5/5/2022 - The Warriors’ wild ride

5/5/2022 - With the way this coaching search is going, Lakers’ Jeanie Buss should really watch some episodes of Winning Time

5/5/2022 - That was MLS’s biggest night

5/4/2022 - Ranking Kevin Costner's best sports movies

5/4/2022 - RGIII is at it again — campaigning for a spot on an NFL roster

5/4/2022 - The Spurs in a different city, maybe even a different country? It's not a terrible idea

5/4/2022 - True Basketball Crime: Justice for Gary Payton II

5/4/2022 - Are the Yankees frauds? Will the Angels come down to earth?

5/4/2022 - Army star could go from national defense to defense in the National Football League

5/4/2022 - The Rockies’ scoreboard operator is going through some stuff

5/4/2022 - Tyler Herro deserves a better celebrity BFF than Jack Harlow

5/4/2022 - SEE IT: Blue Jays fan shows Yankee fans what class looks like... and other highlights from last night

5/4/2022 - Budding Grizzlies-Warriors rivalry is highlighted by maturation of Ja Morant

5/4/2022 - NBA Top 10 Plays from Tuesday night

5/4/2022 - You can only throw everything at Liverpool for so long

5/4/2022 - Don’t let Mike D’Antoni grant superpowers to LaMelo Ball

5/4/2022 - NFL UDFAs: The best of the rest

5/4/2022 - So it’s not worth it to save lives, but it is to play nine games in Toronto?

5/4/2022 - White male athletes should kneel for abortion rights — it’s not like they’d get blackballed

5/4/2022 - Rangers give Igor Shesterkin the Henrik Lundqvist treatment in 79 save performance

5/4/2022 - I'm no mentor, says Ryan Tannehill

5/4/2022 - The Falcons played with Matty Ice and got burned

5/3/2022 - The sports world reacts to apparent end of Roe v. Wade

5/3/2022 - Hits and misses from the Dallas Cowboys’ 2022 NFL draft

5/3/2022 - DeAndre Ayton continues to show Phoenix that he’s pretty damn good and deserves a max extension

5/3/2022 - Joel Embiid might be a world champion after all

5/3/2022 - How every team will lose in the 2022 NHL playoffs

5/3/2022 - Atlético Madrid are being delightfully bitchy

5/3/2022 - Congrats, Browns, you weren’t inept and unethical

5/3/2022 - Yankee fans, what you got to say for yourselves now?

5/3/2022 - Didn’t take long for the NHL Department of Player Safety to sour the playoffs

5/3/2022 - Message to Jazz: Trade Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks... and other fire-sale moves

5/3/2022 - When it comes to PED coverage, MLB faces a double standard

5/3/2022 - Draymond is winning in the court of public opinion and basking in it

5/3/2022 - FOX puts its college football crew in a tough spot by potentially bringing Urban Meyer back

5/3/2022 - Men like Herschel Walker are coming for my rights and probably yours, too

5/3/2022 - Please, please no more John Buccigross songs

5/2/2022 - The Arizona Cardinals are trying, but they just can’t avoid bad news this offseason

5/2/2022 - Hot tamper?

5/2/2022 - Jesse Marsch and Leeds might be in serious trouble

5/2/2022 - The NBA is always best with celebrity fans, but Jack Harlow needs to do better

5/2/2022 - IDIOT OF THE MONTH: It’s pretty much downhill from here

5/2/2022 - History should remember Isaiah Wong as a hero, not a villain

5/2/2022 - Before the playoffs start, we should take a sec to marvel at what the Blackhawks accomplished

5/2/2022 - Let's jump the gun on the 2023 QB draft class

5/2/2022 - David Griffin is Executive of the Year

5/2/2022 - You should root for the Florida Panthers

5/1/2022 - You’re not slick, Odell

5/1/2022 - There were some outstanding performances in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, and those players deserve some recognition

5/1/2022 - Winning Time Episode 9 “Acceptable Loss”