11/30/2021 - Blake Griffin was blindsided by his benching, and the end could be closer than he’d imagined

11/30/2021 - WWE using its talent to propagandize layoffs is no less gross than the layoffs themselves

11/30/2021 - Freedom’s just another word for a loser

11/30/2021 - Rangers are spending big, Blue Jays are playing smart

11/30/2021 - Please God, just anyone but Urban Meyer

11/30/2021 - Did you fall for the L.A. Shams?

11/30/2021 - L.A. didn’t work out, LaVar Ball has sights set on his sons taking over Chicago

11/30/2021 - Sooners’ planned move to the SEC might’ve pushed Riley to USC

11/30/2021 - Javy Báez, the most interesting man in baseball

11/30/2021 - College athletes get criticized for being selfish — college coaches get huge contracts

11/30/2021 - As rivalry week comes to a close, what does the CFP picture look like now?

11/30/2021 - 2021 Rookie QB Rankings: Hair we go again

11/30/2021 - Brian Kelly broke up by text after the second date

11/29/2021 - Are the Knicks already regretting Kemba Walker?

11/29/2021 - Well, Mike McCarthy has COVID

11/29/2021 - Max Scherzer is the big name (so far) in this week’s frenzy, but does it mean anything?

11/29/2021 - It happened again, back surgery for Michael Porter Jr.

11/29/2021 - Devin Booker is staking his claim for the crown of best shooting guard in the NBA and he’s got a damn good argument

11/29/2021 - Dmitry Kulikov is the best defenseman in the NHL (just go with me on this)

11/29/2021 - A white athletic director told a Black HS player he got his speed from ‘running from the police’ – Tony Humphrey took his power back by walking away from that school

11/29/2021 - Start spreading the news, the Green Bay Packers are scary good

11/29/2021 - Now that you’re probably sick of those leftovers and I have your attention, I have some dark horse Super Bowl contenders for you

11/29/2021 - Why did anyone think an ex-Lion would help?

11/29/2021 - Week 12 NFL Powerless Ranking: All around the world same song

11/28/2021 - Man United have the right idea, that doesn’t mean it’ll work

11/28/2021 - The Timberwolves are on a roll and if you don’t believe us, check the standings

11/28/2021 - Scottie Pippen writes a book and all of a sudden he’s judging everyone’s greatness

11/28/2021 - You’ll never believe that Claude Lemieux’s son is as big of a tool as he was

11/28/2021 - Week 12 NFL Betting Primer: Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser, and Prop Bets

11/28/2021 - OSU is still in the playoff picture… no, not the Buckeyes

11/28/2021 - Suns keep rising, maybe now you’ll notice

11/27/2021 - Michigan ends 10-year drought against Ohio State

11/27/2021 - Revisiting the Bears' absurd offer for Russell Wilson

11/27/2021 - Welcome to the Paolo Banchero Show

11/27/2021 - Michael Wacha now playing at the park that saw his star-turn, twice

11/27/2021 - What in the name of Sam Cassell is with these Big Balls Dance fines?

11/27/2021 - Tigers kings no more as ACC has exotic new look

11/27/2021 - Crooked Olympics organizer sentenced alongside corrupt ex-Rio governor by censured Brazilian judge who’s pals with possibly criminal president

11/26/2021 - Can a man change? A Tom Thibodeau story

11/26/2021 - The worst NBA Draft in decades

11/26/2021 - Corporate names on sports venues are dumb, we have suggestions

11/26/2021 - Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is my college football team to be good

11/26/2021 - Why is it still so hard to find coverage of women’s sports?

11/25/2021 - The sports and athletes we’re thankful for…

11/25/2021 - The AASEG is in the process of bringing an NFL and WNBA team to Oakland

11/25/2021 - The biggest NFL Thanksgiving “One-hit” wonders of the Super Bowl Era

11/25/2021 - The Saints redid Taysom Hill’s contract again because NFL contracts, especially his, mean nothing

11/25/2021 - The world isn’t ready for the Cordarrelle Patterson HOF dilemma yet

11/24/2021 - J.J. Redick knows first hand what Isaiah Stewart experienced from that LeBron hit

11/24/2021 - Have you always wanted to see the bare bottom of Aaron Rodgers’s foot? Boy, do I have some good news for you!

11/24/2021 - Vikings player Everson Griffen in disturbing incident at home

11/24/2021 - Here are some more billionaire tears for you to drink up

11/24/2021 - Gonzaga is looking pretty dominant

11/24/2021 - I’ve waited all my life for these Knicks

11/24/2021 - I’m crying right along with Dick Vitale

11/24/2021 - Don’t pull a muscle patting the Rays on the back

11/23/2021 - ‘Fire Nagy’ chants popping up everywhere — including at his son’s HS game — is going too far

11/23/2021 - Orange ball!

11/23/2021 - Bears look like Lions’ best shot at a win this year

11/23/2021 - Even good things are reasons for Giants fans to be sad

11/23/2021 - Don't fall for the Cowboys

11/23/2021 - Your Season 30 Dancing with the Stars winner: 2016 NBA Champion Iman Shumpert

11/23/2021 - Darryl Sutter might look like Sam the Eagle but he’s doing that thing again

11/23/2021 - The Dawg Pound finally realized their QB is mediocre, so they booed him out of his own house

11/23/2021 - Hey, look over here, the Suns look like title contenders again

11/23/2021 - Enes Kanter's intentions are good — his execution is bad

11/23/2021 - Where will we see Ohio State and the rest in this week’s round of CFP rankings?

11/23/2021 - Just because the season is over doesn’t mean the cleanse stops for the NWSL

11/23/2021 - 2021 Rookie QB Rankings: Throw the damn towel!

11/22/2021 - Bronny James gets sneaker jacked by TikTok star

11/22/2021 - Noah Syndergaard and Mike Francesa got into some Twitter beef over the weekend and yes, it’s glorious

11/22/2021 - So what is WWE’s plan for Roman Reigns?

11/22/2021 - If the NFL has seemed a little wacky and unpredictable this season, that’s because it has been wacky and unpredictable

11/22/2021 - Luke Walton is out in Sacramento, but Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé should be ousted for not having a clue

11/22/2021 - Home wasn’t the cure for the cursed Islanders

11/22/2021 - Beware of the racially coded language that will be used when discussing Isaiah Stewart and LeBron James

11/22/2021 - The favorites disappointed again in Week 11, but there is still reason for hope for the Packers, Cowboys, and Chiefs

11/22/2021 - Sorry, I just don’t trust the IOC

11/22/2021 - I’m almost free

11/22/2021 - Week 11 NFL Powerless Ranking: Detroit back where it belongs

11/21/2021 - Deron Williams went from challenging Chris Paul for ‘best point guard’ title to marveling at his longevity

11/21/2021 - Look at Tiger Woods saying good morning… from the golf course!

11/21/2021 - Terence Crawford is determined to get Errol Spence Jr. in the ring and won’t stop until he gets that fight

11/21/2021 - It’s about to be Trinity Rodman’s world

11/21/2021 - Man U mercifully ends the Ole Gunnar Solskjær era

11/21/2021 - Week 11 NFL Betting Primer: Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser, and Prop Bets

11/21/2021 - Oregon gets whooped

11/20/2021 - It turns out Jalen Hurts is good when he gets help from the rushing game

11/20/2021 - Ohio State crushes MSU, Michigan up next

11/20/2021 - Devils’ new alternate jersey dropped and it is certainly a jersey

11/20/2021 - Someone please think of the children of Chicago and spare them from Matt Nagy's coaching

11/20/2021 - You’ve got a lot of balls, MLB

11/20/2021 - Trevor Bauer joins the worst people in America in celebrating Kyle Rittenhouse

11/19/2021 - LaMonte Wade Jr. got an MVP vote? Explain yourself

11/19/2021 - Dallas Stars coach benches rookie before homecoming game in front of friends and family

11/19/2021 - NFL Week 11: Alright Mahomes, prove to us that Week 10 wasn’t a fluke

11/19/2021 - Kansas fullback converts two-point conversion into $1,000 worth of Applebee’s

11/19/2021 - Cleveland Guardians’ launch has a bad sign and bad signs

11/19/2021 - Joe Biden thinking about declaring diplomatic immunity, err, boycott of Winter Olympics

11/19/2021 - Serena Williams is still bothered by what happened at Indian Wells 20 years ago — the tournament should be renamed in her honor

11/19/2021 - SEE IT: Connor McDavid just eviscerated the Winnipeg Jets

11/19/2021 - IOC makes it clear what it is

11/18/2021 - Sean Payton agrees with you about NFL officiating this season

11/18/2021 - Is Enes Kanter being punished?

11/18/2021 - The WNBA unveils new playoff format

11/18/2021 - The NL MVP has most likely already been revealed

11/18/2021 - Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford is your favorite boxer’s favorite boxer

11/18/2021 - HBO filmed Colts’ Nyheim Hines fanboying out on Tavon Austin and it’s very sweet

11/18/2021 - Mel Tucker's potential $95 million deal is redemption for every Black coach who's ever blown a whistle

11/18/2021 - NBA GMs are apparently feeling unfairly maligned

11/18/2021 - NWSL comes to the conclusion of its landmark season

11/18/2021 - Thursday Night Football, Week 11: Rhamondre Stevenson has the tools to be a feature back in the NFL

11/18/2021 - The NFL’s domestic violence program appears to be going just great

11/18/2021 - Grading the NFL’s safest and grossest stadium food

11/18/2021 - Ref allegedly uses N-word during Tennessee high school basketball game [UPDATED]

11/18/2021 - The Rays keep on winning due to their financial situation, not despite it

11/18/2021 - Cam Newton was present on the field Sunday, but Panthers need the 'old Cam' back to lead them

11/18/2021 - How much do innings matter?

11/18/2021 - Will the knuckleball ever make a comeback?

11/17/2021 - These pretzels are headed for your face if you anger Matt Stafford’s wife

11/17/2021 - Even WWE wrestlers think Survivor Series sucks

11/17/2021 - Seattle GM: Who needs a Gold Glove shortstop who hits home runs?

11/17/2021 - Back to the future with the USFL

11/17/2021 - Jets are going with Joe Flacco instead of Mike White on Sunday, so watch something else

11/17/2021 - Stephen A. Smith got it right in his rant against the Brooklyn Nets

11/17/2021 - A review of this week’s Man in the Arena: Tom Brady coming up as soon as I find literally anything else to watch

11/17/2021 - It’s fine, this is fine. No really, it’s fine

11/17/2021 - Los Angeles County lawyers are still making Vanessa Bryant suffer

11/17/2021 - If an athlete buys an ownership stake in a team and no one knows it, does it make a sound?

11/17/2021 - Brett Favre still owes cash in Mississippi boondoggle

11/17/2021 - You never forget your first time

11/17/2021 - Capitalism is ugly and sports are poisoned, chapter 1,000,000

11/16/2021 - Take a look at Iman Shumpert ripping up the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars

11/16/2021 - Every player can’t be the MVP, so let’s stop chanting it at everybody

11/16/2021 - An injury-prone flamethrower to the Angels — what could possibly go wrong?

11/16/2021 - Marcus Stroman cuts the Yankees instead of his hair

11/16/2021 - Giannis may seem like body armor dunking a basketball, but he has some of the same mental health issues as others

11/16/2021 - No Kyrie, no problem

11/16/2021 - DeMar DeRozan took that personally

11/16/2021 - Adam Silver doing his best Vince McMahon impression in NBA’s new deal with UAE

11/16/2021 - The NBA future is... WOWZA!

11/16/2021 - Owners’ miserly proposals might have something to do with their RSN cash going POOF!

11/16/2021 - Actually, Carlos Correa has a point about Derek Jeter

11/16/2021 - Cris Collinsworth peers into his crystal ball, sees New England playing in Super Bowl LVI

11/16/2021 - How will the College Football Playoff Committee shock and upset everyone tonight?

11/16/2021 - Uh-Oh! Coach K’s grandson and Duke star Paolo Banchero are facing drunk driving charges

11/16/2021 - Tennis player Peng Shuai is missing after accusing a Chinese official of sexual assault

11/16/2021 - Someone had to take this job

11/16/2021 - A-Rod, listen close, if you want your baseball career to end with the ultimate honor, you need to stop the cheating

11/16/2021 - Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t need to apologize for anything

11/16/2021 - 2021 Rookie QB Rankings: The Mac Daddy rules

11/15/2021 - Kyle Kuzma, the latest NBA player to beef with Cleveland

11/15/2021 - DK Metcalf’s meltdown against Green Bay might be window into cracks in Pete Carroll’s culture in Seattle

11/15/2021 - AEW must not confuse bloat with genius

11/15/2021 - The Los Angeles Rams have the stars, now let’s see what the show meets the high expectations

11/15/2021 - The NBA has new long-range shooting royalty in ‘King’ Buddy Hield

11/15/2021 - Damian Lillard should have forced his way out of Portland

11/15/2021 - Week 10 NFL Powerless Ranking: There's a new team at the bottom

11/15/2021 - Move over Jeremy Lin, Mike White’s Jets jersey is fastest headed to discount rack

11/15/2021 - Y’all must have Forgot! The Cowboys, Patriots and Chiefs sent out a stern reminder that they are for real this season

11/15/2021 - Aaron Rodgers returns to his cocoon

11/14/2021 - Steve Ballmer has done it this time, giving Clippers fans money to cheer

11/14/2021 - Michael Jordan blows gasket in box over Kelly Oubre’s ill-fated shot

11/14/2021 - Maybe it’s Mexico that needs to look in the mirror

11/14/2021 - Finally, Ole Miss gets its 1960 title back… and last year’s national title… and every national title in between

11/14/2021 - Lincoln Riley: Defender of the unwritten rule

11/14/2021 - Sundays with dumb-dumb

11/14/2021 - Big Ben goes on COVID list, but unlike Q-Aaron, you can believe he’s really vaccinated

11/14/2021 - Week 10 NFL Betting Primer: Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser and Prop Bets

11/14/2021 - Remember the Aussie band Men at Work? Well, this guy isn’t

11/13/2021 - Yes, Justin Verlander is worth every penny he makes on the open market

11/13/2021 - It’s another wild and woolly Saturday of college football

11/13/2021 - Corey Seager and Marcus Semien are likely to sign before December

11/13/2021 - Jon Gruden wants the last word on the NFL and Roger Goodell

11/13/2021 - Trevon Moehrig deserves more respect than what he’s getting

11/13/2021 - Cincinnati stays perfect, but it doesn’t even matter

11/13/2021 - Steph Curry is pretty good at shooting 3-pointers

11/13/2021 - After the latest Dos Á Cero, it’s time to be excited about the USMNT again

11/12/2021 - 'Spoilermakers' eye Buckeyes in Top 20 clash, and many more goodies on a big Saturday

11/12/2021 - Gold medalist Sunisa Lee targeted in anti-Asian incident

11/12/2021 - OBJ’s move to Hollywood rocks social media, but not NFL Power Rankings

11/12/2021 - NFL Week 10: Underdogs are rising up

11/12/2021 - The U.S. needs to beat Mexico tonight, so it better act like it

11/12/2021 - AEW Full Gear: Fantastic All Out could look like a community board meeting compared to this

11/12/2021 - We were four days away from Cam Newton facing the New England Patriots

11/12/2021 - The AFC is terrible and they’re leading us to doom

11/11/2021 - Latest drama proves Bagley’s tenure in Sactown more royal pain than Kingly

11/11/2021 - Yes, the Fall Stars Game is a big deal

11/11/2021 - NFL Sunday Ticket on a streaming service? Yes... PLEASE! 🙏

11/11/2021 - Adam Schefter wows us once again with his journalistic integrity

11/11/2021 - Cam Newton will be playing football this season and it’s for the Panthers — who’s ready for more strange-font social media messages?!

11/11/2021 - David Griffin is the problem in New Orleans

11/11/2021 - The Warriors have been good this year but could still get a lump of Klay in their stockings for Christmas

11/11/2021 - Steven Gerrard takes the next step in his journey home

11/11/2021 - A salary cap should be exactly what the MLBPA wants (just don’t tell the owners)

11/11/2021 - Any given Thursday: No, the Ravens should just win this one

11/11/2021 - Kamaru Usman needs to ignore Dana White’s advice about Canelo Álvarez, especially if he’s not going to pay the champ more money

11/11/2021 - Evan Mobley and Scottie Barnes: Like… whoa

11/11/2021 - It’s time for the annual Scott Boras 'yuk-fest'

11/10/2021 - Bulls currently thriving with Alex Caruso, and the Lakers could’ve brought their defensive stalwart back at a discount

11/10/2021 - Who needs triple-doubles anyway?

11/10/2021 - I, Diallo? [Updated]

11/10/2021 - Gird your loins for the Coach K farewell tour

11/10/2021 - OBJ is ring-chasing, and who can blame him?

11/10/2021 - WWE and pro wrestling have always needed a union, but will it ever happen?

11/10/2021 - Cole Anthony is putting a rough North Carolina career behind him, and starting the 2021 season on a tear

11/10/2021 - Let’s fix the MLS Playoffs, shall we?

11/10/2021 - Hey NFL, explain this to us like we’re 5: Why are y’all O.K. with Aaron Rodgers’ fine being cheaper than CeeDee Lamb’s?

11/10/2021 - Why even play the games, CFP committee?

11/10/2021 - Kevin Durant might win you over with his explanation as to why he argues with Twitter eggs

11/10/2021 - Cowboys’ loss to Denver appears to have quieted the annual ‘Dak for MVP’ talk

11/10/2021 - Mets searching for that elusive GM who likes big market, big stage

11/10/2021 - Antonio Conte solves Tottenham Hotspur’s biggest problem: ketchup

11/10/2021 - More Men Behaving Badly in the NHL

11/10/2021 - Maybe we should introduce Penny Sarver and Aaron Rodgers

11/9/2021 - An oddly specific betting trend is emerging in the NFL

11/9/2021 - Chef Curry dropped buckets and hurt feelings with his 50-point demolition of the Atlanta Hawks Monday night

11/9/2021 - What's Kyrie doing on the All-Star ballot?

11/9/2021 - Najee Harris puts ESPN on full blast for inaccurate ‘trauma porn’ — and good for him

11/9/2021 - Drumming up some interest: Boilermaker coach making a name for himself with upsets

11/9/2021 - We’re witnessing the greatest punting seasons (PLURAL!) of all-time

11/9/2021 - Nikola Jokić went all WWE against the Heat Monday night and laid out Markieff Morris

11/9/2021 - College football teams, embrace your championship history, but don’t be like Nebraska with Scott Frost

11/9/2021 - How do you screw up someone like Keith Lee?

11/9/2021 - ESPN should replace Michigan State with Villanova in the Champions Classic

11/9/2021 - A tale of two Windy Cities

11/9/2021 - Even children can see through Aaron Rodgers’ garbage

11/9/2021 - You can’t let NFL refs 'feel'

11/9/2021 - 2021 Rookie QB Rankings: A Fields of Dreams, the Lawrence of the land and Big Mac

11/8/2021 - Justin Fields played well last week, and the Bears need to do everything in their power to give him the best opportunity to improve tonight

11/8/2021 - LeBron James and the Lakers may need to admit they were wrong about Russell Westbrook sooner than they’d imagined

11/8/2021 - You’re back on the case, Bobrovsky!

11/8/2021 - Upset Sunday! In the NFL, division leaders, one loss teams, Cowboys, Bills, Rams, it doesn’t matter L’s were handed out like club flyers on Sunday

11/8/2021 - Matthew Stafford is still the same QB he was in Detroit

11/8/2021 - It’s most certainly Hammer time

11/8/2021 - Adam Silver set the precedent with Donald Sterling — he must continue it with Robert Sarver and Neil Olshey

11/8/2021 - Thanks for volunteering as tribute, Aaron Rodgers

11/8/2021 - A wild end to the MLS regular season

11/8/2021 - The Dodgers probably could have paid Clayton Kershaw

11/8/2021 - NFL Powerless Rankings: The not very good, the bad and the ugly

11/7/2021 - James Harden had a ‘glitch in the matrix’ moment, recreating NBA 2K gameplay

11/7/2021 - Some Minnesota Vikings made their pitch for Odell Beckham Jr. during warmups, but there are better teams that could make better use of the former All-Pro

11/7/2021 - Canelo-GGG III needs to be the next big fight on deck, but is it the best option for Álvarez?

11/7/2021 - The Reds are blowing up something that never stood

11/7/2021 - Week 9 NFL Betting Primer: Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser and Prop Bets

11/7/2021 - Northwestern students’ ‘defund police’ protest probably isn’t what you think it is

11/7/2021 - Coaching just doesn’t matter that much

11/6/2021 - Report: Blazers’ team president being investigated for allegedly creating a toxic work environment, intimidation

11/6/2021 - Raiders’ problems piling up

11/6/2021 - UNC Wakes up

11/6/2021 - Who is Seiya Suzuki, and where will he land?

11/6/2021 - Boxing’s next celebrity hype night may pit Deron Williams against Frank Gore (Need we ask why?)

11/6/2021 - James Madison gets its moment in the Sun (Belt)

11/6/2021 - Stepping away from football was Calvin Ridley’s choice, which means it was the right one

11/6/2021 - No shot for Kyrie to play for Brooklyn this season with no shot

11/6/2021 - Your regular reminder that Connor McDavid is magic

11/5/2021 - Do you believe in miracles? No! USA Hockey is an embarrassment

11/5/2021 - Behold: Q-Aaron

11/5/2021 - Nobody does less with more than Texas

11/5/2021 - Report: College teams pay $500 million in dead money to coaches to not coach anymore

11/5/2021 - NFL Week 9: Backup QBs take their shots at better-than-average .500 teams

11/5/2021 - Did the clock strike midnight on Mike White’s fairy tale?

11/5/2021 - What do the Packers and Patriots have in common? Their QBs both got COVID before playing in Kansas City

11/5/2021 - Let’s not anoint Cooper Kupp the best receiver in the league yet

11/5/2021 - Eric Adams won't throw Kyrie, Nets an alley-oop [Updated]

11/5/2021 - The Lakers lost to the Thunder again, and might have already ruined their season

11/5/2021 - Scottie Pippen is still angry and bitter, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong

11/4/2021 - Report: Women accuse Barstool’s Dave Portnoy of ‘frightening and humiliating’ sex acts

11/4/2021 - So you ask the tattoo artist for Jesus and you get James Harden with a crown of thorns

11/4/2021 - Aaron Rodgers’ misdirection gives Jordan Love the opportunity to shine and couldn’t have come at a better time

11/4/2021 - LaVar Ball predicted the future, says he knew Golden State wouldn’t draft son LaMelo

11/4/2021 - Clearly the accusations against Robert Sarver are abhorrent, but what he actually admits to is pretty damn awful — and he needs to go

11/4/2021 - The internet finally killed ESPN Classic

11/4/2021 - NCAA shows it can still play God — the smiting part, at least

11/4/2021 - Baseball’s labor battle: Here are the battleground issues

11/4/2021 - Grant Hill left in awe watching daughter Myla win her MMA debut

11/4/2021 - Thursday Night Football, Week 9: We want more Mike White!

11/4/2021 - The sports world has gone silent even as discrimination is apparent in Ahmaud Arbery and Kyle Rittenhouse cases

11/4/2021 - Western Conference beware, Nikola Jokić and the Denver Nuggets have a new weapon in their arsenal

11/4/2021 - Jack Eichel trade return is least of Sabres’ problems

11/4/2021 - When’s the 30 for 30 on the 2014 Detroit Tigers?

11/4/2021 - Buster Posey goes out like he came in... on top

11/3/2021 - Laugh at Michael Thomas the fantasy football entity, not the person

11/3/2021 - Mark Cuban needs to cut the cord on the Kristaps Porziņģis experiment

11/3/2021 - Are the Golden Knights too hurt to trade for Jack Eichel?

11/3/2021 - The Cleveland Browns have botched the Odell Beckham Jr. situation

11/3/2021 - It’s not time to push the panic button on the Dallas Stars

11/3/2021 - Zion may not have stopped trying, but it certainly looks like he has

11/3/2021 - Lou Williams thinks he’s the NBA’s GOAT Sixth-Man, but is he correct?

11/3/2021 - Chicago may not agree with Scottie Pippen’s feelings about Michael Jordan, but will love reading about him making John Paxson cry

11/3/2021 - The Raiders are keeping Nathan Peterman around — why?

11/3/2021 - Aaron Rodgers has COVID — turns out he was a galaxy-brained doofus all along

11/3/2021 - Freddie Freeman is why Atlanta won’t repeat, whether he stays or not

11/3/2021 - Cincinnati snubbed, CFP Committee says that previous seasons don’t matter, ranks 'Bama ahead of undefeated teams

11/3/2021 - At least it’s over

11/2/2021 - Joe Judge blames headsets for his own incompetence

11/2/2021 - CFP Rankings: Could Michigan State come in as the 2-seed?

11/2/2021 - Bryan Danielson is making me feel like I didn’t miss anything

11/2/2021 - Deshaun Watson is staying with the Texans, but neither he nor the NFL look good at the conclusion of the trade deadline

11/2/2021 - The Rams thought they’d hoodwink another team even though they’d already leaked the plan for DeSean Jackson

11/2/2021 - So much for that NCAA Election Day off for student athletes

11/2/2021 - Odell Beckham Jr.’s father and LeBron James have social media buzzing

11/2/2021 - Celtics’ struggles less about style of play, more about players

11/2/2021 - Raiders' Henry Ruggs to be charged with DUI involving death of another

11/2/2021 - Sixers fans chant ‘we want Lillard’ even in midst of worst shooting slump of his career

11/2/2021 - Looks like the Bengals are who we thought they were

11/2/2021 - Monkeys and Pole Assassins and Longhorns, oh my!

11/2/2021 - Friends don't let friends go on the ManningCast

11/2/2021 - Antonio Conte is Tottenham’s last gasp, but he’s the best last gasp

11/2/2021 - I’m old, so I made my kids help me rank this year’s NBA City Edition jerseys

11/2/2021 - Let it go, Mark Emmert. Let...it...go!

11/2/2021 - It’s time to admit that Jim Fraudbaugh isn’t the answer

11/2/2021 - No big deal, just a four-year veteran backup QB out-performing the entire NFL in his first-ever start, winning a bettor 2.5X that player’s salary

11/2/2021 - I don’t like the Chiefs’ new album

11/2/2021 - 2021 Rookie QB Rankings: Mac rolls on, a Fields of screams and watch your back, Zach

11/1/2021 - Derrick Henry is hurt

11/1/2021 - Von Miller says his goodbyes in Denver

11/1/2021 - Gary Bettman isn’t paid for this, and it shows

11/1/2021 - NFL Week 8 Takeaways: The NFL had a scary movie in Week 8, The Day of the Backup QB, staring Mike White, Trevor Siemian, and Cooper Rush

11/1/2021 - America loves a dead celebrity

11/1/2021 - A Jon Gruden lawsuit against the NFL may be what’s best for business

11/1/2021 - In honor of Jim Caldwell, put Dan Campbell on the hot seat in Detroit

11/1/2021 - Idiot of the Month: New calendar page, same old dweebs

11/1/2021 - Week 8 Powerless Rankings: The P.U.-ston Texans are still wretched

11/1/2021 - Zack Greinke saves the Astros