10/31/2021 - Even San Francisco media is tired of Checkdown Jimmy G leading the 49ers

10/31/2021 - The NBA is walking a fine line with new foul rules, but Draymond is into it

10/31/2021 - Myles Garrett has been haunting quarterbacks on the field for years and now he’s doing it in his spare time as well

10/31/2021 - Harry Kane and Spurs are learning what happens when you stay together for the kids

10/31/2021 - Sentient pile of trash enjoys racisming in public

10/30/2021 - Beating the elite teams may not be a requirement for Chelsea’s EPL title hopes

10/30/2021 - Mathieu and Hitchens aren’t all too pleased with Chiefs fans right now

10/30/2021 - Victory for MSU! And I need more screens to watch all these great games

10/30/2021 - Week 8 NFL Betting Primer: Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser and Prop Bets

10/30/2021 - Timing could not be worse for Nagy to miss Bears game, win or lose

10/30/2021 - This Atlanta World Series team signals the end of starting pitching

10/30/2021 - Welcome to hell, NHL! Your stay is long overdue

10/30/2021 - Steve Spurrier is still finding a way to run up the score on Georgia, 25 years after Florida’s national championship

10/30/2021 - The baseball is good at the World Series, but Baseball is horrendous

10/30/2021 - Tennessee won’t revise alcohol policy… are they drunk?

10/29/2021 - Trying to save Face(book): Meta-style rebranding campaigns for sports teams and figures

10/29/2021 - ‘Bullpen’ is the hill you wanna die on?

10/29/2021 - Gonzaga’s Mark Few’s DUI arrest video is proof that his suspension was too soft

10/29/2021 - NFL Week 8: Hear me out… The winless Lions are not terrible

10/29/2021 - Aaron Rodgers is still the best player in the NFL

10/29/2021 - AJ Green and DeMar DeRozan whiff, as unbeaten teams fall short in late comebacks

10/29/2021 - What a shame that even Inside the NBA bowed down to football

10/29/2021 - Someone notify the Nobel Prize committee — this new Rooney Rule is racial equity perfected [sarcasm font]

10/29/2021 - Was it worth it, Joel?

10/29/2021 - The Athletics begin their Major League’ing

10/28/2021 - I feel you AI, but let’s keep it 100, Philly fans can be something else to deal with

10/28/2021 - ‘Joakim Noah Night’ in Chicago is well-deserved

10/28/2021 - Mark Ingram returns to New Orleans, but far gone from his 2017 form

10/28/2021 - NBA’s habitual foul seekers having a hard time finding fouls

10/28/2021 - SEE IT: The most MLS moment ever

10/28/2021 - Russell Westbrook went all 'unwritten rules enforcer' last night and that’s a shame

10/28/2021 - Thursday Night Football, Week 8: Injuries and COVID — it’s beginning to feel like 2020 again

10/28/2021 - The Nets miss Kyrie, but his absence isn’t the only reason for their slow start

10/28/2021 - Will Saturday be Michigan’s big moment?

10/28/2021 - Strip Jonathan Toews of his captaincy and set the NHL on fire

10/28/2021 - Perhaps it’s time for Barcelona to recognize what they are

10/28/2021 - No, your favorite team doesn’t ‘know something’ you don’t

10/28/2021 - What will history make of JJ Watt?

10/28/2021 - 'Analytics understander' A-Rod logs on and fails in October once again

10/28/2021 - Welcome to the party, pal: NFL owners finally see Stan Kroenke as same waste of human flesh the rest of us do

10/28/2021 - Tyler Herro “unwittingly” spirals shade

10/28/2021 - The Cleveland Guardians name situation keeps getting uglier

10/28/2021 - Why do we keep thinking sports is the best of us, when it’s just … us?

10/27/2021 - Some of the meanest crossover artists the NBA has ever produced

10/27/2021 - Bengals exemplify not overthinking a top draft pick with Ja’Marr Chase

10/27/2021 - Boy… Charlotte Flair sounds like a barrel of kittens

10/27/2021 - LSU, USC head coach candidate deniers auditioning for vacancies this weekend

10/27/2021 - Imagine if Terry McLaurin had someone better than Taylor Heinecke

10/27/2021 - Somehow the 'BuT-tHe-AmATeUR-MoDeL!' NCAA survived the beginning of NIL

10/27/2021 - NFL owners have a fixer — his name is Roger Goodell

10/27/2021 - The Braves are in the World Series, and the Knicks are winning in prime time: Someone bring me my damn Tamagotchi

10/27/2021 - In failing to properly protect John Doe’s identity, Chicago has allowed him to be victimized once more

10/27/2021 - For one moment, Carli Lloyd had it all

10/27/2021 - Oldest known game-worn Michael Jordan Nike’s sell for $1.5M

10/27/2021 - Houston Texans owner Cal McNair is the latest disgrace in the NFL

10/27/2021 - Those who don't know their history (from earlier in the day) are doomed to repeat it

10/27/2021 - Even on MLB’s biggest night, Rob Manfred can’t keep his thumb out of his ass

10/27/2021 - MLB Rebuilding in 2021: Totally luck out, and just find a great international player

10/26/2021 - Faith No More asked “What... Is... IT?” LaMelo Ball is Exhibit A of what ‘IT’ is

10/26/2021 - The Blackhawks are forced to face their reckoning, 11 years too late

10/26/2021 - Pete Carroll finally making some sense — but will it be enough to keep Russ cookin’ in Seahawks kitchen?

10/26/2021 - I dare you to ask Mike Tomlin about the USC job

10/26/2021 - Floyd Mayweather is the latest celebrity whose vaccine stance we didn't need to hear

10/26/2021 - If you haven’t watched Ja Morant this season, stop what you’re doing and pull up a YouTube clip or 10

10/26/2021 - You’ll never believe this, but everyone’s losing their mud about the Maple Leafs

10/26/2021 - Dodgers need to move on from Clayton Kershaw

10/26/2021 - Is a small-market, slow-build dynasty even possible in this era of basketball?

10/26/2021 - This Bulls team is legit

10/26/2021 - This is fine: Cardinals make internal hire after firing previous internal hire

10/26/2021 - Week 7 Rookie QB Rankings: Wilson goes down, Lawrence manages not to lose

10/26/2021 - Kyrie Irving and Dave Chappelle are being used as Black ‘pawns’ on a white chessboard

10/26/2021 - Vladimir Tarasenko is on the warpath

10/26/2021 - The Mannings are back to try to save a far-from-marquee Monday Night Football matchup

10/26/2021 - Before baseball’s grandest show, let’s get one last laugh at the Mets

10/26/2021 - I was at the record-setting 9-OT game… and it was even worse in person

10/25/2021 - QTNA: Would you have given Tom Brady his 600th touchdown ball back?

10/25/2021 - Why am I happy for Dusty Baker? Am I? Should I be?

10/25/2021 - Kyle Lowry’s leadership will be key to Heat’s success this season

10/25/2021 - Burrow, Bengals bash Baltimore, Chiefs drop stink bomb on Titans, and Colts go 2021 NBA Playoffs on 49ers

10/25/2021 - Alex Ovechkin is in a hurry, because he has to be

10/25/2021 - The Kyrie Liberation Army has arrived to take over Barclays Center

10/25/2021 - Week 7 NFL Powerless Rankings: The Chiefs keep falling, the Jets are real bad

10/25/2021 - The Dodgers blew it

10/25/2021 - It’s time to send Bob Nightengale to a farm upstate

10/24/2021 - Deshaun Watson is still not on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, and looking into recent NFL history it’s beginning to make sense why

10/24/2021 - Patrick Mahomes takes a vicious hit to the head

10/24/2021 - And now an unbiased and clear-headed review of Man United vs. Liverpool

10/24/2021 - Jared Goff has sweet-n-sour revenge on his mind heading back to Los Angeles

10/24/2021 - Well, at least Americans are in position to blow El Clásico?

10/24/2021 - Kyrie Irving is not one of the 75 greatest players in NBA history, so just get over it

10/24/2021 - We’re not even getting the best teams in this year’s World Series

10/24/2021 - Someone please explain San Jose’s hot start for me

10/24/2021 - An existential question for Man U fans ahead of their clash with Liverpool

10/24/2021 - Fare Thee Well, Penn State, it was’t even fun while it lasted

10/23/2021 - SEE IT: Caleb Williams converts on 4th down on unprecedented 'strip' of own player

10/23/2021 - Week 7 NFL Betting Primer: Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser, and Prop Bets

10/23/2021 - We get it, Martellus Bennett: Oooooh, you’re really tough!

10/23/2021 - You need to win more than just games at the U, Manny

10/23/2021 - Dusty Baker is heading back to the World Series, as Astros beat Red Sox

10/23/2021 - Suns owner Robert Sarver definitely isn’t a racist, sexist, or whatever other bad thing you hear about him in the future, says Suns owner Robert Sarver

10/23/2021 - Even without Ben Simmons, 76ers’ collapse shows why they need to trade Ben Simmons

10/23/2021 - Max Scherzer out for Game 6, which the Dodgers will definitely win anyway because Atlanta

10/23/2021 - Dwight Howard in another Hollywood disaster? It’s too soon to tell, but yikes

10/23/2021 - You know how sneaky-annoying auto-renew can be? Well, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy loves it now

10/22/2021 - Hear me out: Relax… Melvin Gordon should still be a thing in Denver’s offense

10/22/2021 - Turns out Oklahoma’s Heisman candidate was their backup QB all along!

10/22/2021 - Pitt is a three-point favorite against Clemson this weekend… how did it come to this?

10/22/2021 - NFL Week 7: Chiefs take on Titans aaaand…

10/22/2021 - Trae Young feels disrespected — and that’s a good thing

10/22/2021 - Seven things the Raiders could have done for Black people to atone for Gruden besides having Yolanda Adams & Grambling State’s band perform

10/22/2021 - He may still be Mad Max, but he’s also a weary warrior right now

10/22/2021 - Cam Newton’s odds of being signed are looking up now that he’s vaccinated

10/22/2021 - Of course it’s going back to Atlanta

10/22/2021 - Sometimes you have to just sit back and appreciate what’s on offer

10/22/2021 - Ex-exec offers peek inside the high school nightmare that is the Mavericks’ front office

10/21/2021 - Daryl Morey: ‘This could take years’

10/21/2021 - Joey Gallo is this generation’s Adam Dunn

10/21/2021 - Like a comet streaking across the sky, a rare look into the personable side of Nick Saban

10/21/2021 - The New England Revs are going to set the league points record, and they’re not going to play any defense to do it

10/21/2021 - Gordon Hayward and Miles Bridges, the rap duo for a better America

10/21/2021 - Champagne Papi vs Montrezl Harrell: Who wants the smoke?

10/21/2021 - Thursday Night Football: Broncos need to show they can be better than mediocre

10/21/2021 - Creighton lost a top recruit after coach’s ‘plantation’ plea — now he’s at Kentucky with an NIL Porsche deal!

10/21/2021 - The Tomahawk Chop is a shameful reminder of America’s continuing genocide against indigenous nations

10/21/2021 - Who’s the weird-ass video game rendering now, chumps?

10/21/2021 - America’s pastime indeed

10/21/2021 - Dolphins must give Tua a real chance before staining franchise with Deshaun Watson trade

10/21/2021 - Carlton Fisk kept it fair, but Keith Olbermann’s attempt to sell historic ball is foul

10/21/2021 - In a world of esoteric NFL stats, injuries notably absent

10/21/2021 - I thought J.J. Watt wasn’t trying to win

10/21/2021 - What will Dave Roberts’ legacy be?

10/20/2021 - Kyrie Irving only cares about Kyrie Irving

10/20/2021 - The injury bug is coming for the Cleveland Browns’ season

10/20/2021 - The Vikings are, in fact, NOT 'chokers'

10/20/2021 - Nick Rolovich would like everyone to know he feels very persecuted

10/20/2021 - Warriors fire warning shot to NBA by laying smack down on Lakers

10/20/2021 - Finally, one game to unite us all (And no, squids are not involved)

10/20/2021 - Turns out Jamal Adams wasn’t saying HE was the best in the nation

10/20/2021 - Can the Bundesliga ever be competitive again?

10/20/2021 - Bucks/Nets is still NBA’s best David vs. Goliath storyline these days… only David has a ring now

10/20/2021 - Steve Bruce is still thinking about cabbage

10/20/2021 - Turnover (fill-in-the-blanks) have officially jumped the shark, which is so perfectly Vegas

10/20/2021 - The Chiefs desperately need Josh Gordon to work out

10/20/2021 - Daryl Morey — not Ben Simmons or Doc Rivers — should be getting the blame in Philadelphia

10/20/2021 - Do your worst, Jeremy Pruitt, because no one cares about violations or the NCAA anymore

10/20/2021 - Deandre Ayton — and Suns fans — deserve better

10/20/2021 - Can we make a ‘Habs-not’ joke real quick?

10/20/2021 - You always want a Laz Diaz show in a League Championship Series, amirite?

10/19/2021 - The Bills went for the win on Monday night, and don’t you dare judge them because it didn’t work out

10/19/2021 - KAT’s new icky pre-game ritual has Harambe rolling in his grave

10/19/2021 - Ben Simmons is going full James Harden, which you should never do if you don't actually shoot the ball

10/19/2021 - Bret Bielema offers us a crash course in 'How to Lose your Locker Room' 101

10/19/2021 - Rookie QB rankings: Trevor Lawrence officially arrives

10/19/2021 - Tyrese Haliburton would like you to care about his team

10/19/2021 - This NBA-Succession mashup will have you from the opening piano chord

10/19/2021 - It's the Same Old Lions

10/19/2021 - Did we learn anything from Friday night’s TV wrestling war?

10/19/2021 - Who will succeed Bill Belichick/Logan Roy?

10/19/2021 - Success won’t be so easy for the Utah Jazz this time around

10/19/2021 - Odell Beckham Jr. to the Packers?!

10/19/2021 - Red Sox thumpin’ grand slams at a historic rate

10/19/2021 - Don’t celebrate just yet, Atlanta

10/19/2021 - If anybody in the Pacific is going to disappoint, it’s Golden State

10/19/2021 - Did you know that L.A. County wants Vanessa Bryant to take a psych exam?

10/19/2021 - The SEC has no idea what fines are for

10/19/2021 - ‘Grow, evolve and improve?' George Steinbrenner would never have uttered such kumbaya bunk

10/19/2021 - Get ready, because the Mavericks are going to let you down big time this season

10/19/2021 - Assuming LeBron James wants to win a fifth championship (duh), it will take less effort from him instead of more

10/19/2021 - Nick Rolovich is the latest to display college coaches’ hypocrisy

10/19/2021 - NHL suspends Evander Kane for 21 games

10/18/2021 - Ime Udoka announces his presence with authority

10/18/2021 - The NLCS has actual action

10/18/2021 - Yell at Shannon Sharpe all you want D.K. Metcalf, we all saw you, we all know what you did

10/18/2021 - No Gruden, no problem for Raiders in bounce-back win over Broncos

10/18/2021 - Week 6 Powerless Rankings: A win for the Jags, a bad week to be a Lions fan

10/18/2021 - Washington screws up Sean Taylor jersey retirement ceremony, because obviously

10/18/2021 - He’s right

10/18/2021 - The WNBA just finished a legendary season — now they have to address the drama the Atlanta Dream and Phoenix Mercury created

10/18/2021 - Lions social media makes season a little less agonizing for fans

10/18/2021 - 2021 NBA Central Division Preview: Woe is the Cleveland Cavaliers

10/18/2021 - T.J. Watt saves Pittsburgh’s season, Aaron Rodgers becomes owner of entire fanbase, and Ravens run over Chargers like a dump truck

10/18/2021 - The Cowboys are built differently this season, but just how much is different?

10/18/2021 - Browns get exposed by Cardinals like NFL emails

10/18/2021 - 2021 NBA Atlantic Division Preview: Why the Knicks will let you down this season

10/18/2021 - If the NFL is serious about games in Europe, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys need to make some trips across the pond

10/18/2021 - 2021 NBA Southeast Division Preview: The Hawks are going to break your heart

10/18/2021 - Sometimes the Hollywood ending works out

10/18/2021 - Dave Roberts can’t help himself

10/17/2021 - Roy Jones Jr. doesn’t care for Twitter trolls

10/17/2021 - Saturday Night Live piledrives the NFL for the Jon Gruden emails, and also just for being the NFL

10/17/2021 - Ed Orgeron’s departure is a prime example of the cultural problem with college athletics

10/17/2021 - Bungee jumping mascots, bad football, and a practice squad kicker ending a 20-game losing streak: Jags-Dolphins in England had it all

10/17/2021 - Christian McCaffrey’s injuries drastically change Panthers' offense

10/17/2021 - Can the Mavs count on Kristaps Porziņģis?

10/17/2021 - Mohamed Salah is on one

10/17/2021 - Tennessee fans act like toddlers, get away with it

10/17/2021 - Dabo must be shaking in his Skechers

10/16/2021 - NFL Week 6 Betting Primer: Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser, and Prop Bets

10/16/2021 - Kliff, Cards contract COVID ahead of contest with Cleveland

10/16/2021 - Good not being good enough is the Cardinal Way, apparently

10/16/2021 - NFL investigates itself, finds nothing else wrong whatsoever

10/16/2021 - Baseball is a horror show

10/16/2021 - A .500 regular season team is on the doorstep of a title

10/16/2021 - They say your twenties are the best years of your life...

10/16/2021 - Someone get the Canucks an editor stet… err, stat!

10/15/2021 - Eagles ship Zach Ertz to the Cards… but how much can he help?

10/15/2021 - Just like that, Bellinger earns redemption for his .165 average

10/15/2021 - NFL Week 6: Chargers and Cardinals each try to prove they’re the best team in the league

10/15/2021 - Weird flex to pivot from swastikagate to cozying up with alleged sex predators, but you do you, Herschel

10/15/2021 - Daryl Morey speaks! And there are more questions than answers for the Sixers

10/15/2021 - We were so close

10/14/2021 - The Dodgers are pulling a page out of Tampa Bay’s playbook — opting for an opener in Game 5

10/14/2021 - Deontay Wilder took the high road… but it made everything less fun

10/14/2021 - Finally, some Ole Miss drama that doesn’t involve Lane Kiffin

10/14/2021 - No, Steph Marbury, Muhammad Ali was for vaccinations

10/14/2021 - Jeff Fisher’s tweet sounds good, but why was it necessary?

10/14/2021 - TNF, Week 6: I like Philadelphia, but this is going to be a blowout

10/14/2021 - If Giannis did what I think he just did, the rest of the NBA is in trouble, with or without Kyrie

10/14/2021 - This is what it can be

10/14/2021 - Dan Snyder deciding to honor Sean Taylor NOW is a disgrace

10/14/2021 - Dominique Wilkins is owed an apology and the only asterisk I’ll accept in sports

10/14/2021 - Okay, who thought a MNF Wild Card Game was a good idea?

10/14/2021 - Remember Ray Fosse for the good man, catcher and broadcaster he was

10/14/2021 - Kyrie is an agenda whether he likes it or not

10/13/2021 - So is Christian Yelich dead?

10/13/2021 - Did you know, Did you know, Did you know, a Jordan Brand executive has a dark but important story to tell

10/13/2021 - When you have to say something isn’t a swastika, you have already given up the game

10/13/2021 - No Tyler Herro, you should not be in Luka, Trae, or Ja’s category

10/13/2021 - Deandre Ayton hasn’t gotten paid because Phoenix is cheap

10/13/2021 - No, Tyson Fury is not the GOAT

10/13/2021 - Don’t be mad at Adam Schefter, he’s not really a journalist anymore [Updated]

10/13/2021 - Shams Charania is giving cover to Kyrie Irving’s nonsense

10/13/2021 - I’ve had it with relievers

10/13/2021 - Brett Favre knew he was in shady territory with $1.1M Mississippi boondoggle, letter alleges

10/13/2021 - Bucs remove Gruden from Ring of Honor, yet leave Antonio Brown in Ring of Huddle

10/13/2021 - The NHL returned to ESPN, so here’s what it lacked

10/13/2021 - Here’s our Squid Game All-Star roster

10/13/2021 - Jon Gruden’s emails were really bad — but I want to see what the ones about Colin Kaepernick said

10/13/2021 - There is no escape from the Astros

10/12/2021 - Mississippi says it's still waiting on a fat $800K check from Brett Favre

10/12/2021 - Let's not give Trevon Diggs the DPOY just yet

10/12/2021 - No one cares if they can coexist

10/12/2021 - Pierce and Garnett team up for podcast

10/12/2021 - Nets do the right thing — your move, Kyrie

10/12/2021 - Wait… why isn’t Kyle Shanahan on the hot seat?

10/12/2021 - Can Westbrook thrive as a third option with Lakers?

10/12/2021 - Davis Mills jumps Trey Lance and Zach Wilson in Rookie QB rankings

10/12/2021 - 32 teams need to hear this: There is no pitching formula for the playoffs

10/12/2021 - 2021 NHL Previews: Flyers haven’t made a good move since acquiring Gritty

10/12/2021 - Catching up with the NHL (We hardly had time to miss ya!)

10/12/2021 - Stop venerating men who care about nothing but football

10/12/2021 - Patrick Mahomes is just not the greatest anymore

10/12/2021 - 2021 NHL Previews: Fifty-four years between Cups for Toronto, going on 55

10/12/2021 - 100-win Rays come up short again, which is where this is all heading

10/12/2021 - Dinosaur organization has dinosaur coach, film at 11

10/11/2021 - J.R. Smith makes competitive golf debut for North Carolina A&T

10/11/2021 - Hear me out: The Warriors are ready to contend again out West

10/11/2021 - The USMNT can’t live without Tyler Adams

10/11/2021 - 2021 NHL Previews: The Canucks will upset you deeply

10/11/2021 - Robot umpires would destroy the beauty of the catcher position

10/11/2021 - Week 5 NFL Powerless Rankings: NY teams return to form, Fish fried

10/11/2021 - 2021 NHL Previews: Don’t believe the media, it’s over in Nashville

10/11/2021 - Jon Gruden is the perfect example of how mediocre white men get to thrive in the workplace

10/11/2021 - I’ve got a feeeeeeeling… It’ll be Bills & Bolts in AFC title game

10/11/2021 - Chiefs are more fraudulent than spam callers asking about your car’s extended warranty

10/11/2021 - Week 5 NFL Takeaways: Kickers miss more 3s than Ben Simmons, Eagles D acts like they aren’t butt cheeks, and Raiders show us they're cubic zirconia

10/11/2021 - Two Super Bowl caliber teams met in L.A., but one came with Justin Herbert, the other Baker Mayfield

10/11/2021 - White Sox-Astros just got interesting

10/11/2021 - How can I root for Dusty Baker, and not these Ass-tros?

10/11/2021 - This was your human element moment

10/10/2021 - Fury-Wilder III was a damn masterclass

10/10/2021 - The formula for beating Alabama remains the same

10/10/2021 - It’s time for the Raiders or the NFL to get Jon Gruden off the sidelines

10/10/2021 - Unbeaten Oklahoma on road to playoff, unbeaten Cincinnati not so much

10/9/2021 - Hey, Kyrie: God’s not fixing this

10/9/2021 - The Big Ten rightfully takes center stage in Week 6

10/9/2021 - NFL Week 5 Betting Primer: Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser, and Prop Bets

10/9/2021 - Your weekend roundup of B.S.

10/8/2021 - This doesn’t feel like the first time the Dodgers and Giants have met in the playoffs

10/8/2021 - Baseball is so racist that a white announcer is making slavery references during playoff games [Updated]

10/8/2021 - NFL Week 5 returns us to the eternal question: Why are the London games always trash?

10/8/2021 - The Brooklyn Nets’ massive star power may be their saving grace due to Kyrie Irving’s vaccination dilemma

10/8/2021 - To hell with ESPN for trashing Geno Smith as his teammates praise ‘phenomenal’ performance

10/8/2021 - A steal of home, a catwalk, a double punt, and more in wild night

10/7/2021 - Does longevity plus consistency really equal Hall of Fame worthiness?

10/7/2021 - We all need a friend like Juan Soto

10/7/2021 - Thursday Night Football offers up Rams as ultimate ‘eye test’ for Seahawks

10/7/2021 - Dallas is loving the ‘D’

10/7/2021 - Eighteen ex-NBA players charged in laughably bad fraud scheme

10/7/2021 - Women's soccer players protested sexual harassment and were cheered — great… but that rarely happens when athletes protest racism

10/7/2021 - Deadspin Fixes: the MLB playoff format

10/7/2021 - At last, Chicago has its own hometown hero to bring title back to that same old place

10/7/2021 - It takes all the Dodgers’ power to fight off that Cardinal Devil Magic

10/6/2021 - Indiana wants Ben Simmons, but they should be careful what they wish for

10/6/2021 - It’s not the Green Monster’s fault the Yanks lost

10/6/2021 - Did Joey Bosa really expose Derek Carr’s biggest flaw?

10/6/2021 - Can we please stop discussing parity and playoff expansion in college football?

10/6/2021 - Tom Brady’s favorite team to beat? The Giants, of course

10/6/2021 - Robin Lehner decided he didn’t want to burn down the NHL after all

10/6/2021 - What are the Yankees now?

10/5/2021 - A tradition unlike any other: The LeBron Shoutout

10/5/2021 - The Eli Manning takeover of all media is underway and I’m here for it

10/5/2021 - Don’t let Urban Meyer quit – fire him

10/5/2021 - John Harbaugh should be ashamed of himself

10/5/2021 - Chucky got lost

10/5/2021 - Sage Steele tests positive for COVID, because of course she did

10/5/2021 - NFL Week 4 Rookie QB Rankings: Justin Fields jumps Trevor Lawrence

10/5/2021 - Aaron Judge finally lives up to expectations

10/5/2021 - A few MLB postseason storylines you might not know

10/5/2021 - The last playoffs

10/4/2021 - Daniel Jones inches his way up to decent

10/4/2021 - The madness of King Nagy

10/4/2021 - Week 4 NFL Powerless Rankings: Jacksonville is not good

10/4/2021 - Taylor Heinicke kinda looks like a young Tony Romo

10/4/2021 - The San Francisco Giants, the ones who stood out

10/4/2021 - The fastest quarterback to win 100 regular-season games is Black — his name is Russell Wilson

10/4/2021 - Tom Brady’s return made Bill Belichick’s son look constipated

10/4/2021 - Kyler Murray and Cardinals give Rams a two-piece spicy combo in L.A.

10/4/2021 - Cowboys make Panthers look like a hairless cat, Steelers offense stale as communion crackers, God makes miracle happen as Jets and Giants win on same day

10/4/2021 - This year’s Wild-Card Game matchups are the best ever

10/4/2021 - Why are fans OK with this?

10/4/2021 - No wild-card chaos

10/4/2021 - Chargers need a statement win over Raiders on Monday Night Football

10/3/2021 - Andrew Wiggins comes to his senses

10/3/2021 - Liverpool and Manchester City hurl everything at each other in game of the season

10/3/2021 - These Bengals might be for real

10/3/2021 - Another black eye for hockey

10/3/2021 - UConn is pretty solid for a team that hasn’t won since 2019

10/3/2021 - Vegas goalie Robin Lehner in stunning Twitter attack on Vigneault, Flyers

10/3/2021 - Four-way wild card tie still very much a possibility

10/2/2021 - ‘Get your popcorn ready,’ indeed

10/2/2021 - Rockies take fast, easy way out on GM ‘search’

10/2/2021 - Can we admit the truth about Carson Wentz now?

10/2/2021 - For the sake of Group of Five teams, Cincy needs to win today

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