9/30/2021 - Rays playing 5D chess up in here

9/30/2021 - On a scale of 1-10, how goofy is Lakers' new nickname: 360

9/30/2021 - Thursday Night Football is a rematch of the 2020 BCS Championship — but the real story is Urban Meyer’s incompetence

9/30/2021 - Manny Pacquiao ‘retires’ from boxing after career spanning 12 titles, 62 wins

9/30/2021 - Houdini, thy name is Ole Gunnar

9/30/2021 - TMZ called Michael Porter Jr. ‘one of the biggest stars in the NBA’ — they lied

9/30/2021 - Hear me out: Ben Simmons for Kyrie, straight up

9/30/2021 - Kellen Moore is going to get a head coaching job before Eric Bieniemy and Byron Leftwich because he's white

9/30/2021 - Devin Williams to miss postseason for dumbest of reasons

9/30/2021 - A hot mess without Messi

9/30/2021 - Richard Sherman has the right message — can only hope he’s the right messenger

9/30/2021 - Lamar Jackson’s FIRST 1000 passes mark NFL’s greatest QB start ever — seriously

9/29/2021 - Javy Báez has quietly turned his season around with the Mets

9/29/2021 - Massive regular-season win streaks mean nothing in the playoffs

9/29/2021 - Fat Bear Week is the event you didn't know you needed

9/29/2021 - Famous kneecap-biting Lions are tired of getting kicked in the butt with 60-yard field goals

9/29/2021 - Didn’t see LeBron James on the Manningcast? Here’s what you missed

9/29/2021 - We said depth would be the main thing

9/29/2021 - Dak Prescott is the blueprint for Jalen Hurts in Philly

9/29/2021 - The end is near, Giants fans

9/29/2021 - Lighten up, Wainwright

9/29/2021 - Sue Bird shouldn’t retire, but WNBA would survive — and thrive — after she's gone

9/29/2021 - Is Giancarlo Stanton officially a Yankee yet? Asking for absolutely nobody

9/29/2021 - MVP debates make my ass weary

9/29/2021 - When will these teams finally win and finally lose?

9/28/2021 - Real Madrid goes down in Champion’s League shocker

9/28/2021 - Kyler, Cards killin’ it out there — but by God, that’s the Rams’ music!

9/28/2021 - Bradley Zimmer has family bragging rights for life

9/28/2021 - Rooting for maximum chaos in the AL wild-card race

9/28/2021 - What the hell happened to the once-mighty Seahawks?

9/28/2021 - ...If it weren’t for those meddling Mariners

9/28/2021 - Week 3 Rookie QB rankings: Trevor Lawrence still tossing INTs

9/28/2021 - Enough with all the Eli slander

9/28/2021 - The narcissism of Kyrie Irving and NBA anti-vaxxers is inhumane

9/28/2021 - Maybe the Manningcast works because they don’t meet with coaches

9/27/2021 - DeSean Jackson roasts Bucs en route to record-setting day

9/27/2021 - The last thing we need is a Maple Leafs docuseries

9/27/2021 - Week 3 NFL Powerless Ranking: Jets, Giants somehow stink worse than New Jersey swamps

9/27/2021 - Niners fans want some Trey Lance and want him now

9/27/2021 - Aaron Rodgers rescues an entire football team, Chiefs learn that giving the other team the ball is a bad idea, and Steelers Raisin Bran offense produces no flavor

9/27/2021 - Look, I’m really trying to avoid wrestling company tribalism, but…

9/27/2021 - Rams show they’re the best team in the league as Matthew Stafford cooks up Bucs like a beef brisket

9/27/2021 - Watching the Lions do what they do in person never fails to amaze

9/27/2021 - Justin Fields said the NFL game was ‘slow’ in the preseason — the Cleveland Browns sacked him 9 times on Sunday

9/27/2021 - Chiefs get too cute, find themselves at 1-2

9/27/2021 - Why wasn’t anyone punished for this?

9/27/2021 - Euro trashed

9/27/2021 - Lions on cutting edge of losing

9/26/2021 - You really stepped in it this time, Doc

9/26/2021 - Tua will be a bust, and not the kind that goes on display in Canton

9/26/2021 - They’re still Manchester Damn City

9/26/2021 - 2021 NFL Week 3 Betting Primer: Best Over/Under, Spread, Teaser and Prop Bets

9/26/2021 - If only NIL money forced Dabo Swinney out of college football

9/25/2021 - Adam Gase always leaves winning in his wake

9/25/2021 - Is Scotty Miller the key to a Bucs’ victory tomorrow?

9/25/2021 - Sage Steele and Clay Travis team up for double the idiocy

9/25/2021 - Read 'em and weep: Here are the worst droughts in modern sports, non-title edition

9/25/2021 - The NBA is NOT with stupid

9/25/2021 - We, for one, welcome our new Cardinal leaders (again)

9/24/2021 - This Juan Soto hot streak is way, way, way better than you realize

9/24/2021 - This weekend’s NFL slate is… what’s the word? HUGE

9/24/2021 - Something stinks in Buffalo!

9/24/2021 - Baseball needs more Jazz Chisholm & Josh Rogers interactions

9/24/2021 - World-clash events coming your way

9/24/2021 - He’s Tom Fugazi

9/23/2021 - Davis Mills is destined to be the Texans’ franchise quarterback

9/23/2021 - The best under-the-radar wide receiver gets his shot at the champs

9/23/2021 - Sabres start over without ever having finished

9/23/2021 - Stupid is as stupid doesn’t do

9/23/2021 - The Panthers’ defense is definitely legit (and Sam Darnold might be too)

9/23/2021 - One-handed RB Kayleb Wagner breaks Derrick Henry’s high school rushing record

9/23/2021 - Sha’Carri needs to learn to listen to the legends

9/23/2021 - This is why AEW is king right now

9/23/2021 - Tonight’s Thursday Night Football game will be an embarrassment that the NFL, Houston Texans, and Deshaun Watson deserve

9/23/2021 - Parity might actually be returning to college football

9/23/2021 - CONCACAF just CONCACAF’d like never before

9/23/2021 - Another Oakland A’s window is closing without much to show for it

9/22/2021 - Bengals' passing on Penei Sewell is an All-Pro boon to Lions for years to come

9/22/2021 - Roberto Luongo still hangs over the Canucks

9/22/2021 - Did Kevin Kiermaier take things too far on Monday?

9/22/2021 - We are witnessing a multi-team choke for the ages

9/22/2021 - New Liga MX-MLS Cup is way cool, and might set up more cool stuff (I said ‘might’… this is MLS after all)

9/22/2021 - The NBA needs to follow the WNBA’s lead on vaccination rates

9/22/2021 - The Ben Simmons soap opera continues with Doc Rivers pleading for him to stay

9/22/2021 - Baker Mayfield returns from arm injury to throw awesome block

9/22/2021 - How far is T.J. from that ‘elite’ tight end tier?

9/22/2021 - Randy Moss hasn’t retired his mouth

9/22/2021 - Can we please get promotion/relegation in women’s soccer now?

9/22/2021 - Zac Rinaldo finds out the NHL isn’t screwing around

9/21/2021 - Max Scherzer trade to Dodgers is one of the greatest deadline deals of all time

9/21/2021 - Watch out for Deebo, Packers

9/21/2021 - Iman Shumpert shows out on Dancing with the Stars and judges give a failing score

9/21/2021 - Who is wearing the NFL's lowest numbers?

9/21/2021 - 2021 NFL Rookie QB rankings: Week 2

9/21/2021 - It’s time to move on from Ric Flair

9/21/2021 - Derrick Henry would have given Bo Jackson a run for his money in Tecmo Bowl

9/21/2021 - Yes, the NFL's taunting penalty is racist

9/21/2021 - Cardinals do what they do… unfortunately

9/21/2021 - The Bucs can’t help themselves

9/20/2021 - Jump around!

9/20/2021 - It's The Same Old Jets, with The Same Old Problem

9/20/2021 - Justin Fields will prove Matt Nagy doesn’t know what he’s doing, and Matt Nagy knows it

9/20/2021 - Kawhi Leonard looks like he’d rather be anywhere but this arena groundbreaking ceremony

9/20/2021 - Choosing the NFL over MLB was the best decision Kyler Murray ever made

9/20/2021 - Week 2 Powerless Rankings: New York and Atlanta are bad at football

9/20/2021 - The Seahawks lost more than the Titans won yesterday

9/20/2021 - The Padres’ problem isn’t their manager or attitude

9/20/2021 - I’ll take ‘Rodgers Bounces Back Big Time Tonight’ for $1000, Alex

9/20/2021 - Per usual, Chargers find a way to gift-wrap win for the opponent

9/20/2021 - Lamar Jackson’s trolls retreat to MySpace after the quarterback’s epic performance

9/20/2021 - Derrick Henry gains 11 sons, Colts forget Cooper Kupp is on the field, and the Steelers offense has the excitement of an HR presentation

9/20/2021 - So here’s one of the worst tweets of all time

9/19/2021 - Belichick to Zach Wilson (probably): 'Hey kid… check out my defense’

9/19/2021 - Why in the name of all that’s holy are the Lions playing on MNF?

9/19/2021 - Najee Harris reverse-bench presses grown man into the Pittsburgh soil

9/19/2021 - Someone should get Harvey Barnes a GPS, or a sense of purpose

9/19/2021 - Tebow needs to ‘stay in school'

9/19/2021 - Your NFL betting primer for Week 2

9/19/2021 - Fernando Tatis, Jr. is forcing Manny Machado to be the grown up

9/18/2021 - Hang this interception up in the Smithsonian!

9/18/2021 - Step into the batters’ box against this guy… if you dare!

9/18/2021 - Consolation prize for Marcus Semien's non-MVP season: Rare iron man feat

9/18/2021 - The MLB home run race is shaping up to be pretty, pretty good

9/18/2021 - We always knew Notre Dame was a buncha drum-dums

9/18/2021 - Beane to Mets rumor is all that’s left to wonder about in moribund Queens

9/17/2021 - Why, Ron?! Why didn’t you play Antonio Gibson?!

9/17/2021 - Aaron Rodgers, with chip atop shoulder, gets his favorite punching bag back: the Lions

9/17/2021 - Thom Brennaman still doesn't get it: Born on third base and wondering why he’s back at first now

9/17/2021 - Will Urban Meyer join Belichick, Saban and a who’s who of others on football’s ‘Quit List?’

9/17/2021 - Bart Scott brow beat? Can’t wait!

9/16/2021 - Marcellus Wiley’s top 10 NFL players list is bad and he should feel bad

9/16/2021 - Zach Ertz is an Eagle, and Jason Kelce is a blonde

9/16/2021 - This biennial World Cup mumbo jumbo is soccer’s next big fight

9/16/2021 - Joe Johnson is wrong: Ben Simmons’ shot desperately needs an overhaul

9/16/2021 - Taylor Heinicke could end the Giants’ Daniel Jones experiment

9/16/2021 - ‘No you are NOT putting that tarp on the field’

9/16/2021 - The 'Sha’Carri Richardson' rule could fix broken Olympic marijuana policy

9/16/2021 - Week 2 is a must-win as the Cowboys NEED to beat the Chargers

9/16/2021 - It’s G1 Climax time, baby! (Oh, were you not hip to that?)

9/16/2021 - Texas football officially back… for eighth year in a row

9/16/2021 - Why does it always come down to the victims having to do the work?

9/16/2021 - Or just give Robbie Ray the damn Cy Young already…

9/15/2021 - NFLPA clears Josh Gordon for possible NFL return: report

9/15/2021 - Aaron Rodgers blames first interception of season on getting hit in the nuts (twice)

9/15/2021 - If the Ravens can’t handle Maxx Crosby, it’s gonna be a long season

9/15/2021 - Deadspin asks: Does Aaron Gordon’s new deal hurt Nerlens Noel in his lawsuit against Rich Paul?

9/15/2021 - ‘How much is a little girl worth?’

9/15/2021 - Eric Bieniemy to USC? What else ya’ selling?

9/15/2021 - Free Connor McDavid (and other stars)

9/15/2021 - Kyrie’s antics can be funny when they’re not dangerous

9/15/2021 - Is Kyler Murray carrying Kliff Kingsbury?

9/15/2021 - MLB gets something right for a change with Clemente’s No. 21 jersey policy

9/15/2021 - Go away now, Mike Piazza

9/15/2021 - U.S. Soccer offers equal pay to USMNT and USWNT... kinda?

9/14/2021 - ESPN’s ‘Cy Young Predictor’ is laughably on the fritz

9/14/2021 - Hey, sorry Bengals fans

9/14/2021 - TNT’s hiring of Paul Bissonnette for its NHL coverage proves hockey has no interest in rising above trash

9/14/2021 - Peyton’s new role: Nostradumbass

9/14/2021 - The Manning brothers broadcast was great, and it can be even better

9/14/2021 - Your 2021-2022 Champions League Guide

9/14/2021 - NFL rookie QB's 'boom or bust' watch: Week 1

9/14/2021 - It’s still just Matthew Stafford

9/14/2021 - Congrats to the Giants! (Now you might get to face the Dodgers)

9/14/2021 - RG3 wants his old job back… is he joking or insane?

9/14/2021 - Rumor mill says either Jeff Bezos or Jay-Z could buy the Denver Broncos — but only one of them can afford it

9/14/2021 - You think Jameis Winston is washed up?

9/14/2021 - Carl Nassib’s history-making moment deserved better

9/14/2021 - Vlad Guerrero Jr. smashed a baseball so hard it opened a wormhole

9/13/2021 - Becky Lynch’s heel turn proves that WWE doesn’t know what makes its characters successful

9/13/2021 - Bears fans should be freaking out about Week 1

9/13/2021 - Week 1 NFL Powerless Rankings: Aaron Rodgers’ face says it all

9/13/2021 - The AL Cy Young race is kinda trash

9/13/2021 - Between Chris Webber and Michigan AD Warde Manuel — someone is lying

9/13/2021 - This week in metaphors: ‘Sewage’ water rains down on Washington football fans

9/13/2021 - Steelers make Buffalo wings, Titans look like Nashville-Hot trash, and Bama QBs play good enough

9/13/2021 - Browns fold in fourth like a restaurant napkin as Patrick Mahomes rescues his JV-level defense

9/13/2021 - Aaron Rodgers and Packers get discount double-checked in season opener

9/13/2021 - The Chiefs slept through the first half of Week 1 and still won, but how long can they keep this up?

9/13/2021 - Francisco Lindor earned his... whatever it is to be a Met

9/13/2021 - Novak Djokovic’s expected coronation ended so quickly

9/12/2021 - Browns player ejected after he shoves Kansas City coach in the throat

9/12/2021 - Triller Fight Club senior tour doomed to suffer short shelf life

9/12/2021 - Panthers play with space-time continuum to bring to lifelike predator to their stadium

9/12/2021 - ‘Great’ head coach Jon Gruden needs to win now

9/12/2021 - Emma Raducanu pulls off the other type of unrepeatable triumph

9/12/2021 - Dak telling Brady he’ll ‘see him again’ is a great sign for the Cowboys

9/11/2021 - Why don’t more players bunt against the shift?

9/11/2021 - Deadspin raises the curtain on NFL Week 1

9/11/2021 - A nod to Toni Kukoč and all of the 2021 Basketball Hall of Fame inductees getting their dues today

9/11/2021 - Deadspinners make their boldest, throw-reason-out-the-door predictions for the NFL season

9/11/2021 - Chris Webber, one of the NBA’s great enigmas, deserves his Hall of Fame honors

9/11/2021 - Trae Young finds a way to get booed at Madison Square Garden during the offseason

9/11/2021 - "That thing I remember doesn’t exist anymore, in a giant way that I didn’t believe was possible, that you never even would have imagined was possible"

9/10/2021 - Opening Night Overreaction: Mike Evans is officially washed

9/10/2021 - The future is bright… deep in the heart of Texas

9/10/2021 - Chris Bosh brought evolution to the game, but was robbed of seeing it through

9/10/2021 - Screw Al Michaels and screw the Bucs

9/10/2021 - NFL getting in bed with sports gambling is not a good idea

9/10/2021 - From Kap and Tiger to Herschel and Evander – Trump’s political career relies on using Black athletes

9/10/2021 - The call that wasn’t last night, and the impact sports gambling and fantasy are having

9/10/2021 - Who you gonna believe?

9/10/2021 - The Triple A’s love feeding the AL East MVP candidates

9/9/2021 - Don’t be shocked if Dallas comes away with the win tonight

9/9/2021 - Next stop on the Le’Veon Bell traveling road show: Baltimore

9/9/2021 - No wonder Adam Cole left WWE

9/9/2021 - Can anyone other than Derrick Henry rush for 2,000 yards this season?

9/9/2021 - We need some of what Tony Romo’s smoking

9/9/2021 - It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

9/9/2021 - 2021 NFL Preview - NFC West: Stacked division gets tougher with additions like Stafford and Watt

9/9/2021 - A salute to Yolanda Griffith and Lauren Jackson, who enter the Hall of Fame this weekend

9/9/2021 - Ja’ Marr Chase says catching an NFL football is… different

9/9/2021 - 2021 NFL Preview - 2021 NFL Preview - NFC South: Darnold, Winston, Ryan, and some old guy in Tampa

9/9/2021 - Deadspin’s NFL gambling guide/futures bets to make for 2021 season

9/9/2021 - 2021 NFL Preview - NFC North: A dramedy of errors

9/9/2021 - 2021 NFL Preview - NFC East: Who will emerge as ‘unbreakable’ from this train wreck?

9/9/2021 - Maybe it’s time to buy Blue Jays shares

9/8/2021 - NHL players in the Olympics has always been better in theory than practice

9/8/2021 - Every coach ever has been called a bum at some point — but now these three add 'Hall of Famer' to their resumes

9/8/2021 - Josh Allen is ready to take over the league

9/8/2021 - Clinton Portis broke the law — but it doesn’t mean he was wrong

9/8/2021 - Cinnamon Toast Crunch sighting in last night’s Mets-Marlins game

9/8/2021 - Ben Wallace is the perfect embodiment of his era

9/8/2021 - Zeke’s gotta prove he’s not washed

9/8/2021 - 2021 NFL Preview - AFC West: The Chiefs got better and will still rule this division and the conference

9/8/2021 - Ruby Soho is yet another chance for AEW to keep promises about its women’s division

9/8/2021 - 2021 NFL Preview - AFC South: Carson Wentz is a wildcard as Colts look to contend

9/8/2021 - It’s a Canadian invasion

9/8/2021 - Derek Jeter to be inducted into Hall of Fame today, but it wasn’t as easy as it looked

9/8/2021 - 2021 NFL Preview - AFC North: Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson will duel for the division

9/8/2021 - 2021 NFL Preview - AFC East: Fate of division rests on arms of young QBs

9/8/2021 - There’s a lot more you need to know about Jonah Keri

9/8/2021 - It’s not Sandy Alderson’s fault, says Sandy Alderson

9/7/2021 - CP3 opens up on regrets during time in Houston

9/7/2021 - NBA seemingly hits De’Aaron Fox with drug test for posting regular workout picture

9/7/2021 - Paul Pierce, an all-time great scorer, was well ahead of his time

9/7/2021 - We totally forgot that this USMNT hasn’t played very well

9/7/2021 - Blake Griffin throws petty jab at Pistons fans

9/7/2021 - Derrick Henry’s high school stats look like a Madden glitch

9/7/2021 - Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole now define AEW, just like that

9/7/2021 - 49ers signing Josh Norman feels like five years too late

9/7/2021 - Yo, UGA, you wanna rethink that whole ‘no masks, no vax required’ thing for the 93,000 fans headed to Sanford Saturday?

9/7/2021 - Just when you want in, they push you right back out

9/7/2021 - NFL RedZone Previews, Part 4: The Prime Time Players

9/7/2021 - Bad things happening to Boston

9/7/2021 - No one can beat Novak Djokovic because no one else is Novak Djokovic

9/7/2021 - NFL RedZone Previews, Part 3: The Quad Boxers

9/6/2021 - NFL RedZone Previews, Part 2: The Bathroom Breakers

9/6/2021 - Jacksonville Jinx: A list of dumb things Urban Meyer has done so far running the Jaguars

9/6/2021 - NFL RedZone Previews, Part 1: Every Touchdown? From Every Game? Really?

9/6/2021 - Deadspin Presents: Our 2021 NFL RedZone previews

9/5/2021 - Uh-oh... Cowboys’ COVID outbreak raises concerns for league as opener vs. Bucs looms

9/5/2021 - Hurricanes get their revenge, but like most revenge scenarios, no one actually wins

9/5/2021 - Georgia’s defense makes Clemson’s offense look like Bishop Sycamore

9/5/2021 - Tom Brady makes news? You don't say...

9/4/2021 - NHLers are returning to the Olympics... let’s build some rosters

9/4/2021 - Virginia Tech opens season before tremendous crowd, which is concerning

9/4/2021 - AEW All Out 2021 preview and predictions

9/4/2021 - The Nets are even more stacked now

9/4/2021 - Does a Ben Simmons/Kristaps Porziņģis swap make sense? Or make anyone happy?

9/4/2021 - If Naomi Osaka doesn’t love tennis anymore, good on her for taking a break

9/4/2021 - COVID breakthrough round-up: Oscar De La Hoya hospitalized, Lane Kiffin, Johnny Bench test positive

9/4/2021 - Kansas wins football game for first time in while

9/3/2021 - The Big 12 is feeling awfully small lately

9/3/2021 - C.J. Stroud impressed, despite inconsistent debut in win over Minnesota - let's review

9/3/2021 - Voice of the Yankees' nightmarish drive, and the call that saved him

9/3/2021 - What are the Warriors thinking?

9/3/2021 - Unvaccinated hockey life will be perfectly miserable, as it should be

9/3/2021 - Mama said there’d be days like this

9/2/2021 - Are the Giants slumping or showing their true colors?

9/2/2021 - ‘Highlights’ of a Bad Boy

9/2/2021 - The Dodgers’ trade deadline was better than you think

9/2/2021 - It’s showtime!

9/2/2021 - As good as the Nets are, they still needed this Paul Millsap addition

9/2/2021 - Nationals’ Bob Boone is the latest to pick ‘principle’ over science and safety

9/2/2021 - Kawhi Leonard is stealthy

9/2/2021 - I’m calling on the NCAA to boycott Texas (again) after SCOTUS allows abortion ban

9/2/2021 - It’s getting biblical out there, folks, so what are we going to do about it?

9/2/2021 - MLB’s proposal is still horse—-t

9/1/2021 - Seahawks' success will come down to more than just ‘letting Russ cook’

9/1/2021 - Is Matt Nagy trying to cover his ass by sticking with Andy Dalton?

9/1/2021 - Belichick should choose his words about the COVID vaccine more carefully

9/1/2021 - PJ Dozier joins list of people humorously impersonating Nikola Jokić

9/1/2021 - Victor Oladipo improves online discourse by tweeting only in 🧢 emojis

9/1/2021 - It’s hard to know who’s king twit of dumb mountain between Real Madrid, PSG, and Barcelona

9/1/2021 - There’s one team where Ben Simmons makes the most sense

9/1/2021 - Idiot of the Month: Waving goodbye to a stupid summer

9/1/2021 - Soulja Boy-Kanye is the celebrity boxing match no one asked for

9/1/2021 - It may be incremental, but it’s progress