10/31/2020 - Rutgers laterals their way to, well, a huge loss after crazy 'touchdown' is called back

10/31/2020 - No, a college football team can't beat pros, but could a Pee Wee team beat '20 Kansas? Jury's out.

10/31/2020 - Lump Mike Piazza in with athletes for Trump after Pennsylvania rally appearance

10/31/2020 - Deadspin Presents: Top 10 presidential endorsements from sports stars, Part II: Biden backers

10/31/2020 - Sue Bird & Megan Rapinoe's engagement is just what we needed

10/30/2020 - Mets fans dream of big-bucks battle with Bombers after sale to mega billionaire Steve Cohen is approved

10/30/2020 - Deadspin Presents: Top 10 presidential endorsements from sports stars, Part I: Trumpsters

10/30/2020 - The 10 worst pitching changes in World Series history

10/30/2020 - Coyotes sniff out kudos for renouncing racist bully, deserve howls of disgust for picking him at all

10/30/2020 - For A.J. Hinch, looks like crime does pay as Tigers' gig looms

10/29/2020 - Trevor Lawrence tests positive for COVID-19 as this all continues to go terribly

10/29/2020 - Yasiel Puig sued for sexual assault at 2018 Lakers game

10/29/2020 - White Sox fill manager slot by exhuming corpse of Tony La Russa

10/29/2020 - Players can catch COVID safely? Tell that nonsense to Emmanuel Sanders

10/29/2020 - The NHL clears Dale Tallon because it's the NHL

10/29/2020 - Can MLS fill your weekday sporting void? A guide to giving it a shot

10/29/2020 - Giants left with only four O-Linemen after Will Hernandez’s COVID diagnosis sends rest home

10/29/2020 - Dan Mullen makes sense for first time all year with call for national voting holiday

10/29/2020 - MLB billionaires have waited years to screw working-class staff at altar of profit, & here it is

10/29/2020 - NWSL dramatically expands TV audience as women’s sports leagues see viewership growth

10/29/2020 - Atlanta Hawks pledge $40 million to fight the racial opportunity gap — where should it go?

10/29/2020 - Baseball’s winter of cost-savings discontent begins as cheapskate Cards cut Wong

10/28/2020 - Screw the rules! Our jerseys look like vomit now

10/28/2020 - Rob Manfred does what he does best: Pass off responsibility

10/28/2020 - Daryl Morey got a new job, but he still hasn’t addressed his Hong Kong tweet

10/28/2020 - The Big Ten should have never reversed course, that much is clear

10/28/2020 - Donald Trump and Justin Turner chose to be COVID-19 Superspreaders

10/28/2020 - Missing out on a title must sting, but Price was right to sit out after Turner COVID mess

10/28/2020 - Time for Ryan Pace to take the keys away from Matt Nagy

10/28/2020 - WTF Justin Turner

10/28/2020 - Finally, the Dodgers didn’t have to be more than they were

10/27/2020 - Kevin Cash broke baseball, or baseball broke him, take your pick with the pitching change that will haunt Rays for years

10/27/2020 - Blake Leeper is breaking Oscar Pistorius' records, but Olympic gatekeepers don't want him to compete

10/27/2020 - Do the NBA and NCAA have a plan to play basketball?

10/27/2020 - Harry Kane and Son Heung-min are here for your souls

10/27/2020 - Horrible turtle man Mitch McConnell has never done a damn thing worth being ‘proud of’

10/27/2020 - J.R. Smith calls out former teammate Sam Dekker’s white-privilege Trumper garbage [UPDATED]

10/27/2020 - Wisconsin could run out of quarterbacks soon [UPDATED]

10/27/2020 - Baker Mayfield needs to beat a real damn team before crowning him

10/27/2020 - Monday Night Football now incites open revolt on teams

10/26/2020 - Banning the shift isn’t a fix for what’s wrong with baseball

10/26/2020 - Ryquell Armstead, 23-year-old running back, sidelined for season with COVID complications

10/26/2020 - Jeff Garcia’s white mediocrity on full display in dumb Cam Newton comments

10/26/2020 - Arizona Coyotes draft racist dickhead

10/26/2020 - DeAndre Hopkins 'swerves' through MAGA caravan in Ferrari, middle fingers up

10/26/2020 - Week 7 Powerless Rankings: Did your favorite NFL team make the bottom 5?

10/26/2020 - Odell Beckham tears ACL, Cowboys defense plays worse than Trump’s re-election strategy, and D.K. Metcalf wins the amazing race

10/26/2020 - In tight World Series spot, Clayton Kershaw finally delivers for the Dodgers

10/26/2020 - Momentum is tomorrow’s starting pitcher and other drugs

10/25/2020 - The Dallas Cowboys are truly 'America's Team'

10/25/2020 - The NFL rewards men who put their hands on women

10/25/2020 - Dave Roberts was let down by his players as much as he let them down, but that won’t save him

10/25/2020 - After the Dodgers' latest choke, here are some other guys who absolutely sucked at fielding

10/25/2020 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: Jags trying to avoid Jags-like infamy

10/25/2020 - Let’s call it what it was: Another epic Dodgers’ October choke job

10/25/2020 - Sunday Scaries: the Week 7 bets you should avoid

10/25/2020 - World Series sure was fun last night, but good baseball it wasn't

10/24/2020 - Athletes' calls for voting reform were justified. Do better, America

10/24/2020 - A footie version of the Fog Bowl

10/24/2020 - Antonio Brown (and Tom Brady's enabling) just latest in NFL full of problematic men — time for women to take a stand

10/24/2020 - Sit down, jerk — the flag doesn’t have cancer

10/23/2020 - Let's all say a prayer for Derek Carr as he stares at a possible all-backup O-line Sunday

10/23/2020 - With COVID-19 outbreaks linked to ice rinks, how will college hockey even start?

10/23/2020 - Wilson spouting off on humanity of Antonio Brown is insulting and, yes, even DangerRuss

10/23/2020 - Daniel Jones brings us all together with less threatening incompetence than debate

10/22/2020 - Livid Yadier Molina only has his season to blame for Gold Glove diss, not MLB

10/22/2020 - Here are the NBA ballers who made the most money this year

10/22/2020 - NFL teams lusting after lowlife Antonio Brown is disgraceful [Updated]

10/22/2020 - COVID-19 almost killed Bobby Bowden, but he's still voting for Trump

10/22/2020 - Spanish newspaper's description of Ansu Fati reminds us that the U.S. hasn't cornered the market on racism

10/22/2020 - Minor League Baseball players are justifiably sick of earning ‘$4 an hour’

10/22/2020 - There’s no way around it, Michigan is stuck with Jim Harbaugh

10/22/2020 - Dave Roberts still thinks he’s playing Strat-O-Matic

10/21/2020 - Doug Jones roasts Tommy Tuberville’s coaching career, surges in Alabama senate polls

10/21/2020 - Trevor Lawrence should pull an Eli Manning because the Jets are the Jets (all the way!)

10/21/2020 - Toxic pride is the NFL’s biggest obstacle to a much-needed playoff bubble

10/21/2020 - How much should Cubs fans care about their team's horrendous owners?

10/21/2020 - Of course Michigan’s emergency stay-at-home order does not apply to its football team

10/21/2020 - Bellinger and Dodgers’ Kid ’n Play footsie is adorable alternative to hazardous homer celebrations

10/21/2020 - Maybe the Rays needed to use the itchier trigger finger in Game 1

10/20/2020 - John Wall was way too busy playing spades to pay attention during an ESPN interview

10/20/2020 - Keep your dick in your pants, please

10/20/2020 - The NFC East is bad at football - so get ready to see it showcased on Thursday night

10/20/2020 - Deadspin Argues About Stuff: Dooley and Foote beef over Tua Time, rookie QBs

10/20/2020 - Ex-Astros GM Jeff Luhnow assures you: I did all the good stuff, but none of the cheating

10/20/2020 - Champions League season begins [yay!] under threat from its flagship clubs [wait, wut?!]

10/20/2020 - On a hot mic, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman reveal how fake the NFL’s patriotism is

10/20/2020 - Choker or Champion? Why the 2020 World Series will define Clayton Kershaw

10/20/2020 - Cowboys are so dreadful maybe Dak Prescott shouldn't want to come back

10/20/2020 - An early check-in on the quarterback class of 2018

10/19/2020 - Dodgers and Rays are like mirror images of each other ... sorta

10/19/2020 - Don't ever call it Hot-lanta again... it's Choke-lanta

10/19/2020 - Sergio Aguero putting arm around female ref is wrong and Premier League needs to step in

10/19/2020 - Canceling college football would protect players and save us all from SEC coaches' grave stupidity

10/19/2020 - If America’s racial reckoning were real, violent lunatic Gregg Marshall would already be fired

10/19/2020 - Doc Emrick, champion of vocabulary with an infectious passion for hockey, retires

10/19/2020 - Tanking for Trevor: This week's NFL Powerless Rankings

10/19/2020 - Cleveland gets the Browns beat out of ’em, Packers get smacked with their cheeseheads, and is Adam Gase calling in plays from a bar?

10/19/2020 - Braves run and stumble their way out of the NLCS

10/18/2020 - Virgil van Dijk’s injury blows Premier League title race wide open

10/18/2020 - Atlanta Cockatoos finally look like pro franchise against tax accountant disguised as Vikings QB

10/18/2020 - FOX's camera crew didn’t think the Giants could make a play, either

10/18/2020 - The villainy doesn’t end with the Astros

10/18/2020 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: Bearing down on this under

10/18/2020 - The Astros finally lost but these cheaters never got what they deserved

10/18/2020 - Sunday Scaries: The Week 6 bets you should avoid

10/17/2020 - Remember way back in 2019 when Myles Garrett swinging a helmet was the biggest story in the world?

10/17/2020 - Dan Mullen, the guy who wanted 90,000 fans in the stands, has COVID-19

10/17/2020 - Yale hockey follows strict protocols, still sees 18/19 players test positive for COVID-19

10/17/2020 - Hands off, Sergio Aguero — at a minimum, touch of lineswoman should have been carded

10/17/2020 - 'Emotional roller coaster' ride ends & Rays bettor wins $300K on AL pennant [UPDATED]

10/17/2020 - Yellow-bellied Game 7 starter for Rays seeks to exorcise Astros demons he had hoped stayed hidden

10/16/2020 - Deadspin Presents the most overpaid & underpaid coaches in college football: Vol. 2, The Nice Price Guys

10/16/2020 - After escaping from the Jets, who can blame Le’Veon Bell for wanting to win?

10/16/2020 - SEE IT! Taiwanese baseball player robs homer, but plays possum & lets batter circle bases before revealing prize

10/16/2020 - White Sox should pass on early-bird special Tony La Russa in hiring a new manager

10/16/2020 - Deadspin Presents the most overpaid and underpaid coaches in college football: Vol. 1, The Fat Cats

10/16/2020 - Like a Rorschach test, you can see whatever you want in the art of Dodgers collapses

10/15/2020 - Kelly Loeffler’s endorsement from QAnon supporter shows how far America has fallen

10/15/2020 - Sports betting guru will win $300,000 if Rays make Series [UPDATED: AGAIN!]

10/15/2020 - One year in, don’t be fooled by AEW’s WWE alumni

10/15/2020 - Ty Lue will need plenty of help for Clippers to end conference finals drought

10/15/2020 - The NFL keeps following Trump into the abyss — first with Kaepernick then with COVID

10/15/2020 - This is where the Dodgers get to be the Dodgers

10/15/2020 - Careless tweet by Pedro Gomez set up Zack Greinke to look like a jackass

10/14/2020 - Two words: Zamboni fire

10/14/2020 - Nick Saban tests positive for COVID-19 as virus continues to spread throughout the SEC

10/14/2020 - Actually, it's LeBron who's the G.O.A.T.

10/14/2020 - Is Adam Gase a better coach than a potato? Wikipedia says no

10/14/2020 - Sports may be back, but the ratings aren’t — a new Marist poll tells us why

10/14/2020 - The NFL stopped being a running back’s league long ago — just ask Le’Veon Bell

10/14/2020 - NHL Free Agency: To trade with Joe Sakic is to admit your limitations

10/14/2020 - Mark Jackson is the reason why Mark Jackson isn’t an NBA head coach

10/14/2020 - My Twitter fight with Trevor Bauer

10/14/2020 - LeBron’s Ugly Truth: He cheated us and the game

10/14/2020 - You don’t have to feel sorry about Jose Altuve's 'Thing'

10/13/2020 - Derrick Henry stiff-arms Josh Norman into next Tuesday

10/13/2020 - Insufferable Trevor Bauer is the worst kind of Twitter troll

10/13/2020 - The NFL is going along with local guidelines to COVID, but will allow the Saints to switch local guidelines

10/13/2020 - Everything is fine in college football, as Big 10 will no doubt find out this month

10/13/2020 - BREAKING: Adam Schefter is a vacuous turd who embodies white male privilege

10/13/2020 - NFL plays Russian roulette with decision to let Titans back on field

10/13/2020 - Billy Beane changed baseball, but he could never conquer the game

10/13/2020 - An Astros dynasty would be the perfect end to this dumpster of a season

10/13/2020 - Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for COVID-19

10/13/2020 - Stadium and arena voting is just one step in long war against voter suppression

10/13/2020 - Sorry LeBron James fans, Michael Jordan is still the G.O.A.T.

10/13/2020 - Astros getting good wood, but keep finding Rays' gloves at the other end of their ropes

10/13/2020 - Trump bullied the NFL for years and now they're both being bullied by Covid-19

10/12/2020 - We’re only in the 2nd but it’s already the Manuel Margot game

10/12/2020 - Players are terrified of COVID, but don’t want to speak up for fear of angering the NFL

10/12/2020 - Your totally not late at all LCS preview

10/12/2020 - Joe Morgan, championed by the analytics he hated, passes away at 77

10/12/2020 - Kevin Cash continues to win by knowing how to lose

10/12/2020 - Week 5 takeaways: Another coach is gone, the Niners got smacked like they ate an edible, and the Boys’ D is as bad as Trump’s COVID team

10/12/2020 - Tony Romo's commentary is mediocre as hell

10/12/2020 - There are like 50 teams in New York and they all suck — including the Yankees

10/12/2020 - Defense and the play of a former Celtic gave Lakers their 17th NBA championship

10/11/2020 - Dak Prescott headed to surgery after a gruesome ankle injury [Updated]

10/11/2020 - Are you ready for some Monday afternoon football? It’s gonna suck

10/11/2020 - MLS has been a scheduling mess for months, and the NFL might not do any better

10/11/2020 - Rafael Nadal wins Rafael Nadal Open for 13th time

10/11/2020 - Florida’s Dan Mullen wants to risk 90,000 lives because he can’t coach under pressure [UPDATED]

10/11/2020 - Daily dose of inspiration: ‘Blue Lives Matter’ car wipes out in rain, places 37th

10/11/2020 - Dwayne Haskins sacrificed for NFL Nepotism of Scott Turner, Norv’s Son

10/11/2020 - Deadspin Over/Under Bet of the Week: Hail to this Chiefs total

10/11/2020 - Sunday Scaries: The Week 5 bets you should avoid

10/11/2020 - Unknown fighter delivers greatest KO in UFC history, then says he'll knock Chimaev's 'bitchass' out cold

10/10/2020 - Manchester United can't unscrew itself, again, as transfer window slams shut on their fingers

10/10/2020 - Rangers win race against no one to sign the worst player available in NHL free agency

10/10/2020 - Everybody hates Aroldis (correct!) but thinks they hate the Astros vs. the Rays now, and ... that's bad

10/10/2020 - Butler does it again — but like, at a whole ’nother level — to extend NBA Finals

10/9/2020 - Lindsey Vonn schusses (get it?) bigots, talks depression, love, Covid & how she almost drove for Formula One

10/9/2020 - Baseball has lost yet another Hall of Famer in 2020 as Yankees ace Whitey Ford dies at age 91

10/9/2020 - Minor hockey league pretends it’s going to have an almost normal 2020-21 season

10/9/2020 - Almost nothing went right in Tyrod Taylor's career, and he was a pretty good QB in spite of it all

10/9/2020 - Deadspin Presents: The Most Underrated NFL Players & Coaches of the Past 30 Years

10/9/2020 - Maybe Tom Brady is on Regeneron, too

10/8/2020 - Les Miles contracts COVID, could coach next week. What?

10/8/2020 - The NFL must start handing out forfeits

10/8/2020 - Tyreek Hill mocks NFL’s ‘Old man yells at cloud’ celebration rules with new gloves

10/8/2020 - Dumb football players are going to ruin football

10/8/2020 - NHL perfectly happy to continue tickle-fighting racism as diversity group slams inaction, severs ties

10/8/2020 - Finals TV Ratings prove LeBron isn’t must-see TV

10/8/2020 - Mike Pence's fly presents: Great insect moments in sports

10/8/2020 - MLB Playoffs gets signature moment in 'Bellinger-robs-Tatis' — the problem is sport doesn't have enough of them

10/7/2020 - See it! Cody Bellinger's highway robbery of Fernando Tatis triggers blown kisses and an F-bomb barrage

10/7/2020 - Even in the ‘Year of the Black QB,’ a double-standard remains

10/7/2020 - Deadspin Presents: The Most Overrated NFL Players & Coaches of the past 30 years

10/7/2020 - When will soccer care about the sexual assault allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo?

10/7/2020 - Wisconsin axes stadium voting in Milwaukee, but says it's just fine in lily-white Green Bay

10/7/2020 - WNBA caps off its wildest, most impactful season ever with the founding of a dynasty

10/7/2020 - Is it racism? COVID-19? Incompetence? What IS the Football Team's secret to constantly stepping on rakes?

10/7/2020 - Does no fans mean more scoring across all sports?

10/7/2020 - It’s all going wrong and the NFL’s malice could cost lives

10/7/2020 - Eddie Van Halen was the sports owner of rock stars

10/7/2020 - Three years ago, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was balling with an ankle monitor, last night he helped LeBron James take a 3-1 lead in NBA Finals

10/6/2020 - Keep your pants on, Dolphins fans: It's not Tua Time yet

10/6/2020 - Why aren’t NHL goalies drafted like NFL quarterbacks?

10/6/2020 - Bill O'Brien is gone - which trash coach will be next?

10/6/2020 - Talk about superspreaders! Millions of dollars showered on Prez, GOP by NFL owners who allow fans in stadiums

10/6/2020 - Trash Odell Beckham Jr. at your own risk

10/6/2020 - How the Breonna Taylor case went so wrong

10/6/2020 - The Texans need to hire a Black head coach, and his name is Eric Bieniemy

10/6/2020 - The Astros' desire to be the victim is getting farcical

10/5/2020 - Bill O’Brien was trash at everything, and it was time for him to go

10/5/2020 - Jon Gruden won't keep the damn mask on

10/5/2020 - In post-#SpeakingOut world, WWE decides hiring Barstool demon bro apologist Erika Nardini is the way to go

10/5/2020 - LSU forgets that COVID still exists and decides to get rid of CDC wellness checks at games

10/5/2020 - Division Series playoff preview: Where the hell are we?

10/5/2020 - This was the Sunday America finally lost its mind

10/5/2020 - Cowboys defense nonexistent like Trump’s COVID protocols, Ramsey and Tate try to 2-piece each other, and the NFC East is a joke

10/5/2020 - In Fernando Tatis Jr., baseball finally has a must-see TV star

10/5/2020 - The Eagles being in first place is hilarious

10/5/2020 - This weekend, basketball proved why football needs a bubble

10/5/2020 - For the NFL’s smartest team, this seems remarkably dumb

10/4/2020 - Here’s what the Bears-Colts game means for the 2020 presidential race

10/4/2020 - Minor league coach’s murder-suicide is only the latest example of domestic abuse by a Cubs employee

10/4/2020 - European soccer isn’t clear of Coronavirus either

10/4/2020 - Sunday Scaries: The Week 4 bets you should avoid

10/4/2020 - The President is hospitalized with COVID-19 and the SMU student section still doesn't get it

10/3/2020 - The NFL and White House are paying the price for pretending the pandemic will just go away

10/3/2020 - Vegas Golden Knights sign Robin Lehner to 5-year deal

10/3/2020 - Project ShaqBox: Recounting Bob Gibson's postseason heroics

10/3/2020 - Cam Newton, three more Titans, and Saints player test positive for COVID-19, throwing NFL into turmoil [UPDATED]

10/3/2020 - The Heat is off in NBA Finals; Time is a flat circle in WNBA Finals; Central teams all spit bit in MLB playoffs

10/3/2020 - Bob Gibson owned whatever he wanted of the plate and quite literally changed baseball forever

10/2/2020 - Like so many others, Notre Dame President Father Jenkins flouted COVID-19 until he got it

10/2/2020 - It wouldn’t be the NBA Finals without devastating injuries

10/2/2020 - Sometimes good things happen in Philadelphia too, Don!

10/2/2020 - There is good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s the San Diego Padres

10/2/2020 - Sports, lies & COVID-19: A White House history after Trump tests positive

10/1/2020 - Kyrie Irving shades LeBron, praises Durant in clutch as first teammate who can 'make that shot too'

10/1/2020 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: Garbage infiltrates Thursday Night Football

10/1/2020 - Landon Donovan's USL team forfeits second straight match due to racial and homophobic slurs

10/1/2020 - How a Trump-stacked Supreme Court could gut Title IX safeguards for transgender students, athletes

10/1/2020 - Titans-Steelers game rescheduled for later in the season as more test positive

10/1/2020 - Wisconsin GOP tries to grill Racing Sausages, but they’re gonna get burned

10/1/2020 - These guys should have opted out of baseball's 2020 season

10/1/2020 - MLB’s day of 'madness' an excellent showcase of 2020 baseball* (*not necessarily a compliment)

10/1/2020 - How a first quarter timeout helped LeBron James win Game 1 of The Finals for only the second time in his career