10/31/2022 - The feel-good story of a sports Sunday, the Los Angeles Lakers?

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10/31/2022 - Welp, it turns out the Bills were every bit as good as advertised

10/31/2022 - Who let Philadelphia be the sports capital?

10/30/2022 - Marcus Stroman goes full Kanye

10/30/2022 - A championship that means more

10/30/2022 - Michigan State paid $95M for a 3-5 team, but the ‘scuffle’ was free of charge

10/29/2022 - No, Kanye wasn't right — so stop sharing antisemitic hate speech

10/29/2022 - Should a player’s legacy be defined by postseason results?

10/29/2022 - Anti-vaxxer, flat earther...anti-Semite?

10/29/2022 - Still amazed by the Phillies? You haven’t been watching them

10/28/2022 - NFL Week 8: The Falcons are the least pathetic team in the pathetic NFC South

10/28/2022 - LeBron James dropping the Dallas Cowboys over ethical reasons yet somehow rooting for the Cleveland Browns? Who wants to tell him?

10/28/2022 - There are 10 unbreakable NFL records

10/28/2022 - Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen file for divorce

10/28/2022 - That time Bo Jackson tried to kill Kevin Seitzer

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10/28/2022 - What's next for Brittney Griner? | The SEO Show

10/28/2022 - Gus Johnson, not Ian Eagle, should succeed Jim Nantz as the voice of March Madness

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10/27/2022 - I could play this New York Times umpire game for hours

10/27/2022 - A decade after the Thunder traded James Harden, regret should linger

10/27/2022 - Gisele lays down the law

10/27/2022 - World Series X-Factors: Who needs to step up for Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies to win the title?

10/27/2022 - Oh look, everyone — Jason Whitlock demands your attention… again

10/27/2022 - Westbrook definitely needs to be traded, but he’s far from the only reason Lakers are losing

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10/27/2022 - Washington Wizards trying to relive glory days of mid-2000s mediocrity

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10/27/2022 - Rob Parker's NFL picks for Week 8

10/27/2022 - Atletico Madrid kick themselves in the ass to death

10/27/2022 - Vance Joseph deserves another head coaching gig

10/27/2022 - Mullett Arena is somehow dumber than you’d imagine something called Mullett Arena could be

10/26/2022 - Did you know Manhattan College canned its coach less than two weeks before the start of the season?

10/26/2022 - Isn't Mike Evans giving a referee his digits far worse than an autograph? Asking for everyone

10/26/2022 - Russell Wilson needs to turn heel

10/26/2022 - Here's an idea Rory, stop talking about the Saudi Tour

10/26/2022 - The rumored MLS Playoff changes are almost there

10/26/2022 - Has Aaron Judge played his last game in pinstripes and a look at some notable 2023 MLB free agents

10/26/2022 - Will have some more of this, thank you

10/26/2022 - MLB needs to explain why Juan Soto is a Gold Glove finalist

10/26/2022 - The way Aaron Rodgers tells it, he’s always right

10/26/2022 - Early NBA season superlatives: Let’s hope this version of the Knicks lasts longer than ‘Bing bong!’

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10/25/2022 - This is bigger than Bailey Zappe and Mac Jones — Bill Belichick has never been good at drafting quarterbacks

10/25/2022 - Maybe the Bears’ front office does know what it’s doing

10/25/2022 - Week 7 NFL Powerless Rankings: The losses keep piling up

10/25/2022 - Brittney Griner loses appeal, nine-year sentence upheld by Russian court

10/25/2022 - The Disappearance of John Brisker | Sports Mysteries

10/25/2022 - NFL refs have got to be smarter about breaking rulebook they enforce [Update]

10/25/2022 - Aaron Judge to Hollywood?

10/25/2022 - You mean the guy from West Sh*tkicker University wasn’t the answer?

10/25/2022 - Yankees championship drought continues | Trash Talkin' Tuesday

10/24/2022 - Jerry Jones jumps back on the Dak Prescott bandwagon

10/24/2022 - Wouldn’t you love to hear what executives for the Panthers and Jazz are honestly thinking right now?

10/24/2022 - It’s not quite as bad as it seems for Jesse Marsch, but that probably won’t save him

10/24/2022 - Despite getting handled by the Chiefs, the 49ers have the formula to be the most dangerous team in the NFC

10/24/2022 - Ted Cruz showed up at Yankee Stadium and the Bronx fans didn’t disappoint in the slightest

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10/24/2022 - This is what it's all about

10/23/2022 - The NBA’s tanking problem is more perception than reality, and a relegation system won’t fix that

10/23/2022 - The Denver Broncos should seriously consider shutting down Russell Wilson for the year

10/23/2022 - France may be without their spine at the World Cup, and they won’t be alone

10/23/2022 - Is it time for Clemson to permanently bench D.J. Uiagalelei?

10/23/2022 - It’s impossible to be completely miserable (or happy) during the sports equinox

10/22/2022 - Chris Paul has another NBA rule change to get used to

10/22/2022 - The USWNT winning their World Cup group would go a long way

10/22/2022 - Russell Wilson takes another L

10/22/2022 - Houston, we have a champagne problem

10/22/2022 - If ya can't beat 'em, hire 'em

10/22/2022 - If you were to watch the NLCS instead of just complaining about it, you might like it

10/21/2022 - College football Week 8: It’s hard to stop chasing the dragon after last week

10/21/2022 - Coaching HBCU football is a stepping stone for Deion Sanders, but a brick wall for his peers

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10/21/2022 - Are chili cook-offs a sport? | Brian Baumgartner

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10/21/2022 - For the Houston Astros, it can be as simple as one pitch

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10/20/2022 - The NBA has a load management problem that Commissioner Adam Silver has done nothing about

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10/20/2022 - Who wins? Who's weird? College Football in 2022 | The Weigh In

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10/19/2022 - LeBron James has something in common with Tom Brady this season

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10/19/2022 - Jordan Brand keeps signing Duke guys because North Carolina can’t produce worthy candidates

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10/19/2022 - The immediate future of the Commanders is in Taylor Heinicke’s hands

10/19/2022 - So it’s root, root, root for the Yankees

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10/18/2022 - For NBA MVP, the value bet is Zion, but who will actually win is obvious

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10/17/2022 - Top 5 football movies of the past 30 years

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10/16/2022 - It sounds strange, but the Jets are a pretty damn good football team

10/16/2022 - 10 NBA preseason takeaways that provide insight into the regular season

10/16/2022 - The rest of the bill is coming due for the Rams’ Super Bowl

10/16/2022 - Philly fans need to put a cork in it

10/16/2022 - Week 7 of college football was perfect

10/15/2022 - The AP poll really needs to start taking strength of schedule into consideration more

10/15/2022 - Yes, Tua Tagovailoa cleared concussion protocols — he still shouldn’t play

10/15/2022 - NFL Week 6: Is it time to stop doubting the NY Giants?

10/15/2022 - Philadelphia Eagles’ easy schedule could ensure the road to Super Bowl runs through Philadelphia

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10/15/2022 - With offense winning titles in other sports, playoff baseball is still about pitching

10/14/2022 - Those seeking College Football Playoff clarity this weekend should think again

10/14/2022 - Brett Favre must think we’re all stupid

10/14/2022 - Deshaun Watson is being sued for the 26th time

10/14/2022 - Tommy Tuberville and other racist college football coaches | Google is Free

10/14/2022 - Sam Presti, mixed bag

10/14/2022 - Lamar Jackson being graded so harshly is a testament to his greatness

10/14/2022 - Justin Fields and a tale of two halves

10/14/2022 - Attention NBA teams with no desire to win: Call the Lakers because Russell Westbrook already looks checked out

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10/13/2022 - Five best landing spots for Carlos Correa [Updated]

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10/13/2022 - And the nominees for this NBA season’s only-great-in-video-games teams are …

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10/13/2022 - A rematch for the ages?

10/13/2022 - Rob Parker's NFL picks for Week 6

10/13/2022 - Sticky substances are back in fashion for the postseason, it seems

10/13/2022 - The NBA’s Western Conference is going to be like bumper cars with all the movement this season

10/13/2022 - How should he be remembered?

10/13/2022 - Jason Peters has a few words about Philly fans

10/13/2022 - Tom Brady, LeBron James, Drew Brees, and Kevin Durant are all pickleball obsessed, which is why you shouldn’t be

10/13/2022 - Manny Machado is great, whether anyone bothers to notice or not

10/12/2022 - TBS sets new standard for cringiest promo of all time during Game 1 of the ALDS

10/12/2022 - Is MTV Cribs-era fashion making a comeback?

10/12/2022 - Randy Johnson is one NFL photographer Davante Adams wouldn’t mess with

10/12/2022 - Steve Kerr is in crisis-management mode, but when is he not?

10/12/2022 - The USWNT better hope their frontline is good enough

10/12/2022 - Where in the world is the Giants’ punter? [Update] He's back in the States

10/12/2022 - The NBA’s Eastern Conference might see a bit of a shake-up in the standings this season

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10/12/2022 - The NFL could easily make its unnecessary roughness penalties more tolerable for the masses

10/12/2022 - Kevin Durant Disease is contagious

10/12/2022 - Don’t be in such a rush to show your genius

10/11/2022 - Daniel Carlson is inching ever closer to Justin Tucker territory

10/11/2022 - Ron Rivera throws Carson Wentz under the bus as Washington’s pathetic sideshow rolls on

10/11/2022 - Ranking the 12 NFL head coaches hired straight from the Power 5 college ranks since 2000

10/11/2022 - Tommy Tuberville called Black people criminals, and it likely helped him

10/11/2022 - The Raiders may have lost on Monday night, but going for two was the correct decision

10/11/2022 - ‘How to lose an all-star before his rookie extension’: A Charlotte Hornets production

10/11/2022 - Let’s hope rest doesn’t matter much

10/11/2022 - Davante Adams won't be charged with misdemeanor assault after all [Updated]

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10/11/2022 - TMZ is the king of breaking the sports world’s most damning news

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10/11/2022 - The NFL doesn’t have to make sense

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10/10/2022 - The Maple Leafs are going to try again with Matt Murray and that’s great for the rest of us

10/10/2022 - Victor Wembanyama is the NBA’s basketball comeuppance

10/10/2022 - Recent history says the Chiefs will win big over the Raiders on Monday Night Football

10/10/2022 - Arsenal, Liverpool, and cycles

10/10/2022 - Lions need to fire Dan Campbell — because were he Black, he’d be gone already

10/10/2022 - Tampa Bay Lightning’s Ian Cole accused of sexually abusing minor

10/10/2022 - It’s the Falcons’ fault that they lost, but it’s hard to win when playing against the refs and Bucs

10/10/2022 - The Ravens got past the Bengals, but they still have problems to fix

10/10/2022 - The Mets didn’t do anything wrong

10/10/2022 - NFL Week 5 Takeaways: The NFC East, for once, is nowhere near the least — except for Washington of course

10/9/2022 - After beating up the Miami Dolphins 40-17, it’s becoming tougher to dismiss Robert Saleh’s receipt checking

10/9/2022 - Can Danny Dimes ride Saquon’s coattails to a Giants postseason return?

10/9/2022 - It hasn’t been all smiles and sunshine for the Rams, but it also wasn’t for the last back-to-back champions — the Patriots

10/9/2022 - Good riddance, Yadi

10/9/2022 - Two takeaways from college football on Saturday

10/9/2022 - For its next trick, the Mariners will juggle orcas while unicycling over a volcano

10/8/2022 - Brady knows best: NFL chock full of bad football

10/8/2022 - Alabama’s gridiron clash with Texas A&M becomes a dud

10/8/2022 - The Pelicans have finally taken flight

10/8/2022 - NFL Week 5: Saquon Barkley can't defeat Green Bay alone

10/8/2022 - ‘It could always be worse’ isn’t much solace to Mets’ fans at the moment

10/7/2022 - Focused marketing is quickest way to prevent future abuse in women’s sports

10/7/2022 - There’s a reason Mike Leach’s quarterbacks have never cost him his job

10/7/2022 - Wait, what? 10 of some of the craziest quotes from Herschel Walker

10/7/2022 - Kyle Schwarber did something that's only been done 11 other times in MLB history | Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

10/7/2022 - Concussions continue to plague NFL games, this time its Colts' Nyheim Hines

10/7/2022 - Monday Night Football pig protestor should be facing charges, not Bobby Wagner

10/7/2022 - Serious question: Was this the worst primetime football game ever?

10/7/2022 - Draymond Green is stealing all the headlines by any means necessary

10/7/2022 - MLB Wild Card Series predictions: Rays-Guardians, Mariners-Blue Jays, Phillies-Cardinals, Padres-Mets

10/7/2022 - Jim Harbaugh and Jimbo Fisher are kindred spirits

10/7/2022 - There’s something magical about bad football

10/6/2022 - The Yankees should be stripped of the Evil Empire moniker if they let Aaron Judge walk

10/6/2022 - Picking our MLB National League award winners

10/6/2022 - USWNT-England exhibition set as specter of NWSL abuse scandal looms

10/6/2022 - AEW only has a problem if you think it does

10/6/2022 - Thursday Night Football: The Colts and Broncos clash in a battle of underachieving teams

10/6/2022 - Unfortunately, Urban Meyer will coach again | Google is Free

10/6/2022 - Did the NFL conspire to keep Blake Bortles' Jags out of Super Bowl 52? | Conspiracy Thursday

10/6/2022 - Yeah, Draymond Green may have punched Jordan Poole, but he still deserves his money [Updated with punch video]

10/6/2022 - These are the top 10 unbeaten college football teams through Week 6

10/6/2022 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar should be upset with Kyrie Irving — but where was this energy for Jim Brown?

10/6/2022 - Rob Parker's NFL Picks for Week 5

10/6/2022 - Old school football is making its return to the NFL in 2022

10/6/2022 - Baseball always gives you a moment

10/5/2022 - Kawhi Leonard’s return puts the Clippers back in the Western Conference hunt

10/5/2022 - The NBA and ESPN keep searching, but will never find their Roundball Rock

10/5/2022 - The 10 most proficient cheaters in the history of sports

10/5/2022 - Why don’t teams run more QB sneaks?

10/5/2022 - How will The Elite return to AEW? | Deadspin Dropkick

10/5/2022 - Bobby Wagner joined an elite group on Monday: The ‘athletes who have pounced on fans for invading the field’ club

10/5/2022 - Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers finally deigns to show confidence in young WRs

10/5/2022 - Who will be the NFL MVP? | Agree to Disagree

10/5/2022 - Which NFL QB gets benched next? | Agree to Disagree

10/5/2022 - The ruthless efficiency of Sandy Alcantara

10/5/2022 - College football Marty McFly Rankings Week 5: Is UCLA back? Is Chip Kelly back? Do they even qualify for being back?

10/5/2022 - The Mavericks need another star as much as Russell Westbrook needs a home

10/5/2022 - Picking our MLB American League award winners

10/5/2022 - Hockey Canada’s new interim boss is not helping

10/5/2022 - Oh yeah, it’s Fat Bear Week!

10/5/2022 - These 10 modern-day players’ primes were squandered by inept teams

10/4/2022 - HISTORY: Aaron Judge passes Roger Maris with 62nd home run

10/4/2022 - Apparently, Herschel Walker only really objects to aborting his campaign

10/4/2022 - Victor Wembanyama is in America, and taking part in a matchup that, on a college court, would be one of the most anticipated of all time

10/4/2022 - Talk shit, get hit! That's what UFC fighter Casey O'Neill was trying to prove

10/4/2022 - Micah Parsons declares Dallas Cowboys’ ‘Doomsday Defense’ is back

10/4/2022 - Dave Aranda and Matt Campbell are a few clones away from being billionaires

10/4/2022 - FTR is so good Tony Khan can’t book them

10/4/2022 - Aaron Judge has to hit No. 62, right? Right?

10/4/2022 - Like Donald Sterling — Robert Sarver is going to profit off losing his team

10/4/2022 - Set your DVR when Deebo Samuel and Talanoa Hufanga are playing

10/4/2022 - 2022 rookie wide receiver ranking Week 4: A relatively quiet week for these pass catchers

10/4/2022 - It’s time the NFL made Guardian Caps mandatory

10/4/2022 - Week 4 NFL Powerless Rankings: Texans sit atop trash heap

10/4/2022 - Rob Manfred strikes again!

10/4/2022 - Sports would be all right if it wasn’t for the organizations that run them

10/4/2022 - Don't buy into the Tom Brady hype | Trash Talkin' Tuesday

10/3/2022 - Tony La Russa is done in Chicago

10/3/2022 - The Rams should take down the banged up 49ers on Monday Night Football, but only if they shore up a key weakness

10/3/2022 - Aaron Judge still pissing off college football fans far and wide

10/3/2022 - Rafael Leão is carrying AC Milan, and should punt Cristiano Ronaldo off of Portugal

10/3/2022 - Week 4 NFL Most and Least Valuable Players: Baker Mayfield watched Patrick Mahomes’ transcendent talent from the NFL cellar

10/3/2022 - Dallas Cowboys: A Cooper Rush vs. Dak Prescott ‘QB controversy’

10/3/2022 - From race-norming to Tua Tagovailoa — do all brains matter in the NFL?

10/3/2022 - Are you actually going to have to put up with Red Wings fans this year?

10/3/2022 - IDIOT OF THE MONTH: Kyrie Irving and Brett Favre are taking over this list

10/3/2022 - The Dallas Cowboys are frauds

10/3/2022 - Luke MacFarlane: The importance of Carl Nassib coming out

10/3/2022 - Week 4 NFL Takeaways: Start spreading the news!

10/3/2022 - Geno Smith is making the most of this opportunity by playing historically well

10/3/2022 - We found a Canadian who likes hockey | Luke Macfarlane

10/3/2022 - Don’t write off the Bucs and Chiefs just yet, unless you desire to make poor predictions

10/3/2022 - Baseball cares not for your plans, especially when you’re the New York Mets

10/2/2022 - Tear gas fired inside Indonesian stadium resulted in one of the worst soccer tragedies in 50 years

10/2/2022 - Mike Tomlin, Steelers finally make the switch to Kenny Pickett, much to the delight of Pittsburgh fans

10/2/2022 - J.J. Watt plans to play just days after having his heart shocked back into rhythm

10/2/2022 - All you can do is marvel at Erling Haaland

10/2/2022 - There are many reasons why eight is the perfect number for the CFP expansion

10/1/2022 - The end of an era: Last outfield hill in professional baseball has been destroyed

10/1/2022 - Even in retirement, Antonio Brown can't help being awful

10/1/2022 - Antonio Inoki leaves behind a legacy that rivals any in combat sports

10/1/2022 - NFL Week 4: Are backup QBs better than we give them credit for?

10/1/2022 - God giveth, and god taketh away

10/1/2022 - Why is No. 14 Ole Miss a touchdown favorite over No. 7 Kentucky?

10/1/2022 - There’s at least one MLB fan base who would open-mouth kiss Rob Manfred

10/1/2022 - Which NFL player will be traded in 2022? | Agree to Disagree