8/31/2021 - MLB record-holder ...Robbie Ray?

8/31/2021 - Mac Jones could mess around and game manage his way into the playoffs this season

8/31/2021 - Olympics hoops just ended, but it’s already time to look towards the men's FIBA World Cup

8/31/2021 - Leagues are all-in on sports gambling — is that really a good idea?

8/31/2021 - Jared Goff thinks the Lions can win the NFC North (and no, we couldn't get through writing this headline without laughing)

8/31/2021 - Marcus Semien is an MVP candidate again, and you probably didn’t notice again

8/31/2021 - What we know about Bishop Sycamore, the fake football team on ESPN

8/31/2021 - Don’t feel sorry for Cam — he did this to himself

8/31/2021 - Do not compare being on WWE’s roster to slavery

8/31/2021 - Remember when Dame and Shaq had beef? Now they’re collaborating on a dang sneaker

8/31/2021 - We’ve got tennis beef at the U.S. Open

8/31/2021 - Mets giving their fans a thumbs down for booing is trash

8/31/2021 - That don’t impress me much

8/30/2021 - Trent Dilfer loses it on one of his high school players

8/30/2021 - What to make of Cowboys’ 0-4 preseason

8/30/2021 - The Colts keep running into Wentz issues

8/30/2021 - So is Ronaldo to United actually going to work?

8/30/2021 - Please enjoy these visuals of sports broadcasting’s diversity problem

8/30/2021 - Who are the NBA's tough guys?

8/30/2021 - The Dolphins’ interest in Deshaun Watson contradicts last season’s stance against inequality

8/30/2021 - Is Patrick Wisdom a name you need to know?

8/30/2021 - Bill needs to go with Cam as the starter for Week 1

8/30/2021 - Hey Carlos, wherever you go, the boos will follow

8/30/2021 - Do you know where you are? It’s called Flushing for a reason

8/29/2021 - J.K. Dobbins’ ACL tear will hurt the Ravens, but team’s expectations still the same

8/29/2021 - Nets reportedly eyeing Cavs’ Kevin Love, Isaiah Hartenstein

8/29/2021 - Hawk Harrelson would love this horse

8/29/2021 - WTF is Howie Roseman doing in Philly?

8/29/2021 - College GameDay should continue to highlight HBCUs

8/29/2021 - Sporting Kansas City and the Rapids were unclear on the concept last night

8/29/2021 - Hurricanes tweet Kotkaniemi offer sheet news in French out of sheer pettiness

8/29/2021 - Rondo returns to Los Angeles through Salary Cap Magic

8/28/2021 - You done messed up, Urban

8/28/2021 - Life Without Lauri: The other side of the Markkanen deal

8/28/2021 - It would be fun if baseball still had waiver deals

8/28/2021 - Ten, named for Mookie Blaylock’s number, is 30 years old (Mookie is now 54… How’s THAT feel?!)

8/28/2021 - The Louisville jerk store called — it got its men

8/27/2021 - Why are so many people betting on Bryce Harper to win MVP?

8/27/2021 - Lauri Markkanen trade means Cavs fans can legit dream of a Play-In spot this season (really)

8/27/2021 - Robin Lehner has big shoes to fill with the Golden Knights, but his feet look about the right size

8/27/2021 - If you don’t call Scott Zolak’s dog-whistle ‘Cam is distracted by rap music’ utter rot, what are you even doing?

8/27/2021 - Julius Randle’s extension is perfect for both sides

8/27/2021 - Brittney Griner dunked again and it was NBD

8/27/2021 - So what’s to be done with Alexander Zverev?

8/27/2021 - After all the Aaron Rodgers drama, where are the Packers, really?

8/26/2021 - Down the stretch they come: Here’s what to watch out for as the MLB season hits final run

8/26/2021 - Emoni Bates makes Memphis must-see TV

8/26/2021 - Rookie QB watch: Preseason freak-out, geek-out edition

8/26/2021 - Maybe it’s the un-superteam thing Barkley likes in Bulls

8/26/2021 - With World Cup qualifying imminent, let's check in on how many rakes Berhalter is stepping on

8/26/2021 - Hey, Pep — you old scallywag, you old so-and-so — come manage the USMNT

8/26/2021 - Time to take the 2026 World Cup out of Mexico

8/26/2021 - Big Ten… ACC… Pac-12… wyd

8/26/2021 - What to make of these L.A. Chargers

8/26/2021 - No, Kirk Herbstreit, college football doesn’t need a ‘Roger Goodell’

8/26/2021 - Our long national nightmare is over

8/25/2021 - Broncos make QB decision fans are sure to whine about

8/25/2021 - No, Evan Fournier does not quite look like that

8/25/2021 - The Orioles ineptness allows MLB execs to tell on themselves

8/25/2021 - ‘Papers, please’ is not a joke, and LSU’s vax policy is dead on — you vapid Vol pol

8/25/2021 - Can Sony Michel fill in for Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson?

8/25/2021 - Tua Tagovailoa is at the center of two stupid things, and neither are his fault

8/25/2021 - Who is the fastest NFL player ever?

8/25/2021 - The icons of tennis are about to leave the stage, and the US Open will be our first taste of life without them in decades

8/25/2021 - Harry Kane decides to stay with Tottenham

8/25/2021 - When it comes to coveted coaching jobs, big names are winning out over qualifications

8/25/2021 - Cole Beasley, ‘pro-choice’ on vaccine, will now be forced to miss practice

8/25/2021 - 'Red' storm rising

8/25/2021 - Good lord, Javy Báez!

8/25/2021 - Baseball For All's message to women and girls: You don't have to stop playing the game you love

8/24/2021 - Travis Etienne expected to miss entire 2021 season with foot injury

8/24/2021 - Is Larry Fitzgerald calling it?

8/24/2021 - Why does one inning make such a difference?

8/24/2021 - Y’all had jokes for Karrion Kross’ new entrance attire — and rightfully so

8/24/2021 - Sorry Taysom, it’s Jameis’ job now

8/24/2021 - Does Big Ben even have anything left to run it back with?

8/24/2021 - David Moyes must be having a midlife crisis with West Ham

8/24/2021 - Yo, Bears: Please don't feed Justin Fields to the wolves

8/24/2021 - Another fan fumbles chance to beat The Freeze in final seconds

8/24/2021 - Old is new, sports is life, and dumb is dumb

8/24/2021 - Harry Douglas believes Jameis Winston ‘should have never been doubted,’ compares him to Peyton Manning – God help us!

8/24/2021 - The Tyler Skaggs-Eric Kay trial looks to be real ugly

8/24/2021 - Yes, Zach Wilson has been the best rookie QB in preseason buuut…

8/24/2021 - Yankees continue march through Atlanta

8/23/2021 - The Cardinals need a playoff appearance to save Kliff Kingsbury’s job

8/23/2021 - Carson Wentz is back way ahead of schedule

8/23/2021 - Let’s pick apart this list of the NBA’s 22 best point guards

8/23/2021 - Emmanuel Acho’s infatuation with dissing Sha’Carri Richardson/Black women is problematic and corny

8/23/2021 - Stop taking NFL preseason games so damn seriously

8/23/2021 - Big Ten COVID policy sets precedent, declaring teams will forfeit for outbreaks

8/23/2021 - So what happens when going for it doesn’t work for the Padres?

8/23/2021 - Kevin Durant can’t handle this smoke

8/23/2021 - The Malice South of Paris

8/23/2021 - The Giants just won’t die

8/22/2021 - When the smoke clears, it’ll be WFT in the NFC East

8/22/2021 - Yeah, this Romelu Lukaku thing is going to be a problem

8/22/2021 - I think I know what Draymond is doing

8/22/2021 - Fans need to abide by kindergarten rules and keep their hands to themselves

8/22/2021 - This weekend told you everything you needed to know about what WWE and AEW are

8/22/2021 - Please don’t let Manny Pacquiao fight Errol Spence Jr., it won’t end well

8/22/2021 - Sha’Carri Richardson can be celebrated and challenged at the same time

8/22/2021 - Why didn’t Yankees and Twins play 2 yesterday with Henri barreling down?

8/21/2021 - Hear me out: Luke Voit deserves just as much playing time as Anthony Rizzo

8/21/2021 - Justin Fields almost got his head taken off — can we not do this anymore?

8/21/2021 - These two 12-year-old kids are making a name for themselves at the LLWS

8/21/2021 - Giannis ‘brews’ up a new connection to Milwaukee

8/21/2021 - AEW nails homage to MJ with CM Punk's Chicago return

8/20/2021 - Glendale says 'Adios, 'Yotes!'

8/20/2021 - MLB’s salary floor proposal is already DOA

8/20/2021 - Just when I think I'm out, WWE's big events pull me back in

8/20/2021 - Terry Rozier got the memo about Latrell Sprewell that Dennis Schröder missed

8/20/2021 - Tom Brady’s son is a ball boy for the Bucs, and no, that’s not great

8/20/2021 - Why is Antonio Brown still in the NFL?

8/19/2021 - Don’t let Shanahan fool you — the 49ers are already Trey’s team

8/19/2021 - James Harrison’s heel turn – plus other NFL pro-wrestling grudge matches we’d like to see

8/19/2021 - Ironman triathlete gets bitten by fish, confirms all my fears about open-water swimming

8/19/2021 - Jalen Hurts is trending up and Philly will be better because of it

8/19/2021 - We still see you, Trevor Bauer

8/19/2021 - Sha’Carri Richardson finally has an opportunity to shut up her haters

8/19/2021 - With Max Kellerman leaving 'First Take,' could it be the return of... Skip Bayless?

8/19/2021 - Let the complaining begin: NBA 2K ratings released

8/19/2021 - If Laila Ali and other athletes want to be anti-vaxxers, let them (but don’t listen to them)

8/19/2021 - Shame Jack Morris’ suspended ass wasn’t in the booth to see this

8/19/2021 - Keep it the Washington Football Team — that’s what you deserve

8/18/2021 - Sixers had no choice but to 'supermax' Embiid, but they just blew their shot at a title

8/18/2021 - Brett Favre finally does something smart

8/18/2021 - Women have always understood who Trevor Bauer is

8/18/2021 - Steve Cohen calls out the Mets' hitters for being 'unproductive'

8/18/2021 - LaMelo Ball is speaking facts about higher education

8/18/2021 - It’s time for baseball to protect pitchers

8/18/2021 - The Seahawks need Jamal Adams to work after what they gave up

8/18/2021 - Apology not accepted, Jack Morris [UPDATED]

8/18/2021 - Naomi Osaka’s issues with (some) in ‘the media’ are legit

8/17/2021 - Pro-Am performances getting close to resembling Wilt’s ‘100’ sign

8/17/2021 - Alex Rodriguez is the Alex Rodriguez of saying idiotic stuff

8/17/2021 - This NBA Season is going to be lit, and that’s good because it’s already here

8/17/2021 - Jonathan India is running away with the NL Rookie of the Year Award

8/17/2021 - Can OBJ still be an elite wide receiver in the NFL?

8/17/2021 - ‘Playing it cautiously’ with Dak has the Cowboys playing with fire

8/17/2021 - LeBron and Russ have first public ‘date’

8/17/2021 - Man with bad hair says man with worse hair needs a barber

8/16/2021 - Why the Titans will take the AFC

8/16/2021 - I have one question about this Clippers-Grizzlies deal: Why?

8/16/2021 - U.S. Soccer legend Carli Lloyd retiring after an outstanding career

8/16/2021 - Want to watch the Saints play at home? Get vaccinated

8/16/2021 - Non-SEC Schools need to start over and make their own conference

8/16/2021 - Baseball is dead? Hardly

8/16/2021 - It’s time for Tim Tebow to ‘retire’ [Updated]

8/16/2021 - Fernando Tatis Jr. won the NL MVP award yesterday

8/15/2021 - Viral photo depicting entire ‘AAU team’-turned-pro is fake news, but here’s the real story behind the squad in it

8/15/2021 - Can we please not overreact to the NFL preseason? (Oops, too late)

8/15/2021 - Jake Paul pulls stunt to promote mediocre boxing exhibition: Take 1,027

8/15/2021 - Hear me out: LiAngelo Ball has proven he belongs

8/15/2021 - That's baseball: Saturday night, West Coast, no-no edition

8/14/2021 - Trevor Bauer has MLB leave extended after WaPo report of another temporary order of protection against him by Ohio woman in 2020

8/14/2021 - Is Logan Thomas the steal of your fantasy draft?

8/14/2021 - The Mets are walking into schedule hell at the worst possible time

8/14/2021 - The remaining free agents who just might help your favorite team

8/14/2021 - Hey, Jumbo: That Cup isn’t happening

8/14/2021 - Where should Ben Simmons ultimately land?

8/14/2021 - Don’t overdo it, MLB

8/13/2021 - Bring back Lance Stephenson, we don’t care where

8/13/2021 - I hope Tyreek Hill accepts Usain Bolt’s challenge... and gets smoked

8/13/2021 - From the Clippers, Kawhi still deserves whatever he wants

8/13/2021 - At the Field of Dreams, baseball’s Black and brown stars have A-MAIZE-ING night

8/13/2021 - We are about to enter the end of the beginning in wrestling

8/13/2021 - The Dak Prescott storyline is going to make or break ‘Hard Knocks’

8/13/2021 - I’m not sure what MLB was getting at, but it sure looked cool

8/13/2021 - Kyle Shanahan is talking crazy

8/12/2021 - Seahawks could legit finish last this season

8/12/2021 - Infamous Benny Agbayani blunder is now old enough to drink

8/12/2021 - Big tennis doesn’t want players to be polite to each other

8/12/2021 - Now we may know why Richie Burke is no longer coaching the Washington Spirit

8/12/2021 - Can we stop with the nonsense? Trevor Lawrence should be the starter in Jacksonville

8/12/2021 - If you build it, MLB will black it out

8/12/2021 - Derek Carr: I can play another 15 years! [... crickets]

8/12/2021 - Ummm, Nike has a (Zion) shoe problem

8/12/2021 - Hey, NCAA: Let J.R. Smith play college golf already!

8/12/2021 - Chris Davis was a brilliant meteor flashing across the sky

8/12/2021 - Admit it: Josh Christopher’s Steph Curry diss tweets were pretty funny

8/12/2021 - Every Mike Trout season ends like this

8/11/2021 - Watching the Bengals will lead you to drink… a lot

8/11/2021 - Deadspin wins you money*: Slam that over on the Carolina Panthers

8/11/2021 - SEE IT: Jenny Taft stands up to Skip Bayless, instantly becomes hero to millions

8/11/2021 - The Padres are going to protect Fernando Tatís Jr. by moving him closer to a wall

8/11/2021 - It’s okay to find the feel-good in Kemba Walker’s return to New York

8/11/2021 - Isaiah Thomas sure looks like he can still ball

8/11/2021 - Baylor should thank its stars the NCAA is an even worse operation than it is

8/11/2021 - ‘Malice at the Palace’ documentary is a reminder of the damage that coded language can cause

8/11/2021 - Deadspin’s deep dive into umpire stats: accuracy and consistency are key

8/11/2021 - Are Arsenal the team to watch in EPL this season?

8/11/2021 - Carson Wentz putting best foot forward

8/11/2021 - Mitch Trubisky is trippin’

8/11/2021 - Cade Cunningham vs. Jalen Green deliver from the jump

8/11/2021 - Why does the NFL care about taunting?

8/11/2021 - It’s getting away from the Red Sox

8/10/2021 - The Browns are smart not to lock up Baker Mayfield just yet

8/10/2021 - What even is taunting, and why is the NFL fixated on killing it with fire?

8/10/2021 - Deadspin Waffles: Should the Bulls trade or keep Lauri Markkanen?

8/10/2021 - Come on, Lamar Jackson, step up and save Black lives by getting vaccinated

8/10/2021 - Aubrey Huff is gonna love that I wrote about Aubrey Huff finally being kicked off Twitter — bye, Aubrey

8/10/2021 - Let’s not give Bryce Harper the NL MVP just yet

8/10/2021 - 4 prime reasons the Cowboys will disappoint fans — again! — this season

8/10/2021 - So what does this say about Neymar?

8/10/2021 - Once eyeing $100M+ deal, Dennis Schröder now may be lucky to get $6M

8/10/2021 - I don’t say this often, but the Lions are right

8/10/2021 - Kevin Durant and Draymond Green show unrivaled pettiness after gold medal win

8/10/2021 - All those clinging to the belief that LeBron James is still king need to wake up

8/10/2021 - This is Josh Sargent’s big moment

8/10/2021 - The Deshaun Watson saga just keeps getting murkier

8/10/2021 - This is Josh Sargent’s big moment

8/10/2021 - Rob Manfred must be looking to Barstool to keep Major League Baseball racist and white

8/10/2021 - Luka Dončić proves there’s few problems that $207 million can’t solve

8/9/2021 - MLB definitely wants to die like horse racing

8/9/2021 - Dawn Staley should be the NBA’s first woman head coach

8/9/2021 - WWE will finally kill NXT

8/9/2021 - SEC fans need to stop being stupid and follow the lead of their teams by getting vaccinated

8/9/2021 - Just like the rest of the leagues… [UPDATED]

8/8/2021 - Are the Mets toast?

8/8/2021 - The world doesn’t seem like it’s catching up to Team USA’s women any time soon

8/8/2021 - Here come the Yankees... either up the standings, onto the COVID list, or both

8/8/2021 - French marathon runner slaps water away from competitors, unsurprisingly finishes without a medal

8/8/2021 - Mauricio Llovera makes baseball history for wrong reasons

8/7/2021 - Should Major League Baseball have taken Olympic play more seriously?

8/7/2021 - Baseball fans go batty for beer novelty, but hole-y wow — who saw this coming?

8/7/2021 - Hear me out: Willy Adames has been second only to Tatis at shortstop this season

8/7/2021 - The world is closing the gap… but there’s still a gap

8/7/2021 - SEE IT: Robot hitting half-court shot shows they're taking over sports to prep for taking over world

8/7/2021 - Barcelona shows why fan ownership of sports teams works

8/7/2021 - Improbable run puts hoops history in reach

8/7/2021 - Kirk Cousins gets cut!*

8/7/2021 - Yes, it's a gold medal for Team USA, but what does that mean?

8/6/2021 - Only reason to sit down with O.J. is to hear him say ‘I did it’

8/6/2021 - France vs. USA — for a gold medal, and 73 years’ worth of revenge

8/6/2021 - Deadspin carefully considers the complete overreactions coming from NFL training camps

8/6/2021 - One takeaway from the Hall of Fame Game: Najee Harris looked pretty solid

8/6/2021 - Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg have been the best part of the Olympics

8/6/2021 - Are we properly understanding USA women’s dominance on the court? Nah, probably not

8/6/2021 - Kirk Cousins isn’t good enough to make everyone deal with this bull

8/5/2021 - Stop heckling the Astros? No, I don’t think I will, Joey Votto

8/5/2021 - The only thing certain about this upcoming NFL season is that Falcons and Cowboys fans will cry

8/5/2021 - Solution for Roger Goodell and the NFL: Blackball anti-vaxxers like you did Colin Kaepernick

8/5/2021 - Hey, so uhh, if you bet Barca to win La Liga this season…

8/5/2021 - J.R. Richard was so much more than a pitcher who lost it all in the blink of an eye

8/5/2021 - RG3 joining ESPN could give the network a spark

8/5/2021 - This wasn’t such a good idea, but we knew that

8/5/2021 - Just when I thought I was out…

8/5/2021 - Dumb opinions from irrelevant Florida man

8/5/2021 - Deadspin fixes: The Olympics

8/5/2021 - Bryson DeChambeau’s ignorance is staggering

8/5/2021 - Flaws and all, no one can turn it on like Team USA

8/5/2021 - Why is this trade allowed to happen?

8/4/2021 - Um, YIKES, Max Caster

8/4/2021 - Nathan MacKinnon sounds like a real douche canoe

8/4/2021 - We aren’t talking about Luka Dončić and Slovenia’s Olympic run enough

8/4/2021 - All roads lead to Manchester City [Updated]

8/4/2021 - The Knicks’ low-risk offseason is a smart long-term strategy

8/4/2021 - Keeping John Collins was key for the Hawks' championship hopes

8/4/2021 - Didja hear the one about the former MVP with the negative WAR?

8/4/2021 - The brass at Syracuse are cowards for not firing Quentin Hillsman

8/4/2021 - Study shows NCAA has been holding back women’s sports

8/4/2021 - Life shouldn’t be so bad that you can’t take time to laugh at the Cardinals

8/3/2021 - Lakers will be in contention for both a ring and an early-bird special

8/3/2021 - Former rivals Andre Drummond and Joel Embiid are going to be teammates now

8/3/2021 - So how will the NHL, official partner of PointsBet, Bally’s, and MGM Resorts, handle Evander Kane?

8/3/2021 - The Miami Heat are going for it again, and whether or not you think it’ll work doesn’t matter

8/3/2021 - Nice record you broke there — be a shame if I broke it by more

8/3/2021 - Can you follow the Ball?

8/3/2021 - Sorry Lakers fans, pairing LeBron and Russ ain't gonna work

8/3/2021 - Rubio is the latest example of how foreign NBA players are more comfortable on their national teams

8/3/2021 - SEE IT! Cat (and COVID) on the loose at Yankee Stadium

8/3/2021 - NBA Free Agency doesn’t wait around

8/3/2021 - It’s OK to be a fair-weather fan now

8/2/2021 - Carson Wentz’s foot is going to complicate everything, so now what?

8/2/2021 - The USWNT is put out of its misery

8/2/2021 - America is determined to focus on the white women’s Olympic team that’s losing, instead of the Black women’s Olympic team that always wins

8/2/2021 - The IOC needs to leave Raven Saunders alone

8/2/2021 - Idiots of the Month: Dumb stuff from July

8/2/2021 - I probably owe Gregg Berhalter an apology

8/1/2021 - WWE’s release of Bray Wyatt may be its most confusing yet

8/1/2021 - Sharing a gold medal might be the smartest move ever

8/1/2021 - Team USA’s road to gold won’t be easy

8/1/2021 - All they had to do was check ClevelandGuardians.com and they didn’t do it

8/1/2021 - Get the shot, start for the Vikings, it’s that simple

8/1/2021 - It took a game-tanking accusation for the NHL to finally realize it has an Evander Kane problem

8/1/2021 - White Sox rookie catcher Seby Zavala makes baseball history