7/31/2021 - Hear me out: Snoozy Olympic golf should move to match play

7/31/2021 - In the Olympics – and everywhere – trans women are women

7/31/2021 - Everyone out: There's a GOAT in the water

7/31/2021 - Milwaukee’s Peralta: 2021 NL Cy Young winner? (Don't tell me you just said, 'What?!')

7/31/2021 - Oh, hello, Team USA ... there you are

7/31/2021 - People REALLY need to stop giving bad Simone Biles takes

7/31/2021 - It’s not that Tony La Russa is old, it’s that he’s an ass

7/31/2021 - Herbstreit's woe is tradition rings laughably dense in today's NCAA

7/31/2021 - Deadspin fixes NBA free agency, Part VI: The Sleepers

7/31/2021 - Hey look, it’s the first QB controversy of summer

7/30/2021 - Deadspin fixes NBA free agency, Part V: Centers

7/30/2021 - You get a high-impact player! And YOU get a high-impact player!

7/30/2021 - Starlin Castro suspended 30 games for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy

7/30/2021 - Phew! USWNT scores shootout win over Netherlands

7/30/2021 - Sawx join AL East HR Derby by adding Schwarber

7/30/2021 - Who’s the Evil Empire now?

7/30/2021 - Guess we’re gonna have to wait a little longer for all those other big NBA trades

7/30/2021 - The Cubs finally let go of the burden of being good

7/29/2021 - LOL JK Padres, no Max Scherzer for you

7/29/2021 - Hey Lakers, take a step back and rethink this Westbrook deal

7/29/2021 - Deadspin fixes NBA free agency, Part IV: Power Forwards

7/29/2021 - Meet the Bronx Breezes: Yankees are now a whiff-a-palooza

7/29/2021 - Sooooo, Aaron Rodgers might have a point

7/29/2021 - Suni Lee steps in for Biles and everything she touches turns gold

7/29/2021 - Where should — or shouldn’t — some top rumored NBA Draft Day trade candidates go?

7/29/2021 - This CM Punk thing is really happening, isn’t it?

7/29/2021 - Hear me out: NBA, WNBA should adopt 3x3 format for in-season hoops tourneys

7/29/2021 - With signing of racist slur-using Tony DeAngelo, the Hurricanes’ heel turn begins

7/29/2021 - Deadspin fixes American sports: We need to abolish trades

7/28/2021 - The MLB Draft has been mistreating seniors for far too long

7/28/2021 - Deadspin fixes NBA free agency, Part III: Small Forwards

7/28/2021 - The 2021 NBA Draft could shift the power of the league

7/28/2021 - The Dumbening begins (aka NHL free agency is here)

7/28/2021 - Aw nuts, Man United might have figured it out

7/28/2021 - Lots of great players were drafted, then immediately traded — and went on to be All-Stars

7/28/2021 - Team USA takes out all its frustrations on Iran, but it’ll only get tougher from here

7/28/2021 - The women’s 3x3 team handled their business

7/28/2021 - Andrew Friedman has always been good at his job — and is a scumbag

7/28/2021 - The dealing Mariners had the right idea, the execution was just iffy

7/28/2021 - As trade deadline approaches... Let's make some deals!

7/27/2021 - Green Bay continues trying to please Aaron Rodgers by targeting favorite Randall Cobb

7/27/2021 - Patrick Mahomes cements status as Kansas City royalty

7/27/2021 - The USWNT never got out of second gear, but was that by design?

7/27/2021 - Deadspin fixes NBA free agency — Part 2: Shooting Guards

7/27/2021 - Olympics are confirming what we already knew: NBA officiating is trash

7/27/2021 - Vegas donates Marc-Andre Fleury to Hawks, if he shows up

7/27/2021 - Simone Biles just made the most impressive move of her career

7/27/2021 - Team USA women’s hoops reaches the big 5-Oh

7/27/2021 - Lydia Jacoby is what makes the Olympics special

7/27/2021 - Mike Milbury still doesn’t know he’s an ass

7/27/2021 - Some proper baseball beef

7/27/2021 - UPDATE: Simone Biles withdraws from all-around final in Tokyo

7/26/2021 - Will Major League Baseball do to the Cape Cod League what it did to the minors?

7/26/2021 - A Super Bowl ring will fix all hurt feelings in Green Bay

7/26/2021 - Why isn't Deshaun Watson on NFL Commissioner's Exempt List?

7/26/2021 - The Twins did this to themselves

7/26/2021 - Women’s 3x3 hoops it down for team USA hoops

7/26/2021 - The Padres just don’t give a damn

7/25/2021 - Kanye West living out a sports fan’s dream as he finishes album

7/25/2021 - The flat cap has caused NHL GMs to get even dumber

7/25/2021 - Maybe it’s time to lower our expectations of Team USA’s men’s basketball team

7/25/2021 - SEE IT: Olympic skateboarder falls nuts first into rail

7/25/2021 - Team USA women debunk 3x3 basketball ‘adjustment period’ myth

7/24/2021 - Deadspin fixes NBA free agency — Part 1: Point Guards

7/24/2021 - Team USA men’s basketball begins gold medal chase with revenge on their minds

7/24/2021 - Have you heard the one about the doctor who didn’t get vaxxed and ruined his country’s Olympics?

7/24/2021 - What to make of Rodgers’ and Adams’ cryptic IG stories

7/24/2021 - Sad spectacle of NHL stepping on yet another rake is exhibit 999 that it’s time to abolish the draft

7/24/2021 - What’s the Story? With Yanks it’s a tale as old as time

7/24/2021 - Buffalo, with Sabres-ian flourish, bucks history, takes D with No. 1 pick

7/24/2021 - Another 'promising' young man gets a pass

7/23/2021 - NFL coaches axed for no vax

7/23/2021 - Jets’ ‘QB whisperer’ dies after being hit by car while biking

7/23/2021 - We need to double-check checked swings

7/23/2021 - Nelson Cruz can absolutely still rake

7/23/2021 - Let’s hope Tony La Russa and Yermin Mercedes have a productive conversation about all this

7/23/2021 - Because Tokyo 2021 is weird and shouldn’t be happening, Deadspinners recall their favorite past Olympic moments

7/23/2021 - Kevin Durant’s Tokyo Takeover begins at the Olympics opening ceremony

7/23/2021 - The Big 12 is going to die — so Deadspin fixes college football in its wake

7/23/2021 - So now Jim Harbaugh is finally ready to ‘die trying’ to defeat Ohio State?

7/23/2021 - Cleveland baseball has a new name, and the merch is gonna be sweet

7/23/2021 - NFL doesn’t rate in St. Louis, the ‘Baseball Capital’ of the U.S.

7/23/2021 - This is what Luke Prokop is up against

7/22/2021 - More MLB offense is great and all, but running back 2019 ain’t it

7/22/2021 - Oh, the shockwaves that would ensue from UT and OU moving to the SEC

7/22/2021 - NFL players better get vaxxed now or it could cost their teams games — and them big bucks

7/22/2021 - Salute to Brandon Jennings, Bobby Portis, and everything Bucks

7/22/2021 - Why can’t we have nice things, like a Game 7 tonight?

7/22/2021 - Is Daniel Bryan going to AEW? Maybe! Maybe! Maybe!

7/22/2021 - Giannis' NBA title and KD’s big toe are latest examples of media’s ‘Winner Myth’ fallacy

7/22/2021 - A bunch of Deadspinners sit around Kraken wise

7/22/2021 - Look, I’d love to blame Tony La Russa too, but…

7/22/2021 - Seattle Kraken put on a great show, but will they win?

7/21/2021 - It’s time for the yearly CM Punk rumors, but this one might be a little more concrete

7/21/2021 - Offense is way up since MLB’s ‘sticky stuff’ crackdown

7/21/2021 - The Kraken are preserving cap space apparently, but for who? For what?

7/21/2021 - Run it back? Can they take a breath first?

7/21/2021 - Test your Olympics knowledge with this increasingly difficult quiz!

7/21/2021 - NIL cash already in the millions for Bryce Young, who has only taken a handful of snaps

7/21/2021 - Spare me the clickbait: CP3's Finals fate is a reminder that winning a championship is very freaking hard

7/21/2021 - SWAC Media Day was a poopshow, and it wasn’t just Deion’s hissy fit

7/21/2021 - Giannis did it, dammit

7/20/2021 - Sports books see surge in betting on Olympics cancellation

7/20/2021 - Deadspin waffles: Why the Suns will win Game 6... aaand why they won’t

7/20/2021 - Hear me out: Tony La Russa… Manager of the Year?

7/20/2021 - Olympic baseball won’t feature best vs. best and that’s a shame

7/20/2021 - Space Jam 2 just sucks

7/20/2021 - Deadspin waffles: Why the Bucks will win Game 6… aaand why they won’t

7/20/2021 - I thought having a crowd would make Monday Night Raw try harder. That’s my bad

7/20/2021 - Unleash the Kraken

7/20/2021 - Vanderbilt football players could miss out on NIL money because their coach took away their jersey numbers

7/20/2021 - BREAKING: Sean McVay looking at Matt Stafford’s arm a lot differently this morning

7/20/2021 - NBA drags feet on hiring women head coaches while another hoops league proves how stupid that is

7/20/2021 - Deadspin predicts every “1K” player for the 2022 NFL season, Part II: WRs

7/20/2021 - Naomi Osaka lights up Megyn Kelly, follows with Twitter block heard around the world

7/20/2021 - Hockey can’t fail this one (but it still might)

7/20/2021 - Fans behaving badly have got to go

7/19/2021 - The AFC North running backs are here

7/19/2021 - Emmanuel Acho is turning into the Black Will Cain

7/19/2021 - Gabriel Heinze is just as big of a penis as you remember

7/19/2021 - The Canadiens all seem conveniently hurt

7/19/2021 - Deadspin predicts every '1K' player for the 2022 NFL season, Part I: RBs

7/19/2021 - The Olympics are going to make people sick

7/19/2021 - 'It turned my baseball utopia to Hell.'

7/19/2021 - NBC is going to give Simone Biles her own Popemobile

7/18/2021 - It’s a miracle no one was seriously hurt inside Nats Park last night

7/18/2021 - The great, young golfer not enough people are talking about

7/18/2021 - Giannis and Jrue shut us up

7/17/2021 - Cops say 3 shot outside Nats Park in D.C. — fans told to stay inside till all-clear; game suspended [UPDATED]

7/17/2021 - No, not that Ryan Ellis

7/17/2021 - Preds' Ryan Ellis heads to Philly as teams get in last moves before NHL expansion draft

7/17/2021 - Previewing Sunday’s Money In The Bank PPV

7/17/2021 - International drama as Ugandan Olympic weightlifter breaks security bubble

7/17/2021 - Whatever Chris Paul does next is what people may remember most

7/17/2021 - Anti-boinking measures at Olympics officially surpass gold medal-level stupidity

7/17/2021 - Really? The old 'fake news' gambit?

7/16/2021 - Deadspin learns you something: Branson Robinson is the next great backfield bruiser

7/16/2021 - Who should be ‘next men up’ for Team USA if more replacements are needed?

7/16/2021 - A 54-year-old Goldberg is reportedly returning to lead the WWE into the future

7/16/2021 - Both of these things can be true

7/16/2021 - It’s a Dame shame

7/16/2021 - NBA Finals now best of 3, but nearly a 'win or go home' Saturday

7/16/2021 - Horns down for weak-ass ’Horns ruling

7/16/2021 - ‘I was molested, too.’

7/16/2021 - What happens in San Antonio stays in … Vegas?

7/16/2021 - Maybe it is still March 2020

7/15/2021 - At least three Yankees players test positive for COVID-19, pausing MLB’s second-half return

7/15/2021 - Deadspin predicts: Teams that will improve, or regress, in the second half

7/15/2021 - Rich Eisen, who is fully vaccinated, shares story after positive COVID test

7/15/2021 - The NFL is trying to give Black people things they didn’t ask for – again

7/15/2021 - No, Marty Brennaman, ESPN didn’t go far enough with Stephen A. — but the Reds were right to fire your son

7/15/2021 - At long last, Mets are bringing back black jerseys — what could go wrong? (Don’t ask)

7/15/2021 - Giannis breaks down his block … and his bathroom breaks

7/15/2021 - The 'hug' that could have been really bad for the NBA

7/15/2021 - Richard Sherman arrest report paints picture of a man who needs help

7/15/2021 - A look at the very young AFC East quarterback picture

7/15/2021 - U.S. Women's hoops drops All-Star Game to Team WNBA (but don't panic)

7/14/2021 - Hear me out: Klay Thompson's return alone does not restore Dubs to NBA’s elite

7/14/2021 - NIL is a long time coming, but still more work to do

7/14/2021 - Finally, a woman is on a cover of an NBA 2K edition, and who better than Candace Parker?

7/14/2021 - Sucks to be a Seattle Mariners fan these days, huh?

7/14/2021 - The Bucks’ championship hopes rest in Holiday’s hands

7/14/2021 - Richard Sherman arrested on suspicion of ‘burglary domestic violence’ [Update]

7/14/2021 - How Giannis is making the game easier for himself and his teammates

7/14/2021 - Doug Pederson says Eagles ‘brought in Jalen Hurts not to undermine Carson Wentz’ — sure, Jan

7/14/2021 - Devin Booker must find same grit, efficiency he had against Clippers

7/14/2021 - All-Star Takeaway: MLB is alive, internationally supreme, and going to get better

7/14/2021 - Uniform uniforms was a baaaaaaaaaad choice

7/13/2021 - Angels draft 20 straight pitchers, pass on all belly-itchers

7/13/2021 - MLB to drop recent rule changes; need any new ones to actually work this time

7/13/2021 - The Oilers continue to fail McDavid and Draisaitl

7/13/2021 - The Conor McGregor-Dustin Poirier feud ain’t going away anytime soon

7/13/2021 - Who cares if the Stanley Cup got yet another dent? [Narrator: Montreal cares, very much]

7/13/2021 - Pete Alonso is electric

7/13/2021 - This ain't no Dream Team

7/13/2021 - Are Nigeria's D’Tigers d’sleepers in this year’s Olympics?

7/13/2021 - Even in defeat, Shohei stole the show

7/13/2021 - MLB's Midsummer Classic is simply the best

7/13/2021 - Gregg Popovich’s entire tenure with Team USA has been a failure

7/13/2021 - No, you cannot hit a 100 mph fastball

7/12/2021 - If only this could be Stephen A. Smith’s last take

7/12/2021 - Giannis is the Shaq of this era

7/12/2021 - Would you idiots please stop blighting great soccer matches with your racism?

7/12/2021 - Why did it take the Secretary of Defense, a Republican senator, and President Biden to get Navy CB Cameron Kinley to the NFL?

7/12/2021 - Under-the-radar sports you should check out during the Tokyo Games

7/12/2021 - Would you rather be a legendary Olympian or an above-average, highly paid pro athlete?

7/11/2021 - ‘It’s Coming Home’... to Rome

7/11/2021 - Little children thank Ben Simmons for building them an orphanage with all of his bricks

7/11/2021 - Introducing the new Olympic sports that will totally bring in a new audience, dude

7/11/2021 - Olympic athletes who could protest in Tokyo

7/11/2021 - Paige Bueckers is showing white women how to be allies

7/11/2021 - Argentina, and Messi, finally win again

7/11/2021 - This is just awful

7/10/2021 - What a coincidence! No Astros will play in the All-Star Game

7/10/2021 - Plane truth is, Liberty deserve a break [Updated]

7/10/2021 - Ben Roethlisberger has a tell

7/10/2021 - The Bucks bench is in a tough spot

7/10/2021 - Flying Ant Day 2021: What time is the Euro 2020 Final?

7/10/2021 - There are a lot of draft prospects who should have immense impacts after returning to school

7/10/2021 - Don’t even think about calling Khloe Kardashian a ‘hottie’

7/10/2021 - Forget Paris 2 - A Harden Day’s Night

7/10/2021 - Baseball’s best road ’Sho

7/9/2021 - NBA trainer ‘Lethal Shooter’ is persistent on improving your jumper in needlessly laborious ways

7/9/2021 - Habs’ Brendan Gallagher is probably having a worse week than you

7/9/2021 - I for one don’t welcome our crappy new robot umpire masters

7/9/2021 - You could tell Mikal Bridges was made for this

7/9/2021 - How do you spell cool?

7/9/2021 - Don’t be surprised if Kevin Love is really good in the Olympics

7/9/2021 - Despite 0-2 hole in NBA Finals, Giannis has already won

7/9/2021 - Did we need 8K cameras for this?

7/9/2021 - We've got some midseason baseball awards

7/8/2021 - Jrue Holiday is better than what he showed in Game 1

7/8/2021 - The HR Derby field is set so who’s going to take the crown?

7/8/2021 - England is so money, and they don't even realize it

7/8/2021 - Get to know your worldwide Olympic athletes!

7/8/2021 - A hearty 'welcome back' to terrible sports fans worldwide

7/8/2021 - Cam Johnson and Suns’ perfect role players form championship nucleus in Phoenix

7/8/2021 - That had to be it

7/8/2021 - The WWE is going to be at … Rolling Loud?!?

7/8/2021 - Cincy’s Sonny Gray confirmed as very superstitious with wardrobe change

7/8/2021 - The lack of fanfare around Team USA’s women’s basketball team is the latest slap in the face to Black women

7/8/2021 - What’s the deal with Kyle Kuzma?

7/8/2021 - Canadiens will have an interesting offseason

7/8/2021 - The Lightning won the Cup, but we all won, because there’s no more Pierre McGuire

7/7/2021 - NWO at 25 gives us cause to remember other great heel trios of sports

7/7/2021 - WADA owes Sha’Carri Richardson the same break it’s been giving Russian athletes

7/7/2021 - Try this on for size: Pro golfer Aaron Rodgers

7/7/2021 - If the Bucks want to win these Finals, this is the change they need to make

7/7/2021 - 25 years ago today, wrestling changed forever

7/7/2021 - This Tokyo Olympics is fine [Update]

7/7/2021 - Not letting Sha’Carri run continues trend of everything being stupid

7/7/2021 - This week in The Ladies Room: Carron Phillips

7/7/2021 - N’Keal Harry has lost his mind

7/7/2021 - Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo continue hilarious bromance chemistry

7/7/2021 - Messi survives despite it all at the Copa

7/7/2021 - Spain rules the day, but not final result

7/7/2021 - This was better than Jason Kidd?

7/6/2021 - The Middle man in Milwaukee

7/6/2021 - Aaron Rodgers' ‘mental health’ work this offseason has been admirable

7/6/2021 - Mookie Betts is great, but he shouldn’t be an All-Star

7/6/2021 - How are robo-umps faring in the minor leagues?

7/6/2021 - The Greatest Game 1 NBA Finals performances of the 21st century

7/6/2021 - Nonsensical criticism of USWNT soccer proves right-wing media should hush

7/6/2021 - So what are the Red Sox doing here?

7/6/2021 - Nick Castellanos has mastered the untimely home run

7/6/2021 - MLB’s must-see show is Tatís Jr, not Shohei Ohtani

7/6/2021 - This Finals trip will shape Devin Booker’s career

7/6/2021 - Trevor Bauer should never pitch again [Update]

7/6/2021 - The problems with FC Barcelona

7/6/2021 - Listening to John McEnroe, it’s clear all broadcasters are going to need mental health training

7/5/2021 - Matīss Kivlenieks killed by errant fireworks, autopsy reveals

7/5/2021 - Rachel Nichols’ comments about Maria Taylor are latest example of how ESPN screws over its Black employees

7/5/2021 - No, the Lightning didn’t cheat

7/5/2021 - Win or lose, Torrey Craig can get a ring

7/4/2021 - Cat Osterman tells Deadspin about her return to Olympic softball ahead of the Games

7/4/2021 - Steve Ballmer and other admirably stupid celebrations of sports team owners

7/4/2021 - What should the MLB All-Star Game be?

7/4/2021 - America’s gluttonous celebration is back, and you won’t be able to look away

7/3/2021 - Is pairing Stefon Diggs up with another elite receiver really a good move?

7/3/2021 - It’s time for Milwaukee to show that killer instinct they found in Game 5

7/3/2021 - Dodgers’ Joe Kelly wears mariachi jacket to White House

7/3/2021 - Get in the ring

7/3/2021 - Emmanuel Acho: Dope gets lit up

7/3/2021 - Coupe de “ill”

7/3/2021 - Mike … Trout? Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time…

7/2/2021 - If Durant, Dirk, and Kareem NBA 2K22 cover leak is legit, then 2K nailed it this year

7/2/2021 - The Baltimore Orioles are a beautiful mess that makes absolutely zero sense

7/2/2021 - Anti-drug measures failed Sha’Carri Richardson

7/2/2021 - Brook Lopez turned back the clock, and a shoutout to Bobby Portis, while I'm at it

7/2/2021 - The Phoenix Suns’ Finals trip reeks to high heavens

7/2/2021 - Not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s July and the Giants are still In first place

7/2/2021 - SHOCKING: The NFL investigated itself and found nothing

7/2/2021 - Adam Silver got rid of Donald Sterling – Roger Goodell is keeping Dan Snyder

7/2/2021 - A team and league full of cowards [Update]

7/1/2021 - Like clockwork, Koepka takes shot at DeChambeau over caddie change

7/1/2021 - Who is Trevor Bauer's agent?

7/1/2021 - NIL is live and HBCU athletes could be getting a bag

7/1/2021 - Dabo Swinney once said he’d quit if players got paid — where’s that resignation letter, coach?

7/1/2021 - Yeli and Beli both suck now

7/1/2021 - The pandemic era has ended for AEW and WWE. Now what?

7/1/2021 - Patrick Beverley shoved Chris Paul and Frank Kaminsky… kinda just stood there

7/1/2021 - Tour de France drops lawsuit against sign-wielding spectator

7/1/2021 - It’s been another horrible week for women, and sports isn’t helping one bit

7/1/2021 - Now we can all laugh about Bobby Bonilla Day

7/1/2021 - This week in The Ladies Room: Megan Rapinoe

7/1/2021 - This is how it always ends for the Clippers, one way or another

7/1/2021 - Idiots of the Month: The worst of June

7/1/2021 - It can be worth waiting for