11/30/2020 - Will Fuller is an idiot

11/30/2020 - Should you, professional athlete, smoke weed before a competition?

11/30/2020 - Nike would very much like to keep its slave labor, thank you

11/30/2020 - The Makur Maker experiment at Howard was never going to work and already off to a bad start

11/30/2020 - Where should DeMar DeRozan have a good time?

11/30/2020 - Edinson Cavani doesn’t learn from history

11/30/2020 - Week 12 Powerless Rankings: Jets remain terrible, as does NFC East

11/30/2020 - Message to the NFL: Do the right thing and call off Ravens-Steelers [UPDATED]

11/30/2020 - Comparing Mahomes and Brady has become disrespectful to the Chiefs QB, stop it

11/30/2020 - Robert Saleh should be a head coach in the NFL tomorrow

11/30/2020 - Titans give Colts the Jake Paul combo, Belichick treats Murray like he’s 5’2”, and Bears are NFL’s most depressing team

11/30/2020 - Steph Curry to The Undefeated: ‘There’s real change happening’

11/30/2020 - Jim Harbaugh and the Detroit Lions need each other

11/30/2020 - The NFL is tying itself in knots of its own making

11/29/2020 - The Denver Broncos have set football back 115 years

11/29/2020 - Can someone, anyone, guard Tyreek Hill?

11/29/2020 - Josh Jacobs hits Atlanta DB with the Nate Robinson Special

11/29/2020 - Argentine officials raid home and office of Diego Maradona’s doctor in possible manslaughter probe

11/29/2020 - Internet comes alive to mock Nate Robinson’s knockout, celebrate Snoop’s commentary

11/29/2020 - Ryan Day and Ohio State dared COVID, then they got it

11/29/2020 - See Messi’s tribute to Diego Maradona

11/29/2020 - Jake Paul stealing the show is a dangerous omen for boxing

11/29/2020 - WWII bombs found at Roma training ground, Dick Cheney slaps forehead

11/29/2020 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: Broncos roll up with no QB

11/29/2020 - No, Broncos, your assistant coaches can’t suit up as quarterbacks

11/29/2020 - Sheila Ford Hamp finally takes out the trash in Detroit

11/29/2020 - Pennsylvania lieutenant governor doubles pleasure with massive shade on Trump and Browns

11/29/2020 - Sunday Scaries: The Week 12 bets to avoid

11/28/2020 - Syracuse spikes ball on 4th down with 0:00 left

11/28/2020 - Jaret Patterson rushes for 409 yards, 8 TDs

11/28/2020 - Santa Clara shuts down sports ... again

11/28/2020 - Broncos have no eligible QBs — too bad Colin Kaepernick is totally available

11/28/2020 - Lions fire Patricia, GM Quinn

11/28/2020 - Callie Brownson first woman to serve as position coach in an NFL game

11/28/2020 - Steelers' James Conner, high-risk as cancer survivor, tests positive for COVID-19

11/28/2020 - Sarah Fuller kicks historic first as a woman playing in a Power 5 football game

11/28/2020 - Florida State postponed for second straight week on morning of kickoff ... & they're not alone

11/28/2020 - Blake Leeper appeals Olympics ban, citing 'systemic racism'

11/28/2020 - Week 12 matchups to avoid

11/28/2020 - USWNT takes knee, dons Black Lives Matter jackets in solidarity 'to affirm human decency'

11/28/2020 - Rogers Centre, formerly SkyDome, aka SexDome, may be umm, going down

11/28/2020 - Notre Dame coach Mike Brey furiously swiping right to find new opponent to put at risk

11/27/2020 - Vanderbilt soccer star Sarah Fuller looks to be first woman to play in Power 5 football game

11/27/2020 - Canceling the Pinstripe Bowl for public safety is an outrage that may be NYC's ruin

11/27/2020 - The Force Awakens: A sports fan finds his passions unexpectedly rekindled

11/27/2020 - One of these contenders should trade for human secret ingredient LaMarcus Aldridge

11/27/2020 - Arizona to host massive soccer tournament because stupidity

11/27/2020 - Lamar Jackson tests positive for COVID-19, Ravens vs. Steelers moved again [Updated]

11/27/2020 - Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy gets America’s worst-coached team carved up like a turkey

11/26/2020 - 25 things Deadspin is thankful for (yes, even in 2020), including doggos & Kelly Loeffler (no, really)

11/26/2020 - What's it like to be at a Lions game on Thanksgiving? Let me tell ya: Camaraderie & turkey hats!

11/26/2020 - The Weight Of The World: Balancing fight camp during Thanksgiving week … and a pandemic

11/26/2020 - The Thanksgiving spreads: Deadspin’s Turkey Day picks ATS

11/26/2020 - College hoops returns during a pandemic so we can have an 81-point blowout nobody needed

11/26/2020 - Enjoy a Thanksgiving Daily Fantasy spread with all the trimmings [Updated]

11/26/2020 - The Lakers, Sixers & Hawks crushed free agency

11/25/2020 - NFL's greatest Thanksgiving Day disasterpieces

11/25/2020 - Daily News beat writer allegedly tailed Jets GM’s son, kept covering team after ban from facilities

11/25/2020 - Ranking the NFL’s worst quarterback franchises

11/25/2020 - Doug Pederson, you are the cause of your own misery. Just pull Carson Wentz

11/25/2020 - On Maradona, his life, and the most famous two goals in soccer history

11/25/2020 - NFL postpones Ravens-Steelers Thanksgiving game, players pissed

11/25/2020 - Maradona, the best human to ever do it

11/25/2020 - Saturday Fight Night: Previewing Mike Tyson v. Roy Jones Jr. (& Nate Robinson v. Jake Paul!) [UPDATED]

11/25/2020 - Stop me if you've heard this before, but Nick Saban has COVID-19

11/25/2020 - COVID-19 wins another day — will probably soon start yelling, 'SCOREBOARD!'

11/24/2020 - FEAST MODE! Marshawn Lynch gives out turkeys in Hawaii

11/24/2020 - Patrick Mahomes' ketchup obsession has become a disgrace to common decency — says he’ll put it on his turkey

11/24/2020 - Dabo Swinney sucks even more than you thought yesterday

11/24/2020 - MLB's feel-good story of the year, Randy Arozarena, arrested in alleged kidnap attempt, assault

11/24/2020 - The fight Daniel Jacobs said would never happen with Gabriel Rosado won’t hurt him (if he wins)

11/24/2020 - College basketball is screwed when Rick Pitino is the only one with a plan

11/24/2020 - Tommy Sweeney has myocarditis — will the NFL take COVID-19 seriously now? (Prolly not)

11/24/2020 - NFL’s first all-Black ref crew is worth celebrating, but it should not have taken this long

11/24/2020 - Just trade Blake Snell and Nolan Arenado to the Dodgers already

11/24/2020 - No trophy is worthy of a presentation unless it’s the KBO sword

11/24/2020 - As usual, Tom Brady becomes Tom Baby after he plays like crap

11/24/2020 - As Hornets owner, Michael Jordan is the goat

11/24/2020 - Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are just two old dogs at this point

11/23/2020 - Benching Tua Sunday was just plain asinine

11/23/2020 - Student activists on the Harvard-Yale protest, one year later

11/23/2020 - WWE is finally going to leave The Undertaker alone... Maybe

11/23/2020 - NBA players talk ‘social justice’ with head of pedophile ring

11/23/2020 - Looking back at the best and worst of 2020’s pandemic-inspired rule changes in each sport

11/23/2020 - Stadium voting will return to Atlanta for the Senate runoffs

11/23/2020 - The Zlatan has AC Milan atop Serie A, and what’s old is new again

11/23/2020 - Two dudes got knocked out over the weekend — let’s all watch together

11/23/2020 - All the highs and lows from a wonky week of fantasy football

11/23/2020 - Who are the hidden gems of NBA Free Agency so far?

11/23/2020 - Week 11 NFL Powerless Rankings

11/23/2020 - Dabo Swinney either doesn't get that COVID is killing people or doesn't care

11/23/2020 - Hill throws more than Peewee passes, Ravens offense still bland as pasta salad, and Mahomes marches downfield like an HBCU drum major

11/23/2020 - It's time to stop sleeping on the Colts

11/23/2020 - Wentz makes watching the Eagles worse than having a Vegan Thanksgiving, it’s time for Jalen Hurts

11/23/2020 - Jim Nantz wants CBS to pay him like someone with a personality

11/22/2020 - The Taysom Hill-Jameis Winston situation has a racial component to it, just not the one you think

11/22/2020 - Joe Burrow is done for the year with torn ACL [Updated]

11/22/2020 - Lord knows John Harbaugh didn’t want that smoke with Malcolm Butler

11/22/2020 - When did Manchester City get so boring?

11/22/2020 - English soccer player honks opponent’s penis twice, giggles as refs do nothing

11/22/2020 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: Riding the Taysom Hill experience

11/22/2020 - The Knicks baffle fans by continuing to make moves that actually make sense

11/22/2020 - Sunday Scaries: The Week 11 bets to avoid

11/22/2020 - What has this Big Ten season been for, anyway?

11/21/2020 - Ohio State should thank their lucky stars they beat Indiana

11/21/2020 - Illini look fine, say 'GG' to Huskers

11/21/2020 - Orlando emergency keeper's game-winning save is soccer's 'position player pitches perfect inning'

11/21/2020 - Florida State runs away from Clemson game … because the Tigers have COVID

11/21/2020 - Leverkusen keeper puts foot in mouth with botched kick leading to hilarious own goal: See it!

11/21/2020 - Doug Polk digs deep to net $200k win over Daniel Negreanu, shutting Dan Bilzerian up

11/21/2020 - 'Woj Bombs' vs. 'Shams Wows': Who won opening night of the NBA free agency salvo?

11/20/2020 - College Football Playoff Committee makes first horrible call of the season

11/20/2020 - Alabama hit with 3 years' probation, fines for hoops bribery & corruption

11/20/2020 - Lou Holtz, who likened football to storming Normandy, has COVID-19

11/20/2020 - Where should the top NBA free agents go?

11/20/2020 - White QB starts for Saints over more qualified Black QB, because 'glimpses'

11/20/2020 - Penn State coach James Franklin can't mask what is going on in his program

11/20/2020 - Survivor Series season is the worst season

11/20/2020 - Turns out NHL owner greed is right on time for once & could save lives — no, really

11/20/2020 - Kyler Murray & scrappy Cards follow the script, but lose the plot late vs. Seahawks

11/19/2020 - This college basketball tournament in South Dakota doesn’t sound like a great idea anymore

11/19/2020 - Rudy Giuliani loves Philadelphia Eagles hoops

11/19/2020 - ESPN needs to keep this crew for future NBA Drafts

11/19/2020 - Mark Sanchez gives Sam Darnold (and really anyone) great advice: 'Move on' from Jets

11/19/2020 - What do Cal McNair’s comments today even mean? Who knows, just sell the Texans

11/19/2020 - Everyone feel really bad for Kelly Stafford living under a 'dictatorship' in COVID-ridden Michigan

11/19/2020 - More 2020 things that suck: Klay Thompson out for the season

11/19/2020 - Dan Bilzerian talks trash to Doug Polk, could heads up challenge follow?

11/19/2020 - The NBA Draft was a welcome touch of comfort amid chaos

11/19/2020 - Ricketts family gets a landmark tax break on Wrigley Field just in time to gut the Cubs

11/19/2020 - Tread with caution if you're playing these guys on your fantasy football team: Week 11

11/19/2020 - Betsy DeVos and the NCAA clearly do not care about campus sex assault

11/19/2020 - LaMelo Ball is the star Michael Jordan and Charlotte desperately need

11/19/2020 - The Knicks are actually doing things that make sense … so far ...

11/19/2020 - The Top 10 NBA Draft classes of All Time

11/19/2020 - Timberwolves take Anthony Edwards, and it’s fine if it’s just his job

11/19/2020 - Twitter was the place to be for the NBA's first virtual draft as Woj crushed it

11/18/2020 - NBA should pay heed as poll finds most won't go to an indoor sporting event before vaccine

11/18/2020 - Regrettably, Justin Herbert got a haircut

11/18/2020 - What would MJ vs Lavar Ball one-on-one look like?

11/18/2020 - Robinson Cano sucks at cheating, and this time it will cost him $24 million

11/18/2020 - The MLS playoffs are already borked and they haven’t even started

11/18/2020 - Women working in sports need your support on the way up, too.

11/18/2020 - It would be ‘so much awesome’ if baseball writers kept Curt Schilling out of Hall of Fame until he’s dead

11/18/2020 - Cats, Dogs, Balls and Pizza: Deadspin's NBA Draft Betting Preview

11/18/2020 - History shows Callum Smith must knock out Canelo Alvarez

11/18/2020 - The NBA and NHL are just making things up now

11/17/2020 - NFL sees uptick in positive COVID-19 cases, forcing teams to reconsider having fans

11/17/2020 - Vince McMahon squeezes fingers tighter with Zelina Vega release; how much more will slip through?

11/17/2020 - Can the NBA Draft show us that Fleets are better than knockoff Dollar Tree Brand IG stories?

11/17/2020 - The other 29 teams in the NBA should be doing everything they can to stop the Warriors from drafting James Wiseman

11/17/2020 - What Theo Epstein taught me about baseball: Teams aren't worthy of love

11/17/2020 - Shouldn’t the Nets include Kyrie in that Harden deal?

11/17/2020 - Deadspin Fixes the Royals: Helping Kansas City help itself

11/17/2020 - Theo Epstein, legacy secure, doesn't want any part of this mess

11/17/2020 - Pick up these players now or perish in the fantasy football crucible: Week 11

11/17/2020 - Rip City Rising: Robert Covington is Portland’s missing piece

11/17/2020 - Congratulations, Houston, on becoming America’s mightiest bastion of stupid sports deals

11/17/2020 - Tiger Woods spewed garbage all over the 12th at Augusta

11/17/2020 - The time is right For Bonds and Clemens to enter Hall of Fame - together and forever linked

11/17/2020 - Bucks go on Holiday shopping spree for Giannis

11/17/2020 - We don’t want you to have to watch the Bears either

11/16/2020 - Through the fog, there’s finally some light for the USMNT

11/16/2020 - Brees is out, but the Saints will be OK with... Jameis Winston

11/16/2020 - It starts with Devin Booker & Chris Paul, but it’s up to DeAndre Ayton

11/16/2020 - 40,000 voted at Atlanta's State Farm Arena, but now what about the Senate runoffs?

11/16/2020 - That Cajun accent and ‘loveable charm’ won’t save Ed Orgeron from what’s happening at LSU

11/16/2020 - Week 10 Powerless Rankings: NFL's race to the bottom intensifies

11/16/2020 - NHL releases Reverse Retros Jerseys: Blasty is your new god

11/16/2020 - Patriots grit it out over Ravens as lack of big plays stands between Baltimore and Super Bowl

11/16/2020 - NFC East looks worse than cafeteria chicken nuggets, Hopkins sons Bills DBs, and Wilson drops out of MVP race

11/16/2020 - Jim Harbaugh should be fired for turning Michigan into a national disgrace, not a national champion

11/16/2020 - Tua Time has Miami rolling

11/16/2020 - Sunday Night Football: Naked in the rain

11/16/2020 - How November, and Dustin Johnson’s stellar play, gave us a truly unique Masters

11/15/2020 - DeAndre Hopkins wins game, makes three grown men look like they wear pampers

11/15/2020 - Never bet on Cleveland

11/15/2020 - NBA Draft experts will lie to you and use racially coded language

11/15/2020 - Tiger shanks his way to disastrous, 10-stroke No. 12: A shot-by-shot analysis

11/15/2020 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: Burrow gets first taste of rivalry

11/15/2020 - Morikawa struggles on the 11th worse than Tommy Tuberville explaining civics

11/15/2020 - Sergio Ramos’s No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Day

11/15/2020 - Everything is going badly for Tom Brady

11/15/2020 - Sunday Scaries: The Week 10 bets to avoid

11/14/2020 - Even Scottish bar owners are more responsible than Republicans

11/14/2020 - What the Heck? Sixers honcho airballs with Boathouse Row jersey, 'blue collar' rip

11/14/2020 - These Nits are the pits

11/14/2020 - We're facing a humanitarian crisis, but college football marches on

11/14/2020 - What would a 1,000 mph fastball do to a person? Watch and learn (& do not try at home!)

11/14/2020 - Earl Thomas' wife reportedly files for divorce; no word on how brother, mistress are taking news

11/14/2020 - Donald Trump as the 1991 Detroit Pistons? He's not even in the same league

11/13/2020 - Celebrate Kim Ng becoming first female MLB GM, but remember it’s opportunity, not qualifications, holding women back

11/13/2020 - Marjorie Taylor Greene co-opts 'My Body, My Choice' in the most infuriating way possible

11/13/2020 - Marlins hire Kim Ng, first woman GM in baseball history

11/13/2020 - Alabama’s new Senator-Coach Tuberville doesn’t know the three branches of government [eyeroll emoji]

11/13/2020 - Two feel-good MVP stories mask modern technology baffling backwater St. Louis again

11/13/2020 - Meet the NFL's 10 poorest owners

11/13/2020 - Who are the teams with the longest MVP and Cy Young droughts?

11/12/2020 - Some 16th hole magic for Tiger, Frittelli

11/12/2020 - Did Augusta really need to put Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player at risk in the time of COVID-19?

11/12/2020 - Titans WR Corey Davis to play to honor late brother

11/12/2020 - 3...2...1...Boom! A sports retrospective off absurd 50th anniversary of a whale explosion

11/12/2020 - Trevor Bauer wins NL Cy Young, and everyone’s in a hurry to sanction foreign substances

11/12/2020 - NBA players are overwhelming Black, yet the league only has seven Black head coaches

11/11/2020 - Joe Burrow tells how fear of Lord Voldemort turned him into a Disney Channel kid

11/11/2020 - Don't be a turkey, cancel the Lions on Thanksgiving [UPDATED]

11/11/2020 - OKC to welcome Thunder fans into their arena, which means COVID must be over, right?

11/11/2020 - In these trying times, let’s all come together to laugh at a cop eating it

11/11/2020 - Houston Texans baffle NFL again with firing of PR star Amy Palcic

11/11/2020 - Emily Harrington becomes first woman to climb El Capitan’s Golden Gate in one day

11/11/2020 - If Westbrook and Harden want out of Houston, there's one place they should go

11/11/2020 - A tradition unlike any other in a year unlike any other: The Masters, with no azaleas in bloom

11/11/2020 - Only players, not league rules, can stop NFL owners from racist practices

11/11/2020 - You'll be shocked to learn that Kelly Loeffler remains terrible

11/11/2020 - It’s finally Kenny Omega time in AEW

11/11/2020 - NFL prepares for less than 16 games, which probably means not all teams will get to 16 games

11/10/2020 - Deadspin Presents: Our All-MLB Team

11/10/2020 - Drunk Tony La Russa told cop: ‘I’m legit. I’m a hall of famer, brother’

11/10/2020 - Jon Rahm skips in water shot for hole-in-one you’ll watch over and over & still not believe

11/10/2020 - Pittsburgh doesn’t appreciate future Hall of Famer Mike Tomlin as much as it should

11/10/2020 - In Chicago, waiting for the owner to die is a long-standing tradition

11/10/2020 - LSU’s Koy Moore being ‘violated’ by police is another example why we can't relax on fighting injustice

11/10/2020 - Bucks’ Sterling Brown becomes latest police brutality victim to receive a settlement

11/10/2020 - Monday Night Football presents Four Seasons Total Landscaping Bowl with Jets/Pats

11/10/2020 - White Sox crash managerial hire as Reinsdorf seems committed to the bit on La Russa

11/9/2020 - One day before Tony La Russa was announced as new White Sox manager, he was charged with a DUI

11/9/2020 - Tom Izzo becomes latest in irritatingly long list of sports figures with coronavirus

11/9/2020 - Vince isn’t the only McMahon who sucks outside of wrestling

11/9/2020 - NFL Week 9 Powerless Rankings: The race to the bottom stumbles on

11/9/2020 - Sergio García, 2017 Masters champ, out of 2020 Masters due to COVID

11/9/2020 - Fans finally stick it to The Man

11/9/2020 - Dumping on Tom Brady has never been easier

11/9/2020 - The Luis Ortiz-Alexander Flores fight was the most ridiculous boxing match you’ll ever see

11/9/2020 - NFL Week 9 morsels: Tua outlasts Murray after baby-legged FG attempt, Giants win by default, Bills score at will against Seattle

11/9/2020 - Saints beat up Bucs, steal their lunch money, and take their girl on national TV

11/9/2020 - Cowboys backup staves off another week of stocking shelves by giving Steelers all they could handle

11/9/2020 - Easily, Lamar Jackson’s feat is better than Patrick Mahomes’

11/9/2020 - Notre Dame president now slamming students for exposing his failure

11/9/2020 - MLB PED testing is down, slippery misleading answers way up

11/9/2020 - Jeff Luhnow sues Astros, claiming they dumped cheating blame on him

11/9/2020 - A week of simple joys continues

11/8/2020 - Is this…a pair of shorts on Keith Burns’ face?

11/8/2020 - Liverpool and Manchester City play the best game of the year… for 60 minutes

11/8/2020 - Colts quarterback Philip Rivers runs like an infant sheep before making worst tackle attempt in history

11/8/2020 - Nobody threw shade better than Alex Trebek

11/8/2020 - No one wants the football in the NFC East

11/8/2020 - Roger Goodell, Rob Manfred, and Adam Silver are showing themselves during this pandemic

11/8/2020 - Trump has plenty of time to golf now

11/8/2020 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: Partaking in Mahomes’ home cooking

11/8/2020 - Dodgers trade World Series for Covid

11/8/2020 - Gritty takes center stage after Trump campaign's weird Philadelphia press conference

11/8/2020 - Dumb college kids at Notre Dame rush field in pandemic

11/8/2020 - Sunday Scaries: The Week 9 bets to avoid

11/7/2020 - LeBron James dunks on Drumpf again, as athletes celebrate Joe & Kamala’s win on social media

11/7/2020 - Many disgraceful moments

11/7/2020 - Deion Sanders' kid commits to play with his Prime Time pop at Jackson State

11/7/2020 - Who’s ready for Wisconsin/Notre Dame this week & why is it even a thing?

11/6/2020 - Soulless ESPN lays off Claire Smith, the first female baseball writer enshrined in Cooperstown, in latest round of cuts

11/6/2020 - Herschel Walker thinks we should give his former boss Trump a mulligan

11/6/2020 - Nothing goes as expected in Negreanu/Polk poker duel UPDATE: Polk posts huge win

11/6/2020 - MLB has a take-out-the-trash Friday as cheaters prosper, Mets clean house & Justin Turner skates

11/6/2020 - Who knew these athletes had such second careers

11/6/2020 - Don’t get it twisted, Tom Brady isn’t in this for Antonio Brown, he’s in it for himself

11/6/2020 - Forget 28-3 and booing Santa, Philly & Atlanta give us the biggest OT win of all time [UPDATED]

11/6/2020 - It had to be the Raiders, didn’t it?

11/5/2020 - Deadspin Fixes Stuff: Two new expansion teams could solve MLB’s cash 'problems' right now

11/5/2020 - Francisco Lindor set to be latest Cleveland star moved by 'strapped' billionaire

11/5/2020 - Big Noon Kickoff sidelined with possible COVID exposure

11/5/2020 - We have a winner: Sports gambling

11/5/2020 - As U.S. sees worst COVID-19 day yet, NFL stung for second straight day with Texans, Bears and Eagles cases [UPDATED]

11/5/2020 - NBA needs a shortened season now to get back on track

11/5/2020 - The NFL is plowing ahead, despite all logic

11/4/2020 - Best sports memes from the 2020 Election

11/4/2020 - Brett Favre loses another one late

11/4/2020 - New state flag finally flies over Ole Miss months after SEC, NCAA pressure

11/4/2020 - Trent Brown’s past few weeks have been brutal

11/4/2020 - Here’s how Charles Johnson’s GOP candidates of choice fared yesterday

11/4/2020 - 49ers shut down team facilities after positive COVID-19 test

11/4/2020 - The Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu grudge match for the ages is finally on

11/4/2020 - Tommy Tuberville proves we can do without the South

11/4/2020 - Diego Maradona still kicking, by the Hand of God

11/4/2020 - Now that Clayton Kershaw has won a World Series, what other long-suffering stars are still searching for a title?

11/3/2020 - Ajax score freekick from five feet in loin-girding moment

11/3/2020 - Athletes arrive at the polls to volunteer, vote [UPDATED]

11/3/2020 - We’ve seen enough of the NFC East this season, NFL, please adopt WNBA playoff structure

11/3/2020 - Why the hell are the Gold Gloves being announced tonight?

11/3/2020 - Should be beginning of the end for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan

11/3/2020 - LA sports championships and a racially divided presidential campaign – we’ve seen this before

11/3/2020 - Keith Olbermann’s explanation for his Kunta Kinte Tweet is as stupid as the original tweet

11/3/2020 - Paul Pogba has a Manchester United problem, not the other way around

11/3/2020 - The sports figures we lost in 2020

11/3/2020 - Trump’s long history of trying to stick it to sports: A timeline

11/3/2020 - 'Doctrine of white supremacy:' Jackie Robinson saw the GOP for who they are back in 1964

11/3/2020 - The biggest game of all that no one wins

11/3/2020 - What the NFL's postseason expansion talks suggest

11/3/2020 - If you want championship teams to visit the White House again, vote For Biden/Harris

11/3/2020 - Going to a sports arena or stadium to vote today? Read this first

11/2/2020 - Couldn’t you have bought everyone good beer, Jon Lester?

11/2/2020 - Week 8 Powerless Rankings: Poor Trevor Lawrence

11/2/2020 - Tua's first win, Chargers throw up on themselves, and helmet-punching Bears are the worst 5-3 team ever

11/2/2020 - My God, please stop putting the NFC East in primetime

11/2/2020 - Lamar Jackson still can't pass big test, while Steelers are incapable of failing even one

11/2/2020 - Want to support your favorite team? Vote.

11/2/2020 - The Chargers have become artists

11/1/2020 - Javon Wims gives C.J. Gardner-Johnson a two-piece special with no fries

11/1/2020 - Deadspin Argues About Stuff: Rating Tua's debut

11/1/2020 - Cam Newton is just good enough to break your heart

11/1/2020 - Nyheim Hines’ badass spin move for TD isn’t even the most impressive part [UPDATED]

11/1/2020 - In preview of what could lie ahead for MLS and the NFL, USL cancels championship as squad faces COVID outbreak

11/1/2020 - Michael Jordan, Bubba Wallace unveil Chicago Bulls-themed design on new car

11/1/2020 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: Say ‘arrivederci’ to DiNucci

11/1/2020 - Dan Mullen uses Star Wars character to show once again that he isn’t fit to run a college football program

11/1/2020 - Dan Mullen is right back to being an unbearable jerk

11/1/2020 - Sunday Scaries: The Week 8 bets to avoid