9/30/2016 - Idiot On The Field Gets Bodyslammed By Angel Pagan [Update]

9/30/2016 - Ben Simmons Fractures A Bone In His Foot

9/30/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Serpents In My Mind

9/30/2016 - The Dolphins Do Everything Wrong

9/30/2016 - We're The Staff Of Deadspin, Let's Yak

9/30/2016 - Pacifist Joakim Noah Declines To Attend Knicks Event At West Point

9/30/2016 - It's Probably Time To Start Worrying About Sammy Watkins

9/30/2016 - Woof, Ryan Tannehill

9/30/2016 - José Fernández's High School Jersey Stolen And Then Returned

9/30/2016 - No, Josh Gordon Did Not Get Caught With A Pound Of Weed At The Airport

9/30/2016 - John Farrell To Sassy Fan: "Why Don't You Shut Your Ass Up?"

9/30/2016 - Consider Purchasing Pet Health Insurance For Your Very Good Pets

9/30/2016 - Did Donald Trump Sleep Last Night?

9/30/2016 - The Blue Jays Are Beefing With The Local Media

9/30/2016 - Canada Wins The World Cup Of Hockey, Whatever

9/30/2016 - The Cardinals Got A Win They Didn't Deserve Because The Reds Couldn't Hear Their Dugout Phone

9/29/2016 - A.J. Green Will Catch Anything You Throw At Him

9/29/2016 - Cardinals Win On Suspicious Walk-Off, Umpires Disappear Before Reds Can Challenge

9/29/2016 - Jeb: It's Rude To Hear My Old Dad Say Things

9/29/2016 - MLB Game Ends In A Tie For The First Time Since 2005

9/29/2016 - Ambitious Running Back Flips Over, Through Would-Be Tackler For Spectacular Touchdown

9/29/2016 - Lady Gaga To Perform At Super Bowl Halftime Show; They've Done Worse

9/29/2016 - Abdi Abdirahman Still Wins The Party

9/29/2016 - UEFA Fines Celtic Over Fans Flying The Palestinian Flag

9/29/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: You Weren't Man Enough

9/29/2016 - Josh Gordon Is Headed To Rehab

9/29/2016 - Trusting Anyone In Cycling Is A Loser's Game

9/29/2016 - NFL Suspends Randy Gregory 10 More Games For Violating Substance Abuse Policy

9/29/2016 - Liverpool Are Finally Back 

9/29/2016 - Where Did Alabama Linebacker Tim Williams Get That Weed? He Got It From, Uh, Brandon Chicken

9/29/2016 - Irish Olympic Boxer Bet On Himself To Lose, Won

9/29/2016 - Detective Curt Schilling Is On The Case Of The Hoboken Train Crash

9/29/2016 - Mario Balotelli Watches His Goal From His Butt

9/29/2016 - American Fan At Ryder Cup Heckles Europeans, Gets Called Out To Putt For $100, Sinks It

9/29/2016 - Don't Laugh At Logan, He Has A Metabolism Issue

9/29/2016 - Get Rid Of The Score Ticker On NFL Broadcasts

9/29/2016 - Tim Duncan Is The Spurs' New "Coach Of Whatever He Feels Like"

9/29/2016 - Hunter Renfroe Put His Damn Dong On Top Of A Roof

9/29/2016 - Rafael Nadal Halts Play While Mother Seeks Her Lost, Weeping Child

9/29/2016 - ACC Football Championship Moved To Orlando Over Anti-LGBT Law

9/29/2016 - Richard Sherman Explains Why Players Shouldn't Trust The NFL

9/29/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 76th Game

9/29/2016 - Aleksandar Mitrović Damn Near Kills Teammate In A Fit Of Ecstasy 

9/29/2016 - Notre Dame's President Wants You To Believe Discrimination Is Politics

9/29/2016 - Colin Kaepernick Calls Trump And Clinton "Proven Liars" Who Were "Trying To Debate Who's Less Racist"

9/29/2016 - AL East Champion Red Sox Graciously Allow Yankees To Have Cute Little Celebration Of Their Own

9/29/2016 - Dez Bryant Injures Knee, Reportedly Gets Fined For Skipping MRIs

9/28/2016 - Korean Announcers Provide Excellent Call On Hyun Soo Kim's Superb Dinger

9/28/2016 - Dak Prescott's Adjusting To Being A Famous NFL QB Pretty Well

9/28/2016 - Report: Title IX Official Connected To Antonio Callaway Case Fired By Florida

9/28/2016 - Gary Johnson Can't Name A Single Foreign Leader

9/28/2016 - DraftKings Investigating Possible Collusion Scandal In Flagship Contest

9/28/2016 - Cool New Tailgate Delicacy: Deep Fried Helmet

9/28/2016 - Nebraska President Pens Letter In Support Of Football Players' Right To Protest

9/28/2016 - Rex Ryan Posed As A Reporter To Ask Julian Edelman If He'd Be Playing QB

9/28/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: A Real-Life Human Being Who Bled To Death

9/28/2016 - Derrick Rose's Lawyers Still Want To Bring Up Jane Doe's Past

9/28/2016 - Danny Willett's Brother Riles Up American Ryder Cup Fans

9/28/2016 - ESPN Runs Memphis Grizzlies Puff Piece Written By Guy The Grizzlies Just Hired

9/28/2016 - Trump Kids Can't Seem To Figure Out Why Their Shitty Father's Campaign Is So Shitty

9/28/2016 - These Mammals Are Just Straight-Up Murdering Each Other All The Time

9/28/2016 - Fernando Torres Does A Fernando Torres

9/28/2016 - FIFA's Skill Games Look Just As Fun In Real Life 

9/28/2016 - Send Us Your College Roommate Horror Stories

9/28/2016 - Brilliant Shithead Cristiano Ronaldo Had A Brilliant, Shitheaded Game Yesterday

9/28/2016 - Tim Tebow Hit A Home Run On The First Pitch

9/28/2016 - Trying To Teach Donald Trump To Debate Sounds Like Hell

9/28/2016 - Antonio Brown Says Refs Threatened To Eject Him For Wearing Cool Shoes

9/28/2016 - Brandon Belt On His Friend D.J. LeMahieu: "He's A Nice Guy. I Still Want To Punch Him In The Face."

9/28/2016 - I'm A Little Over The World Cup Of Hockey, I Think

9/27/2016 - Mets Players Made It Up To This Lil' Fan After He Took A Foul Ball To The Arm

9/27/2016 - Aledmys Díaz Returns From José Fernández's Memorial, Smacks First Career Grand Slam

9/27/2016 - Some UFC Guy Tries To Diss Conor McGregor, Walks Straight Into Huge Burn

9/27/2016 - Report: J.J. Watt Re-Injured His Back, Possibly Out For The Season

9/27/2016 - Yankees Fan Proposes Live On Scoreboard, Loses Ring

9/27/2016 - Nebraska Regent Calls For Kneeling Players To Be Kicked Off Team, Then Tries To Deny It

9/27/2016 - Nate Diaz Is Still Talking Wild Shit About Conor McGregor

9/27/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: And Day Is Through

9/27/2016 - Tiger Woods Is Now Golf's Washed-Up Uncle

9/27/2016 - Serena Williams On Racial Inequality: "I Won't Be Silent"

9/27/2016 - America's Beautiful Wonderteen, Christian Pulisic, Just Ran Through Real Madrid

9/27/2016 - Frances Tiafoe Is A Good American And This Is A Great Point

9/27/2016 - Do You Even Know If You're Registered To Vote Yet?

9/27/2016 - Is Gerardo Martino The USMNT Coach-In-Waiting?

9/27/2016 - England Manager Sam Allardyce Loses Job After Just One Game In Charge

9/27/2016 - Lamp Switches, Ranked

9/27/2016 - Pakistan’s National Baseball Team Just Wants You To Know They Exist

9/27/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 75th Game

9/27/2016 - Gregg Popovich Explains America

9/27/2016 - Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Not So Great At Jokes

9/27/2016 - Adrian Beltre Strikes Out, Putts The Ball Away

9/27/2016 - Beef! We've Got Yankees-Blue Jays Beef!

9/27/2016 - Nebraska's Michael Rose-Ivey Addresses Racist Responses To His Anthem Protest

9/27/2016 - That Saints Punt Return Was Spectacularly Bad

9/27/2016 - Matt Ryan Wanted No Part Of Making This Block

9/27/2016 - Bucks President: "Milwaukee Is The Most Segregated, Racist Place I’ve Ever Experienced"

9/27/2016 - Even Stormfront Thinks Hillary Clinton Won The Debate

9/27/2016 - The Marlins Said Goodbye To José Fernández Tonight

9/26/2016 - Tom Brady's Apparently Been Spending His Suspension Tanning His Butt

9/26/2016 - Howard Dean Thinks Donald Trump Might Be On Coke

9/26/2016 - No, Donald Trump's Camp Isn't Deleting His Stupid Climate Change Tweets

9/26/2016 - Mets Broadcasters Break Down On Air While Remembering José Fernández

9/26/2016 - Welcome To Hell: It’s Deadspin’s 2016 Presidential Debate Liveblog 

9/26/2016 - 49ers' Anthony Davis Retires From The NFL For The Second Time 

9/26/2016 - England Manager Sam Allardyce Reportedly Caught Telling Businessmen How To Cheat FA Rules

9/26/2016 - Dee Gordon Overcome With Emotion After Leading Off Marlins Game With A Dinger

9/26/2016 - The Marlins Honored José Fernández Before Tonight's Game

9/26/2016 - Michelle Obama Did Not Lovingly Embrace George W. Bush

9/26/2016 - LeBron James On Police Violence: "It's A Scary-Ass Situation"

9/26/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Blood War On The Bourgeois State

9/26/2016 - Arsenal Looked Like The Best Team In England This Weekend, But They'll Fuck It Up Somehow

9/26/2016 - I Think Nate Silver Is Broken, Maybe?

9/26/2016 - Jalen Ramsey Went And Got Himself On Steve Smith's Shit List

9/26/2016 - Lucas Pouille Is The Next Big Tennis Guy

9/26/2016 - What Will White People Say About How Trump Does In The Debate?

9/26/2016 - Donald Trump Jr. Has Spent Years Fighting Twitter's Haters And Losers

9/26/2016 - Bills Fans Body-Slam Cardinals Flag Through Table

9/26/2016 - Colts Radio Announcer Is Really Happy The Game Is "Finally Fucking Over"

9/26/2016 - Nerlens Noel Has No Idea How The 76ers Will Manage Their Logjam Either

9/26/2016 - How Deep Does The Browns' Kicking Disaster Go?

9/26/2016 - José Fernández Was Why We Watch Sports

9/26/2016 - These Wacky Sports Highlights Got Me Chuckling

9/26/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 74th Game

9/26/2016 - You Are A Fact Checker

9/26/2016 - Michael Essien's 30th Birthday Party Was Just The Saddest

9/26/2016 - What The Hell Were The Buccaneers Thinking?

9/26/2016 - LAPD Confirms Active Criminal Investigation Into Derrick Rose For Alleged Sexual Assault [Update]

9/26/2016 - Known Man-Eating Fish Strikes England, Devours Goalkeeping Coach On Pitch

9/26/2016 - Chris Bosh's Heat Career Is Likely Over

9/26/2016 - I Don't Like This Mascot 

9/26/2016 - This Is A Brilliant Way To Exploit The Rulebook

9/26/2016 - You're #1

9/26/2016 - Ryan Fitzpatrick And The Jets Were "Shitty All Around"

9/25/2016 - This Is On Yahoo!'s Home Page Right Now

9/25/2016 - The Sidelines Aren't Safe

9/25/2016 - Arnold Palmer Dead At 87

9/25/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Passport

9/25/2016 - FIFA Shutters Anti-Racism Task Force, Because There's No More Racism In Soccer

9/25/2016 - "Would You Believe A Home Run?" Dodgers Clinch N.L. West, Give Vin Scully One Final Walk-Off Call [Update]

9/25/2016 - Dustin Pedroia Scores Winning Run By Dancing Around Rays Catcher

9/25/2016 - Report: LSU Fires Les Miles

9/25/2016 - Benches Clear After Nationals' A.J. Cole Throws Behind Pirates' Jung Ho Kang

9/25/2016 - #Fraud. #Pathetic.

9/25/2016 - CBS Airs Jags Fan's Halftime Adjustments

9/25/2016 - Here's An Eagles Fan Wearing A Trump Mask Getting Hit In The Face With An Amoroso Roll

9/25/2016 - Patrick Peterson Picks Off Tyrod Taylor With One Hand

9/25/2016 - Pedro Martínez On José Fernández: "I Saw A Better Talent Than I Was"

9/25/2016 - Former Michigan State Defensive Back Mylan Hicks Shot And Killed Outside Calgary Nightclub

9/25/2016 - Fight Breaks Out At Senators Practice After Patrick Sieloff Hits Clarke MacArthur

9/25/2016 - Buster Posey Loses Sight Of Foul Ball; Eduardo Núñez Saves The Day

9/25/2016 - Don't Be A Mark: Your Guide To Ignoring The NFL Today

9/25/2016 - Eduardo Pérez's José Fernández Remembrance Was Incredible

9/25/2016 - José Fernández Killed In Boating Accident [Updating]

9/25/2016 - Haven't These Trees Been Through Enough

9/25/2016 - Never Take Your Eyes Off The Quarterback

9/24/2016 - Stanford Needed 59 Minutes To Score A Touchdown, But One Is All They Needed

9/24/2016 - Francis Owusu Knocked Out By Helmet To Helmet Hit; Officials Review Video, Somehow Declare It Legal

9/24/2016 - Auburn Stuns LSU After Game-Winning, Last-Second Touchdown Taken Off Scoreboard By Replay Officials

9/24/2016 - Tennessee Finally Beat Florida

9/24/2016 - She'll Catch It Next Time

9/24/2016 - Marvelous 50-Yard Touchdown Run Becomes Touchback After Ball Comes Loose

9/24/2016 - Baylor Being Baylor

9/24/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: I Love It And Baby, You Should Too

9/24/2016 - High School Boys Soccer Team Forfeits Rather Than Risk Losing To Girls 

9/24/2016 - How

9/24/2016 - The Mets' Pitching Staff Is Dying

9/24/2016 - "I'm Falling Off The Chair" [Update]

9/24/2016 - Let's Make Some Minestrone, And Accept Autumn Like Grown-Ups

9/24/2016 - This Is Probably Unhealthy

9/24/2016 - Ken Starr Believes Art Briles Is The True Victim In Baylor's Sexual Assault Scandal

9/24/2016 - Peyton Manning's Hairline Is A Lie

9/24/2016 - USF Goes 84 Yards For TD On Game's First Play; FSU Goes 75 On The Second

9/24/2016 - Tebow Jokes: Your Knoxville College GameDay Sign Roundup

9/24/2016 - Washington State Plans To Force Students To Bail Out Broke Athletics Department

9/24/2016 - 2016

9/24/2016 - Utah Drives 93 Yards In Final Five Minutes To Beat USC

9/23/2016 - Peaceful Student Protest Marches On Eastern Michigan Field As Game Ends

9/23/2016 - "C'mon, It's Just Me!" Vin Scully Brings Down The House At Retirement Ceremony

9/23/2016 - Another Night, Another Ejection For Targeting

9/23/2016 - Sacramento D.A. Asks For Restraining Order Against Guy Who Threw A Pie At Kevin Johnson

9/23/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Comprehensively Meaningless

9/23/2016 - Kevin Garnett Retires, Makes The NBA A Little More Sane And A Lot Less Fun

9/23/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 73rd Game

9/23/2016 - Teenaged Korean Goalkeeper Is God-Awful At Pretending To Try To Stop This Goal

9/23/2016 - How The Hell Do The Patriots Do It?

9/23/2016 - Kolten Wong Eats It

9/23/2016 - These Bears, Like Me, Are Wondering What's So Bad About Eating Some Ducks

9/23/2016 - Premier League Player Suspended Four Games For Homophobic Tweets From Four Years Ago

9/23/2016 - We're The Deadspin Staff. Let's Chat.

9/23/2016 - Report: Jacoby Brissett Needs Surgery On His Thumb

9/23/2016 - Report: Ted Cruz Planning To Cuck Himself [Updated]

9/23/2016 - Report: Buccaneers To Release Austin Seferian-Jenkins Following DUI Arrest

9/23/2016 - Study: America's Large Adult Sons Economically Crippled By Good Video Games

9/23/2016 - This Video Of A Guy Executing Fish With A Pistol Is Actually Good Because Lionfish Suck

9/23/2016 - Mariners Catcher Steve Clevenger Suspended Without Pay For Tweets

9/23/2016 - Vin Scully Calls Two Baseball Games At The Same Time

9/23/2016 - Lawyer For Guy Who Pied Kevin Johnson Decries Lack Of Visual Evidence 

9/23/2016 - Reports: Chris Bosh Fails Physical Due To Complications From Blood Clotting

9/23/2016 - You Already Know What Mike Ditka Thinks Of Colin Kaepernick, So Let's Just Laugh At His Big Dumb Head

9/23/2016 - Chase Utley Turns Very Bad Play Into Very Good One

9/23/2016 - It's Time To Once Again Help Prove That Average Fans Are The Best Scouts In Baseball

9/23/2016 - The Seahawks Would Like To See White NFL Players Join The National Anthem Protests

9/23/2016 - Asdrubal Cabrera Flips The Everloving Shit Out Of His Bat After Huge Walk-Off Dinger

9/23/2016 - The Texans Were Tremendously Incompetent

9/22/2016 - The Guy Who Threw A Pie In Kevin Johnson's Face Explains Why He Did It

9/22/2016 - Greg Schiano Hit A Cyclist With His Car And Sent Him To The Hospital

9/22/2016 - Thanks To Draymond Green, NBA Refs Will Be Cracking Down On Hits To The Dick And Balls

9/22/2016 - What Do You Get For The Baseball Player Who Has Everything? A Busted Up Phone Box

9/22/2016 - Mariners Catcher Barfs Out Some Thoughts About Protestors, Compares Them To Animals

9/22/2016 - This Intentional Walk Toss Missed By A Country Mile

9/22/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Big And Strong

9/22/2016 - Chip Kelly Backs Colin Kaepernick, Terrible Columnist Fusses Like A Baby

9/22/2016 - Judge Threatens Sanctions If Derrick Rose's Lawyer "Shames And Blames The Victims Of Rape"

9/22/2016 - Baseball Men Won't Stop Standing For The National Anthem

9/22/2016 - That Idiot On Your Hunting Message Board Might Be Donald Trump Jr.

9/22/2016 - Text Messages Show Ex-Auburn Football Player Saying "I'm Sorry" To Woman Who Said He Raped Her

9/22/2016 - New Touchback Rule Designed To Reduce Number Of Kickoff Returns Is Actually Increasing Them

9/22/2016 - Don't Have Opinions About Other People's Underwear

9/22/2016 - The Ongoing NFL Conspiracy You Don’t Know About

9/22/2016 - MacArthur Genius Grants: Not Worth It

9/22/2016 - Landon Donovan And I Would Like To Announce Our Availability For The USMNT

9/22/2016 - Who To Start? Who To Sit? Fantasy Football Advice For Week Three Is Here.

9/22/2016 - Indiana Football Player Charged With Felony Child Molestation (UPDATE)

9/22/2016 - Leonard Williams, We Know What Happened To Your Hookah Parts

9/22/2016 - Skip Bayless Explains How To Argue When You Agree

9/22/2016 - Don't Expect Police Video Of Keith Scott's Death Any Time Soon

9/22/2016 - A Night Of Tear Gas And Chaos In Charlotte

9/22/2016 - Rams Lose Lawsuits To PSL Holders They Left Behind In St. Louis

9/22/2016 - Mario Balotelli Scores Two More Goals, Remains On Fire

9/22/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 72nd Game

9/22/2016 - Watch Olympic Silver Medalist Daryl Homer School Us In Saber Fencing

9/22/2016 - Team North America Wrongly Thought They Had Advanced

9/22/2016 - Entire Indiana Fever Team Kneels During National Anthem

9/22/2016 - Here's The Guy Kevin Johnson Reportedly Beat Up For Hitting Him With A Pie

9/22/2016 - Adam Jones Wants To Know Where All The Orioles Fans Are

9/22/2016 - Report: Kevin Johnson Beats Protestor To A "Bloody Pulp" At Farm-To-Table Event

9/21/2016 - Charlotte Protests: A Night In Photos

9/21/2016 - Ender Inciarte Robs Yoenis Cespedes' Would-Be Walk-Off, Ends Game

9/21/2016 - Here's A Truly Bonkers One-Handed Catch

9/21/2016 - Reports: One Shot, Several Injured As Protests In Charlotte Turn Violent [Updating]

9/21/2016 - Stephen Jackson Righteously Owns Don King On CNN

9/21/2016 - Lone Bright Spot For The Browns Injured Too

9/21/2016 - Chris Bosh Has Escalated His PR Battle With The Miami Heat

9/21/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Love Your Dress

9/21/2016 - Jose Bautista Admires Huge Dinger With A Backwards Home Run Trot

9/21/2016 - Jim Grobe Says Shawn Oakman Comments Taken Out Of Context, Is Full Of Shit

9/21/2016 - Nathan MacKinnon's Filthy Goal Wins It In OT For Team North America 

9/21/2016 - Take Our Survey On Boycotting The NFL And Don't You Dare Lie

9/21/2016 - Richard Sherman Addresses Police Killings Of Black Men At Press Conference, Then Walks Out

9/21/2016 - Cam Newton Says Some Things To Colin Kaepernick

9/21/2016 - Donnel Pumphrey Is Small, Fast, And On His Way To Becoming An All-Time Great 

9/21/2016 - Team North America Is Already Doing Cool Things (Update: They Can't Even Stop)

9/21/2016 - Robert Swift Says He's Clean And Attempting A Professional Basketball Comeback

9/21/2016 - Team USA Is Mad About Phil Kessel's Tweet

9/21/2016 - Christian Pulisic Is Too Good To Be Underhyped

9/21/2016 - The Time Norm Macdonald Bombed So Hard On Star Search That Even Ed McMahon Didn't Laugh

9/21/2016 - That Might Be The Last You See Of Adrian Peterson As A Viking

9/21/2016 - Don King Says "Nigger" While Introducing Donald Trump

9/21/2016 - Rangers' Double Play Breaks Mike Scioscia's Spirit

9/21/2016 - San Diego’s Airport Doesn’t Want This Great Bill Walton Statue

9/21/2016 - Marshawn Lynch On Colin Kaepernick Is Very Good

9/21/2016 - David Ortiz Gets Taunted By Fan, Homers, Taunts Back

9/21/2016 - Accept Random Events 

9/21/2016 - Team USA Sucked

9/20/2016 - Saint Louis University's New Mascot Is Hungry For Your Soul

9/20/2016 - E.J. Price Transfers From USC; Coach Clay Helton Denies Price Punched Him

9/20/2016 - Rutgers Student Tailgate Shut Down After AD Chugs A Beer On Stage

9/20/2016 - Dodgers Roast Madison Bumgarner En Masse After Shoving Match

9/20/2016 - Look At How Excited Thomas Davis Is 

9/20/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Download Or Not

9/20/2016 - Judge Rules Woman Accusing Derrick Rose Of Rape Must Use Her Name In Civil Trial

9/20/2016 - Look At This Map, America Is The Greatest Country In The World

9/20/2016 - An Interview With The Girl Who Took Her Michael Jordan Cardboard Cutout Everywhere

9/20/2016 - Yaya Touré Won't Play For Man City Again Unless His Shit-Talking Agent Apologizes 

9/20/2016 - Las Vegas's Play For The Raiders Keeps Getting Shadier

9/20/2016 - USC Is Already A Mess

9/20/2016 - What Happens If Trump Calls Hillary A "Bitch" During The Debate?

9/20/2016 - Rich Fuck Who Funded Ads Calling Trump Misogynist Decides To Back Trump Because The Rich Are Bad People

9/20/2016 - Does Mike Gundy Think Jack Nicholson Was The Good Guy In A Few Good Men?

9/20/2016 - How To Poach An Egg In The Microwave And Plan Your Lunches All Week 

9/20/2016 - Hell Yeah, Another Cool Madden Glitch

9/20/2016 - Donald Trump's Charity Golf Tournament Was Apparently Rigged, And He Used His Charity's Money To Settle The Lawsuit

9/20/2016 - Remember When This Crappy Hitter Became A Bat-Flipping God?

9/20/2016 - We're Going Backwards On Racial Economic Equality

9/20/2016 - If Rome Was So Weak Before It Fell, How Did Its Industry Manage To Pollute Greenland?

9/20/2016 - Brad Pitt Is A Loser

9/20/2016 - Great And Loyal Soccer Dog Is A Better Goalkeeper Than Human Counterpart

9/20/2016 - Russia Beat Team North America At Its Own Game

9/20/2016 - Mookie Betts Is So Damn Mean To The Orioles

9/20/2016 - It's Probably Time To Write Off The Bears

9/20/2016 - Madison Bumgarner And Yasiel Puig Yelled At Each Other And Started A Bench-Clearing Shoving Match

9/19/2016 - Carson Wentz Sure Looks Legit

9/19/2016 - Rick Porcello Got Into It With Manny Machado And Pitched The Most Efficient Game Of The Season 

9/19/2016 - The Browns Even Get Mocked In The Good Place

9/19/2016 - Giancarlo Stanton Is Back And Already Hitting Monster Dongs

9/19/2016 - Lindsey Graham Wants To Destroy America

9/19/2016 - The Fan Experience At The Rams' Stadium Sounded Like Hell [Update]

9/19/2016 - Seahawks Heavily Penalized For Overly Intense Offseason Workouts

9/19/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All

9/19/2016 - Curt Schilling, 38 Studios Execs Agree To $2.5 Million Settlement With Rhode Island

9/19/2016 - Report: The Browns Fired A Bunch Of Scouts Who Liked Carson Wentz

9/19/2016 - Ex-Baylor Player Indicted For Sexual Assault Allowed Into Team Locker Room [Updated]

9/19/2016 - The Browns Wanted To Suck, And The Injury Gods Have Obliged Them

9/19/2016 - Cowboys Fan Attacks Women During Parking Lot Brawl

9/19/2016 - Dan Gilbert-Backed Bill Would Allow Developers To Pocket Even More Public Money

9/19/2016 - Deadspin 25: Long Live Central Florida, Our College Football Overlords 

9/19/2016 - A DraftKings Contractor Won Over $1 Million Playing DraftKings Yesterday

9/19/2016 - Adrian Peterson Has A Torn Meniscus

9/19/2016 - The Giants Are In Freefall

9/19/2016 - Indians Players Don't Take Kindly To Beat Writer Losing Faith

9/19/2016 - Alex Boone's Gentle Suggestion To Vikings Fans: "Shut The Fuck Up A Little Bit"

9/19/2016 - Daniel Sturridge Stars In Hilarious Liverpool Rap Trivia Video

9/19/2016 - Chicken And Eggs Together: Disgusting

9/19/2016 - You Found Our Tribute To Vikings History

9/19/2016 - Tiffany Trump's Secret Service Detail, Like Her Father's Attention, Absent

9/19/2016 - Manchester United Have A Wayne Rooney Problem

9/19/2016 - Raiders Fan Knocks Out Raiders Fan In Extremely Slow Fight

9/19/2016 - Georgia Fan Celebrates Too Hard, Ends Up In Hospital

9/19/2016 - North Carolina Governor Planted Questions From Fake Reporters To Avoid Answering Ones About Anti-LGBT Law

9/19/2016 - It's Week 2 And The Skins Are Already A Mess

9/19/2016 - Team North America Is An Absolute Blast

9/19/2016 - That Was Everything The Vikings Wanted From Sam Bradford

9/19/2016 - Professional Liar Takes Stand Against Fact-Checking

9/18/2016 - Adrian Peterson Injured, Then Dragged Through Some Kind Of Restaurant

9/18/2016 - Falcons Score Wacky Hot Potato Touchdown

9/18/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Parents Gonna Be The Death Of Us All 

9/18/2016 - Jaguars Lineman Kelvin Beachum Carted Off After Sustaining Concussion

9/18/2016 - It's Jacoby Brissett Time, I Guess

9/18/2016 - Lions And Titans Combine For 29 Penalties In A Battle Of The Inept

9/18/2016 - The Browns Were Very Much The Browns Today

9/18/2016 - LOOK OUT

9/18/2016 - Jimmy Garoppolo Hurt His Shoulder [Update]

9/18/2016 - Saints Cornerback P.J. Williams Carted Off The Field After Colliding With Opponent

9/18/2016 - Isaiah Crowell Embarrasses The Ravens Defense

9/18/2016 - Crybaby Cops Threaten To Stop Dolphins' Police Escort, Claim Players Don't Have The Right To Free Speech

9/18/2016 - Stay Out Of The Trenches: Today's Guide To Ignoring The NFL

9/18/2016 - High School Football Team Kneels During National Anthem

9/17/2016 - Noah Brown Is Amazing

9/17/2016 - Can't Let 'Em See The Smelling Salts

9/17/2016 - The Strangest Kickoff You'll Ever See Happened In A Real College Game

9/17/2016 - Huh

9/17/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Brain Like A Rolling Snowball

9/17/2016 - George Washington Fires Men's Basketball Coach After Investigating Verbal Abuse Claims

9/17/2016 - "What A Whiff By The Officials!" Ole Miss Takes 24-3 Lead On Alabama Thanks To Refs

9/17/2016 - Joe Paterno Honored By Tone-Deaf Penn State Officials And Football Fans

9/17/2016 - Donald Trump Is Mad Online

9/17/2016 - NDSU Continues Win Streak Over FBS Teams With Last-Second Field Goal To Beat Iowa

9/17/2016 - Lamar Jackson Remains Ridiculous 

9/17/2016 - Here Is Your Louisville College GameDay Sign Roundup

9/17/2016 - Here Is How Not To Field A Kickoff

9/17/2016 - Ravens Assistant Coach Dies After Bout With Cancer

9/17/2016 - How To Skewer And Cook A Meat Dick

9/17/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 71st Game

9/17/2016 - Penn State Crisis Communication Professor Has Crisis While Communicating His Adoration For Joe Paterno

9/17/2016 - The NBA Is Just The Latest Organization To Profit From Martin Luther King Jr.'s Body

9/17/2016 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

9/17/2016 - Security Guard Breaks Leg Trying To Catch Idiot On The Field [WARNING: Gross] [Update]

9/16/2016 - Rice MOB Performs Baylor Scandal-Themed Halftime Show

9/16/2016 - Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Running QBs

9/16/2016 - Please Refrain From Shooting Lasers Onto The Field

9/16/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: On A Train

9/16/2016 - Edinson Cavani Scores 4 Goals In First Half, Somehow Still Looks Kinda Bad

9/16/2016 - Can You Find Our Heartfelt Tribute To The Minnesota Vikings Outside Their New Stadium?

9/16/2016 - We Are The Deadspin Staff: Let's Chat! 

9/16/2016 - Poorly Disguised Theo Epstein Takes In Cubs Game From The Bleachers

9/16/2016 - Jordan Henderson Scores Dipping Rocket From Distance

9/16/2016 - Blind Brazilian Soccer Man Scores A Couple Bangers In The Paralympics

9/16/2016 - Who's Going To Win The World Cup Of Hockey?

9/16/2016 - Rex Ryan Doesn't Have Much Time Left In Buffalo

9/16/2016 - We Don't Remember The Sweatpants Kid, But Let's Remember Some Pants

9/16/2016 - What The Heck Is Going On With Chris Ivory?

9/16/2016 - I Can't Tell If I Like Or Hate This DeAngelo Williams Quote

9/16/2016 - Donald Trump's Birther PR Stunt Beset By Chaos, Stage Collapse

9/16/2016 - Bills Fans Duel With Pepperoni Sticks

9/16/2016 - If You Want Donald Trump's Tax Returns, Start Asking Now And Don't Stop

9/16/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 70th Game

9/16/2016 - Disgraced San Diego Padres GM A.J. Preller Certainly Seems Like An Idiot

9/16/2016 - How Many Sentences Does It Take To Know David Brooks Has Written A Bad Column? 

9/16/2016 - A.J. Burnett Told Andrew McCutchen To Hit Two Homers, So He Did

9/16/2016 - Dellin Betances Chose A Bad Time To Unravel

9/15/2016 - U.S. Soccer Lashes Out Against Megan Rapinoe For Kneeling During Anthem

9/15/2016 - Lawyer: Derrick Rose Said He Doesn't Know What Consent Means

9/15/2016 - Bills Tailgating Lot Tries To Ban Fun

9/15/2016 - Yankees-Red Sox Game Delayed By Stuck Fenway Door

9/15/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Go Home

9/15/2016 - Girls High School Basketball Team's Poster Is Very Good And Very Bad

9/15/2016 - It Begins

9/15/2016 - Deadspin 25: Don't Be Fooled, Maryland Still Sucks 

9/15/2016 - Who To Start? Who To Sit? Fantasy Football Advice For Week Two Is Here.

9/15/2016 - Food Blogger Apparently Sold Soul To Devil

9/15/2016 - Mighty Manchester United Back In Soccer's NIT; Back To Taking Ls Against Inferior Opponents

9/15/2016 - Carlos Beltran Put Eye Black On His Head To Make Fun Of Rougned Odor

9/15/2016 - Report: San Diego Padres Hid Important Medical Information From Trade Partners

9/15/2016 - USC Linebacker Charged With Rape, Forcible Sodomy

9/15/2016 - This Is Maybe But Probably Not Tom Brady Secretly Calling In To A Radio Show

9/15/2016 - The Chokingest Team In Modern NFL History

9/15/2016 - Orioles Post Lots Of Pretty Numbers As They Make A Run For The AL East

9/15/2016 - After The NFL Comes Weed, Hollywood, And Fantasy Football

9/15/2016 - The Most Interesting And Dominant Baseball Player In The World Plays In Japan

9/15/2016 - There's Actual Hardcore Porn Hiding In iOS 10 [NSFW]

9/15/2016 - Leicester City Aren't Done Yet

9/15/2016 - Urban Sprawl Or Housing Crisis? Neither, Thanks.

9/15/2016 - The Giants Are Already Needling Josh Norman

9/15/2016 - Dinosaurs Suck Now

9/15/2016 - Braves And Marlins Clear The Benches, Have A Calm, Fruitful Discussion 

9/15/2016 - Just Give Mike Trout A Gold Glove Already

9/15/2016 - There's My Little Pony Porn Hiding In iOS 10

9/14/2016 - Ben Cherington Is Back In Baseball As Not-A-GM For The Blue Jays

9/14/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: It Could Be A Lot Worse

9/14/2016 - Rand Getlin: "The NFL Network And I Mutually Agreed To Part Ways"

9/14/2016 - Deadspin 25: Can Washington Be The Breakout Team Everyone Wants Them To Be?

9/14/2016 - Sam Hinkie Isn't Actually Teaching At Stanford

9/14/2016 - This Woman Actually Got Donald Trump To Shut The Fuck Up

9/14/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 69th Game

9/14/2016 - Tony La Russa Is Entitled To His Opinions Even If They Are Dogshit

9/14/2016 - Oklahoma State Student Paper Demands CMU Give Back Hail-And-Lateral Victory

9/14/2016 - Kid Rock Pauses Ronnie Van Zant Cosplay Just Long Enough To Say, "Fuck Colin Kaepernick!"

9/14/2016 - ACC Pulls Championships Out Of North Carolina Over Anti-LGBT Laws

9/14/2016 - This Actually Goes A Long Way Toward Explaining That Rams Debacle

9/14/2016 - Snowboarding Enthusiast Sam Hinkie Would Like You To Toss Him Some Links

9/14/2016 - Adrian Beltre Is Still Slapping Dingers From One Knee

9/14/2016 - Flint's Crim Races Shifted $40,000 From Prizes To Provide Free Entries

9/14/2016 - Yasiel Puig Tosses Ball To Fan, Knocks Her Tooth Out

9/14/2016 - Edinson Cavani Is A Hero

9/14/2016 - Finance Dudes Stroking It To Finance Jargon

9/14/2016 - The Saints' Future Is Almost Here, And It's Bleak

9/14/2016 - Trent Dilfer Should Consider Sitting This One Out

9/14/2016 - Don't Update Your Fucking iPhone!

9/14/2016 - He Kicks You In The Financial Balls

9/13/2016 - The White Sox Invited A Bunch Of Good Dogs To Their Park

9/13/2016 - Train Ruins Marathon

9/13/2016 - Dabo Swinney's "Broad Brush" Paints A Beautiful America That Doesn't Exist

9/13/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Heaven And Back

9/13/2016 - Evil Person Ruins Lionel Messi's Career In Video Game

9/13/2016 - The Idiot Teen On The Field At MNF Wrote His Number On His Chest, So We Called Him

9/13/2016 - The NFL Investigation And Punishment Of Josh Brown Achieved Nothing

9/13/2016 - Rex Ryan Frees His Belly For His Brother

9/13/2016 - Wisconsin's Bronson Koenig To Join Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

9/13/2016 - This Large Rugby Child Is Out Of Hand

9/13/2016 - Here's Barcelona, Literally Walking The Ball Into The Net

9/13/2016 - Why Didn't Josh Norman Cover Antonio Brown?

9/13/2016 - The NFL Clock Should Use Tenths Of A Second 

9/13/2016 - Russian Hackers Get Into WADA Data, Find Nothing Incriminating

9/13/2016 - Why Was Mitch Williams Fired From MLB Network? Why Is He Suing His Former Employer? 

9/13/2016 - Colin Kaepernick Won

9/13/2016 - Dansby Swanson Takes Ball To Crotch

9/13/2016 - Soccer Man Gets Extremely Hyped About This Dope Thing He Just Did

9/13/2016 - The Rams Might Be In A New City, But They Still Suck

9/13/2016 - Deadspin 25: Ray Lawry Is A Good Enough Reason To Watch An Old Dominion Game

9/13/2016 - Mario Balotelli Is Back, Baby!

9/13/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 68th Game

9/13/2016 - NFL To Stop Torturing Colorblind Fans With Color Rush Jerseys

9/13/2016 - Judgment At Urineberg: Did Hillary Get Pneumonia Because She Hates Peeing?

9/13/2016 - Behold The Glory Of The NFL Rulebook In One Dumb Clip

9/13/2016 - Free Antonio Brown's Butt

9/13/2016 - Kevin Harlan's Play-By-Play Radio Call Of The MNF Idiot On The Field Is An All-Timer

9/13/2016 - Idiot On The Field Invades San Francisco Monday Night Football Game

9/12/2016 - Colin Kaepernick Continues Protesting During National Anthem, Four Players Raise Fists [Update]

9/12/2016 - Idiot On The Field Invades Ryan Lochte's Dancing With The Stars Segment [Updates]

9/12/2016 - NCAA Removes Championship Events From North Carolina Due To Anti-LGBT Laws (UPDATE)

9/12/2016 - Romelu Lukaku Smashes Sunderland, And Everton Might Be Pretty Good This Season

9/12/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: I Don't Like To Talk

9/12/2016 - Thankfully, The Manchester Derby Wasn't All About José Mourinho And Pep Guardiola

9/12/2016 - Chris Sale Is Wasting His Talent On The South Side

9/12/2016 - Broncos LB Brandon Marshall Will Continue Protesting Anthem Despite Losing Endorsements

9/12/2016 - Just Make Mad Max: Fury Road Again

9/12/2016 - Stan Wawrinka Wore Out Novak Djokovic In The Best Point Of The U.S. Open

9/12/2016 - Deadspin 25: There's Nobody Better At Losing Than Eastern Michigan

9/12/2016 - Big Shock: RGIII Is All Fucked Up Again

9/12/2016 - Caleb Joseph Still Doesn't Have An RBI This Season

9/12/2016 - MAC Suspends Officials Who Allowed Central Michigan To Pull Off Miracle Upset

9/12/2016 - Darrelle Revis Got Beaten

9/12/2016 - Jason Peters Is A Good Teammate

9/12/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 67th Game

9/12/2016 - Charles Woodson Has Smart Things To Say About Colin Kaepernick

9/12/2016 - Terrance Williams Said He Knew What He Was Doing, He Just Shouldn't Have Done it

9/11/2016 - We're All Big Fans Of "Djovak Nokovic"

9/11/2016 - Patriots Martellus Bennett And Devin McCourty Raise Fists After National Anthem

9/11/2016 - Aaron Rodgers Gives Everyone Yet Another Play To Gush About

9/11/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Gonna Get Some Records By The Status Quo

9/11/2016 - Jack Del Rio Gets Ballsy, Goes For Two, Gets Win 

9/11/2016 - The Jets Dragged Andy Dalton All Over The Field And Still Couldn't Win

9/11/2016 - Arian Foster, Three Dolphins Teammates Kneel During National Anthem

9/11/2016 - Allen Robinson Is A Magician

9/11/2016 - Videos Show "Overheated" Hillary Clinton Stumbling As Secret Service Help Her To Car [Update]

9/11/2016 - ESPN's Fantasy Football Site And App Are Down [Updates]

9/11/2016 - Chiefs Cornerback Marcus Peters Raises His Fist During National Anthem [Update]

9/11/2016 - The Officials Are Off To A Good Start This Season

9/11/2016 - South Dakota State Tight End Makes A Gorgeous One-Handed Touchdown Catch

9/11/2016 - Bills Linebackers Start Season By Missing Team Bus

9/11/2016 - Bask In The Aura Of This Tattooed Iowa Football Fan

9/11/2016 - NFL And NFLPA Will Investigate Concussion Protocol Compliance For Cam Newton

9/11/2016 - Here We Go Again: Your Guide To Ignoring The NFL Today

9/11/2016 - A.J. Pierzynski Is Probably Done

9/11/2016 - RGIII Debuts New Gameday Look For Fashion Week 

9/11/2016 - Rich Hill Was Perfect, And Then He Got Pulled


9/11/2016 - Fabricio Werdum Beats Travis Browne, Then Kicks Browne's Coach

9/10/2016 - No, CM Punk Did Not Win His UFC Debut

9/10/2016 - Ryan Newman Rips Into "Old, Bipolar" Tony Stewart After Wreck

9/10/2016 - "Akransas"

9/10/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Gotta Lose A Couple Fights To Win

9/10/2016 - These Are Definitely Shorts

9/10/2016 - Central Michigan Upsets Oklahoma State With Hail Mary Lateral [Updates]

9/10/2016 - The Art Briles Apology Tour Is Awful

9/10/2016 - Ray-Ray McCloud Boner Costs Clemson Touchdown

9/10/2016 - USC Lineman Ejected After Fighting With Official

9/10/2016 - Rice-Army Game Delayed By Mule Shit

9/10/2016 - Eric Trump Tweets Out Fake Photo Of Rally

9/10/2016 - Allen Iverson's Hall of Fame Speech Was Really Great

9/10/2016 - Payet Rabona Assist!

9/10/2016 - ESPN Feeds Audio Of People Laughing And Joking During GameDay Segment On Art Briles & Baylor Rapes [Updates]

9/10/2016 - Arsenal Draw Even On Laurent Koscielny Golazo

9/10/2016 - An Anderson Silva Gets Ass Beaten On Live Kickboxing Match Broadcast

9/9/2016 - Popular Soccer Stats Twitter Account Tweets A Butthole Instead Of Soccer Stats [NSFW]

9/9/2016 - Lamar Jackson Is Unreal

9/9/2016 - Look At This Flipping Throw-In Assist

9/9/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Can I Count On You?

9/9/2016 - Borussia Dortmund Manager Pours Some Cold Water On The Christian Pulisic Craze

9/9/2016 - The Best Jaguars Fan Has Been Found

9/9/2016 - Gael Monfils And Novak Djokovic Combine For A Strange 21-Shot Rally

9/9/2016 - Amanda Knox's Boyfriend Is Here To Party Rock

9/9/2016 - Christian Benteke Probably Made Crystal Palace Sign His Little Brother, Who Sucks

9/9/2016 - Todd Gurley Is Looking To Spare Himself Some Punishment

9/9/2016 - You Can't Expect A Wall Street Guy To Live Like A Peasant Just Cause He Takes A Government Job, Okay? 

9/9/2016 - Novak Djokovic Has Had The Easiest Road To The U.S. Open Semifinals

9/9/2016 - I'm A Little Worried About This Bear

9/9/2016 - We're The Deadspin Staff. Let's Chat!

9/9/2016 - The NFL Didn't Follow Its Own Concussion Protocol For Cam Newton

9/9/2016 - With The Rivalry Reborn, Pitt And Penn State Players Remember The Game That Defined It

9/9/2016 - With Trevor Siemian, The Poise Is Back In Town

9/9/2016 - Clinton Presidential Library Photos Reveal Cozy Relationship Between Bill and Trump

9/9/2016 - Jerry Jones Bought Himself A Helicopter Because That's What Rich Old Bastards Do

9/9/2016 - The First Woman In The NFL's Old Boys' Club

9/9/2016 - Can Jimmy Garoppolo Beat The Cardinals? Watch Our Tecmo Super Bowl Simulation To Find Out. 

9/9/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 66th Game

9/9/2016 - Today's Shocking Miss Of The Day Comes To You All The Way From Lithuania

9/9/2016 - Iman Shumpert Arrested For DUI

9/9/2016 - Trevor Siemian Was Fine And The Broncos Should Be Thrilled

9/9/2016 - Cam Newton's Night Was Hard To Watch

9/9/2016 - Cam Newton Doesn't Remember The End Of The Football Game He Just Finished

9/9/2016 - Dozens Of Charleston Southern Players Apparently Suspended Over Bizarre Bookstore Violation

9/9/2016 - The Broncos Went At Cam Newton's Head All Night

9/8/2016 - Cam Newton's Brain Scrambled; Is Left In Game

9/8/2016 - Army Football Team Removes Postgame Celebration Video Amid Religious Freedom Complaints

9/8/2016 - Broncos Fullback Scores 28-Yard Touchdown On First Career Carry  

9/8/2016 - ESPN's Ed Cunningham Apologizes To Michigan For Speculating That Injured Player Was Suspended

9/8/2016 - Broncos Linebacker Brandon Marshall Kneels During National Anthem [Update]

9/8/2016 - Watch This Gnarly Dude Break The World Skateboarding Speed Record

9/8/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: All The Stars Were Shining Bright

9/8/2016 - Deadspin 25: Don't Worry, This Is The Last Time You'll Have To Think About Louisiana-Monroe

9/8/2016 - Tommy Pham Has No Patience For Mouthy Ballhawks

9/8/2016 - Stan Wawrinka And Juan Martin Del Potro Both Beat The Sad Tennis Ball

9/8/2016 - We're Simulating Tonight's Panthers-Broncos Game In Tecmo Super Bowl With Updated Rosters

9/8/2016 - Famous Old Soccer Man Comes Out Of Retirement To Join Retirement League

9/8/2016 - Indians Score Two Runs On What Was Definitely A Foul Ball

9/8/2016 - Bruce Miller Charged With Seven Felonies, Allegedly Beat Elderly Man With Cane

9/8/2016 - Let's Remember Some Guys

9/8/2016 - Fire Half The Managers

9/8/2016 - Remember When Donald Trump Didn't Know Why There Were 13 Stripes On The American Flag?

9/8/2016 - They Shouldn’t Play The National Anthem Before Sporting Events

9/8/2016 - Jason Pierre-Paul Is Suing ESPN Because Its Reporting Was Too Accurate

9/8/2016 - Roger Goodell Vs. The Refs

9/8/2016 - Deadspin 25: Middle Tennessee State Is Ready To Run The Conference USA

9/8/2016 - Who To Start? Who To Sit? Fantasy Football Advice For Week One Is Here.

9/8/2016 - FIFA Upholds Transfer Bans For Real Madrid And Atlético

9/8/2016 - Dana White Tells Mickey Gall To Use Harder Entrance Music

9/8/2016 - This Is How You Know Tim Tebow Is Serious About And Committed To His "Dream" Of Playing Baseball And That This Is Not At All A Publicity Stunt

9/8/2016 - The New York Times Doesn't Know What Aleppo Is, Either

9/8/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 65th Game

9/8/2016 - Big, Stupid Falcons Stadium To Feature Big, Stupid Bird Statue

9/8/2016 - Seahawks Considering National Anthem Protest As A Team

9/8/2016 - Tebowwwwww

9/8/2016 - Here's An Old "Haters Gonna Say It's Fake" Video From High School-Era Carson Wentz

9/7/2016 - Giants Beat Writer Files World's Best, Laziest Column Amid Team's Massive Slump

9/7/2016 - GRRM Refuses To Address Rumor That He Has Pages

9/7/2016 - Donald Trump's Plan For The Middle East: "Take The Oil"

9/7/2016 - Grandstanding NWSL Owner Plays National Anthem Early To Avoid Megan Rapinoe's Protest [Update]

9/7/2016 - Report: Ryan Lochte Suspended Ten Months Over Rio Gas Station Fiasco

9/7/2016 - A Regular Person’s Guide To Apple’s New Phones (And Other Useless Shit)

9/7/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: I Was On My Way To Be With You Today

9/7/2016 - The PS4 Slim Is The Perfect Console For Me, A Video Game Idiot

9/7/2016 - Butterfly Ghost Gets Revenge; Andy Murray Loses To Kei Nishikori

9/7/2016 - Andy Murray Maimed (And Probably Killed) A Butterfly

9/7/2016 - If The NFL Is Worse Now, The Reason Why Is Obvious

9/7/2016 - How Many Syllables Are In The Word "Wild"?

9/7/2016 - Steve Jobs Loved The Headphone Jack

9/7/2016 - Deadspin 25: South Alabama Already Downed One SEC Team. Who's Next?

9/7/2016 - Show Us Your Fantasy Football Team

9/7/2016 - Arsène Wenger Disses José Mourinho In The Pettiest Way Possible

9/7/2016 - Why Your Team Sucks 2016: Denver Broncos

9/7/2016 - Apple Just Fucked Over All the Tech Bloggers

9/7/2016 - John Harbaugh Used Player's Funeral As Chance To Complain To NFLPA Head About The CBA

9/7/2016 - Roger Goodell On Colin Kaepernick: I Love The Troops!

9/7/2016 - Report: Bruce Miller Was Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Sandwich Fight

9/7/2016 - John Tortorella Says He'll Bench Any Player Who Doesn't Stand For The National Anthem

9/7/2016 - Alejandro Bedoya And Eric Wynalda Face Off In Extremely Raw Twitter Beef

9/7/2016 - Witness Claims Ezekiel Elliott's Girlfriend Asked Her To Lie To Police

9/7/2016 - Jared Goff Is Not Ready

9/7/2016 - Emojis For Everyone

9/7/2016 - Andre Ward's Success Has Only Earned Him A Date With A Monster

9/7/2016 - The Yankees Are Not Dead

9/7/2016 - Here's The USMNT's World Cup Qualification Schedule

9/6/2016 - Dansby Swanson's First Career Dinger Was A Madcap, Inside-The-Park Dash

9/6/2016 - Christian Pulisic Is Already Here

9/6/2016 - Erroneous Phone Call Reportedly Tipped Police Off About Rob Ryan Robbery Plot

9/6/2016 - Venezuelan Soccer Man Puts Argentina In The Trash With Ankle-Breaking Solo Goal

9/6/2016 - Only A Month After Breaking Her Back In A Horrific Crash, Annemiek Van Vleuten Won A Bike Race

9/6/2016 - Giancarlo Stanton Is Back, Sort Of

9/6/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Just One Feeling

9/6/2016 - Know Anything About Donald Trump Acting Like A Dick At His Fancy Golf Club?

9/6/2016 - Babies Hate Donald Trump

9/6/2016 - Columbus Prosecutor's Office Will Not Charge Ezekiel Elliott With Domestic Battery

9/6/2016 - Deadspin 25: New Mexico State Is So Bad, Not Even The Sun Belt Wants It

9/6/2016 - Arizona TV Station Airs Chase That Ends With Police Shooting Into Windshield [Update]

9/6/2016 - Georgia Pastor Delivers Sermon On Nick Chubb

9/6/2016 - Steph Curry Gets His Shot Blocked By A Teen

9/6/2016 - Why Your Team Sucks 2016: Carolina Panthers

9/6/2016 - Which Of These Statements About The Jaguars Is True?

9/6/2016 - What Is The Best Video Game Sport?

9/6/2016 - Forget What You Learned In School; The Goths Sacked Rome For Good Reasons

9/6/2016 - Troy Aikman Hates Skip Bayless, And Fox Sports Loves It

9/6/2016 - Quinn Cook Crossed The Soul Out Of This Foolish Child

9/6/2016 - David Ortiz On Donald Trump's Comments About Mexicans: "It's A Slap In The Face"

9/6/2016 - Miesha Tate Encounters 6-Year-Old With Broken Arm, Carries Her Down A Mountain

9/6/2016 - 49ers Release Bruce Miller After He Allegedly Assaulted Elderly Man 

9/6/2016 - Just What The Hell Has Gotten Into Brian Dozier?

9/5/2016 - Phyllis Schlafly Finally Croaks

9/5/2016 - Dalvin Cook Tries To Score Touchdown; Fails

9/5/2016 - Iconic Endurance Cyclist Danny Chew Paralyzed After Crash

9/5/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: Vengeance Is Not Ours, It Belongs To Those Who Seek To Destroy Us

9/5/2016 - Wilmer Flores Will Be There For You

9/5/2016 - Obama On Kaepernick: "Sometimes It's Messy, But It's The Way Democracy Works" 

9/5/2016 - Team USA Eliminated In Women's Baseball World Cup Opening Round

9/5/2016 - Jabari Ruffin Suspended One Half For Crushing Alabama Player's Balls

9/5/2016 - Burglars Target Sam Foltz's Family While They Attend Nebraska Game In His Memory

9/5/2016 - Megan Rapinoe Joins Colin Kaepernick, Kneels During National Anthem

9/4/2016 - Notre Dame Ties Texas On Blocked PAT

9/4/2016 - Torii Hunter Jr. Helped Off Field After Being Blasted In The Head [Update]

9/4/2016 - He Got Nutmegged

9/4/2016 - Here Are Two Visceral Reminders To Always Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

9/4/2016 - Matt Shoemaker Takes A 105 MPH Line-Drive To The Head

9/4/2016 - The Most Ludicrous Parts of Breitbart’s Fawning Trump “Exclusive"

9/4/2016 - Bear's Hungry

9/4/2016 - Evil Spectator Gets Revenge On Bike Race By Causing High-Speed Crash

9/4/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 64th Game

9/4/2016 - Pregnant Lauren Holiday To Undergo Brain Surgery; Husband Jrue To Miss Start Of NBA Season

9/4/2016 - These Three Burger Sauces Will Make Almost Any Patty Palatable This Labor Day

9/4/2016 - What The Hell

9/3/2016 - Don't Bother Recruiting Him, He's Already An Alabama Commit

9/3/2016 - Nut-Stomp!

9/3/2016 - Nebraska Takes Delay Of Game In Missing-Man Formation In Memory Of Sam Foltz

9/3/2016 - Wisconsin Seals Win Over LSU; Tigers Get In One Last Punch

9/3/2016 - Murray St. Forced To Start At 1-Yard-Line After Official Hallucinates Fair Catch Call On Kickoff

9/3/2016 - When The 271-Pound Kicker Comes At You, Go In A Different Direction

9/3/2016 - Iowa Player Ejected After Nearly Decapitating Opponent

9/3/2016 - Western Michigan Saved By Officials After Mind-Blowingly Stupid Play

9/3/2016 - Extremely Feisty Dog On The Field

9/3/2016 - ESPN Hot Mic Catches Someone Blathering About Chicago

9/3/2016 - Houston's Brandon Wilson Returns Missed Field Goal 109 Yards For A Touchdown

9/3/2016 - Future Tomsula

9/3/2016 - 2016

9/3/2016 - It's Not Like Delta's Headquarters Are In Georgia Or Anything

9/3/2016 - Ben Carson Abandons Live Interview To Chase After His Luggage

9/3/2016 - Report: Atlanta Braves Looking Into Signing Tim Tebow

9/3/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 63rd Game

9/3/2016 - Inika McPherson Represented In Rio, Continues With Flair In Zurich

9/3/2016 - Kiffin's Krimson Korner: A GameDay Sign Roundup

9/3/2016 - Vikings Trade First-Round Pick For Sam Bradford [Update]

9/3/2016 - OK

9/2/2016 - Santa Clara Cops Say Colin Kaepernick Hurt Their Feelings, Threaten To Quit Working Games

9/2/2016 - Eh, Close Enough

9/2/2016 - Christian McCaffrey Punt Return Called Back, But Is Still A Work Of Art

9/2/2016 - Destin Hood Gets First Career Hit, Immediately Makes Baserunning Blunder

9/2/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: I Had None

9/2/2016 - Jason Whitlock Lectures Colin Kaepernick At Presser, Gets Ignored

9/2/2016 - Dalilah Muhammad Covers Herself In Gold

9/2/2016 - Tomorrow's Clemson-Auburn Game, Simulated In NCAA '97 With Updated Rosters

9/2/2016 - Deadspin 25: This Might Be The Year Wake Forest Finally... Just Kidding

9/2/2016 - How To Soberly Hang With The Drunk

9/2/2016 - Jared Goff Looks Kinda Butt

9/2/2016 - Deadspin 25: Ohio Is All About That MACtion

9/2/2016 - Ted Cruz Can't Wait To Watch The Football Men Do Touchpoints In The Grass Zone

9/2/2016 - App State's Second Incredible Upset Was Thwarted By Their Own Scared Coach

9/2/2016 - Western Kentucky Was A Little Too Excited For The Season To Begin

9/2/2016 - We're The Deadspin Staff; Let's Chat!

9/2/2016 - Here's Why Yaya Touré Was Left Off Manchester City's Champions League Roster

9/2/2016 - Why Your Team Sucks 2016: Arizona Cardinals

9/2/2016 - Yasiel Puig Is Back, And The Dodgers Have A Few Things To Figure Out

9/2/2016 - Americans Lie About Reading Books

9/2/2016 - Why Colin Kaepernick Switched Up His Protest

9/2/2016 - Chihuahuas Come Up With Physics-Defying Groundout

9/2/2016 - Race-Baiting Troll Phil Mushnick Cooks His Spiciest Meatball Yet

9/1/2016 - Latinos For Trump Founder Stumps For Hillary, Promises Tacos

9/1/2016 - Tennessee Survives After Dobbs Fumble Recovered In OT

9/1/2016 - Work On That Sideline, Bud

9/1/2016 - Two More Players Join Colin Kaepernick In Sitting Out The National Anthem

9/1/2016 - Trump's Wacky Doctor Is Downers Personified

9/1/2016 - Report: USC Football Player Raped Woman Twice, Snapchatted Videos To Her Ex

9/1/2016 - "Holy Toledo!" Appalachian State Takes 13-3 Lead On Tennessee

9/1/2016 - Holy Shit, Fireworks UFO

9/1/2016 - Tennessee Welcomes You To The College Football Season In A Way Only The Volunteers Can

9/1/2016 - Lawsuit: Warriors App Secretly Allowed For Creepy, NSA-Style Tracking Of Users

9/1/2016 - Deadspin Up All Night: We Don't Get Along

9/1/2016 - Yesterday's Craziness Is Why We Love Transfer Deadline Day

9/1/2016 - Should The New York Times Steal Our Bit And Fuck Up The Execution?

9/1/2016 - Skins' Workbooks Found In Dumpster, Where They Belong

9/1/2016 - Penn State Not Done Honoring Joe Paterno

9/1/2016 - Andy Murray Is Unfazed By Loud-Ass Rain

9/1/2016 - Tomi Lahren Is A Facebook Meme Come To Life And America's Newest Hero

9/1/2016 - Do Violence To A Chicken And Eat Like Royalty All Week

9/1/2016 - Some Fresh Ideas For Jimmy Fallon's Contrived The Tonight Show Games

9/1/2016 - We're Simulating USC-Alabama In NCAA '97 Using Updated Rosters

9/1/2016 - Why Your Team Sucks 2016: New England Patriots

9/1/2016 - More Pallas Cats

9/1/2016 - Craig Sager Remains The Best

9/1/2016 - The Cardinals Lost Their 62nd Game

9/1/2016 - Mike Carey Is Gone And CBS Says It's All Your Fault

9/1/2016 - Foolish Baseball, You Cannot Escape Addison Russell

9/1/2016 - Meet The Couple Who Got Caught Faking A Historic Mt. Everest Ascent