1/31/2021 - SEE IT: Liverpool go double Air Coryell to score second against West Ham

1/31/2021 - Kansas City Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy needs to stop taking the high road (Updated...again)

1/31/2021 - Is the Rangers' 2020 No. 1 overall pick, Alexis Lafreniere, butt?

1/31/2021 - Do you want to see a dead body? Klay and Draymond lay waste to Pistons' Rodney McGruder

1/31/2021 - If the AHL’s Silver Knights don’t have COVID issues, why was their game canceled before the third period?

1/31/2021 - After nights like Saturday, hockey needs its own RedZone channel… call it NHL Power Play

1/30/2021 - Breaking: Lions deal Stafford to Rams for Goff, a slew of picks with a maniacal laugh (most likely)

1/30/2021 - Yes, that's Aaron Rodgers with a case of cold ones in back of a pickup & he doesn't care what you think

1/30/2021 - Deadspin’s surprises, wishlist & predictions for a WWE Royal Rumble rife with possibilities

1/30/2021 - Jizz Hornkamp does Dutch team dirty on pitch, finds longer-than-four-hours of fame on social media

1/30/2021 - Billionaire Mets owner Steve Cohen takes bath on GameStop stock, then cleanses himself of Twitter

1/30/2021 - Rockies trade Nolan Arenado to Cardinals, give up on being an actual baseball team

1/29/2021 - New Eagles coach Nick Sirianni talks but says nothing in first press conference - it's that simple

1/29/2021 - In the push for social justice and equality in America, what is the role of Latinos in sports?

1/29/2021 - Tom Brady epitomizes the, “Ugh, I hate that guy,’ sentiment in sports fans … but, why?

1/29/2021 - Catching up with a guy who was once traded for Hank Aaron

1/29/2021 - Remember normal? Look to Serena's Australian Open tuneup Down Under if you can’t

1/29/2021 - NFL analysts defending Deshaun Watson's trade demands are foolish

1/29/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy: Is Julius Randle a sure thing? And is it time to bet on Darius Garland?

1/29/2021 - From no Marshawn to the Falcon Flop, here are the worst play calls in Super Bowl history

1/29/2021 - Big Ben can help the Steelers by packing up his withered arm and going away

1/28/2021 - NWHL’s Riveters, on heels of Barfstool trolling, hit by COVID and knocked out for season

1/28/2021 - Mark Cuban finds it hilarious that financial giants are taking an L to Reddit

1/28/2021 - It’s OK to not be Shaquille O’Neal, and he should realize that

1/28/2021 - MLS is all grown up, on the verge of its very own work stoppage

1/28/2021 - Masahiro Tanaka to return to Japan, why this Yankee fan is happy for him

1/28/2021 - LaVar Ball says ‘never sell’ AMC stock… but proceed with that guy's advice at your own risk

1/28/2021 - Masahiro Tanaka won’t make it to Cooperstown, but — like hoops' Hall — there should be room for stories like his

1/28/2021 - Damian Lillard or Steph Curry — who’s the better daily fantasy play for tonight?

1/28/2021 - Did you know the Bucs will not be the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home market?

1/28/2021 - The NCAA needs Duke, Kentucky & North Carolina to stop being terrible

1/28/2021 - Texans hire David Culley, hope he can beg Deshaun Watson to stay

1/27/2021 - Senior Bowl preview: Which players stood out on the first day of practice?

1/27/2021 - Scotty Miller is extremely wrong in thinking he can outrun Tyreek Hill

1/27/2021 - The GameStop revolution probably won’t sink Steve Cohen and the Mets, but

1/27/2021 - Seahawks' silence is deafening on Chad Wheeler’s horrific domestic violence arrest [Updated]

1/27/2021 - The most scandalous things to happen at the Super Bowl

1/27/2021 - Will Clint Capela’s historic four-game fantasy stretch continue against Brooklyn?

1/27/2021 - Curt Schilling isn’t whiffing on Cooperstown because he’s a Trump supporter, it’s because he wasn’t good enough

1/27/2021 - The things we don’t talk about during Super Bowl Week — or ever

1/27/2021 - Phillies forced to bring back J.T. Realmuto because they made a decade’s worth of mistakes

1/27/2021 - With A-Rod and Big Papi on ballot next year, gatekeepers of Cooperstown will face a reckoning

1/26/2021 - Curt Schilling’s putrid mouth continues to keep him out of Cooperstown…. good

1/26/2021 - Amid Shaq-Donovan Mitchell beef, Utah House passes resolution that Kazaam sucked

1/26/2021 - It has somehow been one year since Kobe & Gigi Bryant’s tragic deaths, and tributes pour in

1/26/2021 - Tom Brady zealots reek of racism in burning, running over Jameis Winston jersey

1/26/2021 - $1.5B in debt, Barcelona are broke-ass broke — and royally FC'd

1/26/2021 - Jake Paul boxing Ben Askren won’t give him the legitimacy he longs for, but it will be entertaining

1/26/2021 - Repeated COVID outbreaks won't stop Michigan from lusting after NCAA Tournament cash

1/26/2021 - Five artists who should play the Super Bowl halftime show

1/26/2021 - Eric Bieniemy should be an NFL head coach yesterday, but he deserves better than the Texans

1/26/2021 - Matt LaFleur's garbage decision stinks to high heaven

1/26/2021 - Which Clipper will step up fantasy production without Leonard, George, or Beverley?

1/26/2021 - The NBA, for some dumb reason, still thinks having an All-Star Game makes sense

1/26/2021 - Barfstool CEO Erika Nardini is either evil, the most ignorant person on Earth, or both

1/25/2021 - Women and Black assistant coaches will be on display in the Super (Minority) Bowl in Tampa

1/25/2021 - Madden Pro Bowl might be the NFL’s smartest move in years

1/25/2021 - ‘Undersized’ or not, Jaret Patterson’s talent has him ready for the next step

1/25/2021 - Peacock conscripts WWE in ongoing battle for your soul

1/25/2021 - Frank Lampard could do the first job, but he couldn’t do the second at Chelsea

1/25/2021 - Jerami Grant’s team sucks, but his fantasy prowess is undeniable

1/25/2021 - Cory Booker tells Deadspin there is a 'real window of opportunity' for the College Athletes Bill of Rights to pass

1/25/2021 - Aaron Rodgers is in the middle of a midlife crisis

1/25/2021 - Tom Brady has been to more Super Bowls than every franchise in the NFL except…the Patriots

1/24/2021 - We get Super Showdown of GOAT vs. GRN (Greatest Right Now)

1/24/2021 - Why the hell did Matt LaFleur elect to kick a field goal?

1/24/2021 - Just contract the Pirates already

1/24/2021 - Coach K should apologize to student reporter for being a condescending jerk

1/24/2021 - Dubois-Laine trade is full of sound and fury, but signifies... not much

1/24/2021 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: Trusting the defending champs

1/24/2021 - Jim Caldwell is laughing at the Lions

1/24/2021 - Deadspin’s Championship Sunday ATS picks you can bank on

1/24/2021 - What’s next after Conor McGregor’s shocking second-round KO loss to Dustin Poirier

1/24/2021 - Dwight Howard comes up on the short end of a call, literally

1/23/2021 - Colts offer Matthew Stafford best, fresh start as he & Lions part ways (& a peek at where else could work)

1/23/2021 - NBA Waiver Wire pickups to save your weekend, butt

1/23/2021 - The Sixers look just fine without James Harden, thank you very much

1/23/2021 - Totally believable Not-Tony DeAngelo burner account roasted by Twitter: Deadspin Investigates [UPDATED]

1/23/2021 - Enrique Hernández nickname sparks some deep thoughts in me as to the right way to handle it

1/23/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy: Don’t listen to Shaq, Donovan Mitchell deserves his due

1/23/2021 - Trevor Bauer’s inability to not be a jerk could cost him; Laine traded for Dubois

1/22/2021 - Texans continue streak of idiotic decisions with Josh McCown head coaching idea

1/22/2021 - The power and lasting impact of Hank Aaron's 44

1/22/2021 - NBC-ya Sports Network — Peacock pulls plug, moves NHL, NASCAR to USA Network

1/22/2021 - Hank Aaron was everything, Barry Bonds was nothing

1/22/2021 - Patrick Mahomes is a go for Chiefs in AFC title tilt, so duel with Josh Allen is on

1/22/2021 - SEE IT: Hammerin’ Hank’s career highlights live forever on video for those of us who never got to witness his greatness

1/22/2021 - Tributes to Hank Aaron pour in as world mourns loss of one of the greatest of them all

1/22/2021 - The impossible task of appreciating Hank Aaron: An amazing player and a better man

1/22/2021 - The life of Hank Aaron in photos

1/22/2021 - From White House visits to NCAA reform, what should sports expect from a Joe Biden administration?

1/22/2021 - The Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympics are off ... or not ... maybe

1/21/2021 - NFL doesn't give Black QBs the same opportunities

1/21/2021 - Marcus Smart calling out Joel Embiid for flopping is a breathtaking self-own

1/21/2021 - New Lions coach Dan Campbell answers age-old question: What if lighting a fart were a person?

1/21/2021 - SEE IT: Newport County keeper scores from Narnia, sets new record

1/21/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy: Steph Curry will save you on this limited game-night

1/21/2021 - Conor McGregor being sued by woman who accused him of sexual assault is latest in string of lowlights

1/21/2021 - Collin Sexton totally got in the way of Brooklyn Nets’ ‘Big 3' debut

1/21/2021 - As sports world feels the Bern of inauguration meme, Caps feel burn of more NHL COVID protocol theater

1/20/2021 - Philip Rivers’ retirement forces Colts to hang ‘Help Wanted’ sign for new QB — so who is it?

1/20/2021 - Actor Sean Patrick Flanery on how jiu-jitsu background inspired new film, 'Born A Champion'

1/20/2021 - Hockey media's shameful Mike Babcock rehab tour is underway

1/20/2021 - A history of presidential pardons in sports, from George Steinbrenner to Brian Urlacher's shady brother

1/20/2021 - Good Riddance Kelly Loeffler, the WNBA will be better without you

1/20/2021 - Joe Biden’s inauguration means it’s time to deep-six all things 45 & celebrate the G.O.A.T. 46ers

1/20/2021 - Time to put Bonds and Clemens in the Hall of Fame, because my ballot is about numbers, not punishment

1/20/2021 - Deadspin’s prop bets you can bank on - Inauguration Day

1/20/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy: Of all the great center options tonight, who will provide the best value?

1/20/2021 - Mesut Ozil and the death of the #10

1/20/2021 - The Blue Jays finally find someone to take their money, join select club of teams trying

1/19/2021 - Where in the world should Deshaun Watson go?

1/19/2021 - Sarah Thomas provides a bright spot on a bad day for women in sports

1/19/2021 - Steph Curry randomly dumpsters Acie Law, who did nothing to deserve this

1/19/2021 - Surprise! Colin Cowherd has a bad idea, so let's play 'Hot Turd Time Machine'

1/19/2021 - Le Batard discusses new working relationship with John Skipper: ‘This is just the start’

1/19/2021 - Drew Brees smelled like garbage on way out the door

1/19/2021 - Storylines abound in this week's Conference Championship matchups

1/19/2021 - Novak Djokovic’s COVID inanity makes you wonder ... if only Nick Kyrgios was this sharp on the tennis court

1/19/2021 - The Cubs quietly tolerated Jared Porter’s sliminess for years

1/19/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy: With tiny two-game slate, now is not the night to avoid Nikola Jokic

1/19/2021 - Dear Jackie MacMullan: Kyrie Irving and Black NBA players aren’t anybody’s ‘property’

1/19/2021 - Mets fire creep Jared Porter hours after report of his sex harassment

1/18/2021 - Tom Brady remains the L.O.A.T. — Luckiest Of All Time

1/18/2021 - Why Martin Luther King Jr. would be happy to know that sports are still saving America

1/18/2021 - Chiefs survive Mahomes injury, Brady heads to another conference championship

1/18/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy: Who to watch for on a loaded MLK Day slate

1/18/2021 - Tony Romo is a pox on all our houses

1/17/2021 - Mahomes ruled out of game with apparent concussion

1/17/2021 - Just change this stupid end zone fumble rule already

1/17/2021 - Liverpool, Manchester United draw to leave door open for Manchester City

1/17/2021 - Joe Ricketts, the man who burned down a newsroom for trying to unionize, is at it again

1/17/2021 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under: Bet Brees’ last stand in the Superdome?

1/17/2021 - Nickelback celebration should make Habs your least favorite team, if they weren’t already

1/17/2021 - Deadspin’s 2021 NFL Divisional Round picks you can bank on - Day 2

1/17/2021 - Pam Oliver is an OG and the slander must stop

1/17/2021 - It's been a while since we've talked about Buffalo in the context of a Super Bowl run

1/17/2021 - Saturday NFL recap: Bills Mafia celebrates while Jared is #Gofful

1/16/2021 - Harden puts up triple-double in 'New Jersey' Nets debut

1/16/2021 - Pregame warmup oopsie sends Isles’ Varlamov to the training room, offers Ilya Sorokin long-awaited NHL debut

1/16/2021 - Caris LeVert has mass on kidney, revealed by MRI after trade to Pacers; will undergo more tests

1/16/2021 - NFL Combine nixed due to COVID as football nerds cry in their Gatorade & teams begin plotting

1/16/2021 - NFL Divisional Round historical oddities: Brady vs. Brees, young coaches & an AFC/NFC experience chasm

1/16/2021 - Deadspin’s 2021 NFL Divisional Round picks you can bank on

1/16/2021 - San Francisco Giants owner called out for financing seditionists & traitors feigns outrage

1/15/2021 - Now Karl-Anthony Towns has COVID-19, listen to him

1/15/2021 - It's The Coaching Carousel: Our top picks for the 4 NFL teams that need new top guys

1/15/2021 - You cannot escape being Manscaped, even in NHL rinks — it's like a Zamboni for your ...

1/15/2021 - Daily Fantasy: Richaun Holmes has been reliable … even if he can’t stop fouling

1/15/2021 - NFL players to watch: Divisional Round

1/15/2021 - Historic Robert Saleh hire sparks loooong-lost feeling of hope for this Jets fan

1/15/2021 - Lamar Odom boxing is even sadder and more dangerous than you think

1/15/2021 - Jaguars don’t have an actual plan, so opt for patting fans on head with Urban Meyer hire

1/14/2021 - 1952 Mantle Topps card sells for $5.2 million

1/14/2021 - UFC eyes psychedelics as therapy for fighters’ brain injuries

1/14/2021 - Yep, Vince McMahon is as evil as you think he is, chapter 893

1/14/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy: Someone’s gotta score for the Houston Rockets tonight

1/14/2021 - Virginia cancels women’s basketball season, because sports in a pandemic is a bad idea

1/14/2021 - John Calipari misses the mark by criticizing his own players’ protest

1/14/2021 - No one will want to face the Pacers, who may be the surprise winners of the Harden trade

1/14/2021 - MMA Fighter Anthony Pettis on Milwaukee’s Latino heritage, working with a sports psychologist and leaving UFC for PFL

1/14/2021 - LeBron James won’t win NBA Finals against three-headed monster he created in Brooklyn

1/14/2021 - Sixers blew it by missing out on Harden trade … or did they?

1/14/2021 - The NHL is back, out of a bubble, and subject to the whims of the NBA (as usual)

1/14/2021 - Where in the world is Rich Rod? Coaching down at Louisiana-Monroe

1/13/2021 - Houston Rockets win in James Harden divorce

1/13/2021 - James Harden to Nets in 63-team deal involving 28 years of draft picks

1/13/2021 - Raiders social media team mixes up new DC Gus Bradley with Ken Whisenhunt

1/13/2021 - MLB’s sudden political awakening is transparent nonsense

1/13/2021 - NHL Hurricanes don’t know who sad MAGA Bro is

1/13/2021 - Quit insulting Bears fans’ intelligence, they know this debacle is Nagy’s fault

1/13/2021 - New York Times confuses Biden diversity appointee Mike Leach with coach who made lynching jokes

1/13/2021 - Is WWE trying to kill Ric Flair?

1/13/2021 - A history of laughable geographical blips in divisional misplacement; aka, the 'Arizona in the NFC East' problem

1/13/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy: Why would you not play Kevin Durant? And is the debuting Kristaps Porzingis worth a look?

1/13/2021 - How do you solve a problem like Kyrie? Enigmatic star is kind of all of us right now: Lost and trying to find himself

1/13/2021 - NHL West Preview: Some top-tier teams, but mostly trash

1/13/2021 - COVID-19 will define Adam Silver’s legacy

1/13/2021 - NHL Central Preview: This division makes no geographical sense

1/13/2021 - James Harden’s Rockets came crashing down to Earth last night

1/12/2021 - Kyrie Irving reportedly seen partying hard on … a Zoom call for a NYC District Attorney candidate?!

1/12/2021 - NBA bans hugging to curb COVID spread in sport featuring constant physical contact

1/12/2021 - Shouldn’t all publicly-funded stadiums become mass vaccination sites?

1/12/2021 - It took less than 24 hours for Seahawks to troll Deadspin by super-extending GM John Schneider

1/12/2021 - Batty ’Bama fans test the theory of herd immunity after national title win

1/12/2021 - Gary Bettman reads from the Rob Manfred playbook, which no one should read, like, ever

1/12/2021 - NBA probes video appearing to show Kyrie Irving partying during mysterious absence [UPDATED]

1/12/2021 - Frosh phenom Paige Bueckers is living up to the hype at UConn, but no one is paying attention

1/12/2021 - Steelers were total garbage in end-of-year stench stretch

1/12/2021 - Texans need to move on from Deshaun Watson

1/12/2021 - NHL North Preview: Probably no Cup winners here, but expect a spirited competition

1/12/2021 - Bill Belichick backpedaled into right decision on top of a soapbox he’s never used

1/12/2021 - NHL East Preview: The gang's all here

1/12/2021 - Sheldon Adelson, enemy of the free press — and online poker — dies at 87

1/12/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy: Will Tyler Herro take advantage of a depleted Heat roster?

1/12/2021 - Nick Saban and Alabama’s medical staff should have never let Jaylen Waddle touch the field last night

1/12/2021 - Lo! The NFL divisional playoff round draws hither

1/12/2021 - Alabama provides yet another COVID-era chalk title

1/11/2021 - Ousted Doug Pederson not so special in Philly anymore

1/11/2021 - WWE Champion Drew McIntyre tests positive for COVID 20 days before Royal Rumble

1/11/2021 - After building the Seahawks, GM John Schneider is now destroying the Seahawks

1/11/2021 - Fantasy basketball waiver wire: Pick-ups to consider to save your imploding COVID-ridden roster

1/11/2021 - An Alabama win tonight could make them the greatest college football team ever

1/11/2021 - Bill Belichick has some integrity, turns down Trump’s Medal of Freedom [Updated]

1/11/2021 - Trump angrier about losing Bedminster PGA Championship than looming impeachment [UPDATED]

1/11/2021 - Bet your daily fantasy fortunes on Bradley Beal normally, but especially tonight

1/11/2021 - The Bears’ offense should be ashamed for torturing the kids watching on Nickelodeon

1/11/2021 - Have we seen the end of Big Ben? QB at a crossroads at the confluence

1/10/2021 - Did Louis Riddick say a naughty word on ESPN's playoff broadcast? A Deadspin investigation

1/10/2021 - Ravens send Titans to Cancun with an L and plenty of disrespect

1/10/2021 - Florida government declares college football more important than COVID vaccine

1/10/2021 - Racism is ruining the Houston Texans

1/10/2021 - Like most everything the NHL does, this season is a wreck before it even starts

1/10/2021 - Gardner-Webb wrestles with the concept of negative numbers

1/10/2021 - Deadspin’s 2021 NFL Wild Card picks you can bank on: Day 2

1/10/2021 - Taylor Heinicke was a revelation, but we’re not rooting for him again

1/9/2021 - Eastern Conference COVID Bingo shows what a fantastic idea bubble-less NBA season turned out to be

1/9/2021 - Thank heavens Donald Trump didn’t get to buy the Bills (because he had no money & Pete Rozelle blackballed him)

1/9/2021 - Fans rip Phillies over trade for Black Lives Matter hater/batting practice pitcher Sam Coonrod

1/9/2021 - N.Y. Ranger idiot who enjoys a good racial slur rage-quits Twitter to protest his dear leader Trump's ban

1/9/2021 - American Matthew Hoppe scores Bundesliga hat trick

1/9/2021 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: An old, cold Buffalo playoff showdown

1/9/2021 - Jerry Jones doing his best ‘Hey, get me that guy I saw once’ routine will continue to doom Cowboys

1/9/2021 - Deadspin’s 2021 NFL Wild Card picks you can bank on: Day 1

1/8/2021 - It's NFL Wild Card Weekend: These are the game-changing players to watch on each team

1/8/2021 - It sucks that it’s due to COVID, but the Celtics must now give the people what they want: A giant Tacko!

1/8/2021 - Remembering Tommy Lasorda, the good, the bad, and the hilarious rants

1/8/2021 - Tom Brady has never been a road warrior

1/8/2021 - Mets, not Yankees, will win next World Series in New York

1/8/2021 - UFC fighter Irwin Rivera arrested for attempted murder; reportedly said, ‘I killed my sisters’

1/8/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy: Can Most Improved Player Julius Randle keep this up?

1/8/2021 - Pitchers using illegal substances is no secret, but whistleblower's text demands MLB take action

1/8/2021 - The NBA made it just two weeks as Seth Curry tests positive for COVID-19

1/7/2021 - Lindor trade means Cleveland moves closer to owner's dream of a free roster

1/7/2021 - O.J. Simpson wonders: ‘Will it be justice for all?’

1/7/2021 - In acquiring ‘Mr. Smile’ Francisco Lindor, the Mets land the Latino superstar Steve Cohen needs… as I told you they should

1/7/2021 - Former Titan Colin Allred is the last person you want to mess with on the House floor

1/7/2021 - Tommy Tuberville still objecting to the election after Capitol invasion is lunatic fringe-worthy

1/7/2021 - Draymond Green is right: Canceling NBA games won't fix America, laws will

1/7/2021 - Everything is terrible, so here’s the Bills dancing to ‘U Can’t Touch This’

1/7/2021 - Now is the time to shut up and golf, Donald

1/7/2021 - DeVonta Smith deservedly won the Heisman, but voters have a history of hating on wide receivers

1/7/2021 - Breaking down the 15 NFL Hall of Fame finalists from the ridiculously loaded class of 2021

1/7/2021 - Nikola Jokic is the surest bet in daily fantasy, but who joins him in your lineup tonight?

1/7/2021 - Royal Antwerp striker goes full Costanza, dons rival's kit in (failed) bid for transfer to Greece

1/7/2021 - Try not to laugh as Deadspin’s Idiot of the Year Kelly Loeffler claims to have a conscience

1/7/2021 - How the election of a former basketball player from Hawaii and the kneeling of a football player led to Trump’s homegrown terrorists setting America on fire

1/7/2021 - This is America, 2021: This is who we are, even if we say otherwise

1/6/2021 - Terrorists take over Capitol and athletes wonder what would happen if they were Black

1/6/2021 - New York governor sees Jersey’s sports-betting windfall and his own state’s budget deficit, does math

1/6/2021 - Tommy John, COVID-denying namesake of medical marvel, hospitalized with COVID

1/6/2021 - Endorsing LeBron's 'Dream' to rid Atlanta WNBA team of Kelly Loeffler (plus suggested partners!)

1/6/2021 - WNBA players risked it all to bring down one of their owners; it’s time we all supported them

1/6/2021 - Never-elected, all-world idiot Kelly Loeffler warms hearts of millions by proving she's a loser [UPDATED]

1/6/2021 - Before Trump tried to tank democracy, he tanked the USFL

1/6/2021 - Derrick Rose (’memba him?) has quietly been a reliable fantasy guard option

1/6/2021 - All the small things prove Bucks’ strike for Jacob Blake was not in vain

1/5/2021 - Don’t hate the Eagles or Pederson ... hate the draft & NFL's stupid, broken system

1/5/2021 - Frank Gore will likely retire with an extremely clean 16,000 rushing yards over 16 seasons

1/5/2021 - The Premier League has no way out, no plan, and barely any hope

1/5/2021 - Bianca Smith makes history as first Black woman coach in professional baseball

1/5/2021 - The POS who once said ‘nuke the gays’ will be coaching the Browns on Sunday

1/5/2021 - One thing is clear: The Doug Pederson era is over in Philadelphia

1/5/2021 - Scotland's top pol rips Trump’s reported golf trip as nonessential travel because, 'Duh!'

1/5/2021 - Idiot of the Year Kelly Loeffler darkened a photo of her opponent and spent $40,000 boosting the video

1/5/2021 - The NFL’s silence around Georgia’s Senate runoff election is deafening

1/5/2021 - Let's just enjoy Steph Curry's hot start and leave it at that

1/5/2021 - Let’s be real here, now that NHL has sold division naming rights, there’s no going back

1/5/2021 - The AHL will return — reduced and weird — with divisions of 3, 4, 7, 6, & 8 teams, naturally

1/5/2021 - What the hell! Michigan needs to dump Jim Harbaugh not extend him

1/5/2021 - No KD? That makes Kyrie Irving the perfect choice to light up fantasy scoreboards

1/5/2021 - The NBA continues its protocol theater

1/4/2021 - Men’s March Madness tournament to be played exclusively in an Indiana sorta bubble

1/4/2021 - The final NFL Powerless Rankings - and what these teams should do in the draft

1/4/2021 - MLBPA is going to have to accept a salary cap to get a needed salary floor

1/4/2021 - NBA Daily Fantasy Yah’s & Nah’s: Will Joel Embiid continue being excellent?

1/4/2021 - Thank you, Dan Le Batard: A symbol for the good of sports media, and a torchbearer for the Latin-American community

1/4/2021 - Behold! Your NFL playoff matchups are nigh

1/4/2021 - COVID destroyed the Patriots and Cam Newton’s comeback season

1/4/2021 - The Browns haven’t won a playoff game since DJ Jazzy Jeff was on TV, that could change Sunday

1/4/2021 - Cardinals fumble playoff berth, NFC East ends season just like it started, and Titans almost cough up AFC South like a cigar smoker

1/4/2021 - Stop the Patrick Mahomes shoo-in talk for MVP - he's come up empty the last two seasons

1/4/2021 - Deadspin discusses the NFL’s cheerleader problem with filmmaker Yu Gu

1/4/2021 - Pederson and Eagles should lose all respect after Sunday Night Football tank job

1/4/2021 - The NFL finished its season, which is not an accomplishment

1/3/2021 - Wayne Gallman’s ass literally saves the New York Giants

1/3/2021 - Kirk Cousins hits ‘Griddy’ in the style of an arthritic 72-year-old

1/3/2021 - Is time up for Frank Lampard at Chelsea?

1/3/2021 - Let Stefon Diggs remind you of your empty New Year’s resolution

1/3/2021 - Ranking the NFL’s head coaches on the likelihood they’ll be immediately fired Monday

1/3/2021 - Vanderbilt Athletics should be a prototype for college sports departments everywhere

1/3/2021 - Wrestle Kingdom will be the pandemic’s first big wrestling show, whatever that might mean

1/3/2021 - To play or not to play: The Coach K conundrum

1/3/2021 - Deadspin NFL Over/Under Bet of the Week: Capitalizing on crippled Stafford

1/3/2021 - Sunday Scaries: The Week 17 bets to avoid

1/3/2021 - Saints will need to fight for NFC bye slot without Kamara, who has coronavirus

1/2/2021 - Jags eyeing Ohio State royalty in Meyer & Day for potential next coach, whether or not it makes any sense

1/2/2021 - The sports figures we've lost in 2021

1/2/2021 - Still undefeated, Father Time makes Eli Manning feel old

1/2/2021 - Texas Longhorns, bereft of big ideas, get hooked on big name mediocrity in Sarkisian

1/2/2021 - Dabo Swinney could learn a lot from a meme of Katt Williams

1/2/2021 - Idiot of the Year: All the worst from a 2020 to forget

1/2/2021 - Bend, don't break: Ranking the NFL's top 10 defenses

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