1/31/2023 - 'The opportunity I was looking for': Sean Payton gets 5-year deal from Denver Broncos [Updated]

1/31/2023 - Will Aaron Rodgers stay in Green Bay or is he New York bound?

1/31/2023 - When it comes to load management, Steph Curry says it's not the players who want it

1/31/2023 - Champion Chase Elliott's secrets to becoming one of NASCAR’s top drivers

1/31/2023 - Bobby Hull and Ivan Provorov don’t need you to defend them

1/31/2023 - I get picking a young star, but Jazz Chisholm only played in 60 games last year

1/31/2023 - Checking in on the top high school recruits ahead of National Signing Day [Updated]

1/31/2023 - Eli Manning is right, the Giants should sign Daniel Jones long term

1/31/2023 - Hating the Philadelphia Eagles only seems to make them stronger

1/31/2023 - Should any coach want the Houston Texans' HC job? DeMeco Ryans becomes 3rd hire in as many seasons [Updated]

1/31/2023 - Oh my god, they signed McKennie!

1/31/2023 - The New York Knicks are stuck in a Thibs time loop

1/31/2023 - The Pro Bowl knows it’s a joke with the inclusion of Tyler Huntley

1/31/2023 - Could Tom Brady to the San Francisco 49ers become a reality? Guess not [Updated]

1/31/2023 - Why there are roughing-the-passer penalties and why there aren't answers

1/30/2023 - NFL salary cap is going up, but remember who gets most of the profits in sports

1/30/2023 - The Joseph Ossais are partially why we watch the NFL

1/30/2023 - Phoenix Suns need to get Jae Crowder deal done as NBA trade deadline approaches

1/30/2023 - Good riddance, Bobby Hull

1/30/2023 - Eagles' fans bus stop fail

1/30/2023 - Not adding up: There are 2 Black QBs in the Super Bowl, but only 2 Black head coaches in the NFL

1/30/2023 - The NHL isn’t for you

1/30/2023 - Did the Bengals really get screwed by the refs in the AFC Championship game?

1/30/2023 - Kellen Moore out of the furnace in Big D, into a brighter future in LaLa Land

1/30/2023 - The best games on the NBA schedule this week — only one back-to-back

1/30/2023 - Eastside Golf founders want the Obamas wearing their brand

1/30/2023 - Mahomes and Hurts’ Black quarterback Super Bowl showdown has been decades in the making

1/30/2023 - For once, the NFL being America’s most popular sport worked to the NBA’s advantage

1/30/2023 - The Eagles must be a tool of the devil

1/29/2023 - ICYMI: The Super Bowl is set, a fire broke out at Arrowhead, and Joe Burrow's fashion choices

1/29/2023 - NFC Championship: Once again it comes down to the QB position for Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers

1/29/2023 - The Chiefs could lose by 40 — that still won’t make Joe Burrow better than Patrick Mahomes

1/29/2023 - WWE hits the right notes, even if it can’t play the song

1/29/2023 - Is Eric Bieniemy being held to an unrealistic standard?

1/29/2023 - Novak Djokovic once again wins Djokovic Open

1/29/2023 - Don’t worry Philly, San Francisco brought their own beef

1/29/2023 - Joel Embiid wants all of Nikola Jokić’s smoke

1/28/2023 - Redditor convinced Memphis Grizzlies lying about Jaren Jackson Jr.'s defensive stats

1/28/2023 - The cringe factor in Bengals-Chiefs is off the charts

1/28/2023 - Tua Tagovailoa is too close to stop now, right?

1/28/2023 - Player and team activism may be lost on you, but you’re not everyone

1/28/2023 - Bettors slightly favor Chiefs despite Joe Burrow's 3-0 record vs. Patrick Mahomes

1/27/2023 - Qualifying for Copa America 2024 should only help the USMNT

1/27/2023 - Bettors believe Brock Purdy's feel-good story ends in Philly

1/27/2023 - Clemson guard’s ‘balls exploded,’ internet giggles

1/27/2023 - In the case of James Dolan v. lawyers, New York fans are the losers

1/27/2023 - Ian Rapoport is right — that viral pen question is pointless

1/27/2023 - Women's sports get 6 minutes of coverage on ESPN and a conservative journo says there's a feminist agenda

1/27/2023 - A rising tide lift all boats and it's time we threw Jason Whitlock’s ilk overboard

1/27/2023 - How can the NWSL become misconduct-free?

1/27/2023 - Bally Sports possibly plunges baseball toward caring about what happens on the field

1/27/2023 - What does Tom Coughlin really think of Plaxico Burress?

1/27/2023 - WWE 2023 Royal Rumble: Everything you need to know

1/27/2023 - NFL QB candidates for the Daniel Jones ‘Don’t give up on me just yet’ award

1/26/2023 - Everything we know, right now, about Patrick Mahomes' ankle [Updated]

1/26/2023 - We've got 2 words for ya: Sixers-Nets

1/26/2023 - Should Brian Kelly have to give $1 million back to LSU over a clerical mistake?

1/26/2023 - The Sports Nihilist: Like life, defense shouldn’t matter

1/26/2023 - Are the Jets trying to lure Aaron Rodgers to New York with Hackett hire?

1/26/2023 - US Soccer is rebooting the USMNT…again

1/26/2023 - Dana White’s Power Slap is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

1/26/2023 - Another AFC championship loss and the Chiefs’ run will begin to resemble the Pistons of the 2000s

1/26/2023 - The Indianapolis Colts community rallies to be rid of Jeff Saturday

1/26/2023 - Hey Shannon Sharpe, the Memphis Grizzlies are the NBA’s Kings of the Ring

1/26/2023 - The NFC Championship Game’s weakest links

1/26/2023 - The AFC Championship Game’s weakest links

1/26/2023 - So, a food delivery person walks into a basketball game...

1/26/2023 - The NFC Championship is actually Jalen Hurts vs. Brock Purdy II

1/26/2023 - Does Paul Giamatti get off on doing bad stuff now?

1/26/2023 - NFL Coach of the Year: The Good, the Snubbed, and the Bumbling

1/26/2023 - 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame voting results fallout

1/25/2023 - Who wants to tell Bob Myers that nobody cares?

1/25/2023 - Ebony and Irony: QB who lost scholarship for using N-word on video gets offer… from an HBCU [Updated]

1/25/2023 - Was drinking a 40 on ESPN the apex of Jemele Hill’s career?

1/25/2023 - Is Brock Purdy the most relevant Mr. Irrelevant of all time?

1/25/2023 - Asuka must win the Royal Rumble

1/25/2023 - I need a ruling on how we’re supposed to feel about Bronny James

1/25/2023 - So you’re telling me there’s a chance!

1/25/2023 - If only Mike Clevinger had a plate in his leg

1/25/2023 - NBA All-Star Draft a change for the better

1/25/2023 - Ed Reed’s temper tantrums won’t fix Bethune-Cookman’s issues

1/24/2023 - Sell your Brock Purdy rookie card

1/24/2023 - Are there two Damar Hamlins?

1/24/2023 - Lakers and Pelicans stars should be back...sometime soon

1/24/2023 - Is it the coach or the team?

1/24/2023 - Wonder why Jerry Jones canceled his Tuesday morning radio interview?

1/24/2023 - White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger under MLB investigation after domestic violence allegations

1/24/2023 - They see me trollin'

1/24/2023 - L.A. Kings, Pacific Division prove why overtime and the shootout are a plague upon society

1/24/2023 - Tom tantrum: Brady gives expletive-filled response to retirement question

1/24/2023 - Sports networks will invest in just about anything before women’s sports — including pickleball

1/24/2023 - Stefon Diggs has little to apologize for after loss to Bengals

1/24/2023 - Sami Zayn must win the Royal Rumble

1/24/2023 - No, we don't need a rule change due to Tony Pollard and Patrick Mahomes' injuries

1/24/2023 - Lakers need to add more than just Rui Hachimura before the NBA trade deadline

1/24/2023 - Artie Moreno holds onto Angels, keeps Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani in MLB purgatory

1/24/2023 - Top 5 non-QB playmakers remaining in the NFL playoffs

1/23/2023 - Even the Cowboys’ own media hated Sunday’s performance

1/23/2023 - Jose Mourinho would be a disaster as USMNT’s next coach

1/23/2023 - Should Brady retire? | 80 for Brady's Harry Hamlin weighs in

1/23/2023 - Fred Warner is the defensive quarterback of our generation

1/23/2023 - Is Trae Young the NBA's newest coach killer?

1/23/2023 - Serie A has another massive financial scandal on its hands

1/23/2023 - Best games on the NBA schedule this week: The West is rising

1/23/2023 - Shannon Sharpe apologizes for tirade against Grizzlies

1/23/2023 - National football powerhouse Mater Dei is trying to make assault allegations disappear

1/23/2023 - Will Dearica Hamby’s accusations force the WNBA to finally deal with its mommy issues?

1/23/2023 - The remaining four NFL playoff teams — ranked

1/23/2023 - Can't get over the hump: Dak and Dallas fail again

1/23/2023 - Once again, Dallas Cowboys are overhyped and overrated

1/23/2023 - The Bengals put on the show of the season in Buffalo

1/22/2023 - Since reboots are what’s hot these days, let’s crank up Cowboys vs. 49ers again

1/22/2023 - Daniel Jones is a long road to nowhere

1/22/2023 - A passing of the torch took place this season in the demise of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers

1/22/2023 - The Vancouver Canucks are the worst

1/22/2023 - Patrick Mahomes keeps raising the bar by which he’s measured

1/21/2023 - Where's the outrage about the rest of the NBC NFL crew?

1/21/2023 - Brian McBride out as USMNT GM, and Gregg Berhalter should be next

1/21/2023 - Pair of NHL brothers face off for first time, share penalty box minutes

1/21/2023 - Another Giant upset?

1/21/2023 - Bronny's bound to be a Buckeye

1/21/2023 - Wide Right: The biggest missed kicks in NFL playoff history

1/21/2023 - Shannon Sharpe vs. the Grizzlies is why FIFA is still corrupt

1/21/2023 - Shannon Sharpe, Memphis Grizzlies nearly scuffle at halftime: 'They didn't want this smoke'

1/20/2023 - Will this year's MVP also win the Super Bowl?

1/20/2023 - It's not cheating if everyone's doing it, right?

1/20/2023 - Salute to Maya Moore | The SEO Show

1/20/2023 - Tom Brady to the Raiders or Fox? What's next for the GOAT?

1/20/2023 - The 8 remaining NFL playoff teams ranked

1/20/2023 - Jim Harbaugh just had a cookie, he doesn't need another one

1/20/2023 - It would be cool if some of the Jacksonville Jaguars kneeled in protest of Ron DeSantis’ recent actions

1/20/2023 - Maybe Byron Leftwich should have taken that Jacksonville Jaguars' job

1/20/2023 - Brett Maher won't miss his kicks this Sunday

1/20/2023 - What does You Can Play actually do?

1/20/2023 - ’90s rules, agency wars, and other ideas for an NBA midseason tournament

1/20/2023 - There may be no saving Everton now

1/20/2023 - NCAA to Congress: Stop us before we NIL again

1/19/2023 - Go your own Brey

1/19/2023 - NFL Network graphic insinuating Brock Purdy is smarter than Dak Prescott is a bad look

1/19/2023 - This is the Jay Briscoe match you MUST watch

1/19/2023 - The Sports Nihilist: Anything but a Dallas-Philadelphia NFC title game

1/19/2023 - Andy Murray can’t help himself

1/19/2023 - Rob Gronkowski gives Aaron Rodgers the business over MVP comment

1/19/2023 - Raise your hand if you want a Denver Nuggets-Memphis Grizzlies Western Conference Finals

1/19/2023 - Golden State's road record proves they like working from home just as much as us... I mean you!

1/19/2023 - Does LaMelo Ball’s tortuous season have a light at the end of the tunnel?

1/19/2023 - If you can't beat 'em, hurt 'em?

1/19/2023 - Women are no safer in sports than anywhere else [Updated]

1/19/2023 - Bills vs. Bengals: A rematch from a night none of us will ever forget

1/19/2023 - Los Angeles Chargers doomed to waste Justin Herbert's prime

1/19/2023 - America owes Max Kellerman a collective apology over his Tom Brady 'cliff theory'

1/19/2023 - Ed Reed, Bethune-Cookman split — no more celebrity football coaches at HBCUs [Updated]

1/19/2023 - How enticing are each of the offensive coordinator openings?

1/19/2023 - Once again, we’re left to ask the big question about Rafael Nadal

1/18/2023 - The backlash against Tony Dungy has been a long time coming

1/18/2023 - John Wall hasn’t forgotten about (allegedly) being dissed by Tyler Hansbrough

1/18/2023 - Jaden Rashada was sold a false bill of goods, and Florida suffered for it [Updated]

1/18/2023 - How will Adam Cole's return impact AEW?

1/18/2023 - It's time for Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers to get lost

1/18/2023 - Dak backs 'Money' Maher after being visibly pissed by kicker's missed extra points

1/18/2023 - Here are our NHL midseason awards

1/18/2023 - LIV Golf secures TV deal with the CW because that’s what it’s come to [Updated]

1/18/2023 - The case for trading LeBron James for Evan Mobley

1/18/2023 - The best NBA games to watch this week

1/18/2023 - What's next for Tom Brady? Here are 8 potential post-NFL options

1/18/2023 - Jay Briscoe, indy wrestling legend, dead at 38 [Updated]

1/18/2023 - Scott Caan reflects on dad James Caan's iconic roles

1/18/2023 - PFF's highest-graded Pittsburgh Steeler on offense was Mitch Trubisky — but they won't tell you that

1/18/2023 - Ivan Provorov, John Tortorella once again show that hockey can’t move forward [Updated]

1/17/2023 - The Baltimore Orioles are a failure and everyone knows it

1/17/2023 - Dolphins sport worst-ever NFL beanies in Sunday's tie-dye affair

1/17/2023 - Luka Dončić got Banksy’d — and Mark Cuban got pissed

1/17/2023 - The Ravens are completely botching the Lamar Jackson situation

1/17/2023 - There is no circumstance where Brian Daboll wins Coach of the Year

1/17/2023 - I'm deeply concerned about Antonio Brown's X-rated Snapchat

1/17/2023 - NFL touchdown celebrations are sad and empty now

1/17/2023 - A compilation of the most notorious con artists in sports

1/17/2023 - PSA for NFL teams picking a QB: Get a good coach first

1/17/2023 - Napoli are Showtime

1/17/2023 - DJ Khaled & Fat Joe brought the love for golf & sneakers to Grails

1/17/2023 - Injuries to Russell Gage, Damar Hamlin on Monday Night Football are why the NFL needs guaranteed contracts

1/17/2023 - Dallas put Tom Brady out of his misery

1/17/2023 - Tom Brady doesn’t wanna be out here

1/17/2023 - Who gets 'the yips' and why?

1/16/2023 - Sunday's NFL losers explain their various terrible decisions

1/16/2023 - Soon you'll be able to watch your favorite out-of-town team in your own market

1/16/2023 - UFC's Dana White is already back to his usual antics

1/16/2023 - There's nothing wrong with AEW's Ruby Soho — or any woman — bleeding

1/16/2023 - Ron DeSantis is going full Florida Man on NHL diversity job fair

1/16/2023 - FS1's Nick Wright is rarely right — but he’s onto something regarding Bills QB Josh Allen

1/16/2023 - Backlash for declaring Kobe the GOAT? | Jemele Hill

1/15/2023 - Did Robert Griffin III subtweet Michael Vick?

1/15/2023 - Has Erling Haaland actually made Manchester City any better?

1/15/2023 - Brock Purdy’s debut made him into the new apex predator of rookie playoff QBs

1/15/2023 - The 49ers' defense is dominating when it matters most — the 2nd half of games

1/15/2023 - The Chargers blowing a 27-0 lead to the Jaguars was something, but it wasn’t art

1/15/2023 - Washington Commanders: QB1 — A New Hope

1/14/2023 - It's not just football fans who are tired of bad officiating

1/14/2023 - Could the Minnesota Vikings be in for a Giant upset?

1/14/2023 - We’ve reached the Ringling Bros. part of the NBA schedule

1/13/2023 - Bettors are hoping to ride the hot hand

1/13/2023 - Crazed fans of LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne give new definition to 'meet and greet'

1/13/2023 - "The Giants will go all the way" says Steve Guttenberg

1/13/2023 - NFL Playoffs: The 2 NFC teams on upset alert are overshadowing the 1 that’s not

1/13/2023 - Could bluebloods Kentucky and North Carolina both wind up in the NIT?

1/13/2023 - Umpires will definitely handle being challenged well

1/13/2023 - Here are the 11 best possible Super Bowl LVII matchups

1/13/2023 - NFL gets it right picking Atlanta as venue for possible Bills-Chiefs AFC Championship game

1/13/2023 - NBA getting ROCKED in the ratings by the NFL

1/12/2023 - Nic Claxton is a major reason why the Brooklyn Nets have played so well lately

1/12/2023 - What is Derek Carr's legacy with the Raiders?

1/12/2023 - Apple’s MLS channel begins to take shape, we’re just not sure what shape

1/12/2023 - The Bills or Chiefs will win the Super Bowl | Agree to Disagree

1/12/2023 - Slow start or bad investment? NFL’s TNF ratings drop after move to Amazon

1/12/2023 - Do ex-ESPN employees suing Disney over 2021 vaccine mandates have a legit case?

1/12/2023 - Sportsbooks will find a way to avoid paying out, won't they?

1/12/2023 - The Odell Beckham plane footage — like the wide receiver — is a non-starter

1/12/2023 - Jim Brown, Johnny Lujack , Bobby Hull, and the sports figures we've lost in 2023

1/12/2023 - Chicago Bears name B1G commish Kevin Warren as team president

1/12/2023 - DeMar DeRozan is the modern day Michael Jordan

1/12/2023 - Black coaches should boycott the Houston Texans so they can’t fill their Rooney Rule quota

1/12/2023 - If you thought Washington Football Team was creative, you'll like what the Miami Heat's venue will now be called

1/12/2023 - In the end, we worked ourselves

1/11/2023 - What has — and hasn't — been confirmed about the reported WWE sale to the Saudis

1/11/2023 - Now we know why Naomi Osaka is stepping away from tennis for 2023

1/11/2023 - 'Stephen A. Shaq' debuted on the NBA on TNT

1/11/2023 - Chris Ballard, Paul Riley blame cancel culture for self-manufactured problems

1/11/2023 - The Jericho Effect: JAS crashes PWG show

1/11/2023 - Mets 3B Brett Baty is about to be the loneliest man in the world

1/11/2023 - Larry Johnson should be jettisoned into the abyss for Damar Hamlin take

1/11/2023 - Zion is the missing piece for the Knicks | JB Smoove

1/11/2023 - 9 backup QBs have won a Super Bowl — could Brock Purdy be next?

1/11/2023 - Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins wants out of the desert

1/11/2023 - Baltimore Ravens disrespect Lamar Jackson with Roquan Smith deal

1/11/2023 - The Popeye’s meme kid grew up to become a D-II college football player with an NIL deal

1/11/2023 - Paul Riley done with 'political, woke' NWSL after lifetime ban

1/11/2023 - Yes, the Chicago Bears should upgrade… the coaching staff

1/10/2023 - Saudi Arabia may be buying WWE, Stephanie McMahon resigns as CEO: report

1/10/2023 - People were wiping out at SoFi during the college football national championship

1/10/2023 - Don’t call it a comeback — Steph Curry returns for the Warriors

1/10/2023 - Can Paul George and Kawhi Leonard social distance their way to a title?

1/10/2023 - Everything we know about the Carlos Correa situation

1/10/2023 - Blame Robert Saleh for the New York Jets' collapse

1/10/2023 - Brady vs. the 'Boys

1/10/2023 - These are the biggest flops of the 2022 NFL season

1/10/2023 - How Sean Ross Sapp became pro wresting’s ultimate insider

1/10/2023 - After TCU, who is the next longshot to make the College Football Playoff?

1/10/2023 - Who is Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp?

1/10/2023 - Is Georgia football poised to take over from Alabama?

1/10/2023 - Week 18 NFL Powerless Ranking: The bottom of the barrel

1/10/2023 - Carlos Correa, or Scott Boras, goes for the hat trick

1/9/2023 - Black Monday: Kliff Kingsbury, Lovie Smith out

1/9/2023 - Bears fans struggle with an uneasy feeling after securing the No. 1 pick: Optimism

1/9/2023 - What the internet is mad about today: Davis Mills, Lovie Smith changed the trajectory of the offseason

1/9/2023 - Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Browns showed true colors in handling of Trevor Bauer, Deshaun Watson

1/9/2023 - Too cold for a jersey swap or looming retirement? | Andy reacts to Aaron Rodgers & Jameson Williams

1/9/2023 - Chelsea and Liverpool have cycled out of the Premier League Big 7

1/9/2023 - Mike Tomlin is a certified Hall of Famer deserving of a statue in Pittsburgh

1/9/2023 - Damar Hamlin’s injury could have a major effect on youth football participation

1/9/2023 - NFL Week 18 Takeaways: The Chiefs, Bills, Eagles, and 49ers looked good, but they're all still flawed

1/9/2023 - You want 2023 to be the new year, new you? Take your cue from the Detroit Lions

1/9/2023 - Every team in the NFL playoffs, ranked

1/9/2023 - Aaron Rodgers turned into Brett Favre just in time

1/9/2023 - "He kept learning and learning" | Tom Coughlin on Eli Manning

1/8/2023 - Patrick Mahomes’ MVP season defied logic, now he has to elude history

1/8/2023 - Less than a week after Damar Hamlin's injury, Buffalo TD puts everyone in their feels

1/8/2023 - Don't discount the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are back in the postseason

1/8/2023 - With Zidane news, US Soccer wags the dog — but that’s okay

1/8/2023 - Jadeveon Clowney wants out of Cleveland — and his reason is stupid

1/7/2023 - Everything we know about Michigan’s alleged NCAA violations

1/6/2023 - "I was ready to be a box office star" | Scott Caan on Ready to Rumble and his favorite roles

1/6/2023 - Keep an eye on these 23 breakout stars in 2023: Part 2 [Updated]

1/6/2023 - I’m picking Max Duggan and TCU in the college football championship — picking TCU like a fox

1/6/2023 - Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin FaceTimed with teammates

1/6/2023 - If the NFL wanted to do right by Bills' Damar Hamlin, it would guarantee contracts

1/6/2023 - Detroit Lions DE Aidan Hutchinson deserves SOME DROY consideration, right?

1/6/2023 - Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen and HC Sean McDermott make first comments since Damar Hamlin's injury

1/6/2023 - You can’t kill Vince McMahon

1/6/2023 - Why Ben Simmons is the NBA's Jay Cutler

1/5/2023 - The 2023 Pro Football Hall of Fame class will be outstanding, but far from perfect

1/5/2023 - Someone save Davante Adams from himself

1/5/2023 - Keep an eye on these 23 breakout stars in 2023: Part 1 [Updated]

1/5/2023 - Texas fires Chris Beard for cause following domestic violence arrest

1/5/2023 - Who are the top 5 defenders in the NBA?

1/5/2023 - NFL Picks for Week 18

1/5/2023 - Everything we know about the NFL's alleged 'five-minute warmup' decision

1/5/2023 - Damar Hamlin is awake and holding hands with family

1/5/2023 - Fan regrets tattooing 'MESSI' on his forehead

1/5/2023 - Jimbo Fisher now has a creep, a racist, and a bonafide maniac on his coaching staff

1/5/2023 - What is going on with the scoring in the NBA?

1/5/2023 - Mercedes Moné banks on herself in Japan

1/5/2023 - The Red Sox actually paid someone

1/4/2023 - Was the Cavs’ ‘random’ PED test just fateful coincidence after Mitchell scored 71?

1/4/2023 - Could Derek Carr be the next Matthew Stafford?

1/4/2023 - Wrestle Kingdom puts NJPW back on track, maybe on some new ones too

1/4/2023 - The Sports Nihilist: The real reason colleges don’t want to pay players is bankruptcy

1/4/2023 - Northwestern baseball player sued for intentional infliction of emotional distress, violation of Gender Violence Act [Updated]

1/4/2023 - Is 60 > 71? Debating Luka Dončić and Donovan Mitchell's record-breaking games

1/4/2023 - The outpouring of charity for Damar Hamlin was reminiscent of the civil rights summer of 2020

1/4/2023 - The USMNT's Gregg Berhalter saga just got weirder

1/4/2023 - Could Brock Purdy catapult past Trey Lance as the future in San Francisco?

1/4/2023 - God forbid ESPN shows highlights of, y’know, sports

1/4/2023 - Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Clark stepped up when the sports world needed them most

1/4/2023 - Shannon Sharpe seems to finally be fed up with Skip Bayless — he isn’t innocent in this, though

1/4/2023 - Grizzlies' Ja Morant facing lawsuit for allegedly striking 17-year-old

1/4/2023 - How Luke Hawx was influenced by ECW

1/4/2023 - US Soccer continues to be helplessly weird

1/3/2023 - NC State announcer Gary Hahn ruins a perfectly fine bowl game with a heaping dollop of racism

1/3/2023 - Tua Tagovailoa and Damar Hamlin are victims of the NFL’s most regressive season in ages

1/3/2023 - Jim Harbaugh's failure at Michigan

1/3/2023 - LeBron James just got a feed full of Cleveland pheromones thanks to Donovan Mitchell

1/3/2023 - No Griddy! No big hats! | Andy reacts to Jaire Alexander

1/3/2023 - UFC's Dana White admits publicly hitting wife on NYE

1/3/2023 - Don’t forget about the Bengals' Tee Higgins through all of this

1/3/2023 - Someone tell the Avalanche the season started a few months ago

1/3/2023 - Did Shannon Sharpe skip Undisputed today?

1/3/2023 - Congrats, Boomer Esiason, you’ve made me defend Mac Jones

1/3/2023 - Week 17 NFL Powerless Ranking: Houston Texans remain at the bottom

1/3/2023 - An hour is too long — Roger Goodell dragged his feet on postponing game after Damar Hamlin’s incident

1/3/2023 - The whole human experience

1/3/2023 - Covering injuries in the NFL is routine, Damar Hamlin's was not

1/2/2023 - Surprise! Skip Bayless steps in it (again), this time over Damar Hamlin's injury

1/2/2023 - Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin taken away in ambulance after a scary hit [Updated]

1/2/2023 - Washington Commanders couldn’t even roll out their dumb new mascot without botching it

1/2/2023 - Seriously, we need to stop buying Madden

1/1/2023 - IDIOT OF THE YEAR 2022: The complete rankings

1/1/2023 - For Sale: Lightly-used NFL quarterback

1/1/2023 - Misery loves company — and Michigan and Ohio State have each other