1/31/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: You Stay On My Mind

1/31/2013 - 2014 Super Bowl Host Committee Wonders Why Joe Flacco Dissed His Home State Of New Jersey

1/31/2013 - Warm Bodies Is the Zombie Romance You Didn't Know You Wanted

1/31/2013 - Lawsuit Claims Former Detroit Mercy AD And Assistant Hoops Coach Had Affair

1/31/2013 - Here's A Couple Soccer Fans Pretending To Hump Each Other Behind A Live Deadline Day Report On Sky Sports News

1/31/2013 - Chris Culliver Was Asked Almost 100 Questions Today About His Anti-Gay-Teammate Comments

1/31/2013 - Adrian Wojnarowski's Latest Column Features A Sick Burn On John Hollinger

1/31/2013 - Beyoncé Had An Insane Press Conference Where She Sang The National Anthem, Accepted Compliments From Reporters, And Then Posed

1/31/2013 - Phil Mickelson Came Thisclose To Shooting A 59 Today

1/31/2013 - Mark Grace Gets Jail Time For All Those DUIs He's Been Collecting

1/31/2013 - The "What Time Is The Super Bowl" SEO-Whoring Is Especially Sad This Year

1/31/2013 - When Amani Toomer Looks At Ray Lewis, He Thinks "Hypocrisy"

1/31/2013 - Liquor Store Owner Shot In Eye During Robbery Says The Rock Beating CM Punk Ruined His Week

1/31/2013 - Confessions Of A Glory Boy

1/31/2013 - Here's Everything Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Told Dr. Phil In Day One Of His Exclusive Interview

1/31/2013 - Matthew Barnaby Is Suing The Former Miss Buffalo To Get Back A $50,000 Engagement Ring And An SUV

1/31/2013 - NFL Players Don't Trust Team Doctors

1/31/2013 - Which Harbaugh Brother Would Philandering Ladies Prefer To Hump? Who Cares, Let's Make Sex Jokes

1/31/2013 - Caleb Moore Has Died From Injuries Suffered In His X Games Snowmobile Crash

1/31/2013 - On Dr. Phil, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Says He's Trying "To Recover From Homosexuality"

1/31/2013 - It's Only A Matter Of Time Before Someone Dies At The X Games [UPDATE]

1/31/2013 - Rick Reilly's Column About Colin Kaepernick Is The Smarmiest Story Of Super Bowl Week

1/31/2013 - Adorable Kid Rushes The Court In The Middle Of A Game

1/31/2013 - J.J. Watt "Proposes" To His Six-Year-Old Biggest Fan

1/31/2013 - Coyotes Sale Falls Apart As Prospective Owner Can't Come Up With The Money

1/31/2013 - Dan Marino Fathered A Love Child With A CBS Production Assistant

1/31/2013 - This Wayne Rooney Scarf Looks An Awful Lot Like Hitler

1/30/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Hang On To The Glory

1/30/2013 - Drunk 49ers Fan Crashes Broadcast. Reporter Asks Her, "How Long Have You Had An STD?"

1/30/2013 - Signing Day Is Next Week, But The Nation's Top Recruit Already Has His Announcement Scheduled

1/30/2013 - Sundance Film Festival: Five Movies Everyone Will Be Talking About

1/30/2013 - This Photo Of Two Male 49ers Fans Making Out Is Awesome

1/30/2013 - Mike Komisarek's Frustrating Practice Led To Emergency Eye Surgery

1/30/2013 - 49ers Cornerback Chris Culliver Is Not Cool With Gay People

1/30/2013 - A Reminder That The NFL Doesn't Test For The PED Ray Lewis Says He's Never Tested Positive For

1/30/2013 - How Nerlens Noel Won The Kentucky-Ole Miss Game With Two Fearless Blocks

1/30/2013 - The Hater's Guide To Ray Lewis

1/30/2013 - Survey: 27 Percent Of Americans Believe God Helps Decide Who Wins Sporting Events

1/30/2013 - French Magazine Reports That Qatar Bribed Its Way To The 2022 World Cup

1/30/2013 - Ray Lewis Thinks Those PED Allegations Are A "Trick Of The Devil"

1/30/2013 - WCBA Finals Game Ends With Referees Being Beaten By Fans

1/30/2013 - ESPN Reporter Will Watch The Super Bowl With You For About $3,000 [UPDATE]

1/30/2013 - Dr. Phil: Hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Was In Love With Manti Te'o

1/30/2013 - The Blazers And Mavericks Scored 11 Points In A Thrilling Final 30 Seconds

1/30/2013 - The Lakers Aren't Dead Yet, Even If Some Of Their Fans Are

1/29/2013 - Tuesday Night Fights: Polish Street-Rasslin' Leaves The Masked Man With More Questions Than Answers

1/29/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: If I Take You Home, Will You Tell The Truth?

1/29/2013 - Denver Mayor Finally Does The Ray Lewis Dance

1/29/2013 - ESPN Asks: When Will Anyone Pay Attention To A Famous Football Player In This Super Bowl?

1/29/2013 - Chris Ault Wanted To Convert Colin Kaepernick To Free Safety

1/29/2013 - 49ers Fan Says She Wired Some Guy $5,900 For Super Bowl Tickets, But All She Got Was A Note That Read, "Go Ravens!!!" [UPDATED]

1/29/2013 - Chris Bosh Continues To Be An Excellent Photobomber (White House Edition)

1/29/2013 - Facebook Data Provide The Most Accurate NFL Fandom Map Ever Created

1/29/2013 - Ray Lewis Would Prefer You Stop Asking Questions About His Murder Case, Because "This Is God's Time"

1/29/2013 - What's The Best Possible Ending To A Sports Event?

1/29/2013 - Is The NFL Rigging The System To Put An Unqualified Referee In The Super Bowl?

1/29/2013 - You Can Now Purchase Classic NBA Games On iTunes

1/29/2013 - Ray Lewis Has Reportedly Used A Banned Substance For Years, But No One Cares Because It's Football

1/29/2013 - Comrades! The Nation's Dave Zirin Is Here To Talk Sports And Politics

1/29/2013 - How The NCAA Causes Gigantism: The Story Of The Small Regional Conference That Swallowed Up The Continent

1/29/2013 - Glen Davis Loudly And Clearly Tells The Ball To "Get The Fuck In There"

1/29/2013 - An ESPN Blunder Let Viewers Eavesdrop On Hannah Storm And Mark Schlereth Discussing What Sounds Like Tim Tebow's Doubtful NFL Future

1/29/2013 - After 6,899 Minutes Of Employment, Rob Ryan Is Out Of Work Again

1/29/2013 - Household Chores: A Dadspin Ranking And Guide

1/29/2013 - Duke Fan Writes Unbearably Condescending Letter After Being Harassed At Duke-Miami Game

1/29/2013 - Kari Lehtonen Made The Best Save Of This Young NHL Season

1/29/2013 - Report: A-Rod, Gio Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera, Others Named In Records Of Miami PED Dealer

1/29/2013 - The Latest Sports Stars To Show Up As WWE Raw Spectators: Steffi Graf And Andre Agassi

1/29/2013 - Insane Person Garrett McNamara May Have Ridden A 100-Foot Wave

1/28/2013 - How To Ace That Interview You Have With A Gonzaga Alum

1/28/2013 - Nick Johnson, The Nearly Perfect Baseball Player, Retires

1/28/2013 - President Of Ohio State Does Not Know The Men's Basketball Schedule

1/28/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Queen Of Hearts

1/28/2013 - Who Is This Marshall Henderson Guy? Your Guide To College Basketball's Most Entertaining Gunner

1/28/2013 - Former 49ers First-Round Pick In Court For Allegedly Beating Up His Ex-Boyfriend After Underwear Dispute

1/28/2013 - Help! Get! This! Ravens! Cheerleader! To! The! Super! Bowl!

1/28/2013 - Bernard Pollard: "What A Coincidence It Is That Somebody Always Has To Get Hurt When I'm On The Field."

1/28/2013 - The Art Of The Japanese Bat Flip

1/28/2013 - Chris Kluwe Rickrolled Roger Goodell In The Commissioner's Reddit Q&A

1/28/2013 - NBC Really Wanted You To Know Last Night's Pro Bowl Was About "Effort"

1/28/2013 - The Following Players' Jerseys Were Selected To The Pro Bowl Fan Brawl:

1/28/2013 - How Two Newspapers Wound Up Staging The Same Sob Story About The Ray Lewis Murder Case

1/28/2013 - Joe Flacco's Father Summed Him Up Pretty Perfectly

1/28/2013 - Louie Anderson Nearly Drowns In The Most Pathetic Way Possible, Is Saved By Ndamukong Suh

1/28/2013 - Lance Armstrong "Singing" Radiohead's "Creep" Is Strangely Haunting

1/28/2013 - Trent Williams Is An Unkillable Force Of Nature

1/28/2013 - Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend LeSean McCoy Had A Twitter War With His Babymama

1/28/2013 - Charles Barkley Randomly Showed Up On The Phoenix ABC Local News And Attempted To Do The Weather Report

1/28/2013 - Hockey Coach Uses Glasses And Cane To Mock "Blind" Referee, Gets Ejected

1/28/2013 - Here Is An Image Of Terrell Owens And Jerome Bettis Bowling Together

1/27/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Don't Be Terse And Don't Be Shy

1/27/2013 - 2013 NFL Pro Bowl Live Blog

1/27/2013 - Law Enforcement Agencies, MLB Investigating Anthony Bosch For Distributing HGH And Testosterone

1/27/2013 - NFL.com: "Pro Bowl Might Be Hampered By Rainy, Windy Weather"

1/27/2013 - Lolo Jones Won A Gold Medal (In World Championship Bobsled)

1/27/2013 - Mike Francesa Has A Police Escort To New Orleans For The Super Bowl

1/27/2013 - Rajon Rondo Has A Torn ACL, Will Miss The Rest Of The Season

1/27/2013 - Chris Bosh Says He's A Lock For The Hall Of Fame, And He's Not Too Far Off

1/27/2013 - 101-Year-Old Man Retires From Running Marathons, Shaming You

1/27/2013 - President Obama Talks Football And The NCAA

1/27/2013 - Northern Illinois Set Multiple Records For Offensive Futility, But You Wouldn't Know It From The Student Recap

1/27/2013 - Justin Gimelstob Would Like You To Watch The Australian Open Mixed Doubles Final

1/27/2013 - Forbes's "Best Sports Blogs" Of 2003 Are A Portal To A Time You're Glad You Forgot

1/27/2013 - LeSean McCoy Sics Twitter Army On His "Broke, Worthless" Babymama After She Accuses Him Of Being A Deadbeat Dad

1/27/2013 - The Fan Who Hit That Half-Court Shot And Got Tackled By LeBron Had The Best Night Ever

1/27/2013 - One-Time Raiders Defensive End Anthony Smith May Be The NFL's First Sociopathic Serial Killer

1/26/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Havin' Thangs

1/26/2013 - Bob Costas's Eulogy For Stan Musial Was Midwestern Sports Reverence At Its Finest

1/26/2013 - Steve Spurrier Gave Reporters Envelopes Full Of Cash Today, For Some Reason

1/26/2013 - Port Said Soccer Violence Leads To 21 Death Sentences, Which Kick Off City-Wide Riots

1/26/2013 - There Was A Bat Delay During The Providence-Marquette Game

1/26/2013 - Expensive Cable Sports Are Always Expensiver Than Ever

1/26/2013 - Tom Brady's New House Literally Has A Moat

1/26/2013 - Georgetown Beats Louisville In Game That Was 24 Seconds Longer Than Regulation And Came Down To The Final Possession

1/26/2013 - Terrifyingly Mean Ravens Safety Bernard Pollard Refuses To Wear Pants

1/26/2013 - Rejoice: The New Mascot In The Washington Nationals' Presidents Race Is William Taft, Our Fattest And Sleepiest President [Update]

1/26/2013 - Villanova Upsets Third-Ranked Syracuse Because Syracuse Was Stupid

1/26/2013 - How To Cook Lobster Tails: A Guide For People Who Don't Have Butlers To Do All The Work

1/26/2013 - Lance Armstrong Lied To Oprah, Is Being Sued By People Who Bought His Book, And Refuses To Talk To The USADA

1/26/2013 - Former Duke Center Brian Zoubek Owns And Operates A Cream Puff Store Called "Dream Puffz"

1/26/2013 - The Most Recent Fainting Spell Over Shabazz Muhammad Distills NCAA Compliance To Its Idiotic Essence

1/26/2013 - Alleged High School Hockey Team Sex Tape Leads To No Consequences, One Jersey Shore Reference

1/26/2013 - Redskins OL Trent Williams Will Miss The Pro Bowl Because A Nightclub Patron Tasered Him And Cracked A Bottle On His Head

1/25/2013 - This Fan Getting Hugtackled By LeBron James After Hitting A Half-Court Hook Shot Is The Greatest Thing Ever

1/25/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Saved Again

1/25/2013 - Here's A Photo Of Dick Vitale And The Schwab Out Clubbing In South Beach [UPDATED]

1/25/2013 - A Curious List Of Things That Floyd Landis Is Not Allowed To Say About Pat McQuaid

1/25/2013 - It Now Only Takes One Third As Much Marijuana—Or "Street Drugs"—To Fail An NCAA Drug Test

1/25/2013 - Jerome Lane's Backboard-Smashing Dunk Was 25 Years Ago Today

1/25/2013 - The Lawyer For Fred Smoot, Who Double-Donged Two Hookers, Would Like You To Know Smoot Did Not Pee Himself After His DUI Arrest

1/25/2013 - A Lip Reader Deciphers The Umpire-Manager Arguments Of 2012

1/25/2013 - All The Nice Emails We Got From Our Moms After Publishing Our Manti Te'o Story

1/25/2013 - Jets Winger Evander Kane Gets Giant "YMCMB" Shaved Into His Head

1/25/2013 - Someone Actually Gave Adrian Peterson An Orange Peanut

1/25/2013 - Washington Post Drags Victim's Mother To His Grave To Remind Us That Nobody Is Paying Attention To The Ray Lewis Murder Case [Update: The Buffalo News Too!]

1/25/2013 - Inside The NBA Got A Little Gay-Baity Last Night

1/25/2013 - Cedric Benson's Dogs Are A Scourge Upon Local Livestock

1/25/2013 - UFC On Fox 6: What Do MMA Fans Have Against The Little Guys?

1/25/2013 - Texas Football Players Accused Of Sexual Assault Will Not Face Charges

1/25/2013 - The Real Cost To Miami For Marlins Park Is In The Billions

1/25/2013 - The Best Videos Of The Week

1/25/2013 - Nail Yakupov Had A Perfect Celebration For His Game-Tying Goal Last Night

1/25/2013 - Report: Carl Pavano Ruptured His Spleen Shoveling Snow

1/25/2013 - The PGA Doesn't Want Reporters Tweeting Play-By-Play Of Golf Events. Your Move, Norm Macdonald.

1/25/2013 - Report: Female Tuiasosopo Cousin Involved In Te'o Hoax

1/24/2013 - Rob Ryan Was Out Of Work For 22,987 Minutes

1/24/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Tomorrow Won't Be Made For You

1/24/2013 - Sean Payton Has Been Back For Two Days And Already Fired Two Coaches

1/24/2013 - Arizona's Justification For Trading Justin Upton Is Insufferable

1/24/2013 - Fred Smoot, Who Double-Donged Two Hookers, Peed His Pants After Being Arrested For DUI

1/24/2013 - Rating Every Sketch In Kentucky Fried Movie, The Film Movie 43 Wanted to Be

1/24/2013 - All Football Players Are Suckers: An NFL No-Namer On His Catfishy Moment

1/24/2013 - Rachel Nichols Needs To Get A New Twitter Handle

1/24/2013 - Katherine Webb Isn't Darnell Dockett's Type: "I'm Not Into The Thinner Girls"

1/24/2013 - A Treasure Trove Of Animal Murder Stories For Your Super Bowl Off-Week

1/24/2013 - You Have To Work Out To Get A Workout

1/24/2013 - The New Orleans Hornets Are Officially The New Orleans Pelicans

1/24/2013 - Darelle Revis Is Not Happy About Those Trade Rumors That The Jets Refuse To Address

1/24/2013 - Manti Te'o's Interview With Katie Couric: A Liveblog

1/24/2013 - Minor League Hockey Team's Beer-Chugging Intermission Show Results In Fans Puking On The Ice

1/24/2013 - Listen To Manti Te'o's Voicemails From Lennay Kekua/Ronaiah Tuiasosopo

1/24/2013 - Manti Te'o Joins Notre Dame’s Long Tradition Of Bullshit

1/24/2013 - A History Lesson For Sacramento: How Kansas City Lost The Kings

1/24/2013 - What Did Lou Holtz Text John Boehner After Obama's Inauguration?

1/24/2013 - JaVale McGee Throws Himself An Alley-Oop, Dons A Celebratory Fingerstache

1/24/2013 - This Is What Serena Williams's Ankle Looks Like

1/24/2013 - Lawyer: Hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Pretended To Be "Lennay" During Phone Calls With Manti Te'o

1/24/2013 - The Squash Tournament Of Champions Is Underway, And That's Why You're Late For Your Train

1/23/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Girl From The North Country

1/23/2013 - JaMarcus Russell, Who Now Weighs More Than 300 Pounds, Is Thinking Comeback

1/23/2013 - Who Wants To Go To The Super Bowl With This Awful Human Being?

1/23/2013 - Whatever You Do, Don't Call The Amazing Kreskin A Magician

1/23/2013 - The 49ers Will Stick With David Akers For The Super Bowl

1/23/2013 - Tell It To Your Analyst: The Raging Genius Of Earl Weaver

1/23/2013 - Delmon Young Can Earn $600,000 In Bonus Money By Not Being A Fat Mess

1/23/2013 - Chelsea's Eden Hazard Kicks Ballboy, Is Sent Off From League Cup Semifinal Match

1/23/2013 - Scarves Are Bullshit

1/23/2013 - Jim Irsay Mailed A Fan $8,500 In Cash For Predicting The Score Of The AFC Championship

1/23/2013 - Headline Above Newspaper's Blowjob Pantomime Photo: "Taking Hard Hit To Chin"

1/23/2013 - ESPN Says It Has A Spreadsheet Of Manti Te'o's Phone Calls [UPDATED]

1/23/2013 - "I Do Not Fit The Mold You Would Expect": Meet The Pharmacist, The FedEx Courier, And Other Dreamers Who Applied To Coach Wisconsin Football

1/23/2013 - Report: ESPN Suspends Two Producers For Cutting Away From Notre Dame AD's Te'o Presser Last Week

1/23/2013 - NCAA Had Nevin Shapiro's Defense Attorney On Its Payroll, Suspends Miami Investigation

1/23/2013 - What Was Manti Thinking? What's The Future Of Doping? The Amazing Kreskin Is Here To Read Minds And Take Questions

1/23/2013 - Four Washington Redskins Nearly Got Catfished

1/23/2013 - Watch Glen Davis Interrogate A Frightened Rookie About A Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

1/23/2013 - Nine High School Wrestlers Arrested For Hazing Incident Involving "Digital Penetration"

1/23/2013 - Which Pundits Predicted A Ravens-49ers Super Bowl? Grading ESPN And Sports Illustrated

1/23/2013 - Manti Te'o Tells Katie Couric He Lied

1/23/2013 - A Pissed Off Bill Callahan Responds To Tim Brown And Jerry Rice

1/23/2013 - Caron Butler's Block Takes Out Unsuspecting Ref

1/23/2013 - Even Steve Donahue Can't Believe How Far The Boston College-Maryland Rivalry Has Fallen

1/22/2013 - Tuesday Night Fights: Nudity So Horrific, Drew Magary Couldn't Make It All The Way Through This One [Incredibly NSFW]

1/22/2013 - Report: Tipped Off By Manti Te'o's Agent, ESPN Balked At Publishing Hoax Story Because It Hadn't Landed A TV Interview

1/22/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Can't Stop The Night

1/22/2013 - Shawn Kemp Feels Bad For Sacramento Losing The Kings, But Says Seattle Has Better Fans

1/22/2013 - Can Anyone Think Of Another Reason Sloane Stephens Is Considered Serena Williams's "Protégé"?

1/22/2013 - Jerry Rice And Tim Brown Say Bill Callahan Threw Super Bowl XXXVII

1/22/2013 - Bradford City Beats Aston Villa, Is First Fourth-Division Team To Reach League Cup Final Since 1962

1/22/2013 - Rich Golfer Phil Mickelson Is Going To Take "Drastic" Action To Escape His Imaginary Tax Burden

1/22/2013 - New Study Reveals That CTE May Be Detectable In Living Patients

1/22/2013 - The Silverdome Has Been Abandoned To The Elements

1/22/2013 - Rex Ryan Wrecked His Red Mustang After Running A Stoplight In Pennsylvania Last Week, According To Police [Updated With Photo Of Other Car]

1/22/2013 - Potential Nebraska Transfer Pulled Over By State Trooper, Let Off With 15-Minute Talking-To About How Great The Huskers Are

1/22/2013 - OK, What The Hell Is Going On With Roberto Luongo?

1/22/2013 - What To Do With All Your Livestrong Bracelets

1/22/2013 - "Find The Asshole, That's Where That Knuckle Goes": A Young Jim Harbaugh On How To Play Quarterback

1/22/2013 - Harbaugh Like Me: A Harbaugh On Harbaugh Vs. Harbaugh

1/22/2013 - Celtic Manager Neil Lennon Answers Reporter's Phone, Talks To His Wife

1/22/2013 - Newspaper Photograph Of Hockey Game Highlighted By Fan's Blowjob Pantomime

1/22/2013 - Stop Everything: Here's Chris Andersen And Mike Miller Performing "Ice Ice Baby"

1/22/2013 - Soccer Fans' Chant At Player Who Temporarily Left Match During Play: "He Went For A Shit"

1/22/2013 - The Lakers Are Terrible, And Kobe Bryant Is Starting To Lose It

1/22/2013 - D.C.'s Newest High School Basketball Star Will Turn 21 This Year, According To FIBA

1/22/2013 - Patriots Player's House Robbed During AFC Championship

1/22/2013 - Cincinnati Will Host The 2015 MLB All-Star Game

1/22/2013 - Paul MacLean Was Haunted By A Doppelgänger Last Night

1/22/2013 - Washington Wizards Approaching Double-Digit Wins Thanks To Jordan Crawford Buzzer Beater

1/21/2013 - This Stephen Curry Bounce Pass Is Just Vicious

1/21/2013 - J.R. Smith Reminds Kris Humphries That Kanye West Is Now Kim Kardashian's Sperm Donor, Just In Case He Forgot

1/21/2013 - Lance Armstrong Street Art Is Simple, Accurate

1/21/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Grown Up

1/21/2013 - "You're Here For One Reason: To Fuck Us Good!": Let's Remember The Time Earl Weaver Completely Lost It On An Umpire

1/21/2013 - Lennay And Manti (And Ronaiah): A Love Story In Tweets

1/21/2013 - A Near-Complete Twitter Archive For Lennay Kekua And Ronaiah Tuiasosopo

1/21/2013 - New Orleans Welcomes The Super Bowl With A "Roger Goodell Being Eaten By A Giant Vagina" Float

1/21/2013 - Chip Kelly Says The Eagles Winning A Super Bowl "Would Be Like 1,000 Wing Bowls"

1/21/2013 - Wes Welker's Wife Took To Facebook To Say Some Unkind Things About Ray Lewis [Update]

1/21/2013 - A Young Bruins Fan Found Something Questionable In His Food

1/21/2013 - Cop Out. Broken City, Reviewed.

1/21/2013 - Dead Letters: All The Hate Mail We've Received Since Publishing Our Manti Te'o Story

1/21/2013 - The NFC Is Running Low On Pro Bowl Quarterbacks

1/21/2013 - Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Tweets: Jan. 16, 2012-Dec. 3, 2012

1/21/2013 - Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Tweets: Oct. 1, 2011-Jan. 15, 2012

1/21/2013 - Football Recruit Who Said His Notre Dame Visit "Went Great" Never Actually Visited Campus

1/21/2013 - How The Song “Seven Nation Army” Conquered The Sports World

1/21/2013 - Anderson Varejao Is Out For The Season With A Blood Clot In His Lung

1/21/2013 - Michael Phelps Wouldn't Have Competed In The 2012 Olympics If Not For Ray Lewis

1/21/2013 - Lennay Kekua Tweets: Aug. 1, 2012-Sept. 29, 2012

1/21/2013 - Lennay Kekua Tweets: March 11, 2012-July 31, 2012

1/21/2013 - Lennay Kekua Tweets: Feb. 15, 2012-March 10, 2012

1/21/2013 - Lennay Kekua Tweets: Feb. 1, 2012-Feb. 14, 2012

1/21/2013 - Lennay Kekua Tweets: Dec. 27, 2011-Jan. 31, 2012

1/21/2013 - Lennay Kekua Tweets: Nov. 24, 2011-Dec. 26, 2011

1/21/2013 - Lennay Kekua Tweets: Oct. 31, 2011-Nov. 23, 2011

1/21/2013 - Lennay Kekua Tweets: Oct. 8, 2011-Oct. 30, 2011

1/21/2013 - The Union Wants Bud Selig To Force The Marlins To Spend More Money

1/21/2013 - Inauguration Day In Post-Racial America: George Stephanopoulos Thinks Bill Russell Looks Like Morgan Freeman

1/21/2013 - Some Poor Bastard Bought 10,000 Lance Armstrong DVDs, And They're Now Worthless

1/21/2013 - It Appears Bill Cowher Is A Skoal Man

1/21/2013 - Watch Expert Troll Russell Westbrook Goaltend A Mascot's Backward, Half-Court Shot

1/21/2013 - Jets Owner Woody Johnson Now Says Tim Tebow Was "Forced" On Him

1/21/2013 - Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Jim Harbaugh Lost His Mind

1/21/2013 - Massive Gym Light Fixture Falls Directly On High School Wrestler

1/21/2013 - Tuiasosopo Family Member Says Ronaiah May Address His Involvement In Hoax

1/21/2013 - Manti Te'o's Mom Tried To Convert Lennay Kekua To Mormonism Via Text Message

1/20/2013 - The Sacramento Kings Are A Step Closer To Moving To Seattle

1/20/2013 - Shannon Sharpe Actually Makes Sense Talking About Bill Belichick's Refusal To Do Post-Game Interview

1/20/2013 - Canadian Figure Skaters Are A Menace

1/20/2013 - Here's A Woman Who Claims She's Dashon Goldson's Aunt Cursing And Screaming Incoherently On Live Television

1/20/2013 - Jim Harbaugh's Failed Challenge Freakout Is Even Better In Extreme Slow Motion

1/20/2013 - A Scuffle Between Falcons And 49ers Fans Outside The Georgia Dome Led To A Stabbing

1/20/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Flawless Combination

1/20/2013 - This Jim Harbaugh Freakout Is Priceless, The Ray Lewis Freakout Is Just Weird: Your NFL Conference Championships GIFs Roundup [Updated]

1/20/2013 - Dwight Howard Ejected On Perhaps The Flimsiest Double Technical Foul Ever

1/20/2013 - Robot Football Coach Nick Saban Graces Georgia High School With His Presence, High School Explodes With Sheer Joy

1/20/2013 - Celebrating Goalkeeper Hops Around On Ass

1/20/2013 - Why Katie Couric's Manti Te'o Interview Will Suck

1/20/2013 - Your NFL Conference Championship Viewing Guide

1/20/2013 - NBA Players Association Head Billy Hunter Once Used $22,000 Of Union Funds To Buy Derek Fisher A Watch

1/20/2013 - Colin Kaepernick's Parents Posed In Front Of A Statue Depicting The Atlanta Falcons Giving Their Son A Wedgie

1/20/2013 - "I Gotta Stop It, Your Son's Gonna Die": Fight Finally Called Because Gabriel Rosado Couldn't See Anything Through his Blood-Covered Face

1/20/2013 - No, San Francisco Police Are Not Investigating Michael Crabtree To Sabotage The 49ers

1/20/2013 - Notre Dame's Lennay Kekua "Investigation" Basically Consisted Of A Few Guys Using Google And LexisNexis

1/20/2013 - The Dallas Stars Showed An Empty Chair On The Jumbotron, Identified It As "Manti Te'o's Girlfriend"

1/20/2013 - Four Butler Bros Struggled In Their Attempts To Coordinate A Group High Five Last Night

1/20/2013 - Watch, Perhaps, The Worst Professional Ski Jump Attempt Ever

1/20/2013 - Willis McGahee Wouldn't Describe The Aftermath Of This Massive Hit That Got Him Carted Off The Field As An "Injury"

1/19/2013 - Butler Beats Gonzaga Thanks To A Miraculous Final Four Seconds

1/19/2013 - Cardinals Great Stan Musial Dead At 92

1/19/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Call My Phone

1/19/2013 - "I Meant To Say 'Allegedly' Speeding, My Bad": A Texas Judge Was Reprimanded For Blabbing About Johnny Manziel's Speeding Ticket On Facebook

1/19/2013 - Jenn Sterger Was The Original Katherine Webb, In That She Was Also Propelled To Fame By A Leering Brent Musburger

1/19/2013 - Drive A Legendary Cincinnati Sportswriter To Reds Games, Get Free Reds Tickets (And Gas Money, Too)

1/19/2013 - John L. Smith, Who Succeeded Bobby Petrino At Arkansas, Will Spend Next Year Coaching A Terrible DII School For About 8% Of His Old Salary

1/19/2013 - Colts Punter Pat McAfee Nearly Got Catfished, Too, But Realized He Wasn't Famous Enough For Groupies

1/19/2013 - What's Hockey?

1/19/2013 - How To Make Chicken Soup: A Guide For The Flu-Stricken, I.E., Every Goddamn One Of You

1/19/2013 - Because Of Some Alleged Hard Bargaining From The Astros, About 60% Of Houston Can't Watch The Rockets

1/19/2013 - Incredibly British Recap Of Knicks-Pistons Game In London Frets About "Jaunty Accordion Music" Playing Over The P.A.

1/19/2013 - Last Night, Lance Armstrong Told Oprah About Confessing To His Children

1/19/2013 - RIP Earl Weaver, The Irascible, Cigarette-Smoking Orioles Manager Who Was Moneyball Before "Moneyball" Existed

1/19/2013 - Report: Two Months After Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Gave "Lennay Kekua" Fake Leukemia, His Cousin Was Diagnosed With Real Leukemia

1/19/2013 - Brian Scalabrine, Of All People, Also Risked His Long-Term Health By Rushing Back From A Concussion

1/19/2013 - In ESPN Interview, Manti Te'o Admits To "Tailoring His Stories," Says He Wasn't Convinced Lennay Kekua Was Fake Until Wednesday [UPDATE]

1/18/2013 - San Francisco Police Investigating 49ers Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree For Alleged Sexual Assault

1/18/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Stay Useless

1/18/2013 - Newspaper: "Lennay" Called Manti Te'o In December And Said She'd Faked Her Death To Elude Drug Dealers

1/18/2013 - Here's A Photo Of Manti Te'o With Ronaiah Tuiasosopo's Sister The Night Before The Notre Dame-USC Game

1/18/2013 - Growing Up, Kevin Durant Wanted To Play For The Raptors

1/18/2013 - The B.S. Report Report: Get It On

1/18/2013 - What Did Manti Te'o Say About His Dead Girlfriend After He'd Learned She Wasn't Real?

1/18/2013 - ESPN Reports Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Confessed To Te'o Hoax In December. Was Te'o Involved? Evidence Varies

1/18/2013 - Vince Young Is Just Another Bored College Student Again

1/18/2013 - Watch The Baltimore Police Department's Crazed, Militaristic Tribute To The Ravens (Includes Cop Rap)

1/18/2013 - High School Hoops Coach Fired After Telling Player To Flatten Opposing Coach

1/18/2013 - "I Know A Liar When I'm Around One.": Manti Te'o's Uncle Comments On Ronaiah Tuiasosopo

1/18/2013 - Breaking Down The Craziest Half-Inning In Television History

1/18/2013 - Eagles And Browns Executives Are Feuding Like High School Girls Over Chip Kelly

1/18/2013 - This Airballed Free Throw Is Why The Lakers Are Vulnerable To Hack-A-Dwight

1/18/2013 - Oilers Rookies Nail Yakupov And Justin Schultz Have A Friendly Put-The-Puck-In-The-Crate Competition

1/18/2013 - This Inside The NBA Graphic Is To Scale Of Quality Vis-A-Vis Its ESPN Competitor

1/17/2013 - Lance Armstrong Admits To Doping, Being An "Arrogant Prick" In Interview With Oprah

1/17/2013 - Us Weekly: Te'o Hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Auditioned For The Voice And Had A "Sob Story" About A Car Accident

1/17/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: She's Not There

1/17/2013 - Brian De Palma Will Direct That Forthcoming Joe Paterno Movie Starring Al Pacino

1/17/2013 - Ryan Leaf Is In Jail Again, Again, Again

1/17/2013 - Everything You Need To Know About Manti Te'o's Fake Dead Girlfriend

1/17/2013 - Report: Some At Notre Dame Wanted To Announce The Manti Te'o Hoax Last Week

1/17/2013 - What Manti Te'o Told Sports Illustrated About Lennay Kekua

1/17/2013 - The War On Doping Is A Failure, Just Like The War On Drugs

1/17/2013 - Everything About This Kobe Bryant Interview Is Wonderful

1/17/2013 - Shaq Has Become A Titan Of Business

1/17/2013 - How Sports Illustrated's Manti Te'o Story Got Published

1/17/2013 - Everything Supposedly Bad For The NFL Is Good For The NFL

1/17/2013 - The 10 Films I’m Most Excited To See At The Sundance Film Festival

1/17/2013 - Another Famous Samoan Football Player Slowly Backs Away From The Manti Te'o Scandal

1/17/2013 - What Happened To Manti Te'o's Interview With ESPN?

1/17/2013 - Darnell Dockett Wants To Cheer Up Manti Te'o By Taking Him To The Strip Club

1/17/2013 - Your Manti Te'o Live Funbag

1/17/2013 - Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend Isn't Real, And Everything Else You Need To Know About One Of The Craziest Sports Stories Ever

1/17/2013 - NBC's NHL Promo Tries To Rewrite Last Season's Playoff Results

1/17/2013 - Here's Everything The Media Screwed Up In Reporting The Story Of Manti Te'o's Fake Dead Girlfriend

1/17/2013 - Manti Te'o's Teammates Had Their Doubts About Lennay Kekua

1/17/2013 - Curt Schilling Is Selling His Bloody Sock—But Not That Bloody Sock

1/17/2013 - A Very Important Message From Donald Trump

1/17/2013 - Cardinals Player Says He Met Manti Te'o's Fake Dead Girlfriend

1/17/2013 - NFL 2012: Which Teams Actually Had Injuries, And Which Teams Just Lied?

1/17/2013 - Read Floyd Landis's Lawsuit Againt Lance Armstrong, Which The Government Could Join Any Day

1/16/2013 - Notre Dame: Manti Te'o Was The Victim Of Mean Internet People

1/16/2013 - ESPN Reporter On Te'o Story: "Short Of Asking To See A Death Certificate, I'm Not Sure What Most People Would Do Differently"

1/16/2013 - Welcome To Deadspin. Here's What We're All About.

1/16/2013 - Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax

1/16/2013 - Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax

1/16/2013 - Those Goddamn Sandy Hook Truthers Got Their Hooks In Denard Span

1/16/2013 - Oregon Already Has A Job Listing For A New Head Coach

1/16/2013 - Matt Kemp Now Has A Massive Tattoo Of His Grandparents On His Chest

1/16/2013 - Reports: USC Players Had A Locker-Room Brawl Over Matt Barkley's Honor

1/16/2013 - Lance Armstrong's Biggest Crime Was Being A Huge Asshole

1/16/2013 - Jim Harbaugh Put All Of His Players' High School Photos Above Their Lockers

1/16/2013 - Kenny Britt Finally Talked To Jersey City Police About His Friend Getting Stabbed [UPDATED]

1/16/2013 - Soccer Club President Screams At Ref Over Stadium Loudspeaker

1/16/2013 - The Stars Hired Their Own Beat Reporter. Will The NHL Be Able To Keep Its Hands Off This Time?

1/16/2013 - Chip Kelly Is The New Coach Of The Philadelphia Eagles

1/16/2013 - ESPN's Matthew Berry Is A Big ***** Van ***** Fan, Says ESPN's Content Filter

1/16/2013 - SEC Schools Spend $163,931 Per Athlete, And Other Ways The NCAA Is A Bonfire For Your Money

1/16/2013 - Former Florida And NFL Quarterback Doug Johnson Beat The Crap Out Of Some Guy After A Florida Football Game

1/16/2013 - Ole Miss's Marshall Henderson Saves The Day With A 35-Foot Buzzer-Beater

1/16/2013 - That's One Brave Tennessee Fan

1/15/2013 - Tuesday Night Fights: ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER Examines What May Be The Most Disturbing TNF Video Ever

1/15/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Tank Tops

1/15/2013 - Report: The Government Has Turned Down Lance Armstrong's Proposed Bribe Of $5 Million And Testimony

1/15/2013 - The NFL Is Pretty Damn Funny When Subjected To Some Bad Lip Reading

1/15/2013 - During Bar Fight, Wyoming Basketball Player Allegedly Kicked Unconscious Man In Face "Like It Was A Football"

1/15/2013 - Matt Bryant Went To His "Happy Place" Before His Game-Winning Kick

1/15/2013 - Who Has The Funniest Challenge-Flag-Throwing Motion, Andy Reid Or Mike Smith?

1/15/2013 - Terry Francona Says Red Sox Owners Don't Really Care About Baseball

1/15/2013 - Syracuse's Former Athletics Media Director Accused Of Videotaping More Than 100 Athletes In Locker Rooms

1/15/2013 - "Armstrong Used Rugs," Says CBC News

1/15/2013 - Joe Flacco, The Big-Armed Oaf Who Saved Baltimore

1/15/2013 - Hot Stove: Deadspin, Gawker Swap Managing Editors

1/15/2013 - "I Want To Film Myself Having Sex With My Wife Without Her Knowing"

1/15/2013 - Mike Krzyzewski Went On The Radio And Gasbagged About "Loyalty, Honesty, And Tradition" In College Basketball

1/15/2013 - Deadspin NBA Shit List: Andray Blatche, Who Has No Idea

1/15/2013 - John Rocker: The Holocaust Wouldn't Have Happened If The Jews Had Guns

1/15/2013 - Rob Gronkowski's Twice-Broken Arm Might Always Be At Risk

1/15/2013 - The Lakers Want To Increase Kobe Bryant's Defensive Role, Will Probably End Up Killing Him

1/15/2013 - Chris Paul’s Possibly Real Secret Twin Brother, Cliff, Is Now On Twitter

1/15/2013 - Hockey's Back, But The Media Still Doesn't Know Who The Kings Are

1/15/2013 - Lance Armstrong Could Snitch On Other Dopers To Get His Ban Lifted

1/15/2013 - National Radio Announcers Just Couldn't Believe The Ravens Let The Clock Expire At The End Of The First OT Period

1/15/2013 - Dan Dierdorf: Cartoonish Grump

1/15/2013 - Kevin Durant Dunks All Over Marcin Gortat Because Kevin Durant Is A Cheat Code

1/15/2013 - Taj Gibson Posterizes Anthony Tolliver; Stacey King Enjoys It Immensely

1/15/2013 - The Lance Armstrong Redemption Tour Is Hitting Some Hurdles

1/14/2013 - Brent Musburger Closed Out Tonight's Broadcast By Saying Holly Rowe "Was Really Smokin' Tonight" [UPDATE]

1/14/2013 - John Wall Had Ish Smith Jumping All Over The Place Tonight

1/14/2013 - Doug Gottlieb Compares Tony Gonzalez Winning His First Playoff Game To A.C. Green Having Sex

1/14/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Decide Now

1/14/2013 - Nyjer Morgan Got Caught Cheating On His Girlfriend, According To Nyjer Morgan's Twitter Account

1/14/2013 - Lance Armstrong Admits To Doping. Did Oprah Make Him Cry?

1/14/2013 - Kenny Britt Still Hasn't Talked To Police About His Friend's Stabbing, And No One Seems To Know Where He Is [UPDATED]

1/14/2013 - Lacrosse Team Pulls Off Hidden Ball Trick To Perfection

1/14/2013 - Aaron Murray's Heart Told Him To Return To Georgia, But The QB-Heavy Draft Class Probably Helped Too

1/14/2013 - Texas Reinstates Two Football Players Linked To Alleged Sexual Assault; Police Say They're Still Investigating

1/14/2013 - Here's The Best Goal From The KHL All-Star Game, Which Had A Final Score Of 18-11

1/14/2013 - Dirk Nowitzki Tries To Crash A Video Review, Gets Stonewalled By Awesome Security Guard

1/14/2013 - Jacquizz Rodgers Will Quizz On Your Face, If His T-Shirt Is To Be Believed

1/14/2013 - Bruce Chen Is Switching Teams For The World Baseball Classic

1/14/2013 - Holy Crap, These Dogs Interrupting A Soccer Match Are Adorable

1/14/2013 - Derek Anderson Wants To Kiss And Make Up With Cleveland

1/14/2013 - The BCS Championship On Twitter: Here's When Katherine Webb Became More Interesting Than The Game

1/14/2013 - Is This The Worst Division I College Basketball Team Of All Time?

1/14/2013 - Autopsy: Jovan Belcher's Blood-Alcohol Content Was .17 When He Killed Himself

1/14/2013 - The Dolphins Want Taxpayers To Help Them Renovate Sun Life Stadium

1/14/2013 - Metta World Peace Had A Bizarre And Entertaining Chat With Reporters Last Night

1/14/2013 - Let's Watch Lance Armstrong Repeatedly Deny He Used PEDs

1/14/2013 - James Dolan Spent Friday Night Spying On Carmelo Anthony

1/14/2013 - Cricket Fan Makes One-Handed Catch, Doesn't Drop His Food

1/14/2013 - TV Ratings For Ravens-Broncos Were Bananas

1/14/2013 - Iowa Basketball Player Throws Shoe, Nearly Decapitates Own Coach

1/14/2013 - Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend We Watched The Game Of The Year

1/14/2013 - Brendon Ayanbadejo Is Already Chirping About The Patriots' "Gimmick" Offense

1/14/2013 - Denver's CBS Affiliate Seems Really Confused About Which Teams Are Playing In The AFC Championship

1/13/2013 - Fox Gets Conservative: Did The Denver Coach's Risk-Averse Strategy Cost The Broncos A Playoff Victory?

1/13/2013 - Sports Video Gaming Must Face Its Own Era Of Excess

1/13/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Hey, Hey

1/13/2013 - Titans Wide Receiver Kenny Britt Wanted For Questioning In Connection With His Brother's Stabbing

1/13/2013 - Man Performs Feat Even More Incredible Than Making A Half-Court Shot For $1,000

1/13/2013 - Atlanta Finally Wins A Playoff Game And Brandon Spikes Over-Celebrates: Falcons-Seahawks And Patriots-Texans, In GIFs [Updated]

1/13/2013 - Carmelo Anthony Has Been Fasting For 15 Days, Is Now Giving Up

1/13/2013 - Breaking: J.J. Watt Spits On Patriots Logo

1/13/2013 - The Mayor Of Denver Has To Do The Ray Lewis Dance Now

1/13/2013 - Reminder: Peyton Manning Still Better Than Tim Tebow

1/13/2013 - The Sunday Times Put An Ad In The Chicago Tribune About What Questions Lance Armstrong Should Answer On Oprah

1/13/2013 - Your Divisional Playoffs Open Thread

1/13/2013 - Jason Taylor Went Through Absolute Hell To Play Football

1/13/2013 - Justin Tucker's Practice Kicks Before His Game-Winner Were Not Allowed, But They Were Also Not Not Allowed

1/13/2013 - Roger Goodell Thinks That Robert Griffin III Knee Injury Saga Played Out Just Fine

1/13/2013 - N.C. State Upset Duke Yesterday On The Strength Of This Braveheart-Inspired Speech (Probably)

1/13/2013 - James Harden Crossover Gives Jrue Holiday Whiplash

1/13/2013 - H, Y, and Z Are Your Money Letters: How To Beat Scrabble's Flawed Points System, Using Google-Powered Math

1/13/2013 - A Summit Of Two Of The Most Widely Loved And Reviled Football Players In The NFL Took Place After Ravens-Broncos

1/12/2013 - Watch Ray Lewis Yell About Weapons After The Ravens Beat The Broncos

1/12/2013 - Infinite Manningfaces For The Game Of The Year And Colin Kaepernick Fooling All Of Wisconsin: Saturday's NFL Playoff Games, In GIFs [Updated]

1/12/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Not Your Everyday Hologram

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1/12/2013 - Which Member Of The 2005 White Sox Is Selling His World Series Ring On eBay?

1/12/2013 - Your Divisional Playoffs Open Thread

1/12/2013 - Cold Weather Football Is The Best: Answering All Your Questions About Today's 20° Below Freezing AFC Divisional Game

1/12/2013 - No. 1 Duke Suffers First Loss To Some Team Or Other As Nation Revels In Annual Guilty Pleasure

1/12/2013 - Dick Vitale Would Like To Know Whether "The Young Guy With The Wheelchair" That Stormed The Court At NC State Is OK [UPDATE: He Is]

1/12/2013 - "What A Joke This Sport Is!" Jeff Van Gundy Is Not A Fan Of The Designated Hitter Rule

1/12/2013 - Taste Test: The Portable Yogurt That Isn't

1/12/2013 - New Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski May Have The Clevelandest Surname In The NFL

1/12/2013 - Get To Know The Five People That Will Are Mostly Declining To Comment On Whether They're Buying The Sacramento Kings

1/12/2013 - Manti Te'o's Father Wants You To Unsubscribe From The Honolulu Star-Advertiser Because It Printed A Picture Of His Son Missing A Tackle

1/12/2013 - Watch Jack Nicholson And Adam Sandler Dismissively Leave Another Crappy Lakers Game

1/12/2013 - Meet Pud Galvin, The Monkey Testicle-Drinking Rebuttal To The Argument That PED Users Shouldn't Be In The Hall Of Fame

1/12/2013 - Andray Blatche Played Pretty Well In His Second Game Since Allegedly Watching Two Of His Friends Rape A Drugged Girl In His Hotel Room

1/12/2013 - Yeah, Lance Armstrong Will Admit To Doping On Oprah

1/12/2013 - Tim Tebow's Press Conference Sucked, or Why the Celebrity Headphone Trend Is Idiotic

1/11/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Rocker

1/11/2013 - Kobe And Vanessa Bryant Are Getting Back Together, Reports Vanessa Bryant's Instagram

1/11/2013 - Mike Stoops Thinks Johnny Football Can Win Another Heisman, As Long As He Avoids "Jail" And Twitter

1/11/2013 - Dead Letters: "Not That I Read Your Column Anyway, But If I Did..."

1/11/2013 - Peter King Is Staying At Sports Illustrated

1/11/2013 - It Looks Like Cardale "Ain't Come To Play SCHOOL!" Jones Has Changed His Ways

1/11/2013 - The 15 Or So Most Watchable Teams In College Basketball: A Ranking

1/11/2013 - Shooting Blanks: Gangster Squad, Reviewed.

1/11/2013 - Who's Happiest The NHL Lockout Is Over? John Tortorella's Wife.

1/11/2013 - What Happens When You Try To Buy Or Sell Counterfeit NFL Jerseys?

1/11/2013 - Horse Escapes Racetrack, Runs Down Highway For A Couple Miles

1/11/2013 - Elvis Dumervil's Weight On The Planets

1/11/2013 - Every Headline About Derrick Rose Is A Black Pit Of Sadness

1/11/2013 - After The Maple Leafs Fired Him, Brian Burke Had A Sad Afternoon

1/11/2013 - Eyewitness: Former Steeler Chris Rainey Didn't Slap His Girlfriend

1/11/2013 - Tiger Woods Wants $3 Million Just To Show Up For A Tournament

1/11/2013 - ESPN SportsNation, Like The Academy, Fucking Loves Lincoln

1/11/2013 - J.R. Smith Has Become Self-Aware

1/11/2013 - The Definitive List Of Actual, No-Bullshit College Football National Champions; Or, Why Alabama Is A Liar

1/11/2013 - Sean Pronger Is In Our Office Right Now To Answer Your Questions

1/11/2013 - Mark Wahlberg Shouts Out The Falcons While Possibly Being Haunted By A Demon In A Football Jersey

1/11/2013 - The Best Videos Of The Week

1/11/2013 - Biggest Kid On The Court Makes Over-The-Head Buzzer-Beater

1/11/2013 - Your Early Leader For Hustle Play Of 2013 Is This Peruvian Goalkeeper's Two Miracle Saves

1/11/2013 - This Is What Curt Schilling Is Reduced To

1/10/2013 - UK-Vandy Refs Blow Shot Clock Violation Call, Hand Game To Kentucky, Baffle And Confuse A Senile-Sounding Bob Knight

1/10/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: That Little Bell

1/10/2013 - MLB.com Sells An NBA Headband For Cheaper Than NBA.com Does

1/10/2013 - Injured Christian Ponder Couldn't Throw The Ball Farther Than 10 Yards

1/10/2013 - Jerry Sandusky Had An Appeal Hearing Today, Which Meant Lawyerin' Joe Was A Witness To His Own Lawyerin'

1/10/2013 - He Could Always Steal: Remembering Kenny Lofton's College Basketball Career

1/10/2013 - I Was Wayne Gretzky's (Hungover) Linemate: An NHL Journeyman Picks The Wrong Night To Drink

1/10/2013 - Here's An Old Photo Of Dan Marino Doing Yoga With Some Really Hairy Guy Who's Only Wearing A Speedo

1/10/2013 - Greg Oden Will Try Another Comeback, And The Heat Are Interested

1/10/2013 - Steelers RB Chris Rainey, Who Once Texted "Time To Die Bitch" To A Woman, Arrested For Allegedly Slapping His Girlfriend [UPDATE]

1/10/2013 - Save The Black Quarterback

1/10/2013 - Kill The HOF Character Clause, For The Sake Of The Writers

1/10/2013 - Tracy McGrady Threatens To Leave China, Gets Suspended For Calling Refs "Three Blind Mice"

1/10/2013 - Lincoln Hogs: Grierson & Leitch's Rapid Reaction To Today's Oscar Nominations

1/10/2013 - "Shit!": A Surprised And Adorable Kenneth Faried Reacts To His Own Dominance

1/10/2013 - Sammy Sosa Has The Best Pinterest Page Ever

1/10/2013 - The St. Joseph's Halftime Show Featured A Dunk Crew Who Couldn't Dunk

1/10/2013 - The Jaguars Have Fired Mike Mularkey

1/10/2013 - Jon Heyman Just Can't Make Up His Mind About Barry Bonds And The Hall Of Fame

1/10/2013 - NBA Ref Explains Why He's Making The Lakers And Spurs Stand Around: "I'm Stalling For Commercial Time."

1/10/2013 - Who Was On The Ballots Of The Hall Of Fame Voters Refusing To Go Public?

1/10/2013 - Junior Seau Had Chronic Brain Damage

1/10/2013 - "How Much Do You Blame Jay Cutler For RGIII's Injury?" Was An Actual Topic Of Conversation On SportsNation

1/10/2013 - Jamaal Franklin Goes Off The Backboard At Full Speed For This Dunk Of The Year Candidate

1/10/2013 - Wyoming Falls From The List Of Unbeatens As Boise State Hits Buzzer-Beating Three-Pointer To Win In Laramie

1/9/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Nullifying Ghosts

1/9/2013 - Here's Ken Rosenthal Comparing The Sabermetrics Community To The Tea Party

1/9/2013 - Chaps Don't Get A Fella What They Used To: We Predict The 2013 Academy Award Nominees

1/9/2013 - Annika Sorenstam Accidentally Cut Off The Tip Of Her Finger, Then Tweeted The Aftermath [WARNING: GAH!]

1/9/2013 - Pete Carroll Says The NFL Is Becoming A Mobile Quarterback's League

1/9/2013 - Which NFL TV Markets Got Stuck With The Worst Games This Season?

1/9/2013 - The Man The Seahawks Signed To Replace Chris Clemons Hasn't Played In An NFL Game Since 2007

1/9/2013 - The Health Of An NFL Player Belongs To Everyone But The Player Himself

1/9/2013 - That Kings-To-Seattle Deal Might Not Be So Finalized After All

1/9/2013 - A Vote For Roger Clemens Was A Vote For Barry Bonds: The Politics Of The Hall Of Fame Ballot, By The Numbers [UPDATE]

1/9/2013 - High School Special Teams Player Has The Best Recruiting Mixtape Of All Time

1/9/2013 - Todd Haley Is Giving One Reporter A Giant Headache

1/9/2013 - Why Does ESPN.com Insist On Referring To Bowls By Their Full, Corporate Names?

1/9/2013 - To Get You To Come To Cooperstown, The Hall Of Fame Will Re-Honor Lou Gehrig and Rogers Hornsby

1/9/2013 - The Boy On The Edge Of The Bathtub: Sam Lipsyte On Growing Up A Sportswriter's Son

1/9/2013 - It Looks Like The Sacramento Kings Are Headed To Seattle

1/9/2013 - Hall Of Famers Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Curt Schilling, Tim Raines, Mike Piazza, And Edgar Martinez Not Elected To Hall Of Fame

1/9/2013 - Rolando McClain Got Thrown In Jail Because He Allegedly Told A Police Officer His Name Was "Fuck Y'all"

1/9/2013 - Lance Armstrong Reportedly Tried To Make A "Donation" To The USADA While He Was Being Investigated

1/9/2013 - If A Broncos Player Pees In The Woods, The Broncos' Website Will Get It On Video

1/9/2013 - Here's How Seahawks Corner Richard Sherman Got Himself Punched In The Face On Sunday

1/9/2013 - MLB To Introduce "Interview Caps." You Know, For Interviews.

1/9/2013 - Here's An Easy Trick For Blocking All Bleacher Report Results From Your Google Searches [UPDATE]

1/9/2013 - Steve Nash Wipes His Armpits With A Towel, Metta World Peace Uses Same Towel To Wipe His Face

1/9/2013 - Baseball Writers Would Like You To Know That Filling Out A Hall Of Fame Ballot Is Super Hard

1/9/2013 - Deadspin On Robert Griffin III: Everything We've Had To Say About The Fragile Quarterback

1/9/2013 - Tyler Seguin Spent The Lockout Living In His Own Filth [UPDATE]

1/9/2013 - This Is The Face Of A Man Who Earned His First Technical Foul In Six Years

1/9/2013 - Report: Robert Griffin III's Knee Requires "Total Reconstruction" Surgery; Recovery Expected To Take Six To Eight Months

1/8/2013 - Tuesday Night Fights: Chris Kluwe Breaks Down Some Dudebros Brawling In The Streets Of Hollywood

1/8/2013 - Bullpen Cell Phones Are Coming To Major League Baseball Next Season

1/8/2013 - An Inside Look At The Impending Flying Robot Apocalypse (And How To Put A Stop To It)

1/8/2013 - The Cowboys Have Fired Rob Ryan, Who Says He'll Be Out Of Work "For Like Five Minutes"

1/8/2013 - Oprah Winfrey Gets The Next Chance At Asking Lance Armstrong If He Cheated At Cycling

1/8/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Gather The Wind

1/8/2013 - An Oregon Player Faked An Injury During The Fiesta Bowl So That His Teammate Could Get Into His First And Last Bowl Game

1/8/2013 - Crazy Person Tackles Runner Mid-Race; Runner Wins Anyway

1/8/2013 - Report: At Least Two Men In Andray Blatche's Entourage Allegedly Raped A Woman

1/8/2013 - Andy Reid Made A Fat Joke About Himself, So Everyone Else Can Stop Now

1/8/2013 - Jets LB Bryan Thomas Was Charged With Assaulting His Wife Back In October

1/8/2013 - In Defense Of Mike Shanahan

1/8/2013 - Brazilian Prostitutes Learning English For The World Cup

1/8/2013 - Richard Ben Cramer: Play All The Big Chords

1/8/2013 - Watch A.J. McCarron Pretend Not To Be Freaked Out About How Famous His Girlfriend Is Now

1/8/2013 - Deadspin Nature Moment: Right Now, There Is A Hawk Hunting Rats Outside The Office

1/8/2013 - The NHL Barely Dodged A Putin-Backed Russian Mutiny, But The League Might Not Be Out Of The Woods Yet

1/8/2013 - Roger Clemens Will Teach Young Astros Pitchers Everything He Knows

1/8/2013 - We're Commemorating Ohio State's Outlaw 12-0 Season With Customized Temporary Tattoos. Want One? [UPDATE: We Have Run Out Of Tattoos]

1/8/2013 - ESPN Apologizes For Brent Musburger's Boner

1/8/2013 - Rob Parker Is Out At ESPN

1/8/2013 - Phil Simms Just Gets Worse And Worse

1/8/2013 - Johnny Boychuk's Austrian Team Only Gave Him Red Bull To Drink

1/8/2013 - Tony La Russa's Wife Is A Huge Metalhead, Because Of Course She Is

1/8/2013 - "Dangerously Excessive": How Washington State Football Confronted, And Didn't Confront, The First Bad News Of The Mike Leach Era

1/8/2013 - Rex Ryan's Tattoo Is Real, And He Might Just Change The Number If Mark Sanchez Doesn't Improve

1/8/2013 - Nick Saban Is The Ultimate Freakshow

1/8/2013 - Here Is A Bunch Of People Insisting Notre Dame Would Have Won Last Night If Not For The Referees

1/8/2013 - The Cowboys Took A Swipe At The NHL On Twitter, But The Dallas Stars (Eventually) Gave It Right Back

1/8/2013 - A Member Of The Brooklyn Nets Is Being Questioned In A Sexual Assault Case [UPDATE: It Appears It Was Andray Blatche]

1/8/2013 - Add Slovakia To The List Of Places NHLers Would Rather Play Than Long Island

1/8/2013 - The NBA Fined Danny Ferry $15,000 For Snitching On Rajon Rondo

1/8/2013 - BCS Who? Jon Gruden Decided To Have A Blast At WWE Raw Instead

1/8/2013 - Here Is The Most Entertaining Moment Of Alabama's Dismantling Of Notre Dame

1/8/2013 - Carmelo Anthony And Kevin Garnett Got Into Some Kind Of Scrum In The Belly Of Madison Square Garden

1/7/2013 - Friends Successfully Use Twitter To Get Adrian Peterson To Call High School Kid With Cancer

1/7/2013 - Kate Upton Throws Some Shade At Notre Dame And The Jets During BCS Championship

1/7/2013 - Brent Musburger Is A Bit Too Infatuated With A.J. McCarron's Girlfriend, Katherine Webb

1/7/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Weed, Whites, And Wine

1/7/2013 - Your Root-For-Ebola BCS National Championship Open Thread

1/7/2013 - Why The Bulls Won't Go Small-Ball Like The Heat

1/7/2013 - MRI Shows Robert Griffin III Has Partially Torn ACL, LCL

1/7/2013 - Ryan Lochte Is Getting His Own Reality Show

1/7/2013 - Was Knute Rockne Killed By The Mob? Tracing The Origins Of One Of The Stranger Urban Legends In Sports

1/7/2013 - Fred Smoot Is The One Spreading All Those Rumors About Robert Griffin III's Shredded Knee

1/7/2013 - Alabama Got Pumped For Tonight's BCS Championship Game By Watching Zero Dark Thirty

1/7/2013 - If Al Roker Sharts in The White House But No One Is There To See It, It Still Exists in His Pants, He Tells Dateline

1/7/2013 - The Harlem Globetrotters Played A Game On Ice

1/7/2013 - Fight During Race Doesn't Even Interrupt Track Meet

1/7/2013 - Nick Saban Reportedly Took The Dolphins Job In 2004 Because Wayne Huizenga Bought Off His Wife

1/7/2013 - College ShameDay: Is This One Of The Best Notre Dame Teams Ever? And Other Absurd Questions, Answered

1/7/2013 - Arian Foster Took Special Exception To Dan Shaughnessy's Especially Terrible Texans Column

1/7/2013 - Pau Gasol Needs To Be Rescued From The Lakers, And Sarah McLachlan Is Here To Help

1/7/2013 - Rob Parker: First Take Producers Knew What I Was Going To Talk About

1/7/2013 - The Redskins Were Done In By Their Own "Crappy" Field

1/7/2013 - The Redskins May Have Been Pumping Artificial Crowd Noise Into The Stadium During Yesterday's Game

1/7/2013 - How Bad Does Hockey Hazing Have To Be To Get An Entire Women's College Team Suspended?

1/7/2013 - Roundup: What You Missed The Weekend Some Bros Snuck Into The Knicks Locker Room

1/7/2013 - All 256 Regular-Season NFL Games, Ranked According To Watchability

1/7/2013 - JaVale McGee Goes Up And Over Two Of His Own Teammates For A Putback Dunk

1/7/2013 - An Autographed Jason Campbell Jersey Exists, And This Guy Behind Erin Andrews Is Wearing It

1/6/2013 - Robert Griffin III Twisted His Knee On A Dead Patch Of Sports Language

1/6/2013 - Dr. James Andrews For Head Coach: Seahawks-Redskins, In Five GIFs

1/6/2013 - Deadspin Up All Night: Wait For Time

1/6/2013 - "You Gotta Get Tanked Before You Go In": Green Bay Efforts To Curb Excessive Drinking Predictably Backfire

1/6/2013 - Watch A Darts Player Produce "Magic The Like Of Which We May Have Never Seen Or Ever See Again"

1/6/2013 - Ray Lewis Lined Up One Last Time In Baltimore And Drooled All Over Himself: Ravens-Colts In Four GIFs

1/6/2013 - "When Marrone Interviewed, He Must Have Been Extremely Impressive": Six Writers Talking Themselves Into New Bills Coach Doug Marrone

1/6/2013 - University Of Texas Track Coach To Step Down Following Investigation Into Relationship With Former Student-Athlete

1/6/2013 - The Rockets Suspended Royce White, Who Apparently Wasn't Already Suspended

1/6/2013 - Hammer-Wielding Yinzer Tries To Break Into Steelers Locker Room

1/6/2013 - Your NFL Wildcard Open Thread

1/6/2013 - Here Are A Couple Pictures Of Johnny Manziel Having A Nice Time At A Nightclub After His Cotton Bowl Win [UPDATED]

1/6/2013 - Ray Lewis Is A Festivus Miracle

1/6/2013 - Mike Shanahan Lied When He Said That A Doctor Cleared Robert Griffin III To Play After He Sprained His Knee In Week 14

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1/5/2013 - MLS Isn't Interested In Citi Field, Because When You Can Plow A Massive Park To Build A Soccer Stadium, You Do It

1/5/2013 - A Mad Genius Zlatan Ibrahimovic Fan Bought His Favorite Player's Domain Name, Will Give It Back If He Completes One Of Twelve Challenges

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1/5/2013 - Snowmageddon And 18 Other Things Fox Affiliates Are Airing Instead Of Today's Historic Live F.A. Cup Broadcast

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1/5/2013 - A Group Of Bros Infiltrated The Knicks Locker Room, Asked Gregg Popovich About J.R. Smith, And Got Kicked Out After Snapping A Picture Of Half-Naked Carmelo

1/5/2013 - Memo To Steubenville: It Is Actually Possible To Just Suspend Everyone After Assault Allegations Surface

1/5/2013 - Lance Armstrong May Or May Not Admit To Doing The Thing For Which He's Most Famous

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1/3/2013 - Only Two One-Point Safeties Have Ever Happened In NCAA Football History, And Brad Nessler Called Them Both

1/3/2013 - Colorado Hits Buzzer-Beater To Upset Third-Ranked Arizona, Referees Wave It Off For No Reason [UPDATE]

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1/2/2013 - "She Is So Raped Right Now": Partygoer Jokes About The Steubenville Accuser The Night Of The Alleged Rape

1/2/2013 - Angry Cowboys Fan Fills Washing Machine With Explosives, Fires Rifle At It Just To Blow Up Tony Romo Jersey

1/2/2013 - $70 Million For NASCAR Tracks And Other Surprising Pork In The Fiscal Cliff Bill

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1/2/2013 - The State Of Pennsylvania Plans To Sue The NCAA Over Penn State Sanctions, And It Has A Good Chance To Win

1/2/2013 - Refs Botched Last Night's UConn-Marquette Overtime, Had Teams Shoot At Wrong Baskets, May Have Cost UConn The Game

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